A Quilt Finish: Rectangle Wrangle


A bit ago I sent a picture out asking for binding recommendations for my Rectangle Wrangle quilt.


My first thought was red….

Hubby thought black.  Well I am keeping this one and I think I am actually using it on my own bed.  So when Hubby chimed in I thought- well it’s really OUR bed so maybe I should go with his suggestion.  I took the quilt one evening and headed upstairs with it.  Hubby asked what did you decide for binding?  I said-”I’m not sure, but with all the colors in the quilt, how could I go wrong.”

So I started rummaging through my fabric.  I have a lot of fabric but most are smaller than one yard cuts so I started looking.  I was willing to give up the red and go with black but I wondered if a compromise might be a printed black so I tried it.


I had one and half sides tacked down when I realized that YES….I could go wrong.  I hated it.


I ended up showing it to Hubby and he agreed…I had gone wrong.  Neither of us liked this so I decided to rip it off and put on this instead….. [Read more...]

Microwave Cabinet that Wasn’t


So Hubby and I finished the microwave cabinet.  It’s done, finished and in place.  You might remember that we originally thought to mix paint and stain.  The drawers were going to be stained along with the drawers-the rest was going to be chalk painted to match the island.

Well we ended up not happy with the stain.  On the wainscoting doors we couldn’t get the paint out of the cracks good enough and the drawers were stained but we didn’t like the look and decided paint the whole thing.  I’m glad we did.  Here’s the reveal:


After we had it in place we both marveled.  Hubby asked me if I still had the beginning picture.  I did and showed it to him.

It’s hard to believe it was the same piece.  He was impressed all over again.  He praised my painting and I praised his work.  Then we decided right there and then we really are a good team…not just in marriage but woodwork too.

Here’s the funny part of it all.  Even though we originally wanted this for a microwave cabinet I rejected that idea.  I put the microwave on the counter in the laundry room for now at least.  I hate the microwave.  It takes up too much space and I (maybe) use it once a day or so.  It’s not worth taking up prime “real estate” on my kitchen counters.

The kids had fun making fun of Hubby and I.  They keep telling us that they can’t believe we can continually find more cabinets and find more places to put them.  I think we are done in the laundry and the kitchen now.  It’s kind of bittersweet.  Both of us love the hunt and love working on projects like this..but alas, we’ll have not other places to put them in the kitchen.

So now, here’s how the kitchen looks.  This is when we first moved in….


and this is now. [Read more...]

Baby Batik Quilt FINISHED!


Remember that scrap bag I bought at the garage sale that had these batik scraps in.


One of the reasons I bought it was for those pieces that could be sewn together to make the hour glass blocks.  I thought that would be an easy quilt to make.  At the time I purchased the scraps I had no idea what they would make or how many scraps there were.

It turns out there were actually quite a few scraps.

Once the hour glass blocks were sewn together I started to play with layouts.  I started with a simple alternating the blocks…hmmm.  I didn’t like that.  I needed more blocks to make the design symmetrical.  Nope…keep trying.


The batiks are really a light pastel and almost get lost in the white.  I tried this….I kind of liked it better.  Putting the wide colored parts of the blocks together made the color brighten and stand out more.


Then I tried this…I off set one column.  This I liked best as it made the zig zag.


That was the plan…only I needed a few half blocks.  I got them made and then sewn together.  I didn’t have a good batik for the border and I was determined to not buy more fabric.  I had some squares in the scrap bag so I cut a few more and away I went.  This is what I ended up with. [Read more...]

Baby Quilt Finish


You might remember that I bought a bag of scrap at garage sale earlier this summer.  This is part of the bag I bought.


I sorted through it all and put two baby quilt tops together.  There has been a rush of babies and I was hoping to have a couple girl quilts on hand.  These pastel batiks seemed perfect for girl baby quilts…and best yet, the project is already started.

Here’s the first one-finished!


I debated a long time on the border.  I almost made more blocks and had no border but decided against that as the quilt would have had to been so much bigger because it has to have an odd number of rows and columns to make it work.  I have VERY little yardage of batiks so my options were really limited when it came time to put a border on.

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have had the chance to chime in on which border was best.  Overwhelmingly, pink won.


I think it was the right choice.

Here’s what I ended up doing with the backing.   [Read more...]