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Quilt Finish: Gannon’s Preschool Quilt

I got my grandson Gannon’s quilt done.  He needed something for preschool for a napping mat and Kalissa asked if I would make a quilt for him.  You might remember that I made one for Carver.  You can read about Carver’s HERE.

Kalissa and I had talked and decided something tractor-related might work best for Gannon.  I was going to make one like Carver’s but then saw this panel at Walmart.

At the time, Gannon was into Case brand tractors so I showed it to Kalissa and she thought Gannon would like it. So I bought the panel.

I wanted to add Gannon’s name to it so I pulled out Lori Holt’s Spelling Bee book and made the letters.  You can find the book for the letters HERE.  I didn’t realize how many n’s were in his name until I had to make the letters.

I bought a piece of flannel from the thrift store for the backing.  I think I only paid $1 for it.

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Quilt Finish: Bulls Eye

You might remember that Kayla brought this quilt top to me to finish.

Kayla started this project with her students from her Family Consumer Sciences class.  This is a Bulls Eye quilt.  The original idea for this comes from the gals from Country Threads.

Mary hosted a sew along for a Bulls Eye quilt and has the instructions online.  You can find them in these installments.

Step One
Step Two
Step Three
Step Four

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Quilt Finish: Double Wedding Ring

I have another quilt finish…It’s another from my UFO list.  I’m doing great with my UFO list.  This is the second finish from the list since July 1st.  I’m so glad to be finishing things.

Completing this one might seem like a small feat being all I had to do was bind it.  But this quilt has more of a story to it.  It might just look like a quilt to you but lots is packed into this quilt.
This is the second quilt I made like this.  The first one was for our daughter Kelli and Jason as a wedding present.  Kelli requested I make it just as you see it.  I had made a double wedding ring quilt for Buck.  Kelli loved it but wanted the rings smaller so I dug around and tried to find templates for a smaller ringed version.  This is it.

After Kelli’s wedding we decided to submit to American Patchwork and Quilting.  They accepted it.  We sent it in…but then months-even an year, went by and we didn’t hear anything.

We found out later that editors had switched at the time and the previous editor forgot to tell the incoming editor about the quilt.  It was finally published in June 2018 edition of American Patchwork and Quilting…3 years after Kelli’s wedding.

At the time I told you all that I had plenty of leftovers and fabric so I planned to make another one only this time I was making this for Kramer and me.  Many of you asked me if I would host a quilt along as many wanted to make it but was hoping to have a little more guidance.

I jumped in and said sure.  You can find the installments of the quilt along HERE.  There are 13 seperate blog posts that have instructions.

I was so excited and anxious to finish this up because I wanted it for our bed.

It was December of 2018 as we were finishing up with the instructions yet most of us were still sewing along.  The holidays hit and I didn’t get much sewing done.  I had hoped to pick it back up in the new year and hit it hard as we had a finishing date looming and how bad would it look that me, the hostess of the quilt along, wasn’t finished.

Then at the end of January Kramer, my husband, was diagnosed with lung cancer.

At first Kramer did the driving to his appointments and I rode along.  I pinned and pinned and pinned as we made two hour trips back and forth to the doctor.  I would get home and then sew everything I had pinned.

I was working so hard to have the quilt finished by the day I had committed to.

I pinned and with the pinning so much anxiety about his diagnosis into this quilt.

I put my anger into it.  I put my fear into it.  I put my resentment into it.

Then Kramer got too sick and couldn’t do the driving anymore.

He felt terrible about that.  He knew I always loved pinning or crafting in the car as we traveled.  He felt bad he couldn’t give that time to me.  I had to be the driver.

The quilt didn’t get finished for the big reveal I had promised.

By then Kramer had been hospitalized a time or two.

I was juggling so many things…
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