UFO Progress


I made progress in the UFO department.  On Sunday I hadn’t sewn a bit…not a single bit on anything UFO related.  I lamented a bit to Hubby about it and next thing I knew at supper time he said, “I’m doing dishes tonight and you’re going up and sewing.”

Well I like the sound of that.  I think I should lament a little more often, right?!

Anyway..I didn’t really have a UFO picked out to work on.  I thought which project would give me the most bang for my buck.  That’s when I thought of my Santa Fe String Star.  For those wondering this comes from Bonnie Hunter’s book String Fling.  I sewed the diamonds quite a while ago.  I started the diamonds in May of 2015…at least that is the first time I saw that I blogged about them.  Then in that fall I finished the diamonds…then last year at this time I did the flying geese.  Little by little it’s happening.

I had gotten the diamonds sewn together into a star but had stalled out on picking a background.


When it came time to sew the back ground on I had some problems.  I had tried one time before but for some reason the numbers that were in the book didn’t work for cutting the background sizes.  I don’t know if my star stretched.  I had blogged about it then and someone said they made it and but cut all the pieces bigger and then cut the center down in size once it was all sewn together.  I ended up cutting my corner squares bigger at 21″ x 21″….the side pieces I cut at 32″ x 32″.

That worked fine but then I had another problem….cutting the sides down.  UGH.  I couldn’t get my head wrapped around how to accomplish this.  It turns out I couldn’t cut it down to the size that the pattern suggested.  I would have cut into the star.  Instead I added two more rows of flying geese to each side.

Then after lots of figuring I found I needed to trim so that there was about an inch of border beyond the star points.  It wasn’t an easy task but I stuck with it.


I was so proud of myself….this project has sat for this very reasons…trimming…a task I hate.


I got up early Monday morning and in a short bit I had this.  Looking good, right?
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Stash Report


I haven’t said much about it yet but I’ve been going to physical therapy for my shoulder.  You might remember long ago, back in August of 2015, I took a fall.  (read about it here if you missed it)  Well since then, my shoulder has never been right.  Recently it started acting up and being a bigger problem.  Taking a shirt off over my head has gotten to be painful….grabbing a glass out of the cupboard is uncomfortable and even vacuuming is a problem.  It’s all do-able.  The discomfort isn’t overwhelming but it’s not fun and not normal.

A bit ago I ended up a the doctor’s and she sent me on to physical therapy.  I wasn’t thrilled with that because it’s so hard for me to get away from childcare but I went with it and so far, I’ve been okay with it.

From the first visit I told her upfront that I need things to do at home to and can’t make it to lots of appointments and she was very willing to work with that.  My diagnosis is this….I have a “arcing pain” caused by a pinched tendon.  So what do I do…exercises to improve my posture and the strength of my rotator cuff.  The exercises aren’t bad and don’t take a long time.

Well that’s gotten me out of the house and if I’m out of the house I hit a thrift store.

This is the best find I’m had in a bit….these three were $2 each.  Can you believe that each of them are 6 yards each.  BACKING!!   Charity quilts can definitely use all of these.  The colors are good too.  I’m VERY happy with this…


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Shopping for Batiks


Monday I told you that I was cutting a quilt from scrap batiks fabrics that had been gifted to me.  Well I got as far as I could and then I needed more fabric.  Saturday was the day for me to go shopping.

I needed neutrals for the Garlic Knots quilt that I had started cutting.  I almost have everything cut out except for the neutrals.  I think this is going to look awesome in batiks.


As I was cutting the scraps up into pieces for my scrap users system, many pieces were 2 1/2″.  That got me thinking….I was sure there was a Bonnie quilt that used 2 1/2″ pieces.  Yep.  This one, Texas Tumbleweeds.  Well I might as well get the stuff for this.  We have a wedding this fall and this would be a perfect project.


Then I noticed that there were a lot of green 2″ scraps in the bag….that got me thinking.  I remembered that my friend Connie had mentioned that she was planning on making Scrap Crystals from Bonnie Hunter’s More Adventures with Leaders and Enders book and do it batiks.  WOW!  I loved the idea and it would make perfect use of all the green 2″ scraps that were in the bag.  I ended up cutting most of the blue scraps into 2″ strips and all of the green into 2″ squares.  I could tell I would be short blue but I had all of the green I needed except for sashing…so I needed sashing and neutrals again.


That meant a shopping trip.  I decided to go to New Hampton.  There are two shops there and two shops is better than one…right?

First I went to Material Magic.


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UFO Progress


I DID IT!!  Talkin’ Turkey is a quilt top!!  Yahoo!!


The borders really make this quilt sing, don’t they?  I’m super happy with it.  Eventually I think it will be on my bed at Christmas time.  That’s one of the reasons I make it bigger.  I think it’s 96″ x 96″ now.

If you missed yesterday’s blog post you likely don’t know that I ended up having trouble on the borders.  Read about that here if you missed it.  I did…and I ended up with this as an end result.  What do you think?
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