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A Quilt for a December Wedding

You might remember last week I finished a quilt.  Link here.  Well I didn’t think I’d like it for it a wedding quilt.  Actually I decided to make a quilt for the gal who comes and works with my childcare kiddos on Wednesdays.  She’s so sweet and has been so good to my kids and to me.  I wanted to thank her with a quilt.  Well….I needed a wedding quilt too.  That’s when the idea struck.  Quilt up my Split Square top and make that be the wedding quilt.  That left me about four days to get a backing, quilt, and bind it.  The challenge was on!

I started this quilt last year at this time.  Here’s my blog entry about how I was making it.  The quit was originally a table runner design from Country Threads.  Over on Mary’s blog she had a sew along to make a table runner…well you know me, bigger is better so I ran with the idea and made a 90 x 90 quilt instead of the challenged table runner.

Remember I was chasing the clock.  I stayed up on Friday night…I pulled it off the frame at about 8pm…the did the machine binding….finished at 10:30pm.  I made that deadline with time to spare.


I was up early on Saturday morning hoping to snap pictures and then run to town to find some clothes to wear.  I usually don’t operate quite like this but I wanted something new to wear….it had been a long time since I got some new dress clothes.


Sadly the lighting wasn’t the best.  I didn’t realize it until I started writing this blog post and alas…the quilt is gone and I can’t retake pictures.  The coloring of the very first picture at the top of the post is more what it really looked like.


I LOVE this quilt.  I love simple…sometimes simple can be REALLY good.  That’s how I feel about this one!!  What do you think? Continue reading

Quilt Finish: Claudette

Sorry…there aren’t a lot of pictures of my finished quilt.  It was windy and terribly cold.  With it getting dark early, I can’t get photos after the childcare kids leave….UGH.  Inside of the house picture just never work well.  So here it is…Claudette.  It’s a Villa Rose postcard design.


It was a quick top to sew.  I originally intend this to be a quilt for the wedding we have this weekend…but, I have someone else I wanted to make a quilt for and I think this one will be better for the “someone else”….so I’m scrambling.  I finished this on Tuesday night and quickly made the decision to finish the other quilt and have it for the wedding this weekend.  It’s going to be a scramble but I can do it.

The fabrics in this quilt are so fun.


I wasn’t in love with this quilt when I had the top finished…but, I do love it now once it’s quilted.  Some quilts need some good quilting to make them shine.


This is the backing and a picture of the pattern…. Continue reading

Finally Finished: Baby Quilt

I finally finished the baby quilt I was working on. I am so embarrassed about it.  The baby was born in August.  I found the fabric then but no ideas of what to make would come to me.  UGH.

I started in June making the quilt…then in August was cleaning and found “THE FABRIC I SHOULD HAVE USED”.  The gal who had the baby’s parents live just down the block the from us.  She graduated with our daughter Kayla.  She later became a first responder here in town with Hubby.  She’s since moved and went from being a nurse to a flight nurse acting as the nurse on board helicopter’s flying critically hurt patients to larger hospitals.

So…you can see why when I found fabric that said “Air Rescue” on it, I needed to make the quilt with that fabric!!


Here is the finished quilt…sorry the photo is a little dark.


There is no pattern.  There is no block.  It is entirely random.  I hadn’t intended this when I started.  I had wanted to fussy cut blocks and then round them with squares.  I was doing it over nap time one day and accidentally cut them at 6″ vs the 6 1/2″ I intended.  Well I couldn’t waste the fabric so…plan B came to be.  I cut some coordinating solid fabrics and just started sewing.  I would get a piece fairly big and start on another.  Then I ended up having lots of little left over pieces of solid colors and I started sewing them together.


The quilt required a lot of getting up and sitting down…then measuring.

Here’s a close up of my quilting…. Continue reading

Quilt FINISH: Pumpkin Patch

Look what I finished!!


I’m so happy.  I had so much fun working on this project.  I’ve gotten some questions and I’ll answer them while I show off my finished quilt….

The quilt was featured in this issue of Quiltmaker.


It’s a Bonnie Hunter design.


The original way done with gray backgrounds.  Although I loved the design, in my house that is mostly antique, the gray was a little modern for me so I opted for the brown backgrounds.  I’m glad I did as I really love it.


This was a quick finish for me.  Those little pumpkins were terribly addicting.  As one blog reader said, “They are like potato chips…you can’t do only one”.

A few blog readers mentioned that they didn’t think they had enough oranges to make a quilt…You’d be surprised.  There are only 49 pumpkins and they are not that big.  The quilt is only lap sized and there are deep borders on it.


I’d also like to point out that if you are doing a brown background on this, I recommend bright green for the stems.  A few of mine were dark and get a little hidden in the brown.  In the photo above you can really see that….

As far as fabrics go…look at the realm of different prints…some are actually yellowish…even strips.  Dig deep.  You’ll likely have enough scraps.


Check out the border… Continue reading