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In the Mail…

My mailbox has been busy and I’ve not been home all the time with doctor stays…then when I am home, I’m playing catch up.  So this post of thanks is a little late.

Ila and her Hubby sent us a box of tangeloes.  YUM.  They are the juiciest ever.

I’ve been throwing them in my bag when we run out the door to the doctor.  They are the perfect take along something to eat.  THANKS Ila and Tom!!

A big box of yarn came from Ronda, the charity quilter.  I opened the box when the kiddos were here and immediately they were begging for yarn.  The school aged girls were thrilled as they have been making pompoms.  I told them the yarn was for making charity projects but if they would help me sort it, I’d let them keep a couple small balls.  They love the variegated colors.

The one of the girls squealed and said, “Jo, can you show me how to do the string tricks again?”  So a few minutes later we were doing string tricks and no sorting happened that day.  I love teaching string tricks.  Kids are so amazed by them.  Two that I teach, my dad taught me.

More things came….stickers and seeds from Sue in Medina, TN.  Seeds and thinking SPRING…YES.  Just what I need.  These will get planted and enjoyed all summer.

A card with fabric came from Rebecca in Molino, FL.  This is the exact type of fabric I got in the bag from the auction that I blogged about HERE.  I’ll add this piece to the rest.  

Check out this wonderful homemade card from Carolyn and the Pierce City Quilters.  I sent them some fabric items.  Their group will be featured here on the blog on Thursday.
I got a package from Nell….it was…. Continue reading

Mail Call

I can’t believe that I’ve had three Mail Call posts in the last couple weeks.  I don’t think I’ve even gotten so many packages.  One of the recent gifters wrote me a note and said they too had read the Decluttering at the Speed of Life book and that they too were decluttering their sewing room.

So far, even with all the temptation people have been sending, I’ve kept it clean.  I’m due for a good vacuuming but I’ve kept up with sorting and putting things away.  YAHOO for me!!  Anytime anything comes in and the giver says I can keep something if I want, I’m using the one in one out principle.  If I keep something, something else goes.  I love the concept.

Onto the goodies….

Carol (a long time blog reader and charity quilter) sent me goodies!!  How sweet.  After she sent them she sent an email saying…”Maybe you don’t want the things after you cleaned your sewing room”…  No way.  I love it all.

She knows me well…REDS!!  What’s not to love?  

Shirts..I think the top one might be able to go in the quilt I’m planning.

…a Floribunda start.  That quilt is on my list of to-dos.  

Lots of other fun.  Did you see the polka dots on the bottom of the pile….
Jo + polka dots = LOVE!!

Thanks so much Carol….You know me so well!!

I got a lovely box of goodies for me and the kiddos from Lynn.  I loved the wonderful note that Lynn sent along.  I love learning more about my blog readers.

The top of the box help these fabrics.  AH…PERFECT for me.  Connie and Kelli and likely rolling their eyes as they see this. I need no more encouragement to use read in a quilt….Bahahaha.  I LOVE red and use it EVERY chance I get.

My purple Civil Wars are sorely lacking.  The fabric choices were spot on Lynn.  I like the ALL.

Lynn was thinking of my kiddos too.  When I opened the box it happened to be a day that school was delayed because of ice.  They loved the new goodies.

This little career game was so cute and immediately played with.
There were other goodies too.
One of my school aged girls loves to organize.  She was working at organizing our art supply drawer.  Her reward for a great job was opening a pack of new pencils to add to the drawer.  She was happy.

The note pads for taking orders were snapped up.  They got out the Melissa and Doug felt sandwich shop things I have and were playing in no time.
Sometimes “old toys” need a new updo and the menu pads were exactly the updo they needed.

Thanks so much for the kind words and note you sent Lynn.

I’m so blessed to have so many kind people in my life.  Thanks Carol and Lynn your gifts were so appreciated.

Mail Call…

I told you since Christmas I’ve had LOTS of mail.  LOTS.  It’s been so fun.  I thought I could get everything in this post but have come to realize…that’s not going to happen.  So if you sent something and it’s not in this post.  No fears.  Another post is coming.

Anne from MN was organizing and found a couple shirts she thought I could use to make Bonnie Hunter’s Oregon or Bust quilt.  I’ve said before that I wanted to make it in blues and oranges so was hunting for orange shirts…Anne to the rescue.

I gave our mail lady a gift certificate for Christmas.  She goes above and beyond the duty of any postal employee…she’s always bring boxes to my door and not making me go to the post office to pick them up.  I love her.  Well one day I went to the mail and this was hanging on the box!!

There was a card.  She made and gifted me the wreath.  Oh so SWEET!!

Karen K bought a package of shirt from one of the auctions I had here on the blog and felt bad that the postage was more then I guesstimated.  It was okay with me but she sent money to cover the extra and added more to help with charity quilt costs.

Oh…totally unnecessary but very appreciated.

Amy in NH sent me fabric and a note that said, “Someone gifted me fabric and I’m more of a modern quilter.”….Yes.  I can find a home for this!!

The sheets I’m sending on to the charity group to my south.  They do a big push to “warm their neighbors” every fall offering quilts and bedding to people in need.  I think these sheet will be perfect for that.  The fabric is going that way too!!

Thanks Amy.  Thanks for sharing.

Ruth in MD sent the sweetest gift.  Ribbon Candy!!!  Remember I wrote a blog post at Christmas time about ribbon candy.  Ruth send me some.  AHHHH!  (Read post HERE)

I forgot how much I loved candy to suck on!!  Oh me-oh-my!  Thanks for the trip down memory lane.  I keep the candy by the computer.  When I write blog posts I treat myself to a piece.

This might seem like it’s off topic but bare with me a second….One of the favorite books at childcare right now the I HIGHLY recommend is Groovy Joe Dinosaurs and Ice Cream.

The theme of the book is “It’s awesome to share”. Everytime I read this to the kiddos they all sing along it’s incredibly cute. I have to admit, while I’m reading it to them I’m often thinking of all of you and how you share so freely just like Joe in the book!!

Thanks everyone. It is awesome to share!!

Mail Call!!!

Oh my.  With Christmas and the clean bug hitting many, my mailbox has been flooded.  So much so that I have to put all of this in TWO posts.

This whole post is about one delivery.  ONE!  Linda H from Minnesota was doing a little sorting and organization of her own sewing room and sent boxes my way.  This came.  I was trying to figure out what I possibly ordered.  A person doesn’t order this much and forget what it was!!!

I opened the Amazon box and the other box…ah.  Yep. I had ordered a book and I had ordered some CPAP supplies for Hubby…but what were the other boxes.  I noticed tags on them that said… “1 of 4”  “2 of 4” and so on.

I decided open box #1 first.  Oh my word.  The box was mostly solids.  One in EVERY color and EVERY shade I think.  WOW. 

I opened box #2…ah…a card.  I had to read that.  Maybe there would be an explanation…and there was.

Linda was cleaning out fabrics she wasn’t using and wanted them to have a home where they might get used.  PERFECT.  She offered that if there was something we could use, we could keep and pass the rest on.  She also sent some money to help get things to people who could use them.  AWESOME!!  I was ready to do some digging and sorting.

She was so organized that she even has tags on each fabric bundle.

There was a lot of nice quality things.  Box by box I unloaded.  I started with the box that had the solids and work through the boxes.  When I saw these I immediately thought of Kayla’s Family Consumer Science classes.  She teaches sewing classes (among others) and often can use fabrics.  Solids would be great for that.

The next box had more solids and other fabrics.  I took the solids for this box an added to the other box for Kayla.

Check out that dinosaur fabric….It’s so cute.  I saved that thinking I’d make pillow cases for my childcare kiddos with that.  The boys will LOVE that.
This was in one of the bags….Nice fabric.

There were two tops with backings….those are going to Ronda.  Kelli was all excited about the stack of fabric on the right.  Both of us have had fun making quilts from taupe fabrics.  Kelli said, “Oh mom, I know you’ve cleaned the sewing room but surely you can find room for that!”

There were scraps….
and scraps….

I noticed that there was no box that said “3 of 4”.  That has happened to me before that all boxes weren’t delivered the same day.  So the next day….the box showed up…nothing like some good “Scrappy Mail Call Suspense”.  
This one was filled to.   SEE?? Continue reading