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In My Mailbox…

This week I am trying to catch up with all the things that have come my way.  I really thought with Covid that packages would quit coming but they certainly haven’t.  It’s been great entertainment for me so thanks.

The first box had no note…just a quilt top.  It came from Fair Oakes, CA.  It’s a lovely top and the surprise is it is made from polyester fabric.  WOW!!  I am so impressed.

I’ve had a few blog readers say that their grandmas made double knit quilts and the fabric never wore.  I have a group that is finishing tops that I contacted and they are going to finish it up.  The colors go so nice together.  I so admire anyone who could work with the stretch and give of polyester.  Someone is really going to love snuggling under this!

The next box is from Mobile, AL.  The sender didn’t want acknowledgement on the blog….

The patterns are going to my bedroom.  I love reading patterns (weird I know) before bed.  Old quilt magazines are my favorite..but patterns are great too.

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In My Mail…and on doorstep!

I had things in my mail since my last mailbox post…but I have had two things dropped off at my door.

The first came from a local family friend.  Sadly the mom passed away and the family sorted through things.  Initially a daughter took the fabric, kept some and then passed some to me for charity quilts.  When they contacted me and asked if I was interested, of course I said sure…little did I know it was all of this…  Three giant boxes.

Well, I quickly sorted through it all as the Cresco ladies were scheduled to come pick up fabric.  I didn’t get pictures as I wanted to be able to send some of this with them.  Happily, you all know how prolific the ladies are with quilting so you have to know you’ll see the fabric all soon, only then it will be quilt tops!!  HA!!

I did keep a pile…probably more than I should have.

Well remember the other weekend, I had put the boxes of fabric I originally had along with a box of the fabric from our family friends from the donation you just read about outside my garage door and ran a box of novelty prints to my friend….

I was hoping I wouldn’t miss the Cresco ladies when they came for these boxes of fabric, but I did…and what did they do??  They left two reusable grocery bags full of quilt tops!!  I tell you, those girls are so busy.

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In My Mail….

I’ve had a busy mailbox with unexpected things.  It’s been so fun.

First off, one of the things I was worried about as I’m retiring from regular childcare is my postage budget.  Seriously, I often spend $175 a month on postage getting packages out to charity groups.  I haven’t thought much of it as I consider this part of my charitable donations.  I don’t want to cut back on that as I believe it’s a wonderful cause…but, with me needing to watch my money a little more carefully, I wondered how that was going to work.  Then last week as I was making the decision on whether to retire or not, a letter came with a $100 check in it from an anonymous donor and then the next day another check came from another blog reader.  Seeing that made me know that somehow, it would all work out and I wasn’t to worry about that anymore.  Seriously, thanks so much to both of the people who sent postage money.  It couldn’t have come at a better time.  It’s truly one of those moments when I know I’m being taken care of and my worries are needless.

This quilt top came in from a blog reader in Iowa.  No note real note…just a paper that said “I hope you can find a home for this”.  So I’m assuming it was meant to be anonymous.

Happy news.  I did find a home for this.  It’s going to Lori in ND.  She purchased a longarm and has started finishing quilt tops and donating them on to Sharehouse a treatment center in North Dakota.  She is always in need of twin sized quilt tops.  She’ll happy finish the quilts and donate them on to Sharehouse.

What an awesome charity and what a sweet soul Lori is to support them.  If you have twin sized tops that need a home, send them on to Lori.  I can supply you with her email address so you can connect up and send the tops directly to Lori.

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In My Mail….

My mailbox is busy again.  I had to laugh when Dee dropped some things off last week.  She said- You said you were having a war on your sewing room, does that mean you don’t want things?

No, I’m always happy to get things.  Remember, I pass on much to others..most actually.  I’ll still be doing that and am happy to be part of that chain.

This box came from Amy in NH.  She said she was cleaning out fabric as she was digging for fabric to make masks with.  She sent this fabric and goodies my way.
Lots of fun prints…I love that farm fabric.  The sheets will be passed on to charity quilters.  They LOVE sheets for backings.  They are big and easy to deal with…plus, they don’t have to worry about seaming them together.

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