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You might remember a bit ago I got a box of fabric from Diane V.    Diane had said she would probably be sending another box but I certainly didn’t expect it.  WOW-WOW-WOW!!

When Hubby saw the box he said that now that the garage sale is over and there’s room in the garage, we definitely need to get working on that cupboard in the garage  and refinish it so I can get the fabric all sorted out and organized in the sewing room.  It will be so amazing and fun to be able to see the collecting fabric I have all organized and easy to choose from.

Thanks so much for thinking of me Diane.  I just love gifted fabric and can’t wait to have my Pineapple Crazy quilt finished so I can dive into these.

Happiness truly is gifted fabric!!

Questions Answered: Pineapple Crazy Blocks


I have gotten a few questions about my Pineapple Crazy blocks again so I’ll answer them here.

First up from Gwen:  What sizes do you cut your scraps for this? I want to make one but can’t seem to get started.

Although the quilt looks like any scraps will do and for the most part they can, I do find for me, I love triangles for the center right up until I get to the two outer rings.  Let me show you how I do it…of course this is not an exact science.  It is simply what I do and what works for me.

I make sure to cut the center square quite a bit bigger than is actually needed.  I’d rather be big and trim than miss the seam.


A blog reader, I think Ila, sent me a bunch of triangles they had left over.  When making flying geese or star points there are often “waste” triangles left over.  I LOVE THESE!!!  It really doesn’t matter the size..if they are bigger I cut them in half for the first few rounds.  Readers send me these triangles all the time and getting a bunch of them simply makes giddy.  I love that this quilt is mostly the result of “throw away fabric”.


If you look at the photo below you’ll notice that I am now starting the round that is second to the last.  Typically for these I use 1  1/2″ fabric strips.  I can use 1  1/4″ but I have to be more careful of the the placement then.

You can see that I sewed the seam already.  Rather than trim that off and throw it away, if the resulting triangles are big enough I save them too.


See…I used those trimmed triangle pieces for the start of the next block….I love no waste!

The last triangles that are sewn onto the block can be done with 2  1/2″ squares that have been cut in half.  I like mine with 3″ squares that have been cut in half but the  2  1/2″ ones will work.

Next question…where is the pattern? In Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book.

Another question…size of blocks?  5″.

From Josie, “I got String Fling last Christmas as a gift! I WANT to do Pineapple Crazy but can you please tell me where to go to get the templates copied?? I took them to my local FedEx/Kinkos store and they said because it is in a book they cannot do it I do understand and RESPECT copy right!!?? I showed them in the book where it says “copy templates on paper” but they just did not understand!! I have a printer but no scanner and have even thought about buying one, (but tend to be a bit tech challenged so that might not be the best thing either!)”

I printed mine myself.  I print them on tracing paper with my own printer.  I have no idea what to do in your situation.   There have been several questions about my paper.  I use the tracing paper so that that I can see through it.  I’ve tried regular paper before and I will NEVER use it again.  I vowed off paper piecing years ago because I had tried it with regular paper and hated it.  Once I tried tracing paper…I love it.

That’s the Pineapple Crazy questions I’ve collected.  Let me know if you have more questions.

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