A Quilt Finish: Star Gazer


It happened.  I finished up my Star Gazer quilt.

When I last left you, this quilt was on the frame and I had measured the backing incorrectly and came up about 4″ too short.  UGH.


I overcame that finished the quilt and got it bound.  Then the weather kicked in with rain, rain, and more rain.  That left me unable to pictures.  Well…the pictures got taken and here it is….

Overall, I’m really happy with it.  It’s a fun dose of scrappy.


In the original quilt the sashing was green and black.  I opted to go with gold and black.


One of the reasons this quilt stalled out and didn’t get finished is that I had trouble trying to decide which color would be best for the sashing.

When I asked Hubby what he thought of the quilt…his response…too much green.  Look at the quilt.  Do you see too much green? [Read more...]

Machine Quilting Anyone?


Hi all.  You might remember that I told you about my friend Carla that does long arm quilting.  Carla lives just a few miles south of my house and I’ve known her for a really long time.  Our kids are nestled in ages…none of them were in the same grade but just a grade older or younger.  Carla’s been working on her blog and has many new posts (find that here) but more importantly she’s been busy doing the long arm quilting of quilts made by several of my blog readers.  How cool is that??

Carla sent me a few pictures that I thought I would feature here.



There are more quilts but some are for gifts and can’t be shown off yet.

Carla has a quick turn around time.  Some quilts are in and out in a week!!  Wow.  I wish I knew she was doing long arm quilting professionally on her own when I bought my quilting machine as honestly, I think I would have let her quilt them.  There’s a new trend of people buying quilting machines but if you have a good quilter with a decent turn around time…I think I’d pay to have them quilted.  As I get older and have worked more and more with the quilting machine I’m finding I prefer piecing time at the domestic machine vs time spent at the quilting machine.  I’ll still do my long arming, but time at the quilting machine, isn’t my favorite thing when it comes to quilting.

This is so true for me that I just sent a quilt of mine and Kelli’s on to Carla to be quilted.  It will be featured in an upcoming quilting magazine.  There is a lot of white space on it and it made me nervous so on to Carla it went.  I told her she could do whatever she wanted so I am anxious to see what she does with it!  Here’s a sneak peak of the quilt with the white space that Carla will have to work with. [Read more...]

UFO Challenge


I had another busy week.  I told you about that Monday when I told you about my busy week so you already likely know I didn’t have a lot of sewing time.  BUT…remember I made a goal last week for this week?

I’m working on the TWO Zuckerwatte quilts for my childcare kiddos and my goal was to finish the rest of the blocks AND to get a row sewn together.  Well I did get the blocks all finished and sewn….

I was happy with that, but I went on and got a few of them sewn together….See?  [Read more...]

Stash Report


I’ve been busy working on my Zuckerwatte quilts….yep, quilts, as in TWO of them at once.

I was looking ahead on the pattern and saw that I need an inner border AND I need a bias binding.  I don’t have yardage in pink here.  Ya, I have lots of quarter yard cuts and fat quarters but yardage…No.  I put that on my list that should I get to New Hampton, I’d check out Material Magic.  They are going out of business and all the fabric is now 40% off.  Well as long as I needed some, there was my best option.

A couple days later I ended up going.  You guessed it…I went to get this…


and came home with this too!!  In my defense, these are all pieces that I have confidence that I will use.  I cuts for borders for a batik quilt….that made good sense.  Batiks are typically more expensive so it’s a good deal, besides, remember me saying I have very little in my stash that is more than a quarter yard cut?  But, there’s more….. [Read more...]