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Baby Quilt FINISH!!

I started this year with a goal of getting all of my flimsy quilt tops quilted and finished.  Then Kramer got sick and passed away so all of that got left behind.  I’ve decided that it will probably be my goal to finish them next year but…I don’t want it to take me all year so, I decided to keep working towards getting them done.  I’m hoping to still finish them this year, but I’m giving myself some slack in case I don’t.

I grabbed the quickest and easier one off the pile.  It happened to be a baby quilt.  Simple, I know.

I had sewn this together sometime back…maybe three years ago. It all started with a thrift store adventure.  I was at the thrift store and bought a big ziplock bag full of 3 1/2″ squares.  All of them were blue or neutral with blue in them.

I decided I would sew them together leader ender style and see if I could sew them up for a very simple baby quilt.  I never counted how many squares I had…just started sewing.  In the end I needed to cut a few more square from my fabric so I had enough to make it square.  I only cut enough for two rows.

I didn’t pay any attention to placement at all.  Zero…and I think it’s all okay.

I picked a medium blue for the binding….it was fabric I wanted to use up.  In fact I opened the drawer of blue fabric and asked myself, “What do you most want to use up?”  This one screamed, “Pick me!”…so I did.

I think it worked just fine.

The backing is a piece of fabric I got from the thrift store…50 cents.  Perfect I think… Continue reading

Another Trip to the Courthouse

I took another trip to the “Courthouse”.  Yesterday I told you about my real life experience to the courthouse.  Today I’m telling you that I started one of Bonnie Hunter’s Crooked Courthouse step quilts.  Trust me, this courthouse experience is MUCH better than the one I told you about yesterday.

I’ve decided to do mine up a little different.  I’m not throwing in ALL OF THE SCRAPS…I took the time and sorted.  I’m going for a blue/green/teal look.

It the past I’ve made all of my childcare kids a quilt for Christmas the year they go to Kindergarten.  Well this year I have three who went and a new school aged gal started and she is in first grade so I guess I need FOUR quilts.  So far I have the Geese on a String quilt tops done and I thought this one could be for the boy….thus the green/blue/teal color palette.

My little Nido wool mat is my constant companion again.  Oh I love it.  They are still on sale with the coupon code.  (Read about that HERE)

If you tackle this quilt, trust me…having the little table top mat is PERFECT.  I think I’m to the point of loving it that I’d call it a necessity for me!!

My Singer 15-91 is on task for this project.  Oh I love this machine.

I have been working on this project for about an hour which included a lot of fabric sorting time.  I have 8 blocks ready to trim.  Check them out…. Continue reading

Geese on a String

I picked up an old project and I’m working full speed ahead on it.  The project is Geese on a String from Bonnie Hunter’s book String Frenzy.  I made the scrappy triangle blocks long ago.  Bonnie had them on her blog and had a tutorial on how to make the scrappy blocks but the pattern stopped there.  I always thought a pattern would come out and but for the longest time it didn’t.  Then when the new book came out, there was a pattern that used the scrappy triangle blocks I had.

Oh.  My.  I like the quilt but this didn’t compliment the color choices I had made.  UGH.  Now what to do?  On top of that, I had made more than double the amount of triangles I needed.  Hmmm.

In January I came up with a plan.  I would make two quilts and gift them…either as graduation or childcare presents.  I decided to change up the color scheme.  The triangles got scrappy white based corners.  I would not make the four patches completely scrappy.  I would make only pink and white four patches.

I got working on that and then…Kramer got diagnosed with cancer.  The project came to a stand still.  It’s been sitting on my treadle sewing machine ever since.  In an effort to clean my sewing room I decided these are going to get finished.  So I started piecing the strips together.

When I first started piecing them, I wasn’t a fan….but the more I work with them, I like them.   Here I am giving on of them a good ironing before I start in on the borders.

This is the purple based one.

This picture shows the true color a little bit better. Continue reading

Quilt Book Review: Autumn Bouquet

Martingale Publishing sent me LOTS of quilt books to review and here is yet another one.  This one had me wishing I was into applique.  It had me thinking I wanted to try.

The book is Autumn Bouquet by Sharon Keightley.  Here’s the cover by just wait until you see the inside.

I think one of the best ways and most complimentary ways to describe the book is if you like Kim Diehl, you likely like this designer too.  They both create amazing quilts by combining applique and piecing.

I think this little project is my favorite from the book.  If I owned a quilt shop, I’d kit this up and get someone to teach it as an applique class.  It’s so cute!!

Here’s a fun piece that also combines piecing and applique.

…and another.

But there were a few quilts that were only piecing….here’s one… Continue reading