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Saturday Day, Sewing Day!

Kelli came home for a sewing day….or hang out day or whatever we made of it day.

Our first order of business was to trim up the quilt we are working on that Carla (of Longarm Quilting Inspirations) quilted for us.  Carla does great work and I love it!!

Above is our “keeping it real photo”.  While we were trying to trim, Carver was playing fetch with Puppycat, Kelli’s beagle.  They would run and tear across the quilt.  Kelli and I just trimmed away.

Here’s our smiling happy version.
After this we took more pictures of the quilt and got the measurements and info ready so we could submit the quilt for publication.  We never know if anyone will accept it…where or which of their publications they want it for or the price they are willing to pay.  It’s a crap shoot.  Some might make the cover some don’t and ones we think won’t make the cover do.  It’s an interesting process for sure.

Kelli did some extra work last week and submitted two other quilts so this week is a waiting game.  We have THREE quilts out for submission.  We might hear something from someone and we might not.

While Kelli was here I talked her into setting out our BOM quilt we are suppose to be working on.  We thought we were coming to the end but didn’t know…here’s how it looks.

Kelli has the center and I have the last two blocks to do before we get to the border.  I am starting to believe the end is in sight which is good as we both are running out of the little steam we had.

I’m hoping to get my blocks done this week and then onto the never ending border.

After that we switched gears and started working on this…. Continue reading

Doctor Report: Cancer

Friday I headed to Lacrosse for a doctor check up.  It’s a trip that takes us across the Mississippi River.

It was rainy and the pictures turned out bad.

For those of you who don’t know, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in March 3rd of 2016.  After radioactive iodine treatment I was given the green light and cleared.  I still needed to go back to the doctor every six months and have a recheck…but technically cleared.

If you’re a long term blog reader you might remember that last fall there was something suspicious in my neck that they decided to check out through a biopsy.  The biopsy came back okay.  It was thought to be scar tissue.

Then this spring I got a bit of a set back.  My blood work came back and levels that aren’t suppose to increase had increased.  I did more testing including a PET scan and nothing was seen.

The doctor was still concerned about the increased numbers in my blood so ordered tests every three months vs every six months.  Well the test I took over the summer showed an even higher number and now a week ago I took a test again and again, the number is rising.  The number got high enough that it was an indication that the cancer likely has returned.

So with that in mind, Kelli, Kalissa and I headed off to Lacrosse to have a chat with the doctor and find out some details and learn what was next.

Before I saw the doctor I had a neck ultrasound done.  I’ve had this done every six months since diagnosed.  After blood work, it’s their next standard test.  Today showed that what was thought to be scar tissue (is now being called a lesion) has grown.  This is both good news and bad news.  Let me explain.

With my number (thyroglobulin tumor marker) on the increase, it’s likely I have returned cancer.

Image result for cancer

We have looked and scanned and can’t find it anywhere.  Now that the lesion grew, they are now beginning to believe that the lesion is the source of the cancer.  If that’s true.  We found the problem.  If it’s not true, we don’t know where the problem is.

So..the next testing I need to do can’t be done at Gundersen in Lacrosse.  They are moving me on to the Mayo Clinic.  In the next few days, Mayo Clinic will call me with an appointment and I start doctoring there for a time.  I don’t know the exact when’s and exact how’s of things but I think it will go something like this:

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My Weekend

Saturday was auction day for me again.  I’m trying to fit in as many as I can before the holidays and snow comes.  There are no auctions then and I need to have enough to keep the booth stocked…besides, I love auctions.

It was really cold and was an outdoor auction.  I had on a T-shirt, a flannel shirt, a heavy sweatshirt and my winter coat.  At the last minute I threw my Connie mittens in the car thinking my gloves wouldn’t be enough.  I was so glad I did.  Connie makes the best mittens and I was lucky enough to have her gift me a pair.

I ended up buying quite a bit and it the yard where the sale was had been blocked off.  They didn’t want a bunch of trucks in the yard tearing it up as we’ve had so much rain.  They had people driving around in these little gator vehicles.  It took three trips with the larger gators to get all of my things to the pick up.

I bought two lots of pictures.  I paid $15 total for them all.  They were so dirty I couldn’t see the pictures in the frames so on Sunday I cleaned them up to see what I had….

This one is wonderful.  The frame is in very good condition.  I’m thrilled with it.  I looked it up on Ebay and found one that had sold for $90 plus $50 shipping.  That one had a fancier frame.  I think I am going to try to sell mine for $38 or so.

There was another that has the same frame so but not as popular on Ebay.

These were honestly so dirty I couldn’t see the pictures at all.

These frames looked black.  I scrubbed and scrubbed on them.  Frames, even if damaged, sell well.

There is a pair of these…Hubby said put them in the thrift store box but I think I’ll keep them over until spring and offer them.

There were a couple mirrors in the mix and two other frames.  I told Hubby that I marked things so that my original $15 would sell for something close to $200.  It sounds like a lot but there was work to it…the time at the auction and time cleaning and marking and then time taking them to the booth.

One thing that did make the job a whole lot easier was this…. Continue reading

“I Tried It” Funny for the Day!!!

There is a USDA funded program that brings people into childcares and schools to promote Farm to Table, fitness and eating local.  I’ve had a representative come to childcare every Wednesday for the last three years.  I love the program.  Our first gal that we had was Denise…then Denise got a different job and now we have Vicki.  Both of the gals have really made an impact on the kiddos.  They all love “Vicki days”.  She comes and does a bit of a “story hour” with the kids.  They read a book about a farm product and do an activity or taste testing.  Vicki does a great job keeping the kids engaged and learning.

Last month our food was raspberries…this month our food is cabbage.  Along with Vicki coming providers get a “food of the month package”.  So Wednesday of last week Vicki came and later that day, before lunch, our “food package” arrived.  In the package was a purple cabbage, a green cabbage, reference literature, goodies to make healthier version of coleslaw and a roll of “I tried it stickers”.  

I try really hard to support what Vicki talks about with the kids.  I knew in advance the food was going to be cabbage so in advance I had already made coleslaw and had plans to serve it for lunch.  I thought it would be perfect to use the “I tried it!” stickers at lunch as I wasn’t sure how the kids would be with trying coleslaw.

I have some picky eaters and some eaters who will eat absolutely everything.  At lunch time, I went to the kid that I thought was most likely to try the coleslaw.  They tried it, I went on and on about how proud I was of them and then gave them a sticker for trying it.  Then I went around to each kid.  The ones who tried, got a sticker.  The ones who didn’t, didn’t get a sticker.  Carver is not the best at trying things he thinks aren’t good so I saved him for last.  He tried it and was actually good about trying it so he got the sticker.

I had stuck all of the stickers on the kids’ shirts.  By the end of lunch two of the kids had taken their stickers off and stuck them to the table.  Not Carver.  He was SO PROUD of his sticker.  He walked up to me a couple times and showed me his sticker again and again.  When Craig came to pick him up he still was showing off his sticker.

Fast forward to Friday.  Shortly after lunch Kalissa called me and here what she asked…. Continue reading