UFO Challenge


I’m doing pretty good squeezing bits of time here and there.  It’s not amazing progress but progress none-the-less.

Last week I left you at the point that I had all of the neutrals and all of the brown pieces sewn and trimmed.  This week, the pieces are sewn together and ironed.   Of course, that didn’t happen without a hitch.

I was happily sewing along and realized I was about six block short.  I didn’t have enough neutral pieces.  UGH.  I hate when that happens…but somehow I vaguely remember sewing three neutral string pieced blocks.  Hmmm…where could they be.  Part of was tempted to not look and simply sew three more but then the other part of me wanted to check it I had imagined it or not.

I figured if I had sewn them, they would likely be in the laundry room downstairs.  I put things there that I think I might get to during nap time…and sure enough, after a little digging, I found them.


Then the three got de-papered, trimmed and sewn to the remaining brown pieces.

Here they all are..sewn and ready for the next step. [Read more...]

Add it to the List


I got an email the other day from a blog reader Sherry W in Kasson, MN.  She, like me, is tackling a few UFOs.  She managed to get one finished…and it’s a beauty.

spiderweb (003)

This is Bonnie Hunter’s Spider Web quilt.  I have wanted to make this for a long time.  I really love it.  The free pattern can be found here.

Bonnie also did this version. (Photo courtesy of Quiltville) Read about this version on Bonnie’s site here.

I just love both versions. I actually would like to make them both too.  One of the reasons I haven’t started it yet is that I can’t decide which version to do first!!

Anyway…Sherry writes,
“I’ve been following (and playing along with) your progress on your ‘in progress’ Bonnie quilts and have been working on mine as well – so here’s the top that I finished – string spiderweb. Hopefully I will get it quilted after Christmas. I LOVE it and can’t wait to make another! But I do want to complete a few others before I start a new one. I also have all 221 of my neutral 4 patches done. I’ve made and completed the last 2 mysteries as well.

Now the list of incompletes – rick rack 9s, pineapple crazy, tumblers, ocean waves, scrappy bargello, split 9 patch, (I am sure there are more) and OH the list of the ones that I want to make!

Thanks for keeping me working on my projects and encouraging me to finish by having a challenge!”

I would hate to see a list of all the quilts that I want to make…it would be L-O-N-G!!!  The list I have of ones I am working is LONG too.  That’s okay….I love variety and I love spontaneity.  One of the greatest joys in having a large stash of fabric is seeing a pattern and then walking into your sewing room and starting to make it!  I do that a little too often.

Thanks so much for sharing your quilt with us Sherry and congrats on a finish.

If anyone else have made a spider web quilt I’d love you to leave a link in the comments.  I’ve debated on what I wanted to use as a background and seeing some of yours might help me decide.



Stash Report


Last week on Monday Hubby called me and said he needed his meds refilled.  For us, that means a trip to Wal-mart which is a half hour away.  Some of my childcare kids were sick and weren’t at my house so Hubby got off work at four and Kalissa came and watched the childcare kids so Hubby and I took off.

We had another errand besides Wal-Mart so I started whining along the way hoping he might let me stop at the thrift store.  They changed their hours and are open until 6pm now.  You can probably imagine the “whoop” that came from me when they extended their hours.  Anyway he dropped me off and went to do the errand.  I didn’t find a lot but I did find this….

There are two pieces of fabric.  Each is just under a yard’s worth.  50 cents each.  I have no idea what quilt they will go in but it shouldn’t be too hard to find a spot.


People often wonder if the fabric I find thrifting is “quality” fabric.  As you can see, this is a Windham fabric.  Typically all the fabric I find is name brand.  There might be some JoAnn’s fabrics but that doesn’t bother me.  I do feel what I get and make sure it feels good.  I trust the feel test even more than I trust the name brand test.

I also found this… [Read more...]

UFO Progress


Well…I made some progress.  I wasn’t sure I would made much progress with the mystery clue #1 to tackle.

You can see that the brown string blocks were all de-papered and trimmed over the weekend.  Yahoo.  It’s progress.

I used the pieces for a little lesson on counting and on shapes.  We practiced the shape named triangle.  I used anything practical that I can think of to add a little learning to our day.  I had the childcare kids help me count them into piles of 10.  It was good for my little ones to practice counting.


I had one of the older kids there too.  For her I showed he how to count by 10′s.  It was fun for her to see how many 72 was.  For a five year old, 72 is a big number.  I got the quilt book and showed her the directions at a glance so she could see what the number 72 looked like.  I asked her to look at the directions and tell me what she thought I needed to do next.  She looked and studied then told me I needed to sew them to the neutral triangles.

I’m doing what I can to stave off the “Why do we have to learn this.  We’re never going to use it.” thought.  I want to show them all the reasons why they need to learn math.  I also want them to see why it’s important to learn to read and follow instructions.  I want to show them adults need to follow directions too.  I love simple practical lessons.

So that’s my next week goal.  These brown triangles are getting sewn to the neutral triangles so I can have square blocks.  It’s not a big goal but one I think I can handle without too much stress.

Check back in next week and see if I made my goal.