Stash Report


It’s a thrifty find stash report today!  That’s my favorite kind!!

I got a message on Facebook that one of the thrift stores I shop at was moving.  At first I was a little sad but then I found out that they were moving to a bigger and better building that the owner was buying.  PERFECT!  I like bigger…and I like better.  I’ve talked to her and have known that space has been an issue for her.  Hopefully this store will have LOTS of space.

Because they are moving everything there is half price…you know I’d have to squeeze in a trip somehow.

I’ve gotten fabric and crafty things at this thrift store before so I’m always on the look out….so did I find anything??  YES!  They’re a little bit on the quirky side but I know they will find a place into a quilt…someday.


The bucket of scraps…mostly 1/8 yard or so cuts was marked $1.50.  I can see a couple in there that I won’t use.

The Easter fabric I debated about.  It was marked $3.  There are 4 yards there.  I finally decided that it’s colorful and I think would be okay to use on a charity baby quilt as a backing…right?

The white London fabric was $1.25.  There is a 1 1/2 yards of that.  It’s 60″ wide.  I grabbed that too.  It’s quirky but fun.  I’ll always remember where I bought it.  It too could make the back of a baby quilt.  It’s big enough.  I’m guessing it might get chopped up and distributed out into many quilts…we’ll see.

So my fabric total was $5.75…but remember, everything was half price….  So I got out of the store with a purchase price of $2.88….it’s going to be fun to find places to use it all.  Sometimes having that challenge is part of the fun.

So chime in with your opinion…is it okay to use the cute little Easter fabric on the back of a charity baby quilt?  I debated on it..answers either way won’t offend me in the least.  I’m curious to see what you all think.

To see what others are doing with their fabric check out Patchwork Times.

Beth’s Quilts…


I got an email message from Beth C back in August.  I’ll be honest, I don’t check Facebook messages as much as I should.  Often my email is so full and I get the warning to empty it that all of my time at the computer with correspondence is sent there.

I finally saw the note earlier this week.  It included some great pictures of quilts she had made.  Does is look familiar?  It’s a pattern Kelli and I put together.  You can find the free pattern here on the blog.


It has long been one of my favorite patterns.  I love simple and easy piecing.  It’s great in Christmas colors too.

Beth liked the pattern and decided to change it up making it in a new color scheme….I think it looks great, don’t you? [Read more...]

Stash Report


A box arrived.  I didn’t even know it until Hubby came home and found it in the garage.  Usually Ruby barks when the UPS man comes but our regular UPS man has been on vacation.  This one must be sneakier.

Anyway…see my goodies from Donna in Indiana.


There are some big pieces in the pile in the back that I am hoping to use as baby quilt backings.  A blog reader, Marion, has sent me lots of baby quilt tops and these will be perfect.  I just need to find a top and backing that look good together.

There is a big bag of scraps that came at the perfect time.  At nap time I’ve been trimming up the scrap bags of fabric that I got last week a the garage sale.  I still have a few more pieces to trim so I’ll simply add these to the bucket and take care of them right away.

Do you want to know my favorite thing in the bunch….these. [Read more...]

Jill’s Version


A bit ago I wrote a blog post about a quilt I had seen over on Country Thread’s blog.

I had wrote that it was made with a jelly roll and some extras and that I loved it.  Well last week I got an email from Jill K a long time blog reader thanking me for the blog post and idea for the quilt…well it really wasn’t my idea.  It was Mary’s but I still loved seeing the quilt.  Isn’t it great??

Jill writes, “Hi Jo!  A few weeks back you blogged about a quilt that you were going to make as a wedding gift. I think it was something that you saw on the Country Threads blog?  It was perfect for me. I had a jelly roll that I used 16 strips from and this was the perfect project to use up the rest of the strips. I decided to use the Browns and blacks from the group and pair them with two similar turquoise fabrics that I had. I’m so excited with how it turned out. It’s the perfect size for a donation quilt to the children’s hospital.  

I also have plans to make another quilt like this, using the leftover brights along with bright colored solids. Thanks so much for the inspiration! ”

The great idea and pattern are all completely and totally Mary’s.  I’m so happy that she shared it.  I’m happy Jill shared her version too.  I can totally see this a great charity quilt or a great “big kid” quilt.  It’s quick, easy and showcases fabrics nicely.

Here is Mary’s original quilt…. [Read more...]