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What I’m Reading: A Gathering of Secrets

I just finished up reading the audio book A Gathering of Secrets by Linda Castillo.  The book is part of the Kate Burkholder series.  I’ve read every book since the first and have very much enjoyed them all.  This on I even ordered as a pre-order.  I knew I’d be wanting to read it.

There is something about a good series that I love.  I know the characters.  I know what to expect.  With this one I know something is going to be happening on “hog path road”…I know Pickles and Skids.  I know Mona the up and coming new officer.  I know the back stories of them all.  It feels so much like sitting down and watching an episode of television show.

Happily this book didn’t disappoint.  I liked it.  The books aren’t earth shattering books that make a difference in the way I think or feel.  They are just plain good entertainment.  I highly recommend the entire series if you haven’t tried them out yet.

In this book, Kate’s love interest,  John Tomasetti, doesn’t make a big appearance but that’s okay…still it’s a great book.

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What I’m Reading: Send Down the Rain

I just finished up the audio book Send Down the Rain by Charles Martin.  I am a huge Charles Martin fan so I ordered this book on a pre-order basis through Audible.  When I order a pre-order book…that’s how I determine that I am a “real” fan.  If you’ve not read his books he’s a little “Nicholas Sparks-ish”.

I always worry as an author writes more.  Their books can become the “same old”.  The author can make their books somehow what they view as “more exciting”.  Jodi Picoult did that and added an element of supernatural to her books.  Now I only read her new books if I am relatively sure there isn’t a “supernatural” element.  I hate that.  Chris Bohjalian books can be so hit and miss too.  So where would this new Charles Martin book land.

I ended up liking the book.  I guessed the ending way early but it didn’t prevent me from wanting to finish.  The only problem I had with the book is that the main character, Joseph, is always so eloquent when speaking about his feelings.  I have yet to meet any man who is like that…or woman for the matter….but it is a book so that’s a little more par for the course.  But he’s so so much so that it’s almost unbelievable.  I can overlook that easily enough though.

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What I’m Reading: When the Lights Go Out

I just finished up Mary Kubica’s new book When the Lights Go Out.  I’ve read many of Kubica’s other books and was happy with them.  I grabbed this one when it became available based on how I felt about the other books.

Then about half way through I started writing this post.  I often do that.  I start the post…put in the pictures and links then when I finish the book I write my personal thoughts.  Well this time, that all back fired on me.  I looked…the reviewers only gave the book 3.7 stars with 35% only giving it 3 stars.  Oh no.  I read one review and it said the book was good until the plot twist and the ending.  I’m not there yet.  So far I love the book…  I’m not giving up on it now as so far, I’m really interested so…give me a couple more hours of listening and I’ll be back with my thoughts.

So, I’m back.
….and my thoughts are…I liked it.  I was surprised as those reviews I told you about really had me nervous.  For me, how it ended, was really what the book needed….Very believable as far as I was concerned.

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What I’m Reading: The Tattooist Of Auschwitz

I just finished listening to the audio book The Tattooist Of Auschwitz by Heather Morris.  I saw the title of the book and immediately checked out the book.  I didn’t read the description…admittedly, I judged the book by the title.  So did I like the book….

YES.  I did.  The book wasn’t really long 288 pages…under 10 hours of listening.  Often books are 12 hours.

This book took place at Auschwitz during WWII.  The main character of the book, Lale, is a man who worked as a tattooist, tattooing on the numbers of the prisoners as they entered the concentration camp.  The story is a testament in the craftiness of a man who desperately wants to survive.  He was able to get extra food and even medicine smuggled in helping so many other to survive.

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