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Whirlwind Weekend

You might remember that first weekend of the month we all got together but Buck and family didn’t make it as the kids were sick.  They decided they wanted Grandma time so came up last weekend.

Karl has a list of stuff that needs doing at his house and Buck offered to help if I’d watch the kids.  Happily, Kalissa didn’t work so she and I managed the kids while the guys worked at Karl’s house.

Karl managed to get up super early on Saturday morning and drove to the best bakery in Elkader Iowa.  He brought back treats…lots of treats.  One of our favorite things ever is their deep-fried croissants.  They are to die for.  Here is Kalissa eating hers!  They are amazingly good and worth every penny…and every calorie.

Gannon who always gets mad if we take a picture agreed to a picture of him and me making cookies…but then he had this goofy look.  We were making the Ritz cracker, peanut butter, and almond bark cookies.  They are a grandma staple here.  I make them every time Buck’s kids come.

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The Family Get Together

I kind of left you all hanging in my blog post from Saturday night.  Did we get together or didn’t we?  Did we get the snow or not??

I woke up to this…

That wasn’t the possible five inches of snow we could have gotten, but this can still make for slippery travel and not fun travel if a person is driving for two hours.

I ended up checking with the kids…we decided that the snow was melting and if they put off travel for a couple hours, it would be melting…and that’s exactly what happened.  That is, except for one exception.  Buck called a bit later and his girls had temps.  It was only 99.7 but we didn’t want anyone else getting sick so Buck and the kids stayed home.

We still managed to have some fun.  So much fun that I didn’t get many pictures taken.

Here is Georgie with some Minnie Mouse sunglasses on.

Being things were kind of “off” and Buck wasn’t coming, we decided to invite family friends over.  We were a crew of 15 and they were a crew of 10.  So we had 25 for supper.  That included lots of kids!

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As many of you know I have my grandson Gannon here at my house about three days a week and I do childcare for him.  He really makes my life interesting and he always has me laughing.  I thought I would share a few stories with you of what I call Gannonisms.

Gannon just turned three and has had a lot of struggles in his little life.  Speech is something that has been a challenge.  In fact, he met with a speech therapist for about six months to help him.  At about Christmas time of last year, he totally blossomed and is doing much better.  He still however has a few quirks.

One of his silliest quirks is how he talks about things in the negative.  After getting in trouble for running in my house he might say to me, “I run not Grandma Joey”.  That means he won’t run anymore.  It just cracks me other.

Whenever he wants to the say the negative form he says the positive form then adds the word not at the end.

The other day when he was here I made scrambled eggs and patty hashbrowns.  The hashbrowns had just come from the air fryer.  The hashbrown was hot and I told him it was hot.  I looked over and he was blowing on the hashbrown.  Then he said, “I blow it hot not.”

Bahahahhaa.  He’s so funny.

Another day I had him with for a trip to town to get groceries.  We stopped at Goodwill as I’m always looking for sheet to back quilts and picture frames for my cross stitch stuff.  He was in the cart and he saw this…

He said, “Look Grandma Jo.  It mindcraft”.

First of all, if you don’t have young kids or grandkids, you might not know about Mindcraft.  Its a video game and everything on it is pixilated or boxy.  See the photo below.

When Gannon looked at the napkin holder he thought it looked like Mindcraft and in a way, it does.

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