Weekend Visitors


Karl was home this weekend and he brought his girlfriend Renee.  It was our first time to meet her.  I’m happy to report that she fit in wonderfully and was very pleasant.  Karl seemed happy and that is the best.

We had Betsy, Kalissa’s dog, and Renee brought her dog Hope with.  I didn’t know how it would go with Hope.  She’s blind in one eye and is deaf.  I didn’t know how she’d be in a place that she isn’t used to but she did really well and is an awesome dog.  On Sunday they took the dogs and went on a walk.


The Neighbor Girl was over and she made us French Toast with a little help from Karl.

Later on, Karl and Renee left.  That gave Neighbor Girl and I time to sew.  On her agenda was machine quilting.  She wanted to machine quilt the top she made while Connie was at my house sewing.

I gave her the white board and marker, along with a design idea and set her to practicing.


Here’s how she did.

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New Me


Well if you saw the picture of me in yesterday’s post you can see that I’ve been sporting a new look.

I’ve let my hair grow out.  I like it so much better.


I got new glasses.  Here’s the story on that.  For years I’ve been going to the Wal-mart eye doctor but this time with all the complications I’ve had health wise I decided to give the real eye doctor a try.  Happily, a good chunk of the bill was covered by my health insurance even though we don’t have eye insurance.  That was a happy surprise so the exam was less then the Wal-mart doctor….lesson learned there.

When it came time to buy my glasses, I couldn’t get myself to spend the $775.  I ended up going home and ordering them on-line off the website Zenni.  They were $86.  YEP.  $86 for the complete pair of glass including shipping them to my door.

When ordering I uploaded a picture of myself and the website allowed me to “try the glasses” on my picture.  I knew this time around I wanted to “get out of my box” and buy something a little funkier.  My blog reader Mary Jo always has the most fun glasses and she looks so cute.  I wanted something fun and ended up with these.   So far, I like them.

I admit to having the same problems I had before though.  I end up taking my glasses off to see close as I can’t tilt my head far enough back to see adequately.  I ended up ordering a pair of prescription reading glasses….$28.  WOW.

If your family needs glasses I highly recommend Zenni.

My outfit is all LuLaroe.  Being Kalissa is selling in now I end up wearing a lot of it.  I love it though.

Next up..new shoes.  I’ve not updated you on my foot situation.  They say no news is good news.  In my case….no news has been bad news.  Here’s the scoop…. [Read more...]

Yarn for Kayla


A blog reader Pauline recently contacted me and asked if Kayla was still interested in yarn…She is.  She’s not super picky about what kind at all.  She’s gotten to a bit like me.  What she can’t use, she distributes out to those that can.  She is busy at her church’s mission work and works to help there.  She has said that there are ladies who want to knit or crochet.  They are older and are on a fixed income.  Buying supplies to make the hats and afghans that they need is hard with their fixed income.   Kayla doesn’t say anything…she just puts the yarn out for those who want to take.  In return those ladies create the needed items.

There were TWO boxes of goodies that came for Kayla…..


There are many who poo-poo Red Heart yarn but Kayla says there are lots of good things that can be made with it for babies.


She loved these wonderful colors of the Simply Soft.


Pauline the reader who sent this was downsizing.  That seems to be a trend.  Lots of people are wanting less and happily, there are people out there that can use some of it.

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Baptism for Carver


Sunday was baptism day for Carver.  We had planned it for December but things didn’t work out with the weather and it was postponed.  Sunday was a beautiful day.  Carver hasn’t been feeling the best.  All the yucky sickness stuff from childcare got him.  He had a cough and cold but was a trooper.


Kalissa and Craig picked Kelli and Kayla as sponsors.   Traditionally it’s a boy and girl but there’s no way they could pick between the sisters.  Both adore him.


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