My Birthday Present!!


At Thanksgiving Hubby and the kids surprised me with an early birthday present.  You might remember awhile ago I was at the thrift store and saw this treadle sewing machine.  It was back in August that I saw it.  Hubby was with me.  You can read about it here.


I had loved the machine but it was $250 which was a lot for me to spend.


I didn’t get the machine but thought about it for a LONG time after.  I mentioned something to Kelli about it a couple days later when I saw her.  Well unknown to me, Kelli called Hubby and then called all the other kids and they decided to go together and buy me the machine.  The kids chipped in a normal birthday amount and Hubby paid the rest.

Well on Thanksgiving they knew most of us would be together and they surprised me with it early!

Kayla was an awesome help with it!!  She knows more about treadles than I do as she worked at Living History Farm one summer and she has a treadle of her own.  The belt wasn’t tight enough so she explained to Hubby how to fix it and the two of them did.

Franklin-10Next it was time for me to figure out how to run it.


Like most beginners, I spent lots of time going backwards.


Here Kayla is helping by describing the foot motion.


Oh, it stitches wonderfully!!


Kayla was so helpful!!


Kalissa took a video of me trying…. The video is kind of funny!!

Look…I did it!!!


Next up all the kids wanted to try to it out!  Kelli was first.  Here she is showing off her mess of knots.


Kelli just couldn’t get it to go!!  She was so frustrated.  We did our best to cheer her on!!

She never did get it!!  I’ll get her to try another day…and yes, this is how our family acts when we’re all together!!

The other kids tried….Buck did it with Carver on his lap on the first try!  Check them out in the picture below. [Read more...]

Black Board Fix…


Slow and steady wins the race, right??  Well at least that’s what they say.  I am DEFINITELY slow when it comes to decorating.  I am terrible at it and actually think I have a phobia about it.  SERIOUS.  People can never believe that a person who can craft and create is paralized when it comes to decorating…it’s true.  I am terrible at it.  Proof?  How often do you see a home decor post here on the blog??

Well anyway I had a friend come and give me a boost.

Well here is the entry way into my house from the garage…this is an old picture….but see that chalk board.  I was so happy when we bought it and the “K”.  I knew I wanted it right there.  Well…It took awhile to get hubby to hang it.  Then it took longer to hang the “K” as I we couldn’t figure out how to hang it.  Well Command Strips rescued me with that.


I was SO EXCITED!  It was finally done.  Then I went to write a message on it for my childcare parents…..UGH.  The chalk board wouldn’t “write”.  It was slippery and the chalk didn’t work.  I spent time on the computer looking for suggestions….nothing came.

When my friend came over she suggested this…. [Read more...]

Wood Sign Class #2


Remember not to long ago Kelli and I went to a wood sign painting class?  If you missed it, here’s a link.   On of my childcare moms was hosting one so we decided to go again.  This time we got Kalissa to go with us.

Here’s Kalissa working on her sign.  Kalissa is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to crafting…so much so that sometimes she doesn’t enjoy it as much as she could.  She’ll admit that herself so I’m not telling any family secrets there.  I sometimes think that the perfectionist in her is what prevents her from quilting or trying other hobbies.  I’m sure some of you are that way too…I’m that way about hanging things on the wall of my house!!!


I was super happy that she gave this a try.

Here’s Kelli working on her project.


This event took place in St. Lucas.  The family who bought this building made this awesome room.  It is perfect for gathering.  We had so much fun that we talked to her and suggested that other events like this get put together and held here.  It was so nice to get out for the night!!


Here we are with our finished signs…. [Read more...]

What a Day..babies, quilt shops and McDonalds…oh my!


Saturday was the best day!  It’s the best day that I’ve had in a LONG time!!

I hadn’t felt the greatest on Friday and had been a little worried I was getting the flu.  It ran through childcare last week and to date, I haven’t had it yet.  I did have a bit of a stomach ache but honestly, I likely did that to myself.  I get paranoid that I’m going to get it and then I think I psych myself into getting a stomach ache.  UGH.  I started doing a few things around the house “in case I go the flu”.

Then I got a message that our son Buck and Lora were at the hospital to have the baby!  The second my phone made any noise I was jumping up and running….I was so anxious.

That’s when I decided to go to town.  I needed groceries and meds.  I figured I better do it now while I wasn’t sick (just in case I got sick)  UGH.  Well on my way to town my phone dinged and I decided to pull over and read the message.

BABY GIRL!!  They had decided not to find out so we were all anxious to know.


A few minutes later we got another message…  8lbs 4oz 20″ Lucille Louise Elizabeth Kramer.  A little while later one of our girls asked Buck what they were going to call her…Lucy?  Lucille?  Buck wrote back..”Lumber Lucy, fastest framer this side of the Mississippi”.  Oh my, poor girl.  Her dad will have her swinging a hammer before she’s one!!

It was so cute.  She’ll like be Lucy.  There is something awesome about seeing your husband be a father.  About the only thing that tops it is seeing your son be a dad!

I’m guessing you want to see a picture….Here she is. [Read more...]