Carolyn Strikes Again!!


I have a blog reader Carolyn in Texas.  She’s sent me so many goodies.  Some I can keep and some I end up passing on to do good in other places.  I love getting her boxes.  Monday I got FOUR boxes from her.  I unpacked it all and set it all out.  I tried to snap a picture of it all but had trouble as Ruby wanted attention.  I ended up just snapping the picture with her peeking out from under the table.


Here’s the goodies…and there are lots.  There were several Kansas Troubles projects including this kit.  It’s Christmas themed.


Here’s another Kansas Troubles themed kit.  The layer cakes and all the fabric that’s needed to make the top are here.


Also included was three coordinating charm packs and a jelly roll.  That’s awesome as between the left overs from the kits above and these coordinating fabrics below I bet three or maybe even four quilts could be made.


Here’s my favorite of the bunch…it’s a horse themed quilt.  This one is complete with backing included.  Check it out.  Isn’t that horse themed backing fabric cool? [Read more...]

In My Mail


Goodies came in my mail.

I got a box from Cheryl R in Minnesota.  I’ve gotten goodies from Cheryl before.


I laid it all out WOW!  All sorts of goodies from bags to fabric to pincushions.


I think I’ve made the quilt that this kit is suppose to be.  I have it set aside hoping I might get around to sewing it up.  I loved the other quilts like it that I’ve sewn.


Here’s a closer picture of more of goodies.  I’m SUPER excited about the little stack of scraps to the right.  They immediately went into the stack for my spider web string quilt.  It’s nice getting some new fabrics in and getting a little life into the projects I’m already working on.  These are perfect don’t you think? [Read more...]

In the Mail


Mail call!!!  I got goodies in the mail again.  Lots of these need a LONG-LONG over due thank you.  Things came shortly before the retreat and at about that time…I was in over my head in planning.   Finally I am starting to feel like I am getting caught up.  FINALLY!!  Yahoo.

Check out this wonderful cross stitch pattern I got from Anna Sweet.  I LOVE IT!  I love it enough that I am making plans to stitch it.  Next time Kelli and I venture out on a cross stitch run I am going to try to find some cloth.  This is a big project in terms of my stitching ability….but I really like it.  The copyright on it is 1986 but an oldie can still be a goodie.  This was perfect for me Anna.  THANKS!!


I got what I originally thought was big box of scrap fabric from Marjorie in Fountain City, WI.  Then as I was digging and sorting through the box I found two quilt tops.  I’m saving them and will show you them as they are quilted.  On is batiks and really fun.  Best yet, Marjorie threw in the left over batik scraps…YAHOO…my collection is growing!!

Ila sent me a box of scraps…here they are… [Read more...]

In the Mail


My mailbox has been busy again…So many goodies have been coming my way.

Hedy a long time blog reader and now friend sent me a box of goodies.  Some things were for me and some for the childcare kiddos.


The princess and Paw Patrol stickers I’m saving for when we have the letter  ”P” day.  How perfect.  The weaving book I’ve been looking at a couple nights in bed.  There was a baggie of barrettes in the package.  Neighbor Girl was over the day the package came and she was admiring them.  I ended up letting her pick out ones she thought she would wear.  She was so excited.  The next day she was over at Kalissa’s house and the was telling Kalissa all about how much she loved the barrettes and all about the ones she was wearing…So CUTE.  THANKS for that Hedy.

Also in the mix were some fabrics…all farm-ish.  I love them.


I also got a two boxes from Marion in TN.  FABRIC!!  and lots.  The stack with the jelly roll has that jelly roll with two matching charm packs and extra yardage.  FUN!  Several projects can be made with that.  That stripped fabric I’ve had before.  It works really well for binding on baby quilts.  It matches lots.


In the other box were baby quilts…LOTS OF THEM! See? [Read more...]