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Quilt Finish: Remainders

I’ve been on a bit of a roll with putting quilts on the longarm.  I hope that can continue.

I had a little time the other night and thought I would go up and bind one that’s now in the binding pile.  Remainders was my pick…why?  I had leftover backing fabric sitting out that needed to be put away but it was the perfect color for the binding…so I cut it and started binding.  What can I say…I’m a little bit lazy and didn’t want to start overthinking the binding.

Many of you already know I’m a machine binder.  I like my couch sitting projects to be cross-stitching so that means I need to machine bind.

Here it is all finished…

I’ve said before that I went out of my typical quilt style when I made this one.  Remainders is from the book No Scrap Left Behind by Amanda Jean Nyberg.  Find the book HERE.

The premise of the quilt is to use up leftover bonus or half-square triangles from other projects.

I had a bunch leftover after I made this quilt…When I snowballed the corners, I made bonus triangles.  You can find this free pattern HERE.

The problem was… Continue reading

A Quilt Finish: Bitcoin

The minute that I saw Bonnie Hunter’s quilt Bitcoin, I knew I wanted to make it.  I actually laughed when it was released.  As it was released with another pattern at the same time and it was kind of like a “buy this pattern and get Bitcoin for 1/2 price” type of deal.  I was the odd duck.  I wanted Bitcoin and didn’t really care about the other pattern.

I loved the pattern so much that I, pretty much, started sewing on it right away.  I loved it that much.

I put in on the quilting frame right away and then the project stalled.  My shoulder started acting up and everything with the family got really busy.  My quilt just sat on the frame for over a month.

I recently got it off the frame and Rosie claimed the quilt for herself.

Just before Christmas I kicked her off it and finally got it bound.  Then I waited for a day when it wasn’t windy to take pictures but that didn’t happen so I finally took it outside and decided to do the best I could.

You can see I didn’t have the best luck snapping pictures.

Bitcoin is exactly the kind of quilt I love making and it fits in so well with my childcare life.  I can easily sew on a quilt like this in the morning before my childcare life begins and then do trimming over naptime in the afternoon.

It was a windy day.  You can click the arrow in the next picture to see how windy it was… Continue reading

Quilt Finish: Show Off

I’ve been on a roll finishing quilts!  This is the latest, Show Off.  It’s a free pattern from Quilted Twins.

You might remember that I had debated on adding the piano key border that the original pattern had.  I decided to leave it off.

I cut this out several years ago and didn’t put a stitch into it.  It just sat cut out waiting for the day.

The day finally came when Mary at Country Threads pulled the number for the Dirty Dozen August project and this was mine.  I pulled it and started sewing.

As I was sewing I realized I had a wedding coming up and the gal is decorating Vintage Farmhouse style.  I thought this might be okay to finish and gift to them.

I really debated about a quilting motif.  I thought about straight lines but there is REALLY a lot of space that my line could end up curvy and noticable in so Kelli suggested a wave motif.  PERFECT.

That’s what I ended up doing.

I wanted to really keep a clean look to it so I used white for the binding.  It’s something I normally don’t do…but I needed to get the clean look.

Here is the backing…

All in all I’m pleased with it.  I’m so happy that the project came up as a UFO and so happy that can be gifted for the wedding.

If you are looking for a quick project, this one is it for sure!!  Really the blocks are already made so all that needs to be done is make sashing.

I started the Dirty Dozen with 12 projects.  I only have one checked off the list…but I’m working on 2 more so with any luck, I’ll get those two done too.

Don’t forget a Rosie picture!!

I was so please to get notes from two different blog readers that this quilt is next on their list too.  I hope they both have as much fun making their version as I had making mine.  Happy sewing girls!!

Quilt Finish: Batik Charm Quilt

I’ll do my cross-stitch post this evening if you are looking for that.  Then on Saturday, there will be an auction here on the blog.  If you’ve been waiting for the community quilt fund auction, you only have to wait one more day.  I have quilt kits, vintage tops, jelly rolls, vintage blocks, and pretty vintage feed sacks…oh, and Prairie Schooler Santa Cross Stitch charts too.  You’ll want to see it.

Now to today’s post a quilt finish:
I’m a firm believer that quilts, to be a great quilt, need to have at least one of two things going for them…

1-awesome color
2-awesome design

In rare cases, the two combine and that is truly an amazing quilt.

Today’s quilt finish is focusing on the color aspect as there’s not a lot to the design…in fact, it’s the easiest design ever.  A simple charm square design.

This quilt started after Donna sent me some charm squares that were all batiks.  I thought I would use them as a leader and ender project and sew a simple charm square quilt for charity.

I wanted to make a bigger quilt so I dug into my own batiks and started looking for any fabrics that were smaller than a fat quarter and any fabrics that weren’t my favorite.  A quilt like this is a great place to hide some undesirable fabric… Continue reading