Stash Report


This one is a big stash report.  Honestly, I don’t know where to begin so I’m going to start at the beginning.

The childcare children and I were outside playing when the lady who delivers our mail pulled up.  It wasn’t our normal mail time.  She had three packages for me and explained that it’s easier to drop big packages off before the routes so she has room in her car for the regular mail.  Then she opened the door to reveal and HUGE package.  I don’t think a person could carry a box that was any bigger.

The kids were dancing around and happy.  They think all packages are books or toys for them…this one was not.  It was for me…but I had to wait until nap time to dig in…shucks.

I told you the box was HUGE!!


I started digging in.  It was all haphazardly put together and that made it even more fun to sort.  Is it okay to admit that I was so excited that I suddenly remember that I should quit digging in the goodies and stop and find if there was a note included??  I did find the note but it took a bit as I opened the box upside down as it was sagging in the bottom it was so heavy.

I finally found the note….The box was from….. [Read more...]

In My Mailbox….


My mailbox overtfloweth.  Yes, I made up the word overfloweth.

When a box comes unexpectedly we play a guessing game around here….charity quilt tops or fabric.  Lately fabric has been winning out.

Check out this parcel of goodies.


Whenever I get fabric in I always read the note, if there is a note that accompanies the goodies.  There are typically three different ideas that people have when sending fabrics…
1-I am cleaning out my sewing room.  I’m so happy I found someone to take it.
2-I know you like scraps I don’t.  Have mine.
3-You do charity projects and I want to support charity projects.

Whatever reason people sent things I try to honor it.

The goodies in the first photo came from Felecia, Janet, Ann and Christine.  They make charity quilts together and wanted to share their scraps.  This was so sweet ladies and the scraps will be used and loved.  Christine asked if my daughter Kayla is still accepting yarn for charity yarn work….Yes.  She is accepting yarn.  She’s been so busy.  She’s been making lots of purple baby hats lately.  She loves it.

Can you believe I’ve gotten in two other packages too?  Check them out. [Read more...]

Sewing Room Tour


So I had a “turn lemons into lemonade” day on Monday.  The previous week it all started with one of the little ones having a temperature.  From there is turned into a high temperature and from there it turned into Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease.  Well it spread.  By Sunday we had two of my families with it and the third and fourth families are out on maternity leave so that left me with an unexpected day off.  I was sad the kiddos were sick but elated for a chance to get the sewing room together.

I started at 8:00 am and worked until 11:30.  Then I went to the chiropractor and did some errands.  I was back to cleaning and organizing by 2:30 pm.  I had called Kalissa to see if she would help me get the television set up.  Over the summer we thought we had been hit by lightening and we thought the television in the kitchen had died because of it.  I went to town and bought a new kitchen television.  We set in up and it wouldn’t work.  After playing around with the cord we realized it was the power strip that had fried, not the television.  The new television was now in place and working and the old one was on the counter.  Hubby ended up plugging in the old one and it worked.  Then we debated.  Take the new one back?  What a pain to package it all when I’ve been wanting a television in the sewing room.  I really don’t watch television but wanted it for the news and to watch Netflix from time to time…so the television went to the sewing room and there it sat.

Part of my mission with cleaning and organizing the sewing room was to get the television working…and we did.

So as you see the first movie I watched was Grease.  It will always be in my top ten of favorite movies.

I snapped some pictures thinking you might want to see the cleaned up version. [Read more...]

UFO Progress


I’m plugging away on my UFO projects.

Monday I told you that I had more or less put myself on a “no sewing until I clean the sewing room” lock down but sometimes a I have to finish some things to really get the cleaned up.  That’s the case with my Santa Fe String Star quilt.  I have the center done.  I have the borders done.  I need to decide what to do for a background.

I decided to pull some fabric and see.

The original pattern calls for a red background.  For some reason I was really hesitant about that.  I thought a cream colored might be safer…what do you think?


As long as I was laying it all out I thought I might as well grab some other pieces of fabric too.

Here’s what gold looked like. [Read more...]