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Mail Call….

I thought I was getting close to being caught up on my mail call posts…but I’m not.  More things came!!  I love getting mail.  It was kind of funny on this day.  I went out to get the mail and there was NOTHING.  That rarely happens..even people who don’t get things sent to them typically have at least a piece of junk mail so I went out again later.  Still no mail.  Hmm.  Then just as childcare was closing I went to the garage and saw there were several packages so the mail lady had put the packages in the garage.  That sneaky gal.  I never even heard her!

So what was in the mail…GOODIES!!

This box came from an Ontario, Canada reader.  AH…I was thrilled to see this.  The childcare kiddos were thrilled.  They so love yarn and they love it in all of the colors.  This is awesome.

We use yarn for so many things….the stitching we did a bit ago (find the post on that HERE)  We use it for lots of other things too…hair for crafting…playing cat’s cradle….making necklaces.  This is perfect.

Pat in Iowa City (only a hop, skip and a jump from me) sent me this for the kiddos… Continue reading

In My Mail….

My mail box (or rather the steps in the garage) have been busy lately.  Let me explain the steps in the garage comment.  We have an extra big mail box up often packages don’t fit in it so our mail lady delivers them to the steps in my garage instead.  She’s a real sweetie and I really appreciate her!

Carmela in PA sent some fun things.  Have a look…

Great magazines and craft goodness.

FABRIC!!  They knew just what we like…NEW HOLLAND tractor fabric that I want to make a quilt for Carver with.  He’s got a big bed and needs a big boy quilt for it.  Nurse fabric too.  FUN!!!  
Goodies for the kiddos.  Fresh markers are always a treat.  I quickly hid the ornaments to wait for Christmas time.  They love crafty things like that.

Thanks so much.  Seriously..I’m loving the New Holland fabric!!

The next package came from Joyce in Minnesota…..

More calico fabric.  I’ve been so loving collecting this.  I can’t wait to dig in!!  I was super happy about the old cell phones.  My kiddos ADORE them.  It doesn’t matter the condition.  Some recently gave us one that that the back cover kept falling off.  It’s no big deal because I just super glued it shut.

The kiddos were THRILLED with the phones.  They’ve been playing phones now more than ever with the new additions.  THANKS so much.  We love them.  If you have any and want to send them our way, we’ll happily welcome phones.  You can imagine that there is a little arguing over who has what phones…they are still kids after all.


This came from Cindy in North Carolina.
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More Mail Call….

I’m still trying to catch up on the mail.  I get a little closer and a couple more packages come in.  I’m not complaining.  I enjoy getting goodies in the mail-my kiddos love goodies.  It’s a bright spot in my day for sure.  I’m just telling it like it is.

This box came from Anna S.  I met Anna when she came to our first Bonnie Hunter retreat.  She was wonderful.

Anna had some cross stitch goodies that she was ready to part with.  It was a large amount.  The box was full and patterns are thin!

I emailed some pictures of the stuff to Kelli.  She was so excited as she was coming the next day.  I know the pattern on the right is one she’s been wanting to get and stitch.  She was so happy.

I picked these two Lizzie Kate patterns right away.  I’ve eyed both of these but they are all part of a season collection.  So now guess what I’ll be doing….I’ll likely be on the hunt for the companion ones.  I am on a spending freeze for cross stitch right now though.  I’ve told myself I have to finish something before I can buy anything.  So…I’ve written these on a list of ones I want.

These were in the box too.  Fun.
I’ve not seen anything like this before.  The center is cross stitch fabric…and the quilt book, I could use a funny.

My favorite of all I think was this big pattern.  It’s a flag and has quilt blocks that make up the flag.  Be still my heart.  Seriously…I love it!  Of all the patterns in the box…(and there were a lot)…this is my fave.  Thanks Anna.

This came from an annoymous blog reader in Pennsylvania.  What a nice gift…envelopes, stickers and notepads for the kiddos..and fat quarters for me.

All of them are gray tones as she remembered I’ve been collecting them.  THANKS!!

This big box full came from Gineen.  Oh…It was wonderful.  I’ve told you all before that I don’t often have pieces that are more than a quarter yard.  These were all half yards or bigger.  What a treat!!

There were all sorts of fun things.

I’ve been collecting 30s prints.  I always wanted to make a quilt with them but never have.  With grand daughters, it just might happen….if I collect enough fabric.  I’ve been on a commitment to not buy fabric full price so we’ll see…I have some in the sewing room but it’s been a long time since I looked to see what I have.  Hmmm.

This gift was given with the hope something might inspire me to get to the sewing machine.  Trust me, I was inspired.  I just have too many other things right now that I need to catch up on.

I used a few of the prints from the photo above before.  Pretty..

These were beaded fabric perfect for making a decorative purse.
More fabric….
and still more.
This one was an unfinished baby quilt.  There is enough fabric to finish it.  I’m on a debate whether to keep it or pass it on.  The fabric are super cute!!

It’s all ocean themed.

So many goodies packed into a box!!

Martha sent me this…
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In My Mail…

First off I am extending a HUGE apology to anyone who has sent me something.  I am so far behind (likely two months behind) on thanking and acknowledging people and gifts that have been sent my way.

Packages came when Kramer was sick.  My girls were here doing childcare and opened them when the mail came.  Then the packages sat on my dining room table.  Then the doctors said Kramer only had a few weeks to live so the girls took everything from the dining room table and put it in a childcare crib.  So…this is how it looks.

I’ve been putting off digging into it as I’m so afraid everything is all mixed up and I’ll somehow thank the wrong person for the wrong thing.  I decided to pull up my big girl pants and tackle the boxes.  If I do something wrong, I’m so sorry.  I am writing with good intentions.

This all came anonymously.  I already shipped this on to a local charity group.  I saved a few of the shirt pieces and a couple others.  What can I say, I could resist!!  I keep reminding myself that I can’t keep everything.  It’s so tempting though.

shirts quilting quilt shirt fabric cotton quilting fabric eye spy i quilt eye spy i quilt fabricWasn’t that a lot of fabric!  WOW.

This next package came from Paulette.

You can find her blog at

She sent me calicos.  Oh…I can’t wait to get back in my sewing room.  I’m getting so excited about the calicos I’ve been collecting.  I already know that won’t be happening in the month of June.  I still have so much to catch up on first…but I have a wedding in August that I do want to get a quilt made for.  I already missed quilts for weddings this summer.  I don’t want to miss this one.

The next package came from Chris J.  She’s a long time blog reader.  She saw alphabet fabric and thought of me. Isn’t the card she sent the cutest??  See?? Continue reading