Wireless Pet Containment Fencing Update


A few weeks ago I told you how our dog Ruby ran a mile away to the neighbors and how we had bought invisible fencing to try to keep here at home.  (read about that here if you missed it) At that time I told you I would give you an update…here’s the update on the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System, PIF-300.

The premise of the product is that users plug in a unit inside their home and dogs are allowed to roam freely outsides the home within 70 feet of the unit.  If they get near that 70 feet area they get a warning beep from their collar and if they continue to go further they will get a shock.  The amount of shock they get is completely adjustable depending on the size and aggressiveness of the dog.

We got unit and immediately set it up.  It is easy to set up.  We only had one problem and that was that it didn’t work the best when we had it plugged in near a television so we moved it to a different outlet.

From there it was time for training Ruby.  It was a process of putting up small flags…they just push in the ground so it was very easy.  These are for the dogs to visibly see where their free zone ends.  We put Ruby on a leash and worked with her from there.  Ruby was really quick to get the hang of it.  Now that she knew the flags came down.

Just a few days later we had my nieces and nephews come for a few days.  I didn’t put the collar on her then as I was afraid she’d accidentally get shocked chasing after the kids.  That was okay though..the kids would put her on a leash and walk her all the time.

Once the kids left we discovered a changed dog.  She didn’t run as soon as she was let out.  She started coming more readily when we called her name.  As time passed we just got lazy and didn’t even put the collar on her.

We no longer let her outside on her own…we’re always out with her but she doesn’t run away.  She stays close to us within 25 feet or so no matter where we are.  If she is around the corner of the house and we can’t see her if we call, she comes.  This didn’t happen as easily before.  She would run to the creek or check out the barns.  She is truly a changed dog.

I think the changes are much due to the invisible fencing but also to our change.  We walk her more than we did.  We watch her more carefully.  We are quick to reward when we call her name and she comes.  She is more aware of us and we are more aware of her.  I don’t know that every dog would do this..I just know Ruby has.  She is a great dog and very eager to please.  This change in her has made us love her even more.

I recently had a gal that volunteers with the Humane Society ask me if we liked the PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System or not…well yes, we liked it a lot but are no longer using it as Ruby made a remarkable change in such a short period of time.  We ended up selling it her.  She’s got a couple feisty dogs that are eager to be on their own.  I hope this works for her.  It’s a big investment but in my opinion, it was worth the change in Ruby.

We still have a heightened awareness when we are outside with Ruby but we love the change the fencing has made and are very grateful that she isn’t out running.

The Joys of Puppysitting


Yesterday morning I was at the computer writing a blog post and not paying a lot of attention to the wrestling dogs.  I was pet sitting Betsy while Kalissa was at work so Ruby and Betsy got a play day.  The dogs were doing their typical wrestling-nipping and biting, playing tug of war and rough housing.  I didn’t think anything of it until I heard the dog bell on the door ring.  I got up to let the dogs out-came around the corner to this….

Toilet paper all over the kitchen floor….and who is the culprit??  BETSY!!!

Ruby never in her entire life has been attracted to paper or toilet paper…Betsy is drawn to it like a magnet.  She will chew and find anything that resembles paper…a business card, grocery list, scrap of packing, a receipt, quilt designs…anything that is paper and she chews it like CRAZY!!  The dogs were never quiet while they were wrestling so I have no idea how this could have happened in between all the wrestling…and honestly it wasn’t at the computer for more than five minutes before the bell rang!!  Oh Betsy….

She is a little diva dog-that’s for sure.  It seems there is never a dull moment around here.

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