Stash Report and Advice


You might remember a couple weeks ago I had said that I cut into some fabric so I could sew the background for my Santa Fe String Star quilt and had a complication.  I cut the size the pattern said but it seemed to small.


I’m not blaming the pattern instructions at all.  There are LOTS of pieces coming together here and easily my sewing could be off.  Also string blocks tend to stretch easily so it’s likely all me.

After I cut into the fabric I originally had I was left with a chunk of fabric that no longer works….so off to the store.  I’m trying this piece now.


Part of me is really hesitant.  I think I’d prefer a light background.  I’ve mentioned that to Hubby and to Kelli and both of them think red.  Hmm.  I think that’s one of the reasons that this has only gotten this far along and then left to sit….the light background calls to me.  Feel free to chime in and let me know what you think.  Has anyone seen one with a neutral background?

While I was at the store I also bought some swaddle cloth but that’s already sewn up and out of here.  See here’s the happy mommy with the sewn cloth. [Read more...]

Bohemian Rhapsody from a Reader


I got a note in the mail from a blog reader Christy Mercer.

She writes:


I made this for our babysitter who recently graduated form nursing school.  She is at our house so much, I had to fib to her the whole time that I was making it for someone else.  When she saw me working on it, she just oohed and ahhed over it.  She screamed with joy when I gave it to her!  

I am a teacher in southeast Kansas, and follow your blog.  We live on a cattle ranch and also raise show goats.

Thank you for your time in creating these patterns!

WOW… I love the quilt.  The gray is wonderful!  I am a little frustrated that I can’t get the photo to turn but the quilt…WOW!


If you don’t recognize the pattern, it’s one from me and Kelli.  You can find it in our book Country Girl Modern.

Kelli and I have made the quilt twice…

Here’s the original

and here’s the second one I made. [Read more...]

UFO Challenge


From now until Bonnie Hunter’s new book comes out in September you’ll find me right here on Wednesdays sharing my progress on a UFO (unfinished project).  My hope is to get some finished so I won’t feel guilty sewing on new projects from her new book.  It’s not to late to join in the fun.  You can find my first post about it here.  You can see my listing of all my Bonnie Hunter UFOs here.

I did it.  FINALLY.

I’ve been sewing and sewing on my Texas Braids.  As I’ve been working on the quilt people have said they started and stopped because they thought it was a tedious process.  In fact, Kayla and Kelli have both started a Texas Braid some time ago and both have it in a UFO pile.

Mine, it’s still in the UFO pile but it is LOTS and LOTS closer to a finish.

I started it in my UFO challenge when it was simply this…


Only cut out and not a stitch sewn.

Now it’s this….

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Sewing with Kalissa


Awhile ago Kalissa and I had an outing which brought us to a quilt shop.  She had loved the quilt she’s showing off and we ended up buying the panel to make it.  (you can read about the shopping trip here)


At the time we bought it I really-really hoped that Kalissa would made the quilt herself.  She said she would and I offered to purchase the needed things if she would.  I’d be lying, though, if I didn’t half way expect to have to make it for her.

While I was off recovering from my foot surgery she came over.  She wanted to work on that quilt….Hmmm I thought, she just might do this.  Well as they say, seeing is believing so I was still a little skeptical…our day ended up going like this….

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