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What I’m Reading: Stillhouse Lake

I just finished up the audio book Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine.  This book was being offered at Audible for a reduced price so I grabbed it.  I like murder suspense books so this one looked like it might be good.  It was listed as the first book in a series so that sounded good too.  Maybe I had stumbled on something I would end up really liking!

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All in all I liked the book.  Maybe I’m a little naive but I found it a little far fetched that people would come after this mom and family after she was acquitted of being involved with her husband and the murder of girls.  Do people really stalk and creep on people after they’ve been acquitted?  I finally decided to just give in and believe that there really are sickos out there who would go to such extremes.   After I quit questioning that, I like the book a lot.  It was suspenseful.  It did keep me guessing.  I had a first instinct…then there were a few suspects in between and then in the end, it was the first person I suspected.  The second guessing makes the book fun.

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What I’m Reading: The Broken Road

I just finished the audio book The Broken Road: A Novel (The Broken Road Series) by Richard Paul Evans.  I have read many of this author’s books so when I saw that this was available through my online library I decided to give it a try.  I’ve liked many of his books and was hopeful I might like this one too.

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So did I like it….Yes but NO!
I have no problems with books that some out and have the possibility of having a sequel.  In fact, I like sequels.  What I don’t like is books that end in the middle of nowhere.  That’s what this book did.  On it’s own, it was not anywhere near a complete story.  For me, I want the book to be somewhat at a conclusion of sorts when the last page is turned.  Then when the next book picks up, more of the story can be told…This book felt like someone ripped my book in half and was holding the rest of it at ransom.  I’d have been so disappointed if I had paid money for the book and not have gotten it at a library.

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What I’m Reading: Bleed for Me

I just finished the audio book Bleed for Me (Joseph O’Loughlin) by Michael Robotham.  I grabbed this book as I really liked a book had previously read by this author, The Secrets She Keeps: A Novel.
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I enjoy cop/suspense books…and this one was really good.  If you’re an audio book listener, you know that a reader can make or break a book.  This one adds to it.  I was a little sad to find that this is the 4th book in a series.  Sadly my online library doesn’t have the other ones!!  I took the time and requested some of the other offerings.  Hopefully they will add them to the collection and I won’t have to burn some Audible credits to get them!!  I think they would be worth it though.

When writing this review I also discovered that I had read  Say You’re Sorry (Joe O’Loughlin).  So far, not a dud book in the bunch.

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What I’m Reading: Running Barefoot

I just finished up the audio book Running Barefoot by Amy Harmon.  I had told you that I was on an Amy Harmon kick and was hoping to listen to all of her books.  That had me listening to this one.

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This book was what I might classify more of a romance than what I usually read but a nice easy romance..and no sex scenes.  It was a great, easy, light read that I thoroughly enjoyed.  It’s a story of loss, coming of age, and finding yourself.  All topics I love to read about.  I could easily put myself in the shoes of the main character and believe it was me living the life.  Those are my favorite kinds of books!!

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