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The Great Scrap Sort

I’ve been trying to get ahold of my sewing room.  I have been doing a little every now and then and am happy.  I’ve made a STRONG commitment that every little thing will get attention before I am truly calling it done.  One of the things that is on the forefront of my brain is tackling my scraps.  I used them often and with the release of Bonnie Hunter’s new book String Frenzy, more than ever I feel like my scraps need to get in control.

I gathered my scraps, bought a couple tubs and started in on sorting….What a mess!!

Here are my tubs…one is for what I call “brights” and the other “Civil War-ish tones”.  I really think better terms might be “white based” and “cream based”.  Keep reading…I’ll explain.
Here are the white based fabrics…. Continue reading

UFO Decisions: Tribute to Judie

I’ve told you a few time this month that I am trying to tackle my sewing room.  It seems a little tedious in the method that I’m using but it’s working for me and that’s all I care about.  In the past I’ve opened the UFO cabinet, I’ve said -Yep, those are the UFO’s..and moved on.

This time around I’m going through everything.  I am asking, “Are you REALLY ever going to finish this or is this just a dream?”

It doesn’t bother me to part with things as much as it used to.  I think there are several reasons why…
1-Money isn’t as tight as it used to be
2-I have a whole network of people who are willing to finish UFO’s and pass them on to charity.
3-I have a STRONG desire to take control of my space.

Over the next while (however long it takes) I’m tackling that UFO cabinet and asking the hard questions and then if I decide to keep it, I’m going to see what the project needs that might move it along or what might make the project more desirable to grab the next time I’m in need of a project.

Today’s project:  Tribute to Judie

This is likely one of my oldest UFO’s.  I I started it a LONG time ago.  Seeing this photo is what enticed me to want to make it.

Oh I loved it and the happy news is that I still love it.  I knew immediately that this is a project I want to keep and find room for.

I looked and figured out that I started this back in February of 2010.  Oh my.  It’s almost nine years old.

So where am I at and what can I do to get me willing to grab this project?
Well…the project at some point and time must have gotten tipped over because pieces are everywhere and not matched.  I know if it’s like this, I won’t grab it.

So after a little sorting… Continue reading

Stash Report

Check out our auction post:  We have goodies for you to bid on HERE.

I recently told you that there hasn’t been much fabric at the thrift stores lately…that’s okay.  I really don’t need more…it’s just fun and I do give away a lot that I buy.


I finally got through all of the fabric that I bought at the auction I went to before Thanksgiving.

Remember this picture of my living room and all the boxes of fabric I bought? Continue reading

Geese on a String

Guess what I don’t need??  A new project.  My plate is full.  I have LOTS of projects in the works and a couple must do’s on the list.  So what do I do?  Dream.

It’s the tendency of a true quilter I think.  Don’t we all have a project still going and start dreaming and thinking about the next one?

Several year ago Bonnie Hunter was making these scrappy triangles on her blog.  I jumped in with two feet.  I was sure that sometime she’d come out with a quilt featuring them.

Previously she had done with her spool blocks.  I had jumped with two feet into that too.  I thought I was doing so fabulous.  I made something like 350 of them and once that pattern came out I needed over 600.  Well this time, I wasn’t going to be duped quite so badly (or so I thought)  I made 425 of these triangle pieces.

Well in Bonnie Hunter’s new book String Frenzy, she released the pattern that uses the triangles.

This is the quilt- Geese on a String.
I love the pattern.  How fun but what I have and the look of the pattern, they don’t jive at all.  Cheddar..nope.  My green would need to be lime.  Ah.  I was a little disappointed.  Then I remembered that I have two girls in childcare that I would need to make quilts for next year.

Hm…How could I tweak the colors to make something that uses my triangles…something that looks girly…something I could make two of so the quilts are similar but not exactly matching?

Here’s the idea I came up with…. Continue reading