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Quilt Finish: Brick House Baby

I was busy this week….I snuck in a quilt start and finish that I didn’t even tell you about.  When I’m not doing childcare, I can do that.  I have so much more time.  I’m afraid I’m getting a little spoiled with the laid back lifestyle of doing some things spur of the moment like making this baby quilt.

I’m sure you all remember the UFO that Roxanna sent me….well, it keeps on giving.  Roxanna had some brown blocks that were reversed and a couple blue and orange ones.  So I decided to grab the 20 blocks she had made and make 50 more.

I ended up with this….

Oh my…I’m loving it!!

Isn’t that a great boy quilt?  I had cut it out the night before while making supper.  It’s amazing how much I can get done with the noodles boil.

I did some “not so straight” straight line quilting.  See? Continue reading

A Quilt Finish: Brick House

I got my Brick House quilt done…at least that’s what I’m calling this quilt…

It uses “bricks” or 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ rectangles to make it.

If you’re been following along with the blog you know that this originated from a UFO that a blog reader sent.  I made about triple the amount of blocks than what was sent.

It’s an easy quilt to make…really good for a beginner.  I tried to take lots of picture so I could talk to you a little about color…

Notice in the picture below that anything goes when it comes to colors but also to be careful too.  Notice a green row towards the top?  All of those greens blend.  Greens are picky…if you go down a couple rows, there is a chartreuse color.  I wouldn’t mix the greens with chartreuse.  Go a couple more rows down…there is yellow…I wouldn’t mix the chartreuse with that either….

Of course, if you make one, it’s your quilt and you can do whatever you want.  I just get asked so often what I do for color so I thought I’d take the time to point a few things that I did out.

I sewed this in columns vs rows.  It was much easier to just sew a whole column of one color vs trying to keep the color order straight.

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Sunday Funday

I’m trying to make the most of the days that I have off.  I really want to get that pile of quilt tops tackled.  Today was a little harder for me to just grab one and go though.  Today I had to talk myself into quilting this next one.

I really didn’t want to.  There was a reason this quilt was in the pile.  There was a reason I didn’t tackle it….I knew I’d have problems with it.  I knew I didn’t love the quilt….

It looks nice in pictures….Once I’m done and show it as a finish I’ll point out why it’s not my favorite.  It will actually be a great quilt for showing my ideas on color theory…  But now I want to talk a little about that quilt that is in the pile that you don’t want to and never find the time to quilt.

This one was mine.  I finally gave myself permission to just quilt it.  I wasn’t holding myself to making this one look spectacular.  I gave myself permission to not go above and beyond.  I told myself it was fine to just get it done….and that’s what I did.

It’s still going to be a fine quilt.  I’m still doing a good job.  I’m not however fretting about it.

See how it doesn’t lay really flat??  That was a challenge, but I pulled up my big girl pants, did my best and moved on.  I wanted the quilt top pile finished more that I wanted a perfect product and that’s what finally got me working on this quilt.

Do you give yourself permission to just finish a project??  It was actually really freeing.  I’m so glad this won’t be hanging over my head anymore.   What a relief.

I had a trusty sidekick helping me.  See?? Continue reading

A Binding Sort of Day….

Oh my…my Saturday was a productive day!!

I started the day by making a batch of cinnamon rolls….YUM!!

After that, I decided I would go anywhere the wind blew me…or more accurately to whatever project was close at hand.

I started out working on my mystery clue for the Quilted Twins Mystery.  You can find more information out about that here.  It started Friday with the first clue so jump on board and sew with us.

I ended up going with this fabric….

I am making the queen sized version so I needed to make lots of four patches…I love four patches so that’s all good.  IN fact, this step is done!!  YAHOO!!

About the time I got done with that, Karl came up to the sewing room to chat.  I had planned on doing something else, but wanted to stay at the sewing machine and chat so I grabbed a quilt and started to bind it.

My Rosie dog was VERY cooperative today.  I would honestly say she had her best day EVER!!  She really let me sew.

Kelli called me to video chat.  I tried talking to Georgia but she wasn’t really interested in me.  I put Rosie on the screen and she was so excited and happy.  I guess I see where I rate…right behind Rosie.
Kelli and I kept chatting and after Georgia went off to play and while we did, I loaded a quilt on the frame.  This was something I have sewn together as a leader and ender. One of my childcare moms picked these up precut 3 1/2″ squares at the thrift store and gifted them to me.  I counted the squares and figured for the size I wanted the top I needed to cut a few more squares and did.  It’s a simple quilt but I like the colors.  This is just baby or small lap sized.

I ended up getting it quilted AND bound.

I was on such a roll with binding that I put Frolic the mystery quilt under the needle and I got that one bound too.  Can you believe  all three of these got quilted and bound in the last three days??? Continue reading