Stash Report


You know…all this work on the remodel is making for an awfully boring stash report.

I have nothing in…and nothing out.  How boring is that??  Well actually we did have fabric out.  Remember this little jelly roll??


It’s Moda’s Fire and Ice Batiks.  You can see the fabric line here.  But sadly you can’t see our project yet.  It will be featured in an upcoming magazine…one we haven’t had anything in before!  That’s always fun!!

I don’t count the fabric as out until we get the projects back from the publishers so we’ll be waiting awhile on reporting this fabric.  In the mean time, this is the most updated numbers.

Used this Week: 0  yards

Used year to Date:  70 yards store bought +  164 gifted fabric + 68 yards of recycled/thrifted fabric…

To see how others are inventorying their fabric use, check out Patchwork Times.

A Four Patch Frenzie


So in between the sewing I’ve been doing I have been working on some 4-patch leaders and enders.  Remember my spool quilt that I’m making??

It’s Spooling Around from Bonnie Hunter’s More Adventures with Leaders and Enders book.  Well it needs four patches for the outside border.

I had set the quilt aside when I pulled my Celtic Solstice quilt to the front burner…I didn’t want it to be completely set aside though so I thought I would just start sewing strips sets together to make the four patches leader and ender style figuring once I had time for the spool quilt again I would have the four patches finished…..well my estimation skills are apparently VERY poor.

The other day I thought I would count to see where I was at and if I needed to make more…..Here are the ones I need for the borders for the spool quilt.  Notice I even have the corner pieces sewn.


I really should have looked and read the instructions.  I only need 84  4-patches  for the border!!

These are the extras.  I didn’t count them yet but the stack is about as high as the stack for the spool quilt.


Oh and look…I have even more segments ready to be sewn together into 4-patches.  I won’t even show you the pile of strips that are sewn but not cut into segments yet.  That would be entirely too embarrassing.


Oh…and wait.  There is more!!  I was packing some of the things up from the sewing room and look what I found.

Yep.  It’s a bag of segments the same size waiting to be sewn into 4-patches.

Can you believe it???  It looks like there will be more quilts featuring 4-patches that will be sewn by me.  I did take a minute to see if Bonnie had other projects I could use these for.  Well it looks like sometime in my future I will likely be sewing my own version of “Four Patch  X”, “Narragansett Blues” and “Fair and Square”.  That’s okay, I love all of the quilts and I have to say, 4-patches make me smile…looks like I’ll me doing lots of smiling…and can you believe, there are still more 2″ strips left in my scrap box.

I found other things when I was packing too…I’ll save that for another day.

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