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In My Mailbox

One day my mailbox was so busy!!  Three packages in one day…..


I already mentioned these but Ila sent pears…and Sue sent ribbons.


Ronda sent crocheted hats…one for Neighbor Girl, one for me and one for someone else who could use one.  Neighbor Girl wants to have a fur ball on the top of hers so I’m on the hut for a old fur collar or something else fur from the thrift store.


I’m secretly hoping that once everyone picks, the reddish variegated yarn one will be mine.

This was a fun package that came.  The kiddos loved it and devoured it!  Lucky thing I snapped a photo right away as it was gone in a flash.  They LOVED the envelopes.  I hadn’t thought to save my old envelopes from ads before.  I’ll be doing that now.  THANKS goes out to Jane Z for saving them for the kids.  They had so much fun.


Check out this box of goodies for the kids!  BOOKS!  They loved it.  These came from Edmond, OK with no name….only an unsigned note.  Check out the book on the top of stack.  The title is “Horray for Grandma Jo!”  How fun.  We had to grab and read that one right away.  The books are new and in perfect shape!!  Thanks so much for these….used and loved already.


Connie sent me two of these…. Continue reading

In My Mailbox: The Ila Edition

I’m behind on my reports from my mailbox.  It’s been busy.

Ila, a special blog reader, messaged me one day and said she had a friends that were clearing out some of their fabric and that Ila took on the roll to sort and distribute.  Happily she me in mind for some of it!  I always laugh when people send me fabric.  I get all sorts of comments like “I’m sorry it’s dated fabric” or “It’s Joann’s fabric.  Is that okay?”  My reply is always YES!!  If the fabric doesn’t fit into something I will use, I can easily find a home for it.  I’m not afraid of fabric at all…whatever the fabric is.

See my Pfeffnuse quilt?  Read about it here.  The browns and some of the creams of this quilt came from a box of fabric that I bought on a garage sale for $1.  The fabric even had the “old house smell”.


That didn’t scare me away.  I laundered it and cut it up into strings.  There is TONS of VIP and Cranston fabric in this quilt….brown and cream calico prints…YES PLEASE!!  I added some modern fabric with it and there you have it….a beautiful quilt.  I give LOTS of quilts away.  This one is one that will likely stay at my house.  Taking the challenge of using those old fabrics to make a new amazing quilt was fun for me.  Anyone can walk into a quilt shop, buy fabric and make a quilt…but everyone can’t make the quilt I did with the great variety of prints and depth of fabric that this has.

Anymore, I run to those “odd duck” fabrics- never away from them.  If they feel good, I use them.  If they don’t feel like quality fabric, I pass them on to the local charity groups that quilt for Lutheran World Relief.


Back when my mom died, she had several boxes of this kind of calico print fabrics.  I let them be auctioned off.  I could have had them is I wanted them….but I wasn’t quilting then.  UGH.  It’s the only regret I have over my mom and dad’s belongings… Letting the fabric be sold off.  AH!  Oh the quilts I could have made.  That was who I was then and this is who I am now.

Anyway….back to the fabric from Ila…There were two boxes and they came on different days.  The pictures loaded in the opposite ways that the boxes came but that’s okay.

The second box had BATIKS in it!!  I was thrilled.  They all are pretty big chunks too so who knows they could be sashing for a project!  Check them out…. Continue reading

In My Mail…

My mailbox has been busy.  I thought that box deliveries to my house would slow down over the Christmas time as everyone is busy with the holidays, but it hasn’t at all!

Two boxes came from Kathi in Austin, TX.  Kathi wrote that she is a quilter and has made a couple Civil War quilts, but has found that Civil War prints aren’t her style.  She decided to pass them on to me.


I AM THRILLED!  I love Civil War reproduction prints.  They are my favorite.  I don’t always make quilts with them though as I know, like Kathi knows, that everyone has a different preference.  So many of the quilts I make, I give as gifts.  I try to guess people’s style when I make them a quilt.

Most of these are fat quarters…some fat eighths.  ALL BEAUTIFUL!  I’ve made so many Civil War quilts that I’ve had several of these prints before…some I feel like they are old friends.  There were quite a few that I haven’t seen before.  It was so fun petting and sorting.  The perfect thing to do after winding down after work.

Kathi had other goodies in the box too.  This is yardage.  This is a huge blessing to me.  I have fabric in my stash but seldom to I have anything in YARDAGE.


There was this in the box too….SQUEAL….. Continue reading

In My Mailbox…Post #2

I got some fun things in my mailbox recently…so many that I had to split it up into two blog posts.  The first one was earlier this week and this is post #2.

The first box came from Colleen.  She had my childcare kiddos in mind.


I had to laugh when it said “no fabric this time”.  So cute!!

In the box was this cute bag.  The girls are going to love it.  They love all things princess!!


Inside all sorts of markers and goodies kids love.


I have something in mind for Color Wonder Markers and paper and had just bought some….We’ll see if I get my idea done.  Thanks so much Colleen and please tell you daughter Thank You as well.  That was so sweet of you both.

The other package came from Jean in Blair, NE.  I was shocked when I saw what was inside…. Continue reading