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Black Board Fix…

Slow and steady wins the race, right??  Well at least that’s what they say.  I am DEFINITELY slow when it comes to decorating.  I am terrible at it and actually think I have a phobia about it.  SERIOUS.  People can never believe that a person who can craft and create is paralized when it comes to decorating…it’s true.  I am terrible at it.  Proof?  How often do you see a home decor post here on the blog??

Well anyway I had a friend come and give me a boost.

Well here is the entry way into my house from the garage…this is an old picture….but see that chalk board.  I was so happy when we bought it and the “K”.  I knew I wanted it right there.  Well…It took awhile to get hubby to hang it.  Then it took longer to hang the “K” as I we couldn’t figure out how to hang it.  Well Command Strips rescued me with that.


I was SO EXCITED!  It was finally done.  Then I went to write a message on it for my childcare parents…..UGH.  The chalk board wouldn’t “write”.  It was slippery and the chalk didn’t work.  I spent time on the computer looking for suggestions….nothing came.

When my friend came over she suggested this…. Continue reading

A Little Sprucing Up

Hubby got a chance to start some of the outside work that will need to be done after the cement was poured for the drive way and sidewalks.  I think being Karl was home, it was easier to want to do as Karl was pretty willing to help out.

Our goal is to get all of our property to look like this along the street with part gravel and part grass and then sidewalk.  We like the look and it leaves nice parking if we have extra people at our house.


We had done that to the south of the driveway but not to the north.

When they poured the driveway the first thing they did was dig out part of the rock and put in in a pile.  It’s been sitting there since.


Hubby is a whiz with the skid loader and in no time he had created a gravel area on the side of the driveway and dirt in the rest.


Here’s Karl manning the shovel.


It doesn’t look like much now as the dirt will need to be seeded down with grass.  This is the south section…..


and this the north section….. Continue reading

Goodbye Hall Tree

Hubby has been on a roll with getting projects done around here and I couldn’t be happier.  Earlier this week I told you that the microwave cabinet got finished and I showed you this picture.

This is my house if I am in the kitchen and looking towards the door that goes into the garage.  You can see on the left we have a hall tree coat hanger.  Hubby and I hang our coats on it.  The childcare kids hang their coats on the wall the door is on.


In early summer Hubby went to an auction without me and came home with a wall mount coat hanger.  He apologized that he spent $27.50 for it.  He thought it was too much.  He originally thought we could put it in the bathroom and we’d have a spot for the childcare kids to hang their individual towels.  Well that didn’t work out.  The space wasn’t right in the bathroom.

While he was walking out of the bathroom he explained that he would refinish it and sell it.  Then he looked up and saw the hall tree…next thing I knew he was taking the coat rack and putting it against the wall.  Then he asked what I thought….um, YES!!

So goodbye to this ugly hall tree…hall-tree-1

And hello to the new coat rack!!  I’m loving it….Do you? Continue reading

A Week of Workers

The childcare kids are so funny.  They keep asking me if the workers are coming each day.  I tell them yes but today was the last day.  I snapped a few pictures to show you the progress.

Once the men started pouring the concrete the kids were so busy watching.  They had watched the day before but they couldn’t really see what it was all about until the workers started on the driveway.  Then we had big fights over who was sitting where and who could or couldn’t see.


I finally pulled the kids’ chairs out to the garage and let them watch…I teased the parents and told them that I provided “live theater” for their children’s entertainment that day!


Here is what their work ended up looking like.

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