Stash Report


Kelli can be a bit of an enabler.  Actually she can be a BIG enabler.

The other day she was talking about the retreat we held last summer.  She lamented that as much fun as we had teaching and meeting everyone, part of her was a little sad that we never took the class with Bonnie for Midnight Flight.  She’s wanted to make that quilt for a long time and it’s a quilt on my bucket list too.


She said how about we both order fabric for it.  Hmm..what was I suppose to say?  No..ah, you know I couldn’t…but I kind of tried.  Really I did.

Then she said well we could order the fabric I needed for Sante Fe String Star in the same order.  Well that sounded even better.  I was starting to cave.

Then she said… [Read more...]

UFO Challenge


From now until Bonnie Hunter’s new book comes out in September you’ll find me right here on Wednesdays sharing my progress on a UFO (unfinished project).  My hope is to get some finished so I won’t feel guilty sewing on new projects from her new book.  It’s not to late to join in the fun.  You can find my first post about it here.  You can see my listing of all my Bonnie Hunter UFOs here.

I didn’t have my usual amount of sewing time this week.  The weekend was filled with family and fun that didn’t include much sewing time at all.  That’s okay.  That’s what summer is for!

I am still jumping around and haven’t been really concentrated on one project.  I’ve been a little frustrated with myself about that but then finally decided that I haven’t had any real “chunk” of time to work on anything.  I’ve had an hour here or there but no chunk of time.  When I have that kind of life going on I end up piecing.

So when I last left you on Rectangle Wrangle I had one block made…..


I don’t have any more blocks made but I do have this…. [Read more...]

Stash Report


I put in an order to Whittles Fabrics.  I am still lamenting on how to finish off my Rick Rack Nines quilt….Originally when I made it I intended on borders.  Then when I needed to order fabric to make that happen I thought..nope no borders….

Well I ordered the came.  Yes, I did order more than I needed….I always do.


The grays and purple prints are stash enhancement.  They are two colors I don’t have much of at all.

The blues I originally thought would complete my Rick Rack Nines.  Here is what I was thinking. [Read more...]

UFO Challenge Update


If you’ve been watching my blog posts for the UFO challenge you can see that I’ve been having trouble concentrating on one project.  It’s so true.  I’ve been flipping around like crazy.  That’s bad in that I haven’t gotten projects finished but good in that so many of them are progressing along.

Well believe it or not, I started working on a different UFO…I know, I know, I have others that I’ve recently dragged out that I should finish…but alas.

This happened.


WOW…right?!  This is Santa Fe String

When you last saw this it looked like this
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