Garden Party Block Tip


Regular readers will probably remember that I am working on Bonnie Hunter’s Garden Party quilt that was featured in Quiltmaker magazine.  It looks like this…

Garden Party

You might also remember when I started making it I commented that the directions are written different than how Bonnie typically writes.  That wasn’t a huge surprise for me as I know that directions for quilt designs featured in Quiltmaker aren’t written by the designer.

Quiltmaker did a great job with the chain blocks….They incorporated strip piecing.


When it came to the hot cross buns blocks they didn’t.  I am really bad at organization so the fewer pieces I have to keep track of the better.  So when I cut my version out I didn’t follow the directions.  I tried to think of how Bonnie might write the directions so instead of cutting 4 – 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ colored squares and 4 – 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ neutral squares I cut 1 - 1 1/2″ x 7″ strip of colored and one of neutral along with the rest of the pieces needed for the blocks.

From there I sewed the two strips together, ironed to the colored piece and trimmed the pieced strip into 4 – 1 1/2″ segments.

Now I was ready to start the block assembly.


Before I knew it I had a block.

Just taking that one step and simplifying it by strip piecing was great for me.  Like I said, I am organizationally challenged and anything I can do to make it just a little easy makes me happy…

…and for a little good news, that block you see above is the final hot cross bun block that I need.  This quilt is actually getting closer to done!

Show and Tell Challenge


Well on the home front here..I have good news and bad news (well not really bad news).  I got my Spoolin’ Around quilt further along but I didn’t quite get it finished.

I did get the binding made and sewn down.  I didn’t get the binding flipped over and sewn…not a tragedy but not quite what I had hoped for.  Oh well.  Things happen that way sometimes.

I am hoping to get it finished tonight though.  Things have been coming together that will (I think) allow me to finish it tonight.  I really only need to squeeze in about 40 minutes of time.  Watch for a post on Friday and hopefully I’ll have it finished along with time to photograph and write a blog post about.

Barbara sent me a picture of her tumbler quilt that she has made some progress on…


I love the quilt but I also want some of the pins she used for basting.  Anyone know what they are called??

So how are you doing on your project??  Did you make any progress over this short quick challenge time??

Watch the blog over the weekend…we’re hoping to be have some time to blog and keep you up on what’s happening at the retreat. We know so many of you wanted to come!! We are so sorry you couldn’t join us.

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