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What I’m Reading: Sold on a Monday

I just finished up the audiobook Sold on a Monday by Kristina McMorris.  The book kept coming up for me as suggested by both Amazon and Audible, so I finally broke down and got the book.  The cover looked like something I’d like and the time period looked like something I’d like so I gave it a try.

Sold on a Monday: A Novel by [Kristina McMorris]

The book takes place during the Great Depression and was inspired by this sign.

What happened to the 4 children who were sold by their parents ...
This book was good in several different ways.  Someone does a wrong and they work to make a right.  I love that theme.  Someone’s former beliefs are corrected by maturing and learning the whole truth.  I love watching a book character involve into someone I admire and respect.

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What I’m Reading: The Shadows We Hid

I saw that Allen Eskens has a new book, The Shadows We Hid.  I have read another book of his and LOVED it.  I highly recommend it and suggest you read The Life We Bury first.

The Life We Bury

It’s the first book of the series and I adored that book.  This new book, The Shadows We Hid, is the sequel.

Both of these books take place in southern Minnesota.  The people live in Austin Minnesota and in the Twin Cities.  They go to college at Mankato State where I went…it’s all familiar and feels like home when I read the books.

The Shadows We Hide
The books are both written in first person.  I love first person.  I love it a lot.  If the writer is good, I can easily put myself in their position and completely imagine myself as the character.  I love that.

There is mystery to the story…and best of all, it’s believable mystery.  So often with a mystery either it’s obvious who the killer is or the killer is so not obvious that it doesn’t make sense.  This one is perfect.  I loved the book.

Often when I listen to audiobooks I listen at 1.5 speed.  This one I didn’t.  I listened at 1.25 and savored it.

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What I’m Reading: The Girls With No Names

I’ve had a little more time so I’ve been getting more books off of my Hoopla Digital account.  That’s the online free library I use.  I’ll admit to before being a little impatient and not using the library to my best ability.

I have very much enjoyed Hoopla and highly recommend checking it out.  I’ve heard so many people complain about the waitlist that most on line libraries have.  Hoopla has no wait list.  You get the book, audiobook, music and movies immediately.  It’s awesome.

Anyway…back to my book…  It’s The Girls with No Names by Serena Burdick.

The Girls with No Names: A Novel by [Serena Burdick]
This was one of those books where the separate stories of lives are told.  The reader has no idea how those stories are going to mess and suddenly…WOW, that’s how it all comes together.  The story is good…sad that things were that way at a time though.  Anytime I read a book that is full of abuse against young girls I can’t help but wonder, could it really have happened like that.  Abuse is so far from my thoughts and what was ingrained in me that it’s hard to believe there were homes for unwanted girls…that the the girls in those homes were abused and abuse was overlooked as a way of life.  24

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What I’m Reading: Girls Like Us

At Christmas time I filled my “holds” list at my online library.  They only let patrons have 10 books on hold at a time.  Many of the books I put on hold had waiting lists of 6 months or more.  WOW!!  So I was surprised have one come up as available….this book, Girls Like Us by Cristina Alger.

I welcome a few cop type mysteries in between all of the other books I read and this one was perfect.  I was drawn in right away and found myself trying to do things so that I could listen.  I always know that’s a sign that I like the book.

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