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The Unexpected

A week or so ago I got an email message from someone whose name sounded familiar.  I thought and thought but nothing clicked.  Then I opened the email and it said, -Do you remember me?  I worked with your daughter Kayla at Pine Needles in Cresco.  I am helping my mom clean out fabric.  We have a couple boxes, are you interested?  If not we’re taking it to the thrift store.”

Oh be still my heart.  YES!  I’d love it.  So we make arrangements to meet in Decorah in the grocery store parking lot….here’s the two boxes she brought.  They were JAMMED with goodies.

I started sorting….There were lots of fabrics.

Homespuns…oh lots of a little of everything.

There was a pile of Christmas fabric.  This is moving on to my friend Lana who makes Christmas throws for Veterans.  It will be perfect.

Brights were included…and look at the crazy lobster fabric…see? Continue reading

Stash Report and My Mail

There’s an auction happening here on the blog.  You can see what is available and bid here.

So I didn’t know if I should call today’s post an “In my Mail” post or a “Stash Report”…I guess it works either way.

At nap time this day I saw the UPS truck stop.  He was delivering a HUGE Amazon box.  I was sitting on the couch between Ruby and Carver trying to get Carver to go to sleep and keep Ruby from barking at the UPS man and waking everyone.  It was a task.  The box was set outside the door and I left it there hoping Carver would go to sleep.  While I sat rubbing his back I keep questioning myself….”what did I order from Amazon?”.  My goodness, certainly I would remember if I order something in that big of a box, wouldn’t I?

For the life of me I couldn’t figure it out.  About 20 minutes later I gave up on Carver sleeping and sent him to the kitchen while I grabbed the box off the porch.  He was excited for me to open it….

The outside of the box made it seem like maybe it wasn’t from Amazon and inside made me sure it wasn’t Amazon.  Good.  I wasn’t losing my mind.

Inside was a STUFFED kitchen sized garbage bag!!  I was a good girl and read the note first.  The note was from Kim.  It said, “….I noticed that you had lamented that while your found other goodies at auction, you didn’t find scraps.  Guess what?  I have scraps!”

WOW…Not only did she have scraps but she shared!!!

She said they were 10 years old…I think that means aged to perfection!  It’s time to pull these out and put them into a quilt.  Don’t you think???  Kim also mentioned that if I thought I wouldn’t use them I could pass them along.  NOPE.  I’ll pass on fabric MUCH sooner than I would ever-ever pass on scraps.  Honestly…this is Christmas to me!!

I didn’t dare dig through the bag and pull some out.  I’m afraid it’s so stuffed I’ll never get the scraps back in the bag and I’m not quite ready to use them yet.  WOW.  This is going to be fun.

My next package came from Karen.  There were cross stitch goodies and crochet goodies for Kayla…and goodies for the kiddos.  See? Continue reading

In My Mail

I’ve had LOTS of things in my mail lately…some email…some snail mail.

I got a wonderful note from Vivian.  She claims to be a “wannabe” quilter but look what she’s accomplished.  I’m impressed.  When I first started doing the Double Wedding Ring instructions I’ll admit to being a little disappointed that not many quilters linked up seemed like they were quilting.  I think there are many more than I thought.  I’ve been getting comments that people have them bookmarked.  Comments that they are slowly working along.  That makes me happy as honestly, the quilt is do-able.  It’s more pinning than quilting!!

Vivian also sent a picture of farming happening her way.  Her grandsons are operating this big equipment and they are young.  Some farm kids grow up MUCH quicker than town kids.  I remember first driving tractor for baling hay when I was six.  Not many six year olds do that now days.

Here we’re slowly heading to the field.  They finished chopping and just started beans.  It’s going to be long harvest.  Typically they have some beans out in September….here it’s October already.  How does time fly so quickly??

Here was a note from Joyce along with a check to cover postage from a package I had previously sent to her.  I had sent some fabric goodies to support her charity efforts.  She didn’t have to do that at all but it sure is appreciated!!  THANKS Joyce.  I look forward to seeing what you do with the tops.

After I wrote a blog post about the book Parallel Lines by Pamela Goecke Dinndorf that Linda gifted us I received two packages in the mail.  (Sorry Amazon doesn’t carry the book so no link).

I had said that I was interested in trying to collect black striped men’s 100% cotton shirts.

Well Roxanne to the rescue.  I think this one will be perfect.  Don’t you? Continue reading

In My Mail

It’s mail time!!  For three days in a row the mail lady had to bring my mail into my garage as the packages didn’t fit in the mailbox.  I definitely need to get her a courtesy gift card for Christmas again this year.  The first package came from Mary in WV.  She sent a note saying she was cleaning out her back log of quilt tops.  There are THREE here….another found a home already.  I didn’t get them out and show pictures as you’ll see much more of them as they get finished.

In the next box was fabric and patterns.  These came from Sue in So Cal.  She included a sweet note that I very much appreciated.  I bet we would be friends in “real life”.

The patterns made me smile.  I had both of the top two patterns.  I never did anything with the one on the left.  The one on the right, I made the doll and all the aprons.

There was lots of fabrics in the box.  These together could make a quilt….

There were panels and matching fabric for this too….

A whole lot of goodies were included in one box.

The last box came from Ila….She always sends great boxes….Wanna see? Continue reading