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In My Mail

I’ve had lots of things come in my mail lately.    Here’s a couple of the cards that recently came.  The cards are so appreciate, needed and loved.  Kramer and I are overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and support that so many of you have sent.  As I said before, thank you seems so inadequate.

Here’s a fun piece of mail I got.  At the hotel that we always stay at that’s located right next to the clinic/hospital in Lacrosse they had a fist bowl.  A note next to the fish bowl said, “Put in your business card for a chance to win a free night stay at the hotel”.  On a whim I threw my Jo’s Country Junction card in and I won!!  Yahoo.  This will be awesome.  I’m sure we will need an overnight stay before we’re done with all of this.

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Thank Yous All Around

The mood of the days around here can be a little like a rollercoaster.  Just last week I had a bad day.  Today is an amazing day.  So often the bad days are made just a little better all because of a trip to the mailbox.  Kramer and I have both been “picked up” by the cards and gifts that have been coming in the mail.

I’ve been trying to keep up with thank yous but some people make that challenging.

Notice the packages have no return address on them.  One even put our address in the return address spot.  AH….Thank you to the anonymous people who sent these things.  It was so sweet.  Both Kramer and I are appreciative of the cards, thoughtful words and gifts that are sometimes included.  We’ve gotten a few gift cards to help with the travel expenses to get Kramer to Lacrosse for treatments.  It’s so appreciated.  One reader even added a McDonalds gift card and told me to use it on iced coffee….

It is so comforting to be thought of and wished well to…especially on the hard days.

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In the Mail….

Our mailbox has been busy with cards and well wishes…but also goodies.  I’m not the only one getting mail either.

We got a wonderful box of goodies from my niece Jody.  (I forgot to take a picture)  It was filled with things with Kramer in mind.  Jody explained that with her chemo treatments she gets a weird taste in her mouth.  She sent some candies that are flavored, peppermints and jelly beans to stave off some of that.  There were puzzle books to try to stave off some “cancer brain” too.  I’m so not looking forward to that next step for us.  Jody is going to be a wonderful and helpful resource when we get there though.  I so wish we would be getting vacation spot or crafting advice instead.

Kramer got a wonderful package from a blog reader “across the pond”.  It was super thoughtful and anonymous.  All we know is that it was from a reader in England.  THANKS whoever you are.

Kramer is often looking through them.  He loves all things farming so this was PERFECT.

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In the Mail…

My mailbox has been busy and I’ve not been home all the time with doctor stays…then when I am home, I’m playing catch up.  So this post of thanks is a little late.

Ila and her Hubby sent us a box of tangeloes.  YUM.  They are the juiciest ever.

I’ve been throwing them in my bag when we run out the door to the doctor.  They are the perfect take along something to eat.  THANKS Ila and Tom!!

A big box of yarn came from Ronda, the charity quilter.  I opened the box when the kiddos were here and immediately they were begging for yarn.  The school aged girls were thrilled as they have been making pompoms.  I told them the yarn was for making charity projects but if they would help me sort it, I’d let them keep a couple small balls.  They love the variegated colors.

The one of the girls squealed and said, “Jo, can you show me how to do the string tricks again?”  So a few minutes later we were doing string tricks and no sorting happened that day.  I love teaching string tricks.  Kids are so amazed by them.  Two that I teach, my dad taught me.

More things came….stickers and seeds from Sue in Medina, TN.  Seeds and thinking SPRING…YES.  Just what I need.  These will get planted and enjoyed all summer.

A card with fabric came from Rebecca in Molino, FL.  This is the exact type of fabric I got in the bag from the auction that I blogged about HERE.  I’ll add this piece to the rest.  

Check out this wonderful homemade card from Carolyn and the Pierce City Quilters.  I sent them some fabric items.  Their group will be featured here on the blog on Thursday.
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