Netflix: The Keepers


So have you heard about “The Keepers” yet?

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Many of you know that I’m not a big television watcher.  I do occasionally hit on a Netflix show and binge watch.  I did that with Man in High Castle and The Crown.  I did it with The Keepers too.

If you like mystery-  If you like true stories- If you want justice to be served- I think this might be a series you could get hooked on.

Hubby does not like Dateline, Unsolved Mysteries or any real life murder shows.  Me, I’m the complete opposite.  If he is clicking through channels to see what is on television if he suspects that a true crime show might be on, he quickly rushes through that channel.

I will warn you.  The show deals with sexual abuse, along with corruption in both the Catholic Church and in the police department.  It’s so sad to see people in power use that power against others when they could use that power for good.

All of the girls in my family have or are watching The Keepers…it’s had us all in some pretty lively discussions.

To Be or Not to Be!


Yesterday while Kelli and I were sewing I got a call from Kalissa.  She said that the lot next to our house was going to be for sale.  WHAT?!?!

We have really enjoyed having the empty double lot to our north….we’ve enjoyed it a lot!  You can’t see very well in the picture but the lot has grapes, fruit trees, garden space and that old brown shed.


Here’s a picture you can see a bit better.  There’s my garden with the arch….a bit over you can see the mowing line.  Then the junky old brown shed.  See? [Read more...]

My Weekend


I had hoped to get a lot of sewing done over the weekend but alas, it did not happen.  I’m actually okay with that as I got other things done.

Saturday I visited Kayla.  Awhile ago she had lamented that I don’t go and see her.  I told her she doesn’t invite me.  So she invited me, and I went.  We had a great time.  We had lunch out and visited a few antique shops and nurseries.

I did remember to snap pictures at the antique shop but other than that, I forgot.  Sorry.

This antique shop is right in Monticello, Iowa just a few blocks from Kayla’s house.

I loved this marble top desk…so pretty.


Here’s Kayla admiring the button book.


She was also admiring this little vanity table.


I  have a thing that I love old filing cabinets….I don’t know what it is, but I do.


The think I loved most though was this…. [Read more...]

Last Saturday


Earlier this week I told you about the party we had for Kalissa last weekend.  Well the kids stayed on into Saturday…all except Kelli.   She was off to attend a bachelorette party for her sister in law.  The house was full and busy.  Neighbor Girl came over too.  My kids have so much fun with her.  She even showed off her cooking skills and with Kayla’s supervision she made waffles for all of us!

From there Karl was off to start his day.  He was in a wedding of high school friends.  His girlfriend Renae stayed and hung out with us.  We all had big hopes and plans for the day but the weather didn’t cooperate.  It was rainy and wet so our outdoor plans had to be brought inside.

The kids slowly started leaving until it was only Renae, Neighbor Girl and me.  Renae needed to get ready for the wedding so Hubby kicked me to the sewing room to work on that graduation quilt that I needed for the next day.  Neighbor Girl decided she’d continue hanging out with me in the sewing room.  Next thing I knew she was at the machine sewing another quilt.


I’ve gotten so if fabric is donated to my house I cut it into 5″ squares.  She can take a pile of them and start sewing.  She sewed this up in about an hour.  I pin the rows together for her…well I did this time.  Next time I think that’s going to be her new skill to learn.

She’s in love with this one and wanted to keep working on it and put it on the machine and quilt it but that’s what I was busy doing and the machine was full.


I had the quilting machine with the graduation quilt all set and ready.  I turned it on and started to go when UGH!!!!!!!!!  I realized the lower tension was not right.  Well I already had the done a 20″ x 20″ corner and now all of it needed to be ripped out.  I was so frustrated.  It took about 45 minutes to get it all ripped out and going again.  I was really careful checking each and EVERY time I switched a bobbin.  While Neighbor Girl complete her little top, I only got two passes done on the graduation quilt.

Our eating schedule was a little screwed up because we ate waffles at 10am..not really breakfast and not really lunch.  We ended up going downstairs and made pizza.  I really wanted to order pizza but when I gave Neighbor Girl the option she said, “It will save us money if we make it rather than order it.”  TRUE.  Dang.  I wanted to indulge but she was right and I needed to support her good decisions so we made pizza.

We decided to experiment and put string cheese in the crust for stuffed crust pizza hack.  Here she is fixing it. [Read more...]