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My Mailbox #2 of the Day

I’m behind again on my mailbox posts.  I think I am all caught up and then there in my mailbox is a whole bunch of goodies.

No worries…it’s a good problem to have.

Check out what my niece Jody sent me.  How cute are these little towels?  They have a farm animal on each one…of so cute.  I know you all are going to roll your eyes but they are too cute to use…Don’t you think??  I need to find somewhere they can hang more of a decoration than actual use.  Hmm.

Jody is the sweetest.  In the middle of her own issues, she took time to send me thoughtful gift.  I am so bad at thoughtful gifts…so bad.  I’m more of a gift certificate girl.  I love them.  Thanks Jody!

I got a box in the mail from Karen again.  Oh what fun goodies…see? Continue reading

My Mailbox #1 of the Day

I’ve gotten so much in the mail lately and I’m so far behind on it that I’m interrupting my regular Sunday morning stash report and popping this in here.

I never know what’s in a box when it comes …things for the kiddos, fabric for me…fabric for charity…it’s always a guessing game.

Caryn did the best job ever of mixing it all up!!

Check out all the goodies on the table.  There is a HUGE variety.  No one was left out!!

Kelli happened to be here when the box came.  She immediately asked it she could have the little cutting mat.  She wanted one for next to her machine.  I said YES.

I use the red large clips for my quilting machine like this…


and grabbed them for spares should one of mine break.  Read about them on this blog post.

I grabbed the scrappy fabric scraps.  Whenever I see bags like this in a box from the mail, I assume it’s for me as most charity quilters don’t want to deal with tiny scraps.  Me, I love them!!

I grabbed these for the kiddos.  I have some small folk art dolls and these are destined to become doll beds.  I found spots for so many of the things for the kiddos.

What a big lot of goodies!!  We had so much fun sorting and playing.  Thanks for the goodies and the giggles Kelli and I had sorting through it all.

This next box came for Gayle.  What a treasure of scrappy goodness.  I adore fabric with writing on it so I had to check that out right away.

I pulled it all out…I was all smiles.

Check out those red and cream strips.  Did you see Bonnie Hunter’s new quilt Hunter’s Star?  I have plans to make it and these are going directly into my string box and will be used in the quilt!  I love when things like this happen…I see a quilt and the fabric for it magically appears.

The best thing of all in this box was the lovely note that Gayle sent.  So often I say that most of the relationships I have with blog readers are one sided.  You know all about me…often times more than my “real life” friends know.  I rarely know anything about me readers.  Over the past bit I’ve had people send me note via email and now Gayle’s in the box of goodies.  Those notes help me keep connected and I love that.  I love not being in a one sided relationship.  Thanks for the goodies Gayle but mostly thanks for reaching out and letting me see a glimpse of you and your family.  It meant a lot to me.

Mail Call!!

Some goodies landed in my mailbox.  I was excited to see them.  The childcare kiddos were too.  When the mail lady came to the door with the package they were excited.  I’ve ordered a few new toys lately so they were sure it was another toy…but it wasn’t a toy for them but goodies for me instead.

The box was from Karen in Martinsville, IN.

Precuts were included in the box….jelly roll..and charm packs…Yardage too!!

Check out this cute fox fabric…. Continue reading

Goodies Galore

You might remember back a bit ago someone contacted me saying they were cleaning out their sewing room and was I interested.  I was interested.  We met and I found homes for all of the goodies.

A bit ago, she contacted me again…she had more and was I interested.  I said yes!  I never know what is coming my way when I say yes and that is part of the fun!!

Check out this stack of patterns.

These two were my favorite.  It would be fun to sew a couple dresses for granddaughters’s so impractical.  It’s too expensive!!  Who knows…someday maybe.

I liked the bag.  I’ve always wanted to do something with prairie points.  FUN!There were more goodies…..see? Continue reading