UFO Challenge


I did it!  The Virginia Bound blocks are together and are a center.  I have mine in a five by five layout.  Ruby isn’t quilt her perky self but doing a little better.  (Read about her set back here if you missed it)


I am VERY happy with it so far but the next steps is what has me debating….


Here’s the quilt and how it originally was designed.  I’ve already deviated from the design by making larger….but I think I am going to deviate more.


For me, I would be very happy finishing my quilt just as it is if I hadn’t seen something I like a little better.  This border is a little chunky and overwhelming when compared to this… [Read more...]

Stash Report


I don’t need any more fabric…none at all.  But how can I pass up a bag of fabric on a garage sale for 25 cents.  I can’t.

The bag was tied shut so I have no idea what was in it.  I just knew there was fabric.


I was happily surprised to find good quality fabric and some beads too.  The beads were mostly pony beads that I put in with the childcare goodies.  They love stringing beads.

So tell me…would you pass up a bag of fabric for a 25 cents even if you already had plenty of fabric?

I don’t what it is about me but I love a deal…not the deal at the clothing store where a shirt is priced at $30 and is always 50% off….I mean thrifting deals.  I’m addicted…Not is a scary hoarding way…but addicted none-the-less.  Right now my favorite finds are childcare things and sewing things…an clothes for Carver.

One day thrifting I found these awesome dinosaurs.  They go together kind of like a puzzle.


The same day I got a doctor kit and a lego set.  The kids have been so happy with all of the goodies.  At my thrift store, these went for $2.50.  Things are priced to sell and they really do sell.  I love that they take the profits and put it back into the community too.

I can’t tell how many days that finds I’ve come up with have put a smile on face….dare I say it’s almost like a drug.  Oh well…there are worse habits.  Thankfully mine is within my budget and doesn’t hurt anyone.

Back to my fabric though…I counted and it’s about 2 1/2 yards worth…25 cents.  Who can beat that??

Baby Quilt Finish


You might remember that I bought a bag of scrap at garage sale earlier this summer.  This is part of the bag I bought.


I sorted through it all and put two baby quilt tops together.  There has been a rush of babies and I was hoping to have a couple girl quilts on hand.  These pastel batiks seemed perfect for girl baby quilts…and best yet, the project is already started.

Here’s the first one-finished!


I debated a long time on the border.  I almost made more blocks and had no border but decided against that as the quilt would have had to been so much bigger because it has to have an odd number of rows and columns to make it work.  I have VERY little yardage of batiks so my options were really limited when it came time to put a border on.

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have had the chance to chime in on which border was best.  Overwhelmingly, pink won.


I think it was the right choice.

Here’s what I ended up doing with the backing.   [Read more...]

UFO Progress


Virginia Bound from Bonnie Hunter’s book Scraps and Shirttails I is on my front burner.  I’m having trouble concentrating on anything else.  I’m actually having to discipline myself to do other things…like the wedding quilt I got finished…and the charity quilts I want to finish.  Oh my.

My blocks are in several stages.  We took a car trip so I needed something to do as we traveled so …pulling the backing paper off happened.


Here’s my view…one nice stack of completed blocks and the open road.


Once home  I sneaked up to the sewing room and finished a bunch…these need to get trimmed but I am making myself wait until nap time one day this week.


I scrambled and got the rest of the blocks this far along…. [Read more...]