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The Mystery Plant

Hubby and I have a compost spot on the back side of the extra garage.  The main thing we use it for is garden compost.  Early this spring I noticed that there were lettuce plants growing there.  I had a chuckle out of that and happily harvested several meals of fresh lettuce from the plants growing in the compost bin.

After the lettuce was petering out I saw other plants starting….Hmmm.  Maybe zucchini I thought.  I figured I was wrong once I saw the plant growing like CRAZY and extending out into the lawn.  Hubby wanted to get rid of it but me, I wanted to keep it and this time, I won.  We left the plant to grow.

Over the summer we would look and check and try to figure out what the plant might be.  About a month ago we decided it had to be pumpkins.


The childcare kids have had lots of fun watching them grow.  They know the exact spots where the pumpkins are and will move the leaves to get a peek at the hiding pumpkins.  They’ve had the most fun watching them change colors.  Right now we have several that part orange and part green.

Check out and see how far they have grown!!!
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It’s Not all Created Equal

I love that my kids are creative and thoughtful too.  This spring Buck made me some planters for the front of the house.  I was so surprised and super excited about them….Hubby was too.  He made the planters with the purpose of being on my front porch.  My front porch faces east and there is some shade too so impatiens flowers were the perfect pick to put in the planters.

Well Hubby’s mom loved impatiens flower just like we do.  We are a little sentimental sometimes and this was something we were happy to be sentimental about.  She had them at her front door and now we do too.

I was really bothered with how the plants were growing though.  We got all of the flower starts at the same nursery but somehow some were doing so much better than the others.  It’s even noticeable from the street.  Look at the planter to the left….look at the right front.  Those flowers are so much higher and better looking.


Here’s a close up picture.  You can see it better.  Notice the right front of the planter is noticeably larger and more filled out, see? Continue reading

A Love Hate Relationship

Back when we lived at the farm I had it in my head that I wanted a climbing rose bush….I got one.  The dumb thing was expensive but I broke the bank and got one.  In a short time, it grew like crazy…never bloomed.  I had bought it late in the season and blooming time had already passed.

That next year, we moved to town.  It bloomed at the farm but I never saw it.  Then that fall, I cut it way back so I could dig it up and move it to town.  I plant is SUPER thorny with thorns that are more like spikes!  I got pricked a couple times and once pricked it made me feel like that pricked spot was on fire.  It was nasty.  I quickly learned to give that plant some space and stay away from it if at all possible.

That spring.  One sprig came.  The rest, DEAD.  That’s it.  Hubby told me to dig it up and get rid of it but me the eternal optimist said no…lets give it until next spring.  It stayed it’s one sprig self all year last year.  It was pathetic.  One day I was weeding and Hubby was mowing the lawn.  I bent over near the climbing rose and somehow got close enough that a thorn got wedged onto the back of my thigh!  It hurt like a son of a gun.  The problem, it was a long thorn and wedged into my back upper thigh in a way that would not allow me to get loose from it.

Hubby was on the mower and just about to round the corner of the house to go to mow the back yard.  I screamed as loud as I could and he luckily heard me.  I started waving frantically – trying not to poke the thorn any deeper into my thigh.  He came and got the thorn out of my leg.  At that point I was ready to get the Round Up and kill the rose.

So this year it came up and looks like this….


I’ve had to wrap the branches on the trellis but that has only happened with leather gloves on.  Wow this thing is a mean plant…

I was so excited it is blooming really beautifully and there are LOTS more buds ready to open.  All the frustration with this bugger has finally paid off.  I have blossoms!!…but wait.  I also have…. Continue reading

My Fairy Gardens

I got hit by the garden fairy bug last year about this time.  Previously I had seen them, thought they were cute, but didn’t really think they were for me.  Then when I was visiting Morris Landscaping in New Hampton, I saw a different brand of fairies that I really liked.  They are Woodland Knoll fairies.  I like the look of these better than any fairies I have even seen.  What I really-really love is that there are boys too…many are featured with dogs.  I ended up jumping in with both feet and now I am a fairy garden girl.

Here are a couple examples of the fairies that are the Woodland Knoll series.

fairy-1 fairy-2

Last year when Kalissa was pregnant with Carver, I ended up finding this one and really want it.


That’s when I discovered My Fairy Gardens online.  Here’s a link-I made the link to the Woodland Knoll fairies but they handle LOTS of other brands too.  I’ll warn’s a big site with LOTS to see.

The charm of fairy gardens is to take succulent plants and other plants, plant them and create a home for the fairy figurines.  I know it sounds silly if you aren’t into it but, if you are, you completely understand.  It’s a little bit like playing with a dollhouse for adults only in a garden setting.

As I said I started them last year.  At the time, Kalissa thought she was going to do it too but this year, with Carver here, she petered out.  I kept her pots and planted them.  Should she want them again, they are her’s.  I opted to do the gardens in containers.  I bought matching ones on clearance.  The ones along the top are mine…five matching pots.  Kalissa’s are the two to the right and the childcare kiddos share three that are rectangular.


I’ll give you a little tour of each of them.  This is the biggest one…. Continue reading