Stash Report

You might remember I bought a box of fabric at a while ago and this bag of fabric was in the box.

Well I was at Goodwill and I checked their fabric.  I was surprised to find this bag…

I peeked into the bag and thought there were more calicos in the bag….but $10.  REALLY??  That’s too much.  I circled around the store and came back.  Yes…I was going to buy it.  I sure hoped it was worth it.

I opened the bag and immediately pulled this….
I didn’t need any of those so put them in a pile to pass them on.

Then I found this….

Not bad.  Most of the pieces are 1/2 yard or more.  I guess the $10 wasn’t as bad of a price as I thought it might be.

Isn’t it funny how before I never saw a piece of these calicos and now I’m finding them all the time.  Hmmm.  I think before long, I’m going to have enough of them to make a quilt.

I think it’s time that I can start looking for the perfect pattern to showcase them.  If you have any ideas, feel free to send any ideas my way.

Stash Report

It’s been so busy around here.  But amazingly, I still have fabric movement happening.  Part of that is due to sitting to long in a hospital with nothing to do.

I was browsing and ended up buying a backing for my double wedding ring quilt.  I scanned trying to find a combination of something cheap, good quality and a color that would be good.  When I did Kelli’s she picked green for the background of her’s.  At the time I thought was odd but what did I shop for???  GREEN.

But…I didn’t end up with green.  I ended up this….

So how did I do on my list of what I was looking for…

Yep…quality fabric.
Yep…cheap.  It was $3.50 a yard
Yep…a color that would work.

I’m trying to tighten up the budget a bit.  So I took several of the other backings that I had in the cart out of the cart but I did leave these in…
They are 1/2 yard cuts…  $2.75 each.  I still have it in the back of my mind that I want to work on my Hawaiian Sunset quilt.  At one time, I had all the fabrics I needed to make it but I’ve since raided the stash and need to replenish it.

The pinks, purples and bright blue is just what I needed.

So this is my first from the fabric store purchase of the year.  Is anyone else trying to refrain from purchasing lots at the fabric store??

P.S.  Whittle Fabrics is GREAT for Civil War fabrics and many others.  Their prices can’t be beat!  Check them out HERE.  I’m a huge Grunge (Moda fabric) fan and they offer is for $7.50 a yard.  WOW!!

Quilt Book Review: Love Flying Geese

C&T Publishing sent me a new ebook to review…and I’m happy to say, I love it!  The book is put together by multiple contributors all projects from the magazine Love Patchwork and Quilting.  I know I live rural but I’ve not seen the magazine anywhere in my area.

The quilts are all listed as “modern”…but those of you who don’t like modern, please don’t quit reading.  Modern isn’t my favorite, and yet I still very much liked the book.

I’ve mentioned before that at times I get a little frustrated with C&T.  They send me the ebooks.  They give me the option to review them but they don’t give me the tools to easily do it.  I don’t have access to pictures from the book except for a few.  I’ve looked all over online to find some and this is all I found.

this one too….

Those are not my favorite quilts from the book….I finally had to resort to putting the ebook up on my computer and then taking picture of the computer screen.  So the pictures aren’t the best…but here they are…
All of the quilts have flying geese in them.  I love the coloring in this one….

The big blocks in this one are fun.  I would love to make this as a graduation gift quilt.  If you look the quilt isn’t symmetrical.  That’s what the “modern” of it is.  If you’re not a modern quilter and don’t like that feature, make it symmetrical.

This one I liked.

One thing about some of the quilts in the book, they are a little oddly measured.  One is 50″ x 70″.  I personally like my quilt to not be narrow.  Again, that’s easy enough to fix.  To match my personal taste, I’d just add another row.

None of these quilts look hard…but they sure look fun.

Amazon has a link for the book HERE….C&T has a link HERE.

I’m watching all of my budgets now so no hard copy for me. I’ll be enjoying my free ebook copy…but if I wasn’t, this one would be so tempting.

Stash Report

I wasn’t quite sure how to label this blog post…Stash Report, Special Delivery or My Mail….It’s kind of a combination of all of them.

One of my childcare moms asked me one day if I knew her neighbor Patty.  I said I didn’t.  We’ve lived in the area for quite a while…. 28 years but still don’t know a lot of the people in the area.  If we had kids in school that same age or if we belong to the same organizations, we know them but if our paths didn’t cross that way, we don’t know people.

My childcare mom ended up telling me that her neighbor Patty is a blog reader.  That was extra fun for me as we only live a few miles apart.

Well in December I was in the doctor’s office for a blood draw and mammogram as part of my yearly physical.  A lady came up and introduced herself to me.  It was Patty.  FUN!

Patty said she had some things she planned to give me that I could keep or pass on to charity.  I told her if she didn’t get into town she could always drop things off at my childcare family’s house and in February, that’s exactly what she did.

The package came just before we were in the thick of things with trips back and forth for biopsies and the surgery.  I read the card but didn’t get a chance to dig in until we got back home after being gone that week in Lacrosse.

Everything came in this fun bag…Patty wrote a wonder and kind note.  She also included some gift cards to help Hubby and I through the next leg of our cancer journey….One to McDonalds-She said she knows I love their iced coffee (I really do) and a card for the area Kwik Star stores so we can get gas.  PERFECT and so appreciated.

The bag was full of goodies from fun fabric cuts…

To scraps….

To quilts blocks.  Oh I love these disappearing four patches….
There were sheets for backings….and fun baby prints big enough for backings.
Check out these fun blocks.  I didn’t count but maybe enough for a baby top.  

Then a baby sized quilt top…This one is from one of my all time favorite fabric lines.

String blocks….
..and these fun blocks too.

Best of all in my opinion…RED.  Patty said it’s the red I need for the string blocks I had that I needed a little more red for.  PERFECT!!

With our busy life I so rarely get to a Joann’s.  It’s an hour away…and when we do go to that town, Hubby’s usually with and it involves Menards or Home Depot.  I’m thrilled that there is enough here to make a big quilt.

Patty this was so nice of you to think of me and Kramer too.  I can’t thank you enough for your gifts and thoughtfulness.

I showed the goodies to Kayla.  She was working on a class project with her family consumer science students.  She took a couple of the unfinished blocks projects and will be working with her kiddos to complete the projects.