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Making Mini Drawstring Bag with my Tumbler Die

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**If you are a long time reader you might recognize this.  We updated the post to include a printable pattern so you can make your own Mini Drawstring Bag**

I am totally in love with these little bags.  Here’s the pattern piece you need. Tumbler Drawstring Bag  It can also be made with an Accuquilt Go Large Tumbler Die.

These little bags are quick and easy and perfect for gift giving.  They will hold a deck of cards, dice for a dice game, a few Hot Wheel cars, little farm animals, Barbie doll shoes, a set of jacks, jewelry for traveling, a contact case and small bottle of solution, a cell phone, a gift card and candy….the possibilities are endless.  The list of fabric selection is endless too.

Here are several different bags I made….One is from wool, one from car fabric, one from a 30’s print and the one from flannel.


Here’s more…

Here’s the tutorial for you to make your own.  The photos are taken while making the stripped bag with the K on it.  If you want to make a one of the other bags, adjust the directions accordingly.

To start, cut 1.5 inch strips of your fabrics and sew them together as shown.


You’ll need to sew enough pieces together to create two 7 x 7″ pieces for the outside of the bag.  You will also need two of the same sized pieces to create the lining.  Run the two lining pieces and the two outside pieces through your Accuquilt Go! using your large tumbler die.


If you are going to decorate the front of your bag, now is the time to do it.  The K on this bag along with the background square were stitch on one outside panel.  For the wool bag, I cut some flowers using the Rose of Sharon die and wool scraps.

Now lay one front piece and one lining piece right sides together.  Stitch as shown.  Repeat with the other two pieces.


Open the two pieces up.  Layer them right sides together.  Pin and sew leaving an opening between the pins on the bottom of the lining side.


Trim the corners and then turn the bag right side out.


Stitch the opening in the lining closed.


Now, you need to tuck the lining into the bag.


Keep tucking….


Position the bag in your sewing machine and stitch about 3/4″ from the edge as shown.  Stitch all the way around.


Stitch another line about 1/2″ from the first sewn line.  Again stitch all the way around.  You are making the casing for the string.  When I made the red bag, I cut 2 –  3/4″ x 5″ pieces of  yellow fabric.  Ironed the edges over and stitched them down along the length to make the casing.


Now take a seam ripper and rip the few stitches  along the sides of the bag, between the stitching.  Be careful when you do this.  You only want to rip the stitches on the outside layer. ..NOT the inside lining.  Do this along BOTH side seams.


Now cut two pieces of ribbon or whatever you are using for strings.  I cut two 18″ pieces.  Put a safety pin on the end of the ribbon and feed it through the casing, starting and stopping in the same hole.  Now take your other ribbon, put a safety pin on the end.  Feed it through the opposite hole, starting and stopping in the same hole.


Tie the ends.  Pull up the drawstring and you are finished.  I made the bag in about a half an hour.   The bags are a fun way to personalize or “spruce up” a simple gift.   I can see purchasing a couple mini toy tractors and making the bag out of John Deere fabric someday….

If you missed the free printable pattern piece to make these, here it is again. Tumbler Drawstring Bag

If you prefer watching a video, I put one of those together too.  You can check it out here.

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You can find MANY other free patterns on our site by looking under the free patterns tab at the top of the page under our banner.  Stop by again…

Answering a Few Questions…AccuQuilt GO!


Since I sold my AccuQuilt GO! a couple weeks ago, I have gotten many emails from people wondering the what’s and why’s of it all.   I’ve decided to explain in one big blog post rather than through individual emails.  Please note that this is only my opinion and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

AccuQuilt sent my GO! to me for free as part of their HUGE blog promotion giveaway program that they had.  I tried it…and for the most part, thought it was fine.  As time went on, I found myself not using it.  I would have to go get it…dig through the stack of dies…cut the fabric and then run it through the cutter.  For me, it was just easier to use the rotary cutter.  I also was annoyed that the fabric would static cling to the mat.  I would find myself resorting things into piles and I didn’t like that.

Another frustration I had is that the dies are just one size.   I couldn’t make a tumbler quilt from my 3.5″ scrap bucket as the die didn’t fit my size….and although the waste isn’t terrible…there’s still quite a lot of waste.

In the end, it wasn’t the waste…it wasn’t cutting and then re-cutting fabric, it wasn’t even the space issue that ended up making me completely decide against discontinuing my GO!, it was the company itself.

You may remember that I have done MANY video tutorials using AccuQuilt products.  They would give me a die for each video I did.  I hadn’t done a video for a bit and emailed asking if the program was still on.  I was told yes.  I did a video and requested a die way back last fall….no die.  Asked and reminded again…no die.  Being the gal in charge didn’t respond I began to wonder if she still worked there so I asked on AccuQuitlt’s Facebook page….no answer.  I asked again…was told someone would contact me…no one contacted me.  Finally I got an email that said the person was looking into it…over two weeks later, they must STILL be looking as no one has gotten back to me.  I honestly don’t care if they have the video for die program but if they aren’t doing it anymore just, we aren’t doing it anymore…NO big deal!!

Remember back last year, when I was busy making Christmas things….


AccuQuilt asked me to design some patterns for them with the promise that they would be on their site and I would get paid for the downloaded patterns.  It was a huge risk for me…the time, fabric, etc. was a lot to put into a project without knowing if there would be any gain.  I did it and AccuQuilt was kind enough to send me the dies I needed for free.  I asked for a contract…but no contract was sent.  I was suppose to be paid quarterly.  Last fall as the quarter ended, I didn’t get paid…didn’t get paid…and didn’t get paid.  I sent a couple reminders and finally got paid shortly before Christmas for the third quarter of 2011.

Well 2011 has gone, it’s now March and I haven’t gotten paid for the last quarter of last year.  I have sent inquiries on THREE separate occasions.  NO response.  I sent an email to the company asking if my contact gal still worked there…yes she does.  Still no response.  Still no payment or response to date since I first contacted her at the end of January.

Some of you might not be aware but last fall Accuquilt told selected bloggers if they posted an add for “22 free patterns” and got people to sign up for AccuQuilt’s newsletter, they would receive award points for each person who signed up for the newsletter.  The points would be awarded quarterly.  Bloggers did receive the points at the end of the third quarter last year…..Bloggers have NOT received any reward points for the fourth quarter of last  year.  I asked about that as well and as with the other times I have tried to contact them, this too has been ignored.

All in all, I got rid of my AccuQuilt things because I didn’t want to be part of nor support the company anymore.  I am currently trying to get my pattern removed from their site….I am completely baffled by who to contact to make this happen.  No matter who I contact, nothing is done.

I was hesitant to share my experience as I didn’t want to hurt the company with my words.  Then I decided no, I think it’s more appropriate if I am upfront with all of you.

Everyone has their own experiences….this has been my experience with AccuQuilt.  Don’t fear that there won’t be tutorials here now that I don’t have my GO!  I will continue to make and share project ideas with you whenever I can.

GOing, GOing, GOne

Two years ago, AccuQuilt gave me GO! Cutter to review along with three dies.  I tried it..and liked it.

Since then something that I did find hard was “working backwards”.   Typically when we make a quilt, we design around the fabric….with a GO!, we have to design around a shape.  I found myself wanting to work with smaller pieces and they don’t offer many dies that are small.  If you read my blog you know that I am not an applique-er and so many of their items feature applique.

I found myself making projects, so I could do a video, so I could get another die, yet I didn’t use the GO! in between video projects.

I found the storage space in my sewing room diminishing.   After putting on my “Yard Sale” earlier this month, I noticed more room in my cupboards and liked that….I liked it so much that I decided to do a little deeper cleaning.  If I haven’t used it…out it goes.

After careful consideration, I decided that I am going to sell my AccuQuilt GO! and the dies.  I thought I would wait for the “Yard Sales” but that was SO hectic that I don’t want to deal with the GO! goodies then too.   If anyone is interested, feel free to email me

I am so glad that I got a chance to try a GO!….all in all, it’s a fine product.  I am just feeling the need to downsize.

Dash Away All…

Way back in July, I was busy working on this project….Dash Away All.


It’s a Christmas tree skirt made with my Accuquilt GO!   The people over at Accuquilt had asked if I would put together a couple Christmas projects and write patterns for them.  This is one of the patterns.  You can find the pattern here on Accuquilt’s site.  Here’s more news….all the dies to make it are 20% off.  So you might want to take advantage of that.  It’s a facebook exclusive sale that you can find here.

If you haven’t signed up for the free Accuquilt patterns, you can do that by clicking on the icon below.   The patterns show great projects you make with the dies you already have…or the dies on you wish list.  If you don’t have a AccuQuilt cutter…no worry.  Many of the patterns can be adjusted and made with your rotary cutter too.

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