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Junking: the Not So Glamorous

The life of a junker is WAY less glamorous than people would think.  We don’t go to auctions and find things in mint condition at “steal of a deal” prices.  It’s often a lot more like this….

Boxes and piles of junk that have to processed.  The set of nesting bowls I bought on a whim.  They are in good shape..have a USA stamp on the bottom and nest perfectly.  Well I don’t know if $3 was a good price and if I can make a profit on them until I look them up.

When looking on Ebay for prices, PLEASE don’t do what some people do….think that the asking price is what they are going to get in real life.  If you ever check a price on Ebay, type in the name of of your item then go to the far left column until coming to search criteria.  Check the box that says sold items.

For example I got the baseball bat you see on the table in a bundle of yardsticks.  I bought the bundle for the yardsticks for $5…BUT now I have this baseball bat.  It’s a Louisville Slugger.  It’s Henrey Aaron bat.  I looks on Ebay.  I was all excited…Someone had one listed for $45.  YAHOO…Jack pot.  Nope.  Actual selling price was about $10.  Okay.  That gives me a better idea of what I can ask for it if I take it to the antique booth.  When pricing things, one of the workers there suggested looking up the SELLING price on Ebay and then make it a little less.  For me, we don’t really have other baseball stuff in the booth…I’ll be happy if I get $6 for it.

In the picture above in the upper right corner is a box of jars.  Did you know that old glass peanut butter jars are something that is selling.  I went to a garage sale and bought the jars.  They were filled with nails and screws as the previous owner used them in his shop.  The jars were COVERED in dirt.  I bought them for 25 cents each and will price them at $7 each.  The dirt all has to come off first!  Oh no glamor in this job at all.

The kitchen island and sink are covered with stuff. The dishwasher is loaded and running.

…and then there’s a box of stuff on the stove.  See? Continue reading

A New Past Time

I don’t need a new past time….in my defense, this past time takes very little time.  I’m doing it partly as a way to learn but partly…just a past time.  So what is it?  Trolling Facebook Market Place for sewing machines.  It’s kind of fun.  I often have that five to ten minute time frame when it’s too late in the night to start something but to early to go to bed.  I find myself on Facebook Market Place.  I type in Sewing Machine at the top and oh, I treasure trove of machines shows up.  The machines are all ages, all makes, all models from old Singer Sewing Machines to new Berninas.  Me, I’m looking at the old machines.

At times I find myself laughing and laughing.

Here is an old Singer.  This is the description:  “Early 1900’s sewing machine. Very good shape. Must appreciate to purchase.”  I looked at it.  Of course, there is one picture and you’re seeing it.  No close up…No other images…no words mentioning if there are attachments.  Nothing else except the price.  $500!!  Now I understand the “must appreciate to purchase” phrase.  I’d say yes, before I spend $500 on a machine I will appreciate before spending that!!

Look at this poor girl.  Someone painted the cabinet.

Inside was a pretty girl though….  This description:  “Will entertain offers. Needs a new belt, can get on Amazon.  $150”

Oh…why did someone paint the cabinet??

Here’s one that will make you laugh!! Continue reading

Stock Certificate Story Continued….

Do you remember last week I told you about the stock certificate that I found in the cigar box?

This one…..

I have to admit…I was pretty excited when I found it.  Imagine.  $38,000 for a cigar box that I didn’t even pay a dollar for.  AH…Could it be?

I talked to a few friends.  No one really knew what to do with it.  After some talking Hubby and I decided to talk to the lawyer who was working with the estate.  We didn’t know who it was but after a couple phone calls, we figured it out.

From there the lawyer said there was no way she could help us as the name on the certificate was not the name of the person who owned the estate.  She recommended that we call a person who was on the board.

We did and started getting a bit of a run around.  The person was vague…said it wasn’t worth anything…Then I said that I would need proof in writing before I was satisfied.

I told the stock number, the name on the stock and that is was issued in 1926.

The man told me that there is no way that the stock is good as the company went through changes in 1953.  He was sure this stock was nothing.   Again, I told him that was okay…but I did feel as I had the right to see it in writing.  He told me he would check.

He called back 20 minutes later and told me he didn’t have the records at his home where he was calling from and I would need to talk to him the next day when he was in the office.

It is so hard with childcare kiddos to call anywhere.  Kalissa happened to stop over and I put her in charge of the kids and started making calls.  I passed along the info.  After a back and forth of texts and phone calls we came to this conclusion.   Continue reading

My Friday….

Last week was a whirlwind for me.
Friday-Off for Funeral

My sister-in-law’s father passed away.  He had a stroke back when my dad had a stroke.  My dad passed away after his…her dad has lived 10 years with the aftermath of his stroke.  He lost his voice as well as ability to move freely…what a trooper to have fought through that for 10 years!!

It was both a happy and sad day for the the family and we wanted to be there with them…so off we went to Minnesota.

I took some paper piecing with to do along the way.  The road was bumpy and it was hard to attach these to the large block.  I gave up on attaching them and decided to just make more and more and more of these three piece units.

It was good to hang out with family.  I got all of the “how are you doooing?” questions.  It’s the question all people with cancer dread.  (I probably shouldn’t say that…I know I dread it-others might like it)  Coming from my family, it’s all okay.  I know they truly care about me.

This has happened several times to me since I told everyone that I have a cancer return …I am asked the dreaded “how are you doooing?” question.  I say “great”…the person says, “well I read the blog and know about ‘the’ cancer”.  So “how are you doooing?”.   I said I feel great….and I do.  I said I am so blessed, I have no symptoms at all…and that’s the truth.  I do feel great.

My goal through ALL of this cancer stuff is NOT to be defined by ‘the’ cancer.  I am still Jo.  I am Jo first and foremost.  Cancer is just a secondary thing.  I am so much more than cancer.

I do know when people ask that, they are trying to show their concern…I know that everyone means well…it’s still hard sometimes.

I was explaining this all to Kalissa and she said she totally understands because people ask her, “how is your mom doooing?”  She said that she knows they ask in regards to cancer when they say that.

We tried to think of another way people could ask and we decided it’s better to be upfront and say, “I’ve heard you’ve been doctoring.  I’m sorry to hear that.”  Then the person with cancer can chose to talk about it or not.  This way the person is not forced to talk about it…and the person knows that you care rather than just trying to catch the latest gossip.

Enough about that….Back to my Friday story.

I was the driver on the way home.  Hubby was up at 3:30am so he could do chores before leaving for the funeral.  He’s a good car sleeper so I drove to let him take a nap.

His nap was cut short as we stopped at Menards.  We needed some more shelving.  We need something in the basement to hold some of the things waiting to go to the antique booth.  We also checked out a few other things…

After that, we stopped at Staples and look what happened!!  I got a coil binder put on the String Frenzy book.  YAHOO!!  I love a coil binding.  It was $6ish.  I don’t remember exactly.

After that we stopped to eat at the bar in Ionia.  The food there is really good.  They make the best Reuben sandwich.  See the hodge-podge basket?  Continue reading