Stash Report


I’ve had some goodies come my way.

I have a blog reader named Sue from Manchester, Iowa.  She recently took a quilt to my friend Carla of Longarm Quilting Inspirations to be quilted.  With it she brought goodies for me.  Aren’t the bright colors awesome?


The two pieces at the top are flannels.  I’m hoping to use them for some baby burp cloths.  I’ve been wanting to make some and haven’t gotten to it.    THANKS so much Sue.  I really appreciate it.  I hope you love the job Carla did on your quilt.  I think she does amazing work!

My friend Connie who is one of the most thoughtful people I know sent me a piece of purple fabric.  I had said that I wanted to make Bonnie Hunter’s Midnight Flight quilt.  I also mentioned that purple isn’t a fabric that I had very much of…so Connie to the rescue.  I love the print…don’t you? [Read more...]

Quilt Shop Tour: River Road Quilt Shop


When I was on the road traveling between home and Lacrosse, one day I needed to kill time in between appointments so I decided that I would take some time and check out the quilt shop that a blog reader, Mary Jo, had recommended last year.  Can you believe that all the trips I’ve made that I still hadn’t checked it out?

The quilt shop is River Road Quilt Shop.  It’s only a few blocks from the hospital.

I was a little unsure what to think about the shop at first.  There was a fence around the building…a tall fence.  I didn’t know what to expect but was very pleasantly surprised.


There were lots of fun projects all about the store.


I loved the high ceilings and the brick walls.

I really would like to make some burp cloths like these.


This quilt was really neat.  I like the subtle colors.

Fabric is displayed in all sorts of ways.  Some is vertical…some horizontal.  I think it make me look at it all more carefully when there is a variety of ways it’s displayed.

The store is big and laid out in a fun way with lots of nooks and places things are displayed.

The shop has a big inventory but it’s not cluttered or crammed in.
[Read more...]

UFO Progress


Last week I told you that I was indecisive wondering which project to work Blue Skies quilt or my Star Struck quilt…well, guess which one won out.

Blue Skies did.  It’s officially a quilt top.  It needs to be ironed but I quit there.  Ironing is something that is really easy for me to do in the afternoon when the childcare kids are sleeping.  You can find this quilt in Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book.  It was lots of fun to make and not super hard.  You have to be willing to sew triangles though.


I’ve heard from people that triangles aren’t a favorite of theirs…oh think of the quilts you’re missing out on making if you don’t do triangles.  Don’t expect perfection and just give it a try.

Rather than iron that top, I decided to use the rest of my sewing time to start in on assembling the Star Struck quilt top.  Here’s how far I got…. [Read more...]

Quilt Shop Tour: Red Roxy Quilt Company


I got a chance to stop by Red Roxy Quilt Company when I was between appointments this week.  The shop in in Decorah, Iowa- just a short ways from me.


The shop is right down town in Decorah.  Sadly, they don’t have the best parking…but they do have great window appeal.

I love this quilt! [Read more...]