What I’m Reading: Long Way Gone


I recently finished the audio book Long Way Gone by Charles Martin.  I have loved all of the Charles Martin books that I have read to date…and I think I’ve read them all.  I was excited and hopeful that this would be another book that I really loved.

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I started out loving the book.  A couple times it had me crying.  All of Charles Martin’s books have a similar theme, someone was good…they go astray…the figure out what life is really about.  They often read a lot like a Nicholas Sparks book.  Who doesn’t love a book like that?  That genre is a little cheesy but that’s okay, with the heavy Holocaust books I often read, I occasionally need a bit of a cheesy book.

Well then the book added a spiritual element in the form of God (or angel type presence) coming down and the main character seeing him.  It was a little too much for me which is really sad because besides that part…I loved the book.

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What I’m Reading: The Children of Willesden Lane


I just finished up listening to the audio book The Children of Willesden Lane: A True Story of Hope and Survival During World War II (Young Readers Edition) by  Emil Sher , Mona Golabek, and Lee Cohen.

I’ll admit…I was first attracted to the book by the cover.  First off the cover is red and second there was girl with a suitcase. (reminding me of Anne of Green Gables).  I went on to notice that it was a WWII book that involved Kindertransports.  That had me hooked.

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What I’m Reading: The German Girl


I just finished up listening to the audio book The German Girl: A Novel by Armando Lucas Correa.  Being this was a Holocaust book I grabbed it up hoping for a good one.

The book started out very good.  I really liked it.  The beginning was catchy…I was soon attached to the characters but as I read along I wasn’t quite as excited.  Let me tell you more….

Hannah was a spunky girl that lost her spunk.  She’s a Jewish girl in Germany at the time of WWII.  Her family fights and get passage on a boat headed for Cuba.  Mid voyage Cuba says they can’t stay.  Somehow Hannah and her mother get to stay.  I know this is bad for me to say but the story just went blah from there on.  The story is the author’s story and he can imagine it however he pleases…but that spunky Hannah lost her spunk…and I as the reader, very much missed it.

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What I’m Reading: Only Daughter


I just finished the audio book Only Daughter by  Anna Snoekstra.

Sometimes when new books come out on my online library I snatch them up and put them on my waiting list.  I typically have intentions of going back and looking through the holds list to make sure that everything on list are actually books I want to read.  I usually figure that out by reading the reviews on Amazon.

This one snuck past me and I didn’t get a chance to check it out…so did I like it? [Read more...]