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What I’m Reading: The Things We Cherished

I just finished up the audio book The Things We Cherished by Pam Jenoff.  I’ve read two other books by this author, The Lost Girls of Paris and the Orphan’s Tale.  I loved the Orphan’s Tale and highly recommend it.  The other book, was okay.

So it’s with the knowledge that I loved one of her books and not the other that I started listening to this book.  I so hoped that this one would be a good one.

As the book started out, I was hopeful.  But that happened when I read the book of her’s that I didn’t like.  I kept wondering if I would end up not liking this but it kept sucking me in more and more.  I ended up thinking it was okay.  Again, as with the book I didn’t like, the ending was a little meh.  Who kills off the person before an conclusion can be made and the story wrapped up?

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What I’m Reading: Big Lies in a Small Town

I’ve been flying through books much faster than I’ve been flying through fabric so instead of a stash report today, I’m giving you an extra book review.  When I say I’ve been flying through books, it’s totally true.  With Rosie here, I don’t cross stitch much and watch television, she doesn’t sit still long enough.  HA!  So…sewing and listening to audiobooks has been my thing.

I was excited to see that Diane Chamberlain had a new book out, Big Lies in a Small Town.  She’s one of my favorite authors.  If you’re in need of a book quick, I can say you’re typically pretty safe grabbing one of her books.

I have long liked her books as often they take me back to another time period in the US and I learn a little more of what it was like back then.  For this book, there is racial tension.  There is also all the social norms of women not being able to “stay out so late” and it wasn’t proper for “white women to be with black men even as friends” and even how rape was viewed.  It makes me thankful that I live in this time period.

I like how the author always interweaves a couple stories into one story.  It keeps the book interesting.

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What I’m Reading: If She Knew

Every time I’ve been looking on sites for books I’ve been seeing the “If…” series.  I needed a little break from some of the heavy stuff I often read about so decided to try it out.  I actually love some light crime reading…something with an investigator, something that’s a series, something I can sew away and listen to with little worry if I catch every single sentence. I thought this book, If She Knew by Blake Pierce, might do the trick.

If She Knew (A Kate Wise Mystery—Book 1) by [Pierce, Blake]Happily I found this on Hoopla so I didn’t have to burn any Audible credits or wait for forever to get it as I do with Overdrive.

I liked the book.  Although they are listed as thrillers, I looked at it more as a cop book with a mystery of whodunit.  Kate, the main character, is my age so that was something I could relate to (not the running after or fighting a criminal…but..).  I love reading a series because after a few books the characters start to feel like a neighbor.  This is one series I’ll keep reading.

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What I’m Reading: The Liar’s Girl

If you’ve been following along with me this week, you know that Friday I ended up on the couch sick.  UGH.  I don’t take a lot of days off, working through colds and other little bugs, but not on Friday.  Thursday overnight my stomach started churning and I knew I was in trouble and by 5:30am I messaged parents to let them know, no childcare.

With the flu came a headache and watching television wasn’t even a very good option.  I tried to just sleep but that didn’t happen so I started listening to my audiobook hoping it would lull me to sleep.

It didn’t and that’s okay because the story was good.  Here’s the book I was listening to, The Liar’s Girl by Catherine Ryan Howard.

The Liar’s Girl by [Howard, Catherine Ryan]
I like reading crime books…I’m always guessing who did the crime and will they get caught.  This book was a little bit different.  They had the criminal and thought the crime was solved.  I was a little sad when it was finished as I had to find something on television to watch.

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