Binding Books


Kelli and I have been out and about at retreats and speaking events from time to time and each we go we see someone with a quilt book that has a spiral binding.  We’ve always intended on doing it but never quite made it happen.

Living where we live we’re about a half hour from everywhere and an hour from a big office store.  The local shops don’t do this so that means a trip to a bigger store in a bigger town.

A bit ago we went to the family picnic we go to each year near Forest City, Iowa.  I had the great idea of getting our books done then.  We could drop them off at Staples in Mason City and pick them up on our way back through town and that’s what we did.

The hardest part was deciding which books to have bound.  It was going to cost $7 a piece so we took our favorite books only…..

Here are mine.

Yep…all of Bonnie Hunter books and our book Country Girl Modern.

That’s my favorite books that I know I will be regularly sewing from.  Yes I have other favorites like my Country Threads ones and a couple others but right now everything on my UFO list or from wish list is Bonnie Hunter quilts…what can say?  I’m a scrap lover!!

We are completely impressed with the process of cutting the binding and adding the coils.  We were originally worried that we’d loose part of the book but we didn’t.  We’ll be doing this again the next we get a “new favorite” book.

I Can’t Say No!


Sometimes I can’t say no and sometimes I really should…or at least Hubby thinks I should.  Take for example a garage sale….

I was at a garage sale over the weekend.  I didn’t plan on going.  I was off taking the recycling to the recycling trailer they keep set up here in town and noticed a sign that said “Garage Sale”.  At first I didn’t go because I didn’t have money with.  Then I just went.  This is small town.  I knew the people would “hold” something for me if I did find something and would have to run home and get money.  I figured I wouldn’t find anything anyway…but I did.

I know some of you have more will power.  I know some of you would run away….me, it was like a magnet pulling me to this box.

FABRIC!!!  But not just any fabric.  It was that old 80′s calico brown that my mom had….I’m sure, like my Hubby, some of you are wondering why old 80′s calico brown would have my heart singing.

EASY ANSWER….I have Pfefferneuse in mind.  Pfefferneuse?  Yep.  It’s a Bonnie Hunter quilt in her String Fling book.  It’s been on my want list to make, like most of the quilts in that book are, but I really didn’t have many browns in my scrap box.

I figured I could break the bank and fork out the $1 for the whole box.  Yep…  $1.  The box is one that a ream of paper comes in and the majority of the fabrics are brown or neutrals with brown accents…It’s perfect for the project.

I am going to liven the fabric up with some of my newer fabric but this will help me get the most of the quilt tackled.  I couldn’t be happier….well maybe, if I was actually sewing it right now I would be happier.

Sometimes I don’t have enough “string” pieces of fabric and I just hate cutting down expensive fabric to make strings so this is perfect.  I am not going to feel one bit bad when a bunch of this gets cut into strings.  I don’t want the quilt to look completely dated so adding in some new fabric will disguise the old.

Once this wedding is past I am hoping for some serious sewing time and I hope this box is part of it….

P.S.  So does that make this a UFO??

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