Friday Finish: Another One Home


We got another prodigal returned to us.  This quilt was part of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 8 which was the Fall issue.


It is funny that just when we get that  quilt back, it’s almost time for the new issue of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks to be coming out.  I have my advanced copy already as Kelli and I have a block featured in this new issue too.

Just like always, the crew over Quiltmaker has a fun blog hop scheduled for the preview of the magazine.  Watch for that coming here and around blog land soon- April 28th through May 2nd.  Then you can buy it on the new stand on May 5th.


Keep your eyes open because there will be LOTS of opportunities around blog land for you to win your own copy.

We’ll only be keeping this quilt for a bit.  Kelli and I have plans to donate this one to a worth cause.

Today, we are hooking up with……Confessions of a Fabric AddictLink a Finish FridayFreedom Fridays, and Crazy Mom Quilts.

Invasion of the Japanese Beetle


UGH.  All I can say is UGH and help!!  Any ideas??

I was merrily quilting along on this quilt that has an intent and purpose and will need to be photographed for an upcoming publication and look what happened?!?!?!   See the stain??


It all started like this…

I was free motion quilting this top and everything was happily going along.  Night came and I stopped quilting.  The next morning I am up and back at it.  I am happily quilting along when I see a yellowish stain…WHAT??  Where did that come from??  I put my finger on the spot and immediately, I smelled it…that stench of a dead Japanese Beetle.

Apparently the thing had crawled between the top and batting overnight and decided to rest there.  I must have ran the machine close enough to it for it to have gotten squished.

Really??  Could that really have happened??  Now how do I clean that up??  By the time I noticed it I have quite a lot of quilting done and would have to rip out lots.  I didn’t know if I should rip it out to get the bug out or just leave it in….but if I leave it in, it could make a different sort of stain once I try to remove the stain that is there.  UGH.

Right now the plan is to finish quilting it.  Then open up the seam near the upper left corner of the red square.  I should be able to get the bug out and stitch the opening back up unnoticed…but then the next question…How do I attempt to get the stain out.

I’ve always known I hated those Japanese I really know I do!!

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