UFO Progress


I didn’t get much done this week….I knew I wouldn’t have sewing time because what little time I did have had to be dedicated to charity quilts.  BUT I didn’t want a week to go by with no progress at all…so I pulled out  my Texas Braids and decided to trim them.  I’ve had them done for awhile but have been afraid to trim them…well I started out by reading the directions.  I read and tried to understand the cutting process.  It shows to cut between the two squares.  Hmmm….I decided I really didn’t like that option. TexasBraids-1 If I do that, part of my block will get lost in the seam when I put the binding on.  I decided instead to slide my ruler over about a 1/4″ and cut there. TexasBraids-5 Mine ended up looking like this. TexasBraids-6 Then I started looking at the drawing.  I was so confused.  The picture showed that the little red squares went from border to border.  I liked that.  But then I went and re-read the cutting instructions.  Something seemed off.  I felt like I needed but cut something off the other end too. TexasBraids-3 See…look at the picture below. [Read more...]

Stash Report


Treats from Texas!!

Cheryl in Texas sent a box of goodies to Kelli and I just before Christmas….You might remember Cheryl.  She is the amazing long armer who has donated her time and talents to helping with some of the charity quilting that happens here on the blog.  Cheryl does the quilts that get sent to House of Hope in Florida.  She’s  a super busy lady who is a true giver.

In the box from Cheryl were these goodies.  The note said that she had gone to the Quilt Festival in Houston and snagged some goodies for me and Kelli.  The CUTE tractor fabric was for me and the nursing goodies for Kelli.  Before she went she emailed and asked if there was anything we were looking for.  I said we were good…Cheryl treated us anyway!


Here’s a peak at the nurse fabric with the sayings on it. [Read more...]

A Reader Finish


I love to get pictures of reader’s quilts.

You might remember a bit ago I made a Country Threads’ quilt as a wedding present.  This one….Read about mine here.


Mine was inspired by Mary’s quilt…this one.   Here’s the link that tells how to make the quilt.

I recently got a note from a blog reader :  Brenda in KY writes….
Hi, Jo!
I finished a quilt that was inspired by the one you featured on your blog by Mary at Country Threads. I couldn’t find a name for it, so I just named it Country Threads. Mary made hers with a jelly roll. I used 10″ squares to make mine since I am in a 10″ block exchange with my guild. So I cut each 10″ square into four pieces, each 2-1/2″ x 10″.  I loved making it. It went together so fast. I make alot of charity quilts, so I’ll definitely be using this pattern again. This quilt was a Christmas gift. I machine quilt all my quilts on my domestic machine. I quilted this one with a gold cotton variegated thread with an allover design I call fractured glass–with a few stars thrown in. Here’s a couple pics of it.  I enjoy reading your blog.”

Want to see Brenda’s version?  Here it is…. [Read more...]

UFO Progress


I set the mystery aside long enough to sew just a bit on Talkin’ Turkey.  My goal is to work on UFOs and I can’t work on them if I don’t take a little time out for them.  So….here’s what I got done.

Yes, I know it doesn’t look like anything at all as it’s unorganized but here’s the goods.


Last week I told you that I thought I had all of the flying geese done but this week I went to sew the borders together and alas, I was short a few pieces.  I counted and recounted.  Originally I thought I was short about 8 geese.  Well when I was making 400 and some that makes sense that I could be off 8 geese.  This is so true as I knew I cut this out over the course of week during nap time moments when all the kids were sleeping.  I counted again and I was closer to 45 off.  Oh well…might as well start sewing right?

So I sewed them all- then sewed them into the borders.  I was so happy to have those outer borders of flying geese finished up.  Then I lifted up my book with the directions and ah…there in the box below was a border strip I already finished!  That was why my count was off and dang.  I didn’t need to make 45 more geese.

…and so goes the life of an unorganized quilter!!

Oh well.  From there I was onto making the sashing strips.  They are all finished too.  They even got Ruby’s stamp of approval.  See? [Read more...]