Book Review: Sew Many Notions

I am on a listing from C&T Publishing and from Martingale that I get ebook copies of new books that come out.  I have the opportunity to review them.  It’s really fun and I enjoy seeing the new books that come out.  Every once in awhile I find a book that I think I would really love and I request a hard copy of the book.  I recently got an awesome book from Martingale, Sew Many Notions by Debbie Busby.

Look at the cover.  What a fun looking book!


The project that got me and made me know I really wanted this book was the cute, cute pincushion that says “Sew” on it.  Notice that the letters for the word are yellow and the stitching done in black.  It makes it looks like a tape measure….the CUTEST for sure.  I am actually needing a couple new pincushions so this is perfect.  Being I work on quilting both upstairs in my sewing room and downstairs prepping projects, I find my pincushions are always in the wrong spot.  Having a few more would prevent extra trips up and down the stairs!! This on is on my to-do list!

I thought this little wall hanging was fun too.  I love the saying…


No worries for those of you who haven’t done a lot of stitching, there is a nice stitch reference in the book.


Here are more pincushions.  These are fun too.


Kelli and I got a big giggle when we saw this bookmark!  How cute for an easy gift for a quilting friend!!  What do you think?
The patterns for the projects are on a big pattern sheet in the back of the book.  I love that the patterns are full sized.  One of my hugest pet peeves is when a book requires me to run to the copy store and get the patterns enlarged.  With my job it’s really hard to get away so I really appreciate full sized patterns.


I’m so happy to have this new book in my home quilting library.  I can imagine me doing several of the patterns…and making some of gifts too!!

Thanks so much to Martingale for passing the book on to me!!

Where We are Published: Quilts and More

You might remember back in June I needed a baby boy quilt for Hubby’s niece’s baby.  It was a boy and as always when in comes to boy quilts, I’m always flustered.  I don’t want anything remotely girlish at all!!  I ended up making a scrappy modern looking baby quilt with gray and primary colors.   Seeing made me think that it was good enough to submit for publication….the only problem, if I sent it out, I wouldn’t have a quilt to gift. I had enough scraps for a second baby quilt so I make another.  The second was more free form than the first.

I sent the pictures of the two quilts in deciding that I’d let the magazine pick which quilt they wanted if they decided to choose one of the quilts.  The did pick one…They picked the first one I made and it is being featured in the Spring 2018 issue of Quilts and More.

We were in tight deadline to get this one out so I gave it to my friend Carla of Longarm Quilting Inspirations to do the quilting.


As always, we were impressed with Carla’s work.  She was so great to squeeze our quilt into her schedule.

I ALSOLUTELY LOVED making this quilt.  I opened up my bag of solid scraps and was quilting in no time at all.

Quilts and More worked up their own rendition of our quilt.  I always love seeing the alternate color options that the magazines offer!  Check it out….

The magazine is just coming to news stands now so you can start being on the lookout.  I thought I would include my even more scrappy version that ended up being gifted to Hubby’s Great nephew.



If you want to read more about that version, you can read this post.  This uses the same technique only more scrappy and this one has no corner stones.  I think it’s fun to see more options.

Check your news stands, it is either there or will be arriving soon! I gotta say, I’m excited to see this one come back.  I have a boy baby quilt ready to gift!!

UFO Challenge

When I last left you with my UFO Scrap Crystals I was here.

I forgot to include a picture to show you the fun I had getting there.  I had lots of help from these girls.  For those of you who don’t know I’m an in home childcare provider and these are two of my kiddos.

These are my school aged girls.  They come every day after school.  I have challenged them while I was working on this quilt.  Over nap time while the little ones were sleeping and these two were at school, I would iron these pieces.  Then I would stack them in piles of 10.  When the girls got here, I would challenge them to figure out how many units I had.  They loved it.  Really loved it!

They would run in the door and ask if I had anything to count.  They were so sad the day we finished these pieces.  It was a big day that day..we had 310.  I took them several attempts to get the counting right.  It’s hard for them to make the transition from 100 to 110.  It was so fun watching their brains work.  I encourage you to try this if you have little ones around.  I’ll be doing it much more often.  I am going to change it up when I have fewer units and only put two or five in each pile.  It’s such good practical math for them.

My star blocks were all sewn one day…I didn’t iron them as I had time to sew more and I save my ironing for nap time.  I ended up cutting and sewing some border units instead.The next day over nap time I ironed all of the pieces.

I love seeing a big stack of blocks all ready to go.  Next up they get sewn into these big units.  Like this….

I’m really happy with my progress on this.  I have fabric here for the borders but bought a couple different options so hopefully next week I’ll have the blocks completely sewn and you can help me pick sashing and border fabrics.

You can find me here next week. This UFO is really getting fun!!

String Challenge and More!

With my mystery quilt finished I have been busy sewing some things of my own.  Yahoo!!  I like doing the mystery but by the time I get to the end, I start to think of it more as a chore.  UGH.  At the beginning I’m excited to carve out some me time and sew away.  By the end I’m thinking enough already I want to be sewing on something else.  That’s my nature and why I work on several projects at once.  I never get bored.

So I’m been putting LOTS of my time into the blocks I showed you last week.

scrap-3This is totally a scrap buster!  I’ve been sewing through lots of scrap.  It’s been so fun as many of the scraps are ones that were gifted to me by blog readers.  I know I have never made anything with some of these fun fabrics…no Halloween scraps…

…no veggies…. None of these polka dots…. monsters, kitties or Halloween prints. These scraps is exactly what’s making this quilt fun.

There are tons of scraps in here that I know had to be gifted to me.  I rarely sew with black….and I am typically not a novelty print buyer.

I have LOTS of units paired, sewn and cut….no more blocks though.  Once I get all the units made I think these blocks will go together fast.

I have a few more three units to make in black.

The neutrals and oranges are all done.I ended up with some left over pieces that were to small for this quilt but they were big enough to get a 1 1/2″ twosies unit from. I don’t have plans for them yet but I couldn’t let them go to waste.  It’s part of the never ending cycle of scraps “breeding” and making more scraps.  I don’t mind.  They will be fun to play with.I’m hoping by next week to have a stack of blocks finished.

As for my scrap challenge….it was another slow week.  I’ve been working pretty hard on the scrappy quilt so the challenge has been slow.  Here’s what I was up to with that….I got the white outer part sewn on 25 more of my Pineapple Crazy blocks.  They are all trimmed now and I am up to having 37 of the outer blocks done.  I need 60 so I need to keep plugging away on it.

I am still working on challenging myself to making the last four quilts I haven’t made yet from Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book before her new book comes out.

Find me here next week with more String Challenge fun.