Stash Report…

A box came in the mail for me….It was from Diane in Michigan along with a lovely letter.

I am thrilled that Diane thought of me with such wonderful fabrics.

I know this sounds crazy but in all the hub-bub of my life, I didn’t even remember what I was planning on sewing!!  I didn’t know what projects were on the burner…or the back burner for that matter.  I did know that I did need to finish Georgia’s baby quilt but that is all I could remember.

Well Diane reminded me…my Oregon or Bust quilt.  It’s a Bonnie Hunter quilt in her Scraps and Shirttails II book.  She sent these..I need oranges and blues so this is great!

She also sent some black and white stripe for another quilt I was collecting for….again, PERFECT!

…and look at this….CALICOS!  Diane sent a back story of inheriting these from her Aunt.  I’m so thrilled she went on and shared them with me.  I’ve been collecting old calicos with no pattern in mind.  She explained that someone she knows did Bonnie Hunter’s Carolina Chain with them.  WOW.  That sounds perfect.

So I’m going to keep collecting.  I have used LOTS of calico browns in the past to make a Pfernuse quilt.  Here’s a picture of that one.  Read the whole story about that HERE.


Here’s a close up see the brown calicos.

I just mixed them with the other browns and they were perfect.  Many of the creams were calicos too.

Enough of that…more goodies from Diane.  Things for the kiddos…

Including TWO old flip phones.  Oh my.  The kids are going to be in heaven.  (Yes, I take the batteries out)

They are going to adore these….and likely fight over them.  I’ll probably set them aside until I get a couple more.  I always scour garage sales looking for them.  This is by far, the favorite toys of the kiddos.

Well Diane…you blessed everyone in my house with goodies to play with.  I can’t thank you enough!!

Stash Report

I told you a bit ago about my AWESOME thrift store day.  Well today’s the day I’m going to tell you exactly what was in those in the fabric stack.

Here’s the goodies….

The first thing I grabbed to look at was the bag…I never can really tell what is in them and this one looked good.

And once I laid it all out it looked more like this….

There were all sorts of things.  The string blocks, piano keyboard, and flannel is going in my charity box.  I was tempted to keep the strings but these have foundation fabric on them.  I don’t do foundation fabric so if I mixed these with mine, I am wondering how that would work.

I’m excited about the little baby fabrics.  I need some machine time without any deadlines…then I could dig into the baby fabric.

I picked up another piece of homespun.  I’m collecting.

Speaking of homespun….check out this…

There are eight fat quarters.  It was $2.  That made me happy.

These jumped into my cart.  You all know I’m a polka dot lover so I have to get this…and novelty fabrics, I’ve been collecting them too.

I had such a great day thrifting.  I had a whole huge round of goodies…from purses to childcare toys to decorative stuff to FABRIC.  It really was a great day.

Quilt Book Review: Step Back in Time

You might remember that Martingale Publishing sent me a whole bunch of quilt books to review.  I’ve slowly been wading through them picking the ones I like to review and passing on some as they aren’t my style.  Today’s book Step Back in Time is one I liked…

The authors are  Paula Barnes and Mary Ellen Robison of Red Crinoline Quilts.

The books come to me in ebook format.  Several years ago I used to be able to request hard copies of the books that interested me and then I could do giveaways and pass them on to you…sadly, no more and sadly that means I have trouble showing you the pictures I want to show.

For example…this is the only picture provided of this quilt….

It’s a lovely picture.  The staging in great….but it’s the border that makes the quilt and you don’t get to see the mitered corners.  I love that feature of the quilt.  If I only show you pictures that I have access to, then you miss that.

This quilt I think the borders do a lot for it as well….

Here’s my poor picture of the computer screen with the full picture of the quilt…
Isn’t the floral border fun??

There are big and small quilts…

The colors on the one above I love.

This next one I love…Nine patches and stars are my favorite…this one combines both.

This one had me at red.  It’s always my favorite color…ALWAYS.

This one…Churn Dash, barn raising layout and scrappy.  Yep.  I like that one too.

Scrappy stars.  You had me at scrappy.

More scrappy stars?  Yes please.

I’ve not been in love with basket blocks in the past but this quilt could make me like them.

In total there are 13 quilts in the book which is a nice value.  The quilts range in size from bed sized to lap to wall hanging.

In between the quilts there are some great photos and historical accounts that I always love reading….so even if you just like to browse quilt books and not even sew, there is plenty in this book for you.  You can find it on Amazon here or from Martingale here.

Getting the Itch

If you’re like me and have a love of quilts made with shirts, sometimes I’m VERY in the mood to make them and other times, I wonder why I do as cutting up the shirts can be a really lot of work.  I’ve learned that I’m either “in the mood”…and cut out a couple quilts at a time or I’m NOT “in the mood” and don’t touch shirts and even vow that I won’t buy any more shirts and then I go to a thrift store, the prices are fabulous and there I am..buying shirts again.

I can tell that I’m heading towards a “in the mood” stage again.  I am working on Georgia’s quilt right now if I do get to a machine.  But I just might cave big time here….

What’s sending me over the edge??

A sale at the thrift store…shirts were 10 for $5.  I bought all they had.  50 shirts.  I told you about these before…but they’ve been sitting here waiting for me to find some motivation to cut them up.

Well I think I have some motivation.  Mary from Country Threads is the inspiration.  (I stole these photos from Mary’s blog-please go over there and see all of her pictures of the quilts)

Check this out….

Do you Bonnie Hunter fans recognize this as Bonnie Hunter’s quilt Four Patch X?

I’ve already made the quilt…I RARELY EVER make a quilt twice.  Here’s mine….


Mary’s version has me TOTALLY wanting to make it again.  I adore the burgundy and grays.  What a different look to the same quilt.   If anyone is thinking of making a memory quilt, like Mary did, this is absolutely PERFECT.

Mary also did a version of Rectangle Wrangle…another of Bonnie Hunter’s patterns.

Mary wasn’t thrilled with this….me, I like it.  There is something almost like a “Manly watercolor quilt” look to me and I like it.

Here is my version….

I adore mine.

…but I really like Mary’s too.  It has a different feel to it that I like.  It’s almost like there are two different patterns.

So…I’m tempted and it’s all Mary’s fault.  I know I won’t be doing anything
anytime soon.  I still have had little time at a sewing machine since Kramer’s cancer diagnosis.  That’s okay.  I’m still thinking and dreaming and that’s part of the fun.  Thanks so much for the inspiration Mary.  Seriously readers….go check out all of the  photos of Mary’s quilts on her blog HERE.

Hmm…Kayla suppose to be home towards the end of the week.  She is a great help with shirts.  I think I should make sure I have box of shirts here on the main floor in case she gets inspired to cut up shirts.  YEP.  That sounds like the perfect plan.