Ruby Today…


Ruby is doing a little bit better today.  She’s still sore.  I have pain meds and antibiotic for her so that helps but she’s still a little slow and not her usual chipper self.  She is improving though.

Monday when we got home from the vet she was really groggy.  She was also quite perturbed with me.  I had asked about a cone and if Ruby needed one.  The vet said it sometimes works better if you can get them to wear a small kids t shirt.  She asked if I had one and I did.

It was a little kids onesie t shirt.  I cut the bottom off and slid it on her.


I gotta say, she wasn’t a fan of it at all-but if this is the face I have to put up with in order to get her to heal, then I guess, I’ll just put up with it.

As the day progressed, it was a little better but not much.


I ended up really glad that had it on her as the wound oozed a little and the t shirt absorbed it.

The next morning I decided to try no t shirt.  That lasted about 1 minute.  She was licking like crazy.  Back to my baby clothes that I put together for layettes for mission and this time, I found a tee slightly bigger and in red.


Either red is more her color or she’s feeling a bit better because she sure looks happier.  Actually, I think she’s getting used to wearing the shirt.


Hubby is slightly mortified over the whole t shirt wearing as “his dog will never wear dog clothes”.  I convinced him it’s much better than a cone.  He agreed.

Isn’t it nice to see the progression in the pictures??  It’s easy to tell she’s feeling some better.

She’s not using her leg all the way yet.  She’ll walk on it but if she’s just standing, she holds it up.  She’ll stand at the top of the stairs and “ask” me to carry her down.  Little by little, it’s better all the time.  All I can say is that I sure am glad I work from home and can be there for her…I guess you could say she’s a little bit spoiled.

Ruby Update


Saturday night I posted a picture and told you that Ruby had a little accident.  She hooked the “skin” in her arm pit and left a gash.  She didn’t really bleed at all, the skin was just lifted.

It really didn’t seem to bother her at all, she still ran and jumped and was her usual self.  Sunday morning she was the same.  Then Sunday late morning she quieted and wasn’t  herself.  I called the vet explaining that the flap on skin would need to either need to removed or stitched up.  He recommended cleaning it good and waiting until Monday to take care of it.

We have an appointment for later to take her and get it taken care of.  It has a hanging flap of skin that will likely have to be removed.

More traumatic than the skin removal will be the car ride there.  Ruby just doesn’t like car rides..and it’s 45 minutes there and 45 minutes home.   I’ll let you know how everything goes.  In the meantime she’s spending  her time sleeping on the couch.

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