Sunday: Pumpkins and a Walk


The weather was AMAZING on Sunday.  I called Kalissa and asked if she wanted to go on a walk.   Happily she said yes!

Waucoma is a little river town.  The river goes through the center of town with businesses and housing on one side and housing with the park on the other.  One of the ways we walk is along the river.  It’s always interesting.


Then we walk around the park where it is really pretty too.  We had a lot of rain the three previous days so the water is brown now but still it’s pretty.


I don’t think there could be a nicer day for October.  I’m so glad this day happened over the weekend so I could really get out and enjoy it.


After I got back to the house I decided that I was going to have a little me time.  Even if it wasn’t a lot, I was going to squeak out some.

I’ve been lamenting Bonnie’s Hunter’s pumpkin quilt that was in Quiltmaker magazine.  I watched Bonnie sew it last year at this time and wanted to make but there was something holding me back.  Although I thought the quilt neat…I just wasn’t a fan of the gray background prints.  I like my quilts warm and cozy feeling and the gray to me just didn’t cut it…well, I think I should rephrase that. I like the quilt but…  For my house and the colors in my house, I didn’t like it, but boy-oh-boy, I did like the design of the quilt…so what’s a girl to do?


I have been mulling and mulling this over.  It’s honestly been on my mind for about a month now…well if I was perfectly honest, it’s been on my mind on and off since Bonnie first picked a gray background a year ago.  Gray just isn’t in my house and I knew if I made this, I’d want it in my house…..I saw the black ones she did and black didn’t quite do it for me either….That seemed to Halloween and not Fall.

In the meantime, here and there I’ve sewn and made all the string pieced parts of the pumpkin….finally it hit me.  BROWN.  It would look more like a pumpkin patch with brown in the background looking like dirt.  It’s the farm girl in my to think brown.


Hallelujah!!  I finally figured it out.  I might not have figured it out had I not made the Texas Tumbleweed quilt.  When I made that, I used this brown batik as the background.  It was laying on the cutting table and I was picking it up to clean up the sewing room and WHAM!  So I tested it out to see what I thought.

Was brown the right pick for me??  YES, YES, YES!!!  Pumpkins-7

These little pumpkins are so stinking cute.  I’m in love.  Completely and totally in love.  I can’t wait to work on this some more.  I am so excited to be working on this fun little project.  I likely won’t have it done by Halloween, but I think I can have it done by Thanksgiving.  It’s fun to be working on a project that’s fall themed while it’s fall.

The backgrounds are really easy to cut out from a 2 1/2″ strip of fabric so that’s what I did this week over naptime….I cut out the backgrounds.  I can’t wait for tomorrow when I get some good sewing time.  This little pumpkins will be happening in the sewing room tomorrow!!!  I need to work on that deadline quilt too, but I’m going to find some time for these too.

Fun on my walk…fun in the sewing room…It was a great Sunday!

My Shoulder…and some fun!


Tuesday of last week I had an appointment with my orthopedic specialist concerning my shoulder.  For those of you who aren’t up to date with my shoulder, here’s the quick version…well as quick as I can make it.  Back in the summer of 2015 I took a nasty fall while doing childcare.  I screwed up my foot and shoulder.  My foot was worse than my shoulder so I started doctoring with my foot.  With taping and adaptations my foot got better.  Occasionally I’d have a bit of a relapse but I could get it better.  Then that December on my 50th birthday I took a fall going up the stairs.  I hurt my foot badly then.

I went to my local doctor a week or so later for my annual physical and that’s when she found the nodules on my thyroid.  We did an x-ray on the foot.  It wasn’t broken.  My thyroid and then my thyroid cancer took center stage.  After the cancer became manageable, I finally started paying attention to my ailing foot.  In August of 2016 I had foot surgery.  That didn’t go as planned and ended up needing a minor surgery on the foot in April of this year.  That healed quickly.

So now it’s time to pay attention to my ailing shoulder.  It’s never been the same since that original fall back in the summer of 2015.  The pain ebbs and flows.  Sometime the pain is worse, sometimes a little better but something has always been there nagging.  In March it got significantly worse.  I ended up at the doctor and then onto physical therapy.  It got a little better, but still nagging.

In May I was gardening and that was the end of it.  My shoulder was really bad after that.  I went to the chiropractor.  I started doing my physical therapy exercises really seriously again.  I put off and put off going to the doctor again.  It had gone away some before, I was certain it would again.  That’s when it got really bad.  I started waking up in the night in pain.  I couldn’t sleep.  It was miserable.  I could tell I was more easily irritated.  It wasn’t fun.  Finally I ended up a the doctor again.  This time, she suggested an MRI, physical therapy again and if we didn’t see improvement, to the specialist.

After the MRI and four weeks of physical therapy, things weren’t improving as they should.  I was still in pain.  I was still waking at night.  Things like vacuuming, reaching into the cupboard for a glass, snapping my bra, pulling up my pants, reaching to pick up toys, gardening and making beds and similar activities are very hard and induce pain.  Tuesday, I finally had my appointment with the orthopedic specialist.

She was awesome-very helpful and kind.  Here’s what I found out.  I have:
1-degeneration from use and aging with typical arthritis
3-Something rotator cuff related
4-a tear in my bicep tendon

Everyone who has previously seen me was concerned about the first three things….in the end, she was most concerned with the last thing, the tear in my bicep tendon.  She said that’s the main cause of my pain.


Of course….anything with me is never text book.  Nothing is ever easy.  Here are my options.

1-a ultrasound guided cortisone injection.  This may or may not work.  If it does, there is no guarantee on how long it will last.  I am told this is a harder injection.  Little to no time off work.
2-Go in and snip the tendon.  Pain will be gone.  Other tendons and muscles will work and my arm will be functional.  I will have a lump that will be visible in my upper arm.  2-3 weeks off work.
3-Go in and pin the tendon.  Pain will be gone.  I save the tendon and pain should be done.  6-8 weeks off work.

BUT…there’s always a but.

There is “thickening” in my rototar cuff.  It’s a mystery at this point as to what or why the thickening is there.  So there is a #4.  If I choose #2 or  #3 they will look at what the thickening is.  If it need attention, they will address it.  Once the rotator cuff is touched, that means 8-12 weeks off.  Oh my.  That option I HATE.

So she suggested we send my info on to the person above her.  Once he looks at it, he’ll give his opinion and we’ll access what he has to say.  He might know what the “thickening” is…he might know if option #1 is promising.  Hopefully we’ll hear back from him soon and know what’s next.

Has anyone gone through any of these procedures?  I, of course, know each person’s situation is different but I’d love for anyone to share your experience.  Hearing about your situation might help me make a decision about mine.  Hubby right now is VERY against anything rotator cuff related.

Being I had to take the day off to see the specialist, I decided to go shopping.  I asked the girls if they wanted to come.  Kelli and Kalissa had the day off so they tagged along.  I don’t go shopping for clothes often.  It’s crazy shopping with these two.  We often like the same things.  Proof…here we all are in the same sweater.  We all liked it…all thought we wanted it until we tried it on.  None of us ended up getting the sweater.  I love this photo though…. [Read more...]

Update on the Property Next Door


Remember awhile ago I told you that the property next door was for sale?  I wrote about it in this blog post.

In the photo beyond the fence, you can see my dying garden.  Beyond that is grapevines and the brown building.  The grapes and the brown building are part of the adjoining double lot property next to ours.  It came for sale in late May.  For a long time we have been hoping to be able to buy it.  The people who were selling it owned the house kiddie-corner from it and had used it as their garage as the house didn’t have a garage.  We offered to purchase it but they wouldn’t sell it to us as they wanted the people who might potentially buy the house to have a chance at that property hoping having the property with the garage might sweeten a potential buyer.

So we waited hoping that the people who bought the house might not want the property….but alas.  The buyers do want the property.


The good news is that we like the home buyers and are certain that they will be taking good care of the property.  The buyers have already been living just down the street from us and we’ve liked them and had them over to our house.  If we couldn’t get the property, they are the perfect people to have gotten it.

Long tern they have a goal of building an attached garage onto the house and then they will make the decision on whether to keep the adjacent property or not.

Today he was out trimming up the trees and making them look so much better.  He was out trimming up the tree that was rubbing on our garage too.   He still has to clean up the trimmed branches but I almost can’t recognize that as the same tree!

[Read more...]

What I’m Watching: Broadchurch


You read that right.  It says “what I’m watching”.  If you read the blog you know I watch VERY little television.  I’ve even given up on the news.  Years ago I was the most devoted fan of the news…not anymore.  I don’t really trust it anymore so I just do my best to ignore it as much as possible.

Anyway…I’ve had the cross stitch bug buzzing in my brain and I’ve so wanted to do more cross stitching ever since I got my two previous pieces framed.

I’m not good with listening to an audio book when cross stitching so I hunted for something to watch on Netflix.  Our daughter Kayla watches lots of Netflix when knitting and crocheting so I asked for a suggestion and she said, “Broadchurch.  Mom-You’ll love it!”….so did I love it?

I cozied up with my cross stitch and gave it a try.

Image result for broadchurch

As I watched the first episode I was excited as I got the “L” finished on this piece….


Then I “watched” the next seven episodes and all I got done was this!! [Read more...]