Ruby the Patient


When I first thought about starting childcare I was a little nervous about how Ruby would be with the kids.  I knew she wouldn’t be vicious but I didn’t know if she would like it either.

Being around kids for 10 hours a day can be challenging for some humans so I really didn’t know how it would be for a dog….especially for a dog who wasn’t used to being around kids much.  It turns out, things are just fine.

She is super patient with the kids.  I couldn’t resist snapping this picture of her.  She’s letting my little four year old “play doctor”.

Daily  Ruby “watches” a nap time movie.  Ruby lays on one end with my little four year old laying on the opposite end of the couch.  Ruby’s really good and doesn’t bother the kids during nap time.

When parents drop off and pick up I typically put Ruby in her kennel just so she isn’t in the way as parents are carrying kiddos in and out.  I also don’t want Ruby to bolt out the door.  She’s very tolerant of the situation and easily goes into her kennel.

If she ever wants to be left alone she just whines at the bottom of the stairs.  I open the gate and let her go up and nap away from all the kids.

I am VERY happy with how Ruby is doing.  Having her behave and even entertain the kids really makes me be able to sigh a big sigh of relief.  I really didn’t know if I would have to kennel her all day.  I thought she’d be okay but kids safety has to be first and if she wouldn’t have been good, that’s what would have had to happen.

So three cheers to Ruby for not only being good but also for entertaining the kids.

Saturday Outing…


Saturday I took a CPR class in preparation for starting on child care soon.  It was a long day sitting inside and it almost killed me.  I just don’t sit well.  I hope the teacher didn’t see the quilting doodles I was making.  I feel bad but the only way I can sit from 8 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon is to doodle.  I designed a quilt and doodled a few quilting designs.  What can I say?  I did learn CPR too but please don’t ever give me a chance to practice it in real life.  I am confident that I could do it if needed but I really don’t want to…EVER.

When I got home I realized that I had missed our most beautiful day all winter!!  I refused to let the few hours of daylight pass me by without enjoying it so I took Ruby on a walk.


Ruby hasn’t done much town walking so this was pretty new to her.  It’s been either, cold, snowy or icy since we moved.  I had wondered how she would do..if she’d bark at neighbor dogs…if she’d try to sniff everything…if she’d try to pee and poo on everything.

For our first time out I decided we should try to just walk through the main drag and out of town on the road.  I figured that would be the least amount of strange dogs and just a small exposure to people.

All in all, she did really good.  She pulled on the leash some and that’s not my favorite.  I think next time out we’ll use the harness.  By the time we got home the sun was starting to set.

I sure was glad we got a chance to get out.  It’s not often that early February brings the nice warm temps.  I was out with just a sweatshirt.

I hurried and washed two windows before it got too dark to do that.  AH…what a relief to at least be able to see out two of them.  The next warm day we get, I’ll be at least washing the rest of the main floor windows.

It was such a treat to get to walk Ruby with just a sweat shirt on and  such a treat to be able to wash a few windows….What a great day!!

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