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In The Mail…

I published all the mail in one post and the same day, the mail lady delivered five more boxes.  WOW.  It’s a busy place here!!

Let’s get right into it.

The first box came from Susan.  She wrote a very sweet note to go with her box.

Susan was so sweet and include a bit of postage fund money.  It’s always appreciated.  Check out the goodies!!

There were things for the childcare kids.  I had a little one in care go through and break many of the crayons so they are appreciated.  I think we all know at least one little one who has gone through and broken all of the crayons.

I saved the tiny envelopes and will pass them to Kayla.  She is doing stuff with her Etsy shop and I’m sure she could use these if she sells something small.

Susan had said she is coming to terms with how many things she’ll really finish.  I think we all need to do that from time to time.  It was fun collecting but is it fun to maintain the collection.  If not, move some stuff out…and isn’t it wonderful that there are people who will take the pieces you no longer want in your collection and turn them into good??

That’s what I’m here for…me along with dozens of other helpers!!

Here are nine-patch blocks.  They would love a new home.  Does anyone want to finish these and donate the finished quilt to charity??

There were pieces already cut into “bricks” too.

There were lots of other fabrics.

What a great variety.  I know there will some happy quilt makers that get this!

The next box came anonymously…or at least I didn’t find a note.

It was filled with lots of goodies.

There were many scrap bags.  I think one had the leftovers of a basket weave quilt.

There were a few panel squares.  I but Sandra from the Cresco Ladies will do something fun with them.  There were some great coordinating prints too.

There was a quilt kit.  It featured cowboy and western prints.  I took that along with the fabrics on the right in the photo above and will send them off to Jazz.  I’m hoping she can make a couple of cute boy cowboy-themed quilts for the babies in her area.

Check out the fun novelty prints and other fabrics.  There were also some ribbon embroidery things and floss.

Some of the print I put in a novelty print collection I’m saving and will be sent on to Christi for foster care quilts.

Paula sent the next box.  Wanta see what’s in it??
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In the Mail…

It’s a mail day here!!  Let me rephrase.  It’s a BUSY mail day here.

First up and I can’t remember if I told you about this package.  It came from New York State.

Check out the fun Mayo’s.  I’m a mayo fan for sure so these have been fun!!

There were other goodies too.

This was package together with a note on it for Kayla.  I gave this to her and she was happy to have it.

You can’t tell from the photo but the piece below is beaded.  It’s so pretty.

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Drop Offs

I have had a few people come by and drop things off recently.

The first batch of things come for a group of New Hampton ladies.  They were busy making dignity bids for the local nursing home.  They are like this…

Pin on interact
From my understanding, a shirt is taken.  Sleeves and backs are taken off.  Then the sides are hemmed to make an adult bib that doesn’t look like a bib.  If you are interested in these just google “dignity bib” and you can see more about them.

Anyway, they talked to the local thrift store and asked them to donate shirts that didn’t sell and would make dignity bibs for the local nursing homes.

The ladies who organized the project are so sweet.  They know that I make quilts for shirts so they saved the backs and sleeves and gifted them to me.

The big bag on the left as well as the box below it were all shirts.  Some sorting had to happen as they all weren’t 100% cotton but that was totally okay.

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In Ray’s Mail….

I’m not the only one getting lots of mail, Ray is too!

Ray writes:
I got an email last week from Linda F. in Tucson, AZ. She said she had more quilt tops than she knew what to do with. Could I use them? Who am I to refuse a quilt top or two or????? She said she sent me two boxes. USPS delivered box 1 of 2 today. Looks like Friday for the second box. OMG!! It was a BIG box and was packed full. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So here are the pics. First is a pic of the yardage in the box. There were regular cotton fabrics, there were batiks and a stack of purple fat quarters. Yardage gets consumed big time as backs. I am definitely going to have to find a good pattern book that uses fat quarters as my stash of fat quarters is growing. Any suggestions?

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