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A Cautionary Tale

I keep my house pretty childproof.  I have kids here most every day either grandkids or childcare kids.  I’ve learned that having a childproof house saves so much worry and headache.  I have to be able to go into the bathroom and change a diaper and trust that no one is going to poke a scissor into the outlet or flip a Christmas tree on top of themselves.

I purposely put out few decorations.  I don’t have anything decorative that’s dangerous in the height of kiddos.

I thought everything was safe on Monday when I went into the bathroom to change a diaper of a little childcare baby.

I had this basket sitting on the corner of my dining room table.  This was the basket of decorations that I didn’t find a place for.  I had put a few decorations around but these…they never found a spot.

I also had the added incentive that Kalissa mentioned buying me a dough bowl for Christmas to put in my living room on the entertainment center.  Since I had my living room television mounted, I now had a small place that decorations could go.  A dough bowl there would be perfect there and it’s just high enough to be out of the little kids’ reach.  Yes, that would be perfect.

I kept this little basket of decorations out thinking if Kalissa did gift me the bowl, I could quickly fill it and enjoy it for a few days before I had to take it down after Christmas.

I never thought the basket to be dangerous.  I didn’t give it a second thought.

Monday I took the baby into the bathroom to change his diaper.  Georgia and Gannon were here playing.  I got done changing the diaper and came around the kitchen corner … Continue reading

A Buck or a Karl??

I have loved my Grandma days….
Last Monday we had so much fun.  It’s really all just simple, but I so enjoy it.  Even though Georgia is somewhat of a handful.  Don’t let that sweet little smile fake you into believing she’s all sugar and spice.  She’s not.  She is feisty….and a whole lot of it!

In our family, we joke about if kids are like my son Buck or like my son Karl.  Carver came along and he’s like Buck…more hyper and very busy, inquisitive and energetic.  Carver was such a handful to take care of in child care.  I told Kalissa when she was pregnant with Gannon that I wished for her that she could get a Karl.  Karl is more mellow.  He’s a thinker and a studier.

I love both of my boys, Buck, and Karl, but each has characteristics that are appreciated at different times.  Buck is meant for a physical labor job.  Karl is meant to work in an office.  It’s just the way God made them and I appreciate both personalities.

Here is Georgia being all of herself playing with Rosie.  It’s a short 28-second video (push the play button) but you get the idea…she’s FULL of energy.

Here is a way to see the difference in the two of them, Georgia more like Buck, and Gannon who is more like Karl.

This is Georgia doing a puzzle…. Continue reading