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A Quilt Finish: Brick House

I got my Brick House quilt done…at least that’s what I’m calling this quilt…

It uses “bricks” or 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ rectangles to make it.

If you’re been following along with the blog you know that this originated from a UFO that a blog reader sent.  I made about triple the amount of blocks than what was sent.

It’s an easy quilt to make…really good for a beginner.  I tried to take lots of picture so I could talk to you a little about color…

Notice in the picture below that anything goes when it comes to colors but also to be careful too.  Notice a green row towards the top?  All of those greens blend.  Greens are picky…if you go down a couple rows, there is a chartreuse color.  I wouldn’t mix the greens with chartreuse.  Go a couple more rows down…there is yellow…I wouldn’t mix the chartreuse with that either….

Of course, if you make one, it’s your quilt and you can do whatever you want.  I just get asked so often what I do for color so I thought I’d take the time to point a few things that I did out.

I sewed this in columns vs rows.  It was much easier to just sew a whole column of one color vs trying to keep the color order straight.

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A Quilt Finish: Jasper’s Baby Quilt

Saturday of last week I was suppose to have Buck’s kids and Sunday was supposed to be baptism for Jasper.  We cancelled it all due to Covid-19.  I was some sad but decided rather than sit around and be sad, it was time to really work on Jasper’s baby quilt.  During the week I have cut the sashing pieces out….I so wanted to get this done.

Karl was home this day and I told him…I really want to get this done.  Do everything you can to get me going on it.  He did great.  A couple times I got sidetracked and he politely reminded me of my goal.  So first up…get the top together.

It only took me a little over an hour.

Then…I got side tracked.  For as much as Karl was encouraging me to keep going, Rosie was discouraging me.

I finally put it on the frame and machine quilted it.  That took another two hours.

Then it was binding time.

All along, ever since I had so many problems with the pattern, I’ve not been happy with the quilt or my work on it.  I didn’t think I did my best sewing, mostly due to the poor directions and mis-sizing.

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A Quilt Finish: Wild Child Variation

I finished a quilt.  I got looking and couldn’t believe that this is only my first one for the year.  How can it be March and I’ve only finished one??  I know the answer, Rosie…and cross stitch…and grandkids.

It’s all good and I don’t mind a bit but seriously, it’s hard to believe that I only have one finish for the year.

This one is made from my leftover Wild Child blocks.

You might remember that I made a Wild Child quilt for one of my childcare kiddos for Christmas.  Here is that one.  You can read more about it HERE.

Well I had a few blocks leftover and decided that I was going to use them up right away and not them get lost in the orphan block basket.

Here is the quilt on the frame…..

…and here it was when I was binding.

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Millie’s Row Quilt: A Quilt FINISH!!

I’ve had a busy week but I managed to get the quilt off the frame and get it bound.  Here it is….

I am happy with it.

This all started kind of impromptu.  I had left overs from the quilts I’ve recently finish and rather than put them in the orphan block basket I decided to try to see if I could use them up….

There are pieces from my Hourglass quilt.  I actually had to make four more blocks.  Find that quilt HERE.

There are pieces for my Wild Child quilt.  Find that HERE.

There are pieces for my Jewel Box quilt top.  It’s yet to be finished.  I had to make four more half square triangles.  This is just a top but… Continue reading