A Visit from Kayla


We had a visit from Kayla this weekend.  Our whole family had been a little nervous about my test results and she wanted to be here to either celebrate the good news or be here to take in the bad news.  Thankfully the news was all good.  That made the visit so much better.

We ended up all going out to eat and I celebrated with a Bloody Mary from the Fort in Fort Atkinson.

I love them from there!!  I was the happiest girl…good news, family, drinks and supper out!!

From there it was home time and hanging out with Kayla before bed.  Hubby caught a nasty cold so he went to bed early.

The next day, Kayla and I were really wishy-washy on plans.  We thought to go thrifting…we thought to go to an auction and also thought to make pies.  The auction won out and from the auction we decided to visit the Amish and buy the pies.  Sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do.  In the middle of all the shopping, Kayla got a call from her husband Spencer asking when she planned on coming.  When she said her plans he reminded her that they had company coming…Kayla had forgot so back to my house we went, got her car loaded and she was on her way home.

Hubby and I started chatting deciding what we were going to do with our days when the home phone rang.  I hate our home phone.  The only people who call it are telemarketers.  I picked it up and am so glad I did.  I was Kayla.  I could tell she was trying really hard not to cry.  She said “Mom, I’m ok.  I hit a herd of deer with my car.  I need you to help me.”  She also told me the location.

Well…panic hit me.  I ran to the garage-told Hubby then ran back into the house and grabbed my phone.  I know that often when people say they are “ok”, they often are hurt….I was worried.  Although Hubby is an EMT, I wanted him to have help in case Kayla was hurt so I called Kalissa and Craig and told them to come too.

It was about a four mile drive to where she was.  My mind kept racing…my heart too.  Was she okay?  Was she hurt?  She needed me and I wasn’t there.

As we got close, we could see a dead deer on one side of the road and injured deer in the other ditch.  It looked like it probably would be a bad accident if two deer were taken out.

We pulled into the yard where Kayla was… [Read more...]



Oh what a happy day.  I love Easter.  It’s my favorite of all the days of the year.

This one is especially sweet as I got my test results back and I am cancer free as of now!!  As with anyone who has had cancer there is always a risk of re-occurrence…but my doctor explains that each check I have that comes back clear increases the chances the it won’t return.

Image result for cancer free

My blood test wasn’t in yet so there might be something that shows up there- but, the thought is now, that it’s all okay.

There still is a question about a lymph node in my neck on the right that was slightly enlarged when I had the ultrasound.  We think at this point that it is likely because I had a cold at the time of the ultrasound.  I will have to have another ultrasound and blood work up this fall but I’m okay with that.  No diet and no shots this next time around.  That will be awesome to not be driving back and forth to Lacrosse…just one trip.

So after that…FOOD.  Glorious food with salt in it for me…and I had an expresso…It was awesome!!

On the way to the appointment we had stopped at the convenience store…here’s what Hubby got.


Yummy junk food….me, I got this! [Read more...]

A Long and Winding Road


Tomorrow will hopefully be my last trip to Lacrosse for awhile.  I’ve been there three times already this week.  Tomorrow is testing day so we will have to see what the results are and then we’ll know if the trips are over for a bit.

All of my trips started in early morning traffic which included school bus stops along the way.


The road I take brings me through Decorah and then up into Minnesota.


The roads curve with hills and valleys the closer we I get to the Mississippi.


This is farm country.


It’s the best kind of country I know.  I grew up in farm country, like now and farm country and never plan to leave it.


Red barns…white houses…a tractor or two in the field….it’s perfect.  A white barn or two is okay too.


Destination Wisconsin and to get there…I have to cross the Mighty Mississippi.


On the other side… [Read more...]

Doctor Update


Today is day two of my visits to Lacrosse to go to the doctor.  Both Monday and today were shot days.  It’s real easy…drive two hours, get a shot, drive back home.  BORING…but easy.  I’ve been listening to books on tape the whole way so at least I have that.  My family has been excellent and has offered to take me but I’ve declined.  I’m not learning anything on these trips from the doctors…it would be a waste of their time.  I want to save all my favors from them on days when I really need them….so far, I don’t need them yet.

While I’ve been off from childcare I’ve been trying to take care of every little piece of personal stuff I need to address.  On the top of that list is my foot.  Yep, the one I had surgery on.  It has not been right.  I’ve been trying to tough it out…been hoping that it’s going to get better, but it hasn’t.  Well…that’s not quite true.  My bunion and big toe are and fantastic.  I’m not having a drop of trouble with that.  My second toe…that has been plaguing me.  It’s tender and sore.  I have a limp and walking isn’t comfortable…so after some encouragement from the chiropractor, I made an appointment.

That happened today…and guess what?  I have to have to have surgery.  YEP.  I do.

The doctor explained it like this….  I was an over achiever in the healing department.  He said this happens from time to time.  After they took x-rays when my cast first came off he said I healed exceptionally well.  I took that as a compliment but actually, it wasn’t the best.  I ended up growing more bone in circle segment of the highlight photo.

Image result for second toe bone spur

To fix it, this is what needs to happen….
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