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A Quilt Finish: Crooked Courthouse Steps

I’m so happy…another quilt is finished.  This time it’s Crooked Courthouse Steps!!  I can’t begin to tell you how fun it was to make this quilt.  This is my all time favorite style of quilt.  It’s scrappy and it require little to no prep….it’s lots of mindless sewing….which for me equals BLISS!

This is destine to be a Christmas present for a little boy in my childcare.  That’s why I went with a blue and green theme.

Last weekend I put it on the frame and quilted away.  I was on a mission to get this one finished.  I need four quilts as gifts and if I could get this finished I knew I’d be over half way.

I love all the color happiness…

Originally Bonnie suggested that all the center small blocks be 2″ x 2″.  I started out that way but as I went along the squares became any size I had left over from a previously used strip.

I used up ALL of my neutrals in my scrap box and had to cut up yardage.  That’s an okay problem to have.  That means I can go in and cut up any of the “what was I thinking when I bought that” fabrics.  Admit it, you have those fabrics too!!

I love the busyness of it all.  Play eye spy with me.  Can you see the scissor printed on white fabric? … Continue reading

A Quilt Finish: Geese on a String

I finished one of the childcare Christmas Quilts.  Here is Geese on a String from Bonnie Hunter’s book String Frenzy.

I’m so happy to have it finished.  I started this way back when Bonnie Hunter had a tutorial on making the stringed triangles.  I immediately grabbed my scrap bin and started making them.  Then I heard nothing else about them….so the blocks sat.  I was tempted from time to time to resurrect them and make them into something but I was fairly confident that Bonnie would come out with a pattern that included them.

….and she did.  You can find the pattern for this in her book String Frenzy.

I have to tell you though…when I saw the pattern, my heart sunk.

I liked the design.  I liked it a lot but I couldn’t figure out what I should do for colors.  Cheddar and lime were not what my quilt needed.  I was “stuck”.  After taking the book to bed with me a few nights and studying and thinking, I came up with this idea.  white based neutrals to complete the corners of the geese blocks…then I made all of the four patches a mix of purple and white.  My idea was that if I placed them so that the purple square was oriented like this, then there would be a “purple” line down the quilt too.

I knew these would be gifted so I didn’t really plan on making them bigger than the twin size the pattern allowed for.  When I counted how many string triangles I had…. Continue reading

Baby Quilt FINISH!!

I started this year with a goal of getting all of my flimsy quilt tops quilted and finished.  Then Kramer got sick and passed away so all of that got left behind.  I’ve decided that it will probably be my goal to finish them next year but…I don’t want it to take me all year so, I decided to keep working towards getting them done.  I’m hoping to still finish them this year, but I’m giving myself some slack in case I don’t.

I grabbed the quickest and easier one off the pile.  It happened to be a baby quilt.  Simple, I know.

I had sewn this together sometime back…maybe three years ago. It all started with a thrift store adventure.  I was at the thrift store and bought a big ziplock bag full of 3 1/2″ squares.  All of them were blue or neutral with blue in them.

I decided I would sew them together leader ender style and see if I could sew them up for a very simple baby quilt.  I never counted how many squares I had…just started sewing.  In the end I needed to cut a few more square from my fabric so I had enough to make it square.  I only cut enough for two rows.

I didn’t pay any attention to placement at all.  Zero…and I think it’s all okay.

I picked a medium blue for the binding….it was fabric I wanted to use up.  In fact I opened the drawer of blue fabric and asked myself, “What do you most want to use up?”  This one screamed, “Pick me!”…so I did.

I think it worked just fine.

The backing is a piece of fabric I got from the thrift store…50 cents.  Perfect I think… Continue reading

A Quilt Finish: Scrappy Leftovers

I last left you on my Scrappy Leftover quilt here.  I had ran out of thread and didn’t have anymore of my favorite thread…this variegated one from Maxi-lock.
I ended up finding more of the thread and ordered some.  I can never be that low in supply of a favorite thread.  I got back to work and finished it up.

Then the debate about binding happened.  I didn’t have any of the green..none of the plum and none of the teal that matched.  Well the binding would be far enough away from the inside colors that it would be okay to pick something that didn’t match exactly.

But then I remembered I had some of the dark navy background color so I went with that.  Can you see why I love this thread.  It’s a great combo of teal, purple, pink, and yellow.  I used it often.  
I thought the variegated thread would be perfect on this to give a little zip to that boring background fabric.

Here is the quilt finished. Continue reading