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Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Each month I work with U. S. Cellular and tell you a little about my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone or fun features of it.  Today is one of those days.

Here’s a link to a great agreement with talking points for you to share with your child.  You can find it here.

Now on to today’s post…Did you know that October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month?  Shelter dogs are near and dear to me…our first beagle Gracie spent time two different times in a shelter then ended up a foster home which is where we got her from.  She was a good dog and didn’t deserve that life.  Sadly we got her when she was five and she only had three year with us before she passed away.  Gracie did lots of good things for our family…the main thing, it convinced Hubby that house pets aren’t a bad thing.

I simply adored her and she is what began our family’s love of beagles.

As part of my work with U.S. Cellular I learn about all sorts of fun phone apps and this month, they are all about pets.

If you want to celebrate Adopt a Shelter Dog Month by adopting a pet you can use a mobile device like my Samsung Galaxy S6 to help you begin your journey to adopting a new dog by providing apps that narrow down search terms to help you find the perfect furry friend.

Free apps such as AllPaws and LikeThat Pets, locate adoptable dogs in the area, then filter dogs by breed size or gender, provide pet profiles and arrange meet and greets. Those searching for a pet can use these apps to make lists to keep track of favorites and share with friends and family.

Local humane society websites can be a great resource and easily accessed from a smartphone.


Adapting a new puppy or new shelter dog to family routines can be challenging, so it’s important to take advantage of convenient, free resources like the ones available on smartphones.

Training resources like the popular and free app, P5 Dog Training from Purina, allow owners to watch tutorial videos as well as track their dog’s activity and progress.

For those that are apart from their dog for work or travel, the free Whistle app can be paired with a special collar to remotely track and monitor the dog’s activity from a mobile device.

Between vet bills, food and supplies, caring for a new pet can be expensive. Fortunately many pet stores offer rewards, discounts and free resources to help make things more affordable for pet owners.

PetSmart offers a rewards program called PetPerks to their customers and the account can be accessed from a mobile device with 4G LTE speeds. Often times, PetSmart will send PetPerks members special coupons and discounts directly to their email.  With access to your email right on your phone, it is easy to redeem them in stores.

I can’t say enough good things about having a pet in the home.  I know I love having Ruby around and the childcare kiddos sure love her too.  I am so happy to see that U.S. Cellular is taking the time to teach us all about ways to find a pet and more importantly how to care for our pets by using our smart phone.

So share…what’s your experience with shelter pets?

A Friday Finish

I put the binding on my Scrappy Mountain Majesties quilt and it’s all finished now!

Here is Ruby showing it off.  Remember me telling how easily Gracie  used to jump up on a quilt to get her picture taken….well Ruby does the same thing only without a treat!!  I love it.

As you probably guessed, the quilt is made with recycled 100% cotton shirts.  I started the project last March when my daughter Kelli and I went to Moline to  see Bonnie Hunter.  When we were getting ready to go, I had no idea what fabric I wanted to use for the quilt.  I just happened to have a pile of shirts there that I was trying to cut up so I thought what the heck, make it out of shirts…and I did.

A month or so ago I asked for some advice and the majority of you suggested the borders and binding  just like I did it.   One of the pieces of advice came from Cherie.  She had also made the same quilt from shirts.  You can read about her quilt here.

If you are looking for the free pattern for this quilt you can find that here on Bonnie Hunter’s website.

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Karl and Ruby

Our son Karl is home on break from college and is being so helpful taking Ruby on walks, cleaning, doing laundry and the like.  He’s a great helper.  In between jobs he’s been playing a little some X-box video games.  He loves this chair and Ruby loves hanging out with him.

Today Ruby has herself positioned in an odd way…her front legs are hanging down between the foot rest and the chair.  Karl didn’t put her that way…she did it herself.

It’s been nice having him home again.   Karl is my calm kid and takes days as they come even if it includes cooking and cleaning.

Happy Birthday Jo!

Hellooooo Jo Kramer Blog Readers! This is Kelli and Kalissa with a late night update.

Kelli and I were minding our own business when Ruby snuck downstairs and let Puppycat out of her kennel.  I think they have been conspiring and planning the heist all day.  She knew it was Jo’s birthday and she wanted to do something special. She ran around the house hanging streamers EVERYWHERE. We couldn’t stop them. Dogs will be dogs I guess…

Then they forced us to hack her blog and make this post to encourage all of her readers to wish her a happy 40…uh…something…birthday!

Ruby also told us that we should tell mom how much we love her and how thankful we are to have a mom like her. That reminded Kelli and I of how really truly lucky we are to have her as a mom. She’s there for us no matter what and has been our biggest fans from the day we were born..even when we broke the light fixtures in the ceiling during a broom twirling contest or when I smashed our head on a jar of peanut butter out of anger or dropped an iron face down on the carpet leaving a huge melted mess or when we call five times a day *cough* Kelli *cough* :)

The point is…we love our momma! :) Hickey Burpey as Roger Kramer would say! :)