Stash Report


Coming up this Saturday I am doing a review of the Quiltmaker’s Shoppe in Manchester, Iowa.  Here’s a sneak peak of what I got there.

Kelli and I both had a few things we were shopping for when we went.  I think that’s a good habit to be in otherwise I end wanting it all!!  Here it is…..


We were both looking for fabric for the Bonnie Hunter mystery.  I am slightly changing colors but not a lot.  I am taking the coral to melon and changing it to coral to orange…no pinkish colors at all.  I was short on browns so was very happy to find some.  I am using all batiks….Kelli is too…Connie too.


I also found this piece.  I really love it.  I have Bonnie Hunter’s Scrap Crystal quilt mostly cut out.  I haven’t touched it since spring (maybe longer).  If I remember correctly I don’t have borders and sashing for it.  This would work really well so I bought it in case….if it doesn’t go in that quilt, it will make it’s way into another.  The picture doesn’t show it the best but there is a hint of green in it too.


The last thing I bought was this… [Read more...]

Quilt Shop Tour: Crazy to Quilt


Remember when I had a girls weekend and we traveled to see the play Dirty Dancing?  Well on our way there we stopped at a quilt shop, Crazy to Quilt in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

This ABC quilt was one of the first things we saw.


The shop has LOTS of patterns and lots of books.


They have so many samples, there are even samples on the ceiling.  I liked this simple quilt.


I’m a softy for wool projects.


What a fun butterfly quilt!


I have some leftovers at my house of these striped prints…I love them.  I have a project in mind for them but haven’t gotten to it yet.  I need to remember they have them in case I need more of them if I ever get to that project.


I liked this simple quilt.


Connie was checking out the batiks.  I think she’s working on selecting fabrics for Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery quilt coming up.


This quilt was kind of fun.


Of course, this was likely my favorite quilt in the whole store…a Country Threads quilt!!  …of course.


…and look who was around the corner…Kelli!  I wonder what she is shopping for.


The shop carries Pfaff machines.


This gray quilt caught my eye. [Read more...]

Quilt Finish: Zuckerwatte Times TWO!!


If you’re a long term blog reader you might remember that I had started two Zuckerwatte quilts and was debating about trying to do a big push and finish them in time for Christmas.  My two oldest childcare kiddos love the quilt from Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book and have been asking me for over a year to make them.  I’ve thought the request was a passing thing but time and time again the two have grabbed my quilt book off the counter and paged through the book until they found the “Cotton Candy” they wanted me to make.

I got them together last spring and then, of course, they sat.  No progress.  Then I suddenly looked a the calendar and realized if I am giving them for Christmas, it’s time to finish them!

My plan when I started these was to make two quilts at a time.  Previously in my life I’ve had good intentions of making two quilts and then petered out when it came to make the second.  This time I knew if I didn’t make them both at the same time, they wouldn’t both get done… without further ado, here they are!


It’s hard to photograph two quilts at the same time in the wind.  You’ll have to put up with the pictures I got.

The quilts are the same except for the backings.  One chevrons…..


one arrows.zuckerwatte-52

Here’s another view of both of them together…. [Read more...]

UFO Challenge


First off I pulled out my Zuckerwatte quilts and was working on them so I have three UFOs heading towards a finish.  I wrote about the Zuckerwatte quilt yesterday.  Find that post here.

I am working on my Cheddar Bow Ties quilt too.  I pulled it out after I finished a few other things on the weekend when the girls came to sew.  After the addition of the blocks I got done last week I found I had 422 blocks.  I needed 729.  That means I was over half way done but still had a long way to go.

I sewed LOTS of it.  I didn’t really “want” to be sewing on this but this was a good “no brain sewing” project that I couldn’t really screw up while talking with my fellow quilters.  At a retreat it’s nice to get some sewing done but it’s also nice to visit and spend time with the girls.  This was a perfect project for me!

As I told you last week, when I pulled this UFO out I had no idea where I was with it.  So often I make quilts larger…so did I do that with this one?  I had no idea.  After LOTS of sewing I had 319 more blocks done which brought my count to 736!!  Yahoo.  I had enough.  I was so happy.  I was even dancing and singing…yep, I’m just a touch crazy.


Then I didn’t know what I should do after I got the blocks done.  I could have easily grabbed a different project but instead decided to keep on with the bow ties….Either Connie or Kelli suggested that I sew them into fours to make sewing the whole thing together more easy.  That’s what I did.


The only problem…the rows to make the quilt are 27 bow ties long.  That means I needed one twosie on every row.


I sure with I could say I finished the quilt…but I can’t.  Here’s how far I am.   [Read more...]