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What I’m Reading: Shamed

I am not someone who typically pre-orders anything….but I did this time.  I pre-ordered the newest Linda Castillo book, Shamed.  This book is the 11th book of the Kate Burkholder series…and I’ve read every single one and enjoyed them all.  I knew I was going to read this one…and I knew I wasn’t interested in waiting for 6 months until it came available on the online library..if they even got it.  So…I did what I rarely ever do and pre-ordered it.

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What I’m Reading: Lilac Girls

I got a note from Ila, a blog reader, that had a link to a page that she thought had a couple books I would like.  Ila is awesome and probably knows more of what I like than I know about myself.  Honest, she’s on of a kind!!  Anyway, I went to the page and there were recommendations for THREE books that I was sure I would like…so off I went to find them.

I put myself on a list to get Lilac Girls by Mary Hall Kelly and a two short hours later I got a notice that the book was available.  That NEVER happens as this was through the online library that I typically wait weeks, if not months, to get a book.  I quickly downloaded it and started listening.  I was immediately overjoyed.  Cassandra Campbell was the reader.  She is one of my absolute favorite readers.  If you’re new to audiobooks, look her up and try one she performs.  She’s my favorite for sure.

Now I was hyped about the book.  I hoped it would live up to my anticipation.

It was a good book.  I did connect with it.  I do have to say that so often when I read Holocaust books, the people get out of the concentration camp and the book just ends.  I always wonder what happened to them.  Could they adjust to life?  Did they long term scars and wounds either physically or mentally that could heal?  This book goes on after the camps to life in the aftermath.  I appreciated that perspective.

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What I’m Reading: Where the Crawdads Sing

I’ve not listened to near as many audio books as I used to.  I got out of the habit.  I wasn’t in the sewing room as much.  I had spend so much time with Kramer and with family.  I’m finding ways to sneak audio books back into my life.  I’ve missed books.

This is the book that pulled me out of my hiatus, Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens.

I listened on audio.  It was my favorite reader Cassandra Campbell.  I often will go on the hunt for a book to listen to and purposely pick one that she has read as I like the way she reads so much.

The good news is that beyond the reader, I liked the book too.  I liked it a lot.  It’s one of those books that a person needs to stay with until the very end it as it isn’t until the last pages that the truth is revealed.  I will admit to liking the book so much that I was trying to finish it up one morning before childcare.  A few minutes before I got to the end, the kids showed up and I had to quit listening…oh the pain of not being able to finish!!

So all day as I was doing childcare I waited and waited for nap time to come.  I had looked at my book…I needed to listen about FIVE more minutes so after I got the kids laid down for nap and sleeping, I scurried out to the kitchen, turned my book on, the volume down and listened for the remaining five minutes.  Oh my….What a good book!!

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What I’m Reading: Marilla of Green Gables

I had seen this book but was really afraid to read it.  The book Marilla of Green Gables is a different author’s view of the years before in the Anne of Green Gables series.  Oh I have loved Anne of Green Gables.  I’ve loved the books since I was a young girl.  I so didn’t want anything to “ruin” them for me.  For the same reason, I have not watched the TV series Anne of Green Gables.  But the book kept coming up in my recommended book list so I broke down and decided to give the book a try– BUT…the second I thought the book might be ruin my love of the original book series, I gave myself permission to quit listening to the book.

This book is authored by Sarah McCoy.  I’ve read another of her books, The Baker’s Daughter which I also enjoyed.

I ended up making it all the way through the book.  I wasn’t disappointed.  In fact, I was SUPER happy with the book.  It made me feel especially nostalgic for Anne of Green Gables.  It might be time that I read that series again.  I’m hoping Hoopla or my other online library have them.  I liked this so much that I listened to the entire book in one day.  That’s saying a lot!!

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