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Tackling Projects

When Covid first hit I made a long list of projects I wanted to get to while I was off of work.  The list was LONG.  But…I was off for about two days and then I jumped into mask making.  Oh my.  I seriously made masks for about a month straight and my list languished.

I’m still off work.  My doctor still doesn’t like the idea of me going back to work as I’m still high-risk with my thyroid cancer return so…I’m doing the best I can do and trying to make things work.  It’s not an ideal situation.

Well with a few cold fall-like days in a row, that list is really calling me.  I know as the weather turns colder it’s harder to tackle some of the projects.  So I picked a few easy ones and jumped in.

I grabbed some graphite Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and painted the unfinished wooden box I bought at the thrift store for $2.

I did two coats of paint, sanded and the clear and dark wax.

It ended up like this…

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Visiting Some Old Friends…well old cabinets actually

Kayla was home this weekend.  It was for a quick visit.  She was here to meet up with a college friend and attend the Lissie concert at Seed Savers in Decorah.  Lissie is a known singer and makes Decorah her home.  Kayla loves the music and loves that she is famous yet seems “normal”.

In the morning when she got here I suggested a thrift store run.  I needed to get groceries and we both love thrifting.  I also had a secret plot to go out to a sale north of Decorah.  They do a lot of vintage/antique/farmhouse stuff.  The place is called Market 52 and they have periodic sales.  They also go the junking tour traveling here and there selling their wares.

I follow them on Facebook and saw she had this for sale….

I REALLY liked it.  Of course I didn’t have a place for it.  Then I thought of the living room for the TV.  I have the buffet but am open to something different.  I worried that it might be to tall so I asked for the measurement but they were busy and didn’t get back to me.  I thought being Kayla and I were going to Decorah, we’d just run out and look.  It was priced at $325 which was more than I wanted to spend but I had a curious mind and wanted to check it out anyway.

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Junking: the Not So Glamorous

The life of a junker is WAY less glamorous than people would think.  We don’t go to auctions and find things in mint condition at “steal of a deal” prices.  It’s often a lot more like this….

Boxes and piles of junk that have to processed.  The set of nesting bowls I bought on a whim.  They are in good shape..have a USA stamp on the bottom and nest perfectly.  Well I don’t know if $3 was a good price and if I can make a profit on them until I look them up.

When looking on Ebay for prices, PLEASE don’t do what some people do….think that the asking price is what they are going to get in real life.  If you ever check a price on Ebay, type in the name of of your item then go to the far left column until coming to search criteria.  Check the box that says sold items.

For example I got the baseball bat you see on the table in a bundle of yardsticks.  I bought the bundle for the yardsticks for $5…BUT now I have this baseball bat.  It’s a Louisville Slugger.  It’s Henrey Aaron bat.  I looks on Ebay.  I was all excited…Someone had one listed for $45.  YAHOO…Jack pot.  Nope.  Actual selling price was about $10.  Okay.  That gives me a better idea of what I can ask for it if I take it to the antique booth.  When pricing things, one of the workers there suggested looking up the SELLING price on Ebay and then make it a little less.  For me, we don’t really have other baseball stuff in the booth…I’ll be happy if I get $6 for it.

In the picture above in the upper right corner is a box of jars.  Did you know that old glass peanut butter jars are something that is selling.  I went to a garage sale and bought the jars.  They were filled with nails and screws as the previous owner used them in his shop.  The jars were COVERED in dirt.  I bought them for 25 cents each and will price them at $7 each.  The dirt all has to come off first!  Oh no glamor in this job at all.

The kitchen island and sink are covered with stuff. The dishwasher is loaded and running.

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Whatever Wednesday

I’ve been on a roll getting things done in the garage….Remember that garage sale where I bought a ton of furniture pieces?  Well this is yet another piece that I bought there.  Before I bought it I did a lot of debating…a LOT!  It was marked at $75.  That’s more than I typically spend on a piece to re-do and sell.  A lot more.  I liked it…I liked it a lot but then the internal debate started…would someone else love it.  UGH!  Who knows?  I don’t want to be out $75.

Then another guy came to the garage sale.  He had his wife on the phone and was talking about the furniture.  He was driving a trailer and was picking some furniture pieces.  I quick grabbed the lady who was operating the sale and said-  “I want all of these things (and then pointed them out)…will you shoot me a deal?”  I could visibly see that the guy was angry as some of the pieces he was talking to his wife about were the pieces that I had taken.  I didn’t know what he wanted…  This the garage sale life.  He got a couple dressers I wanted so I think we were even.

The lady ended up giving me what was equal to $5 off the piece so I paid $70 for it.

As you might have noticed from the picture above you can see that were was some damage to this piece.  Here’s a close up picture of the top.  UGH.

I showed Hubby and he wasn’t thrilled with my purchase.  He wasn’t mad.  He definitely didn’t think it would be a money maker.  When buying it is my real goal was to try to learn from it and at least get out of it what I put into it.  But after his lack luster thoughts on the piece, I had all the motivation I needed to fix it right and actually turn a profit.

Hubby wasn’t much help on suggestions on renewing the top so I just did what instinct called for….sanding.  I sanded and sanded and sanded.  I used different sand paper weights and sanded until my arm vibrated.  I sanded for almost two hours.  Those water marks were deep.

I ended up giving up on completely removing the worst mark but it had GREATLY improved.  The dark marks were gone.  I didn’t think it needed to be perfect as it is a vintage piece.  If it was too nice on the top then the bottom might start to look bad.  There’s a fine balance and I thought I had found it….now what to do about staining the top?  Do I varnish it?  Hmmm.

I asked Hubby if he had any light stain around.  We don’t do light typically so we had none.  He said, “I do have that scratch (Old English Scratch Cover-light wood version) stuff you like in a light version”….Hmmm.  That was my only option so I decided to give it a try….


Here is how the cabinet looks now….

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