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Tulip Fields: It’s FINISHED!!

Back when I made the goal of making all of the quilts in Bonnie Hunter’s book String Fling, a couple people thought it was a lofty goal.  To be honest, I did too but what’s life without goals.

Here the last quilt  is all finished.   This is Tulip Fields.  Kalissa happened to be home and told me to hold it up so she could take a picture of me with it…Little hamball Carver had to jump in the picture with me!

The weather outside was yucky…misty, sleet and then 4″ of snow so I couldn’t get a big picture with the quilt….

I did get this as I took it off the quilting frame….It’s the best I could do for a big layout.

My sewing room was not clean and my space up there is limited too so it is what it is….right?!

The quilting took me for forever…seriously, FOREVER.  You can see I did a really dense pattern though.

I put myself on a “fabric diet” some time ago and I’ve been honoring that.  Only thrifted, gifted or auction fabric has some into the house since summer time I think…I wasn’t going to break the diet yet (after all it’s the one diet I’ve been most successful with).  So I needed to come up with a binding.  The binding I found did not technically match the border fabric but it was pretty close….see? Continue reading

My “New to Me” Table for the Childcare Kiddos

I had hoped to be able to show you my finished Tulip Fields quilt but life here has been crazy so…I’ll tease you with this….

I’m getting closer to a finish…I need to bind it yet.  I’m guessing I’ll have it done over the weekend.  If the weather cooperates I’ll grab some pictures and show it off on Monday.  Luckily I’m still within my time frame.

So I’ll show you this project I recently finished instead.

You might remember a while ago I was at the thrift store and bought this table.

It was an $8 find.  (I love our thrift stores!!)

It is not at all the type of table I would buy for our home…but for the childcare kiddos…YES.

I’ve been in the market for a new table for them.  I’ve liked mine that I’ve had but it only sat 5 kids and that was a little tight.  It was a odd shape and not very wide.

If we were doing an art project, the papers would touch…and you know kids, nothing can touch or there’s fighting.

I priced tables in the childcare places on line and UGH.  Just a table was often over $200.  I had an idea that I would find one cheapish…I’d have Hubby cut the legs off and I’d paint it.  I had found one on the Facebook sale groups but it was $50.  I was ready to pay that but it sold.

I was thrilled when I saw this for $8…now to get Hubby to help.  It was actually WAY easier to get him on board than I thought.  He cut the legs off within a week of having it….now it was my turn to get the legs painted.

Painting it proved to be more challenging.  Hubby left it on a cupboard in the garage that was high up.  My shoulder couldn’t paint it when it was that high so I had to wait until someone could help me move it.  On November 12th the night before my doctor appointment I had Hubby help me get it down.  I had it my mind that I might end up with needing surgery and would be laid up.  I didn’t want a bunch of simple jobs that needed to be done get in my way of recovery.  So I started tackling them.

Here’s how my table looks now…. Continue reading

Quilt Finish Continued….

When I left you yesterday I was right here in my saga on finishing Scotty’s quilt.  I was frustrated with the “bowing” and “waving” of the quilt.  (read yesterday’s post about the first if you didn’t yet.)

But I loved the colors…I loved the design.  I loved the backing.  I wanted to make this quilt work for Scotty.  I was hoping once it got washed and all crinkled that the problems would work themselves out…so did they??

Here is the quilt fresh off the frame.  You can see everything didn’t go perfectly.

Here is a photo of the center….and the bottom where things go a little dicey.  
This quilt had problems and I didn’t feel bad about the final result as I truly did the best I could.

Next step…bind it.

I snapped another picture before I threw it in the wash hoping it would all look better after a good washing.

Here it is finished…. Continue reading

Baby Quilt Finish

You might remember that a bit ago I made a baby quilt for one of my childcare families that just had a new baby.  This quilt. (Read about it here if you missed that)

The family didn’t find out if they were having a boy or a girl so about two weeks before the baby was due, I went with my gut and started a boy quilt.  WELL, surprise!  They had a girl.  So now I was stuck with a started boy baby quilt.

That didn’t bother me a bit.  But I didn’t want to get it finished.  So here it is… Continue reading