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The Little Doggie Dress

Look what I picked up for Georgia at the thrift store….I’m in love with the little scotty dogs.Georgia is such a dog lover.

She adores Rosie.  Some of the big kids are afraid and squeal over Rosie.  Not Georgia.  She is like a magnet to Rosie….

She totally loves Puppycat.  Kelli says that when Puppycat walks around the house, Georgia crawls around after her.  I’m so glad Puppycat is a gently soul.  She seems to love Georgia too.

So…the dress with dogs seemed so appropriate….more than that, I reminded me a dress I wore as a little girl.  It was my favorite dress.

Here’s a picture of me in the dress with my dog Nippy. Continue reading

Those Ears…and lady parts!

When Kelli and Georgia went to the doctor with me on Monday (Kalissa too), Georgia was not herself.  She cried in her carseat.  She fussed when normally she doesn’t at all.

Kelli said that overnight she was fussy too.  She had been the last couple nights.

All the way over to Lacrosse we all debated, “Did Georgia have ear infection again?”

Here’s the Georgia saga…it is a saga.  Just before Christmas she got a cough and runny nose.  It was about over and then she caught another bug.  By January 12 she was in the doctor and had a bad ear infection.  They gave her augmentin.

10 days later she was back in to see the doctor.  She had ear infection again.  (or still)  This time she was put on cefdinir.

She was on that for a week and was back to fussing again and not sleeping overnight.  Then they gave her rocephin injections.  That’s something that has gotten to be more common.  Kids get the injections three days in a row.  One shot is in each leg each of the days.  Shots are supposed to be timed so they are about 24 hours apart.

A week passed and she didn’t seem right so Kelli took her in again.  No ear infection.  We were all relieved thinking finally, she kicked in.  We spoke too soon as the next night the fussing increased and she didn’t sleep overnight.
That continued over the weekend and then yesterday while we took me to the doctor, she continued to let us know something wasn’t right.

So immediately after dropping Kelli off, she jumped in the car and took Georgia to the doctor.

Here they are waiting to see the doctor.
If you guessed that she had ear infection again, you’d be right!  She has a double ear infection again and it’s a “bad one”.  UGH.  Poor girl.

She being referred to the specialist.   It’s the same ear doctor Carver has.  The good news is that sometimes doctors make kids wait until they are one before they will put the tubes in, Georgia will be one on March 4th so her wait won’t be that long.

We did this with Kelli when she was little.  The first three years of her life were filled with doctor appointments for ear checks…and rechecks.

…that’s the ear part of the story…now onto the lady parts story… Continue reading

PET Scan Adventure

Thursday was PET scan day for me.  Remember the insurance preauthorization thing that was going to take until October 2nd.  Well the clinic called me the next day and said I was approved.  This is one of the many reasons it’s important to advocate for yourself.  If I hadn’t I would be waiting until then for this to get moving along.  In reality, it was approved in less than 24 hours.

The family has been juggling schedules to try to help out but with one member of the team, Kramer, gone, it’s a little bit harder.  Kelli ended up finishing up childcare and I went to my appointment myself.

I seem to take a bit of Kramer with me though…checking crops.  Yep, the soybeans are turning color.  They are heading towards getting ready for harvest.

The good news is that I’ve been through all of this a time or two myself..and a time or two with Kramer so the scary part of this go around  isn’t as scary.  I at least know what to expect.  It is pretty sad though.  I find myself saying…”the last time I was here was with Kramer” or “Ugh, back to the East building (which is the cancer center)”.  I’m doing it though and trying really hard to do it with as much grace as possible.

I had a 1:15 appointment and went back right away.  If you haven’t had a PET scan, it’s kind of a weird thing.  They inject a sugary substance into your vein and then you have have to lay in a recliner in a dark room for an hour.  Then you get the scan.  The stress while you’re laying there to relax and let the stuff they injected to work it’s way around your body.  It’s not easy to “relax” with thoughts of cancer running through your head.  Trust me.  This is my third PET scan.

Once you get to the machine they lay you down, then strap you down.  They pack you tight.  It almost feels like you’re a mummy.  A strap goes around your belly and around your feet.  Then in the machine, which is like a tunnel, you go.  After I was in the machine for about a half hour, I was out and on my way.

If you’re ever going for one, a word to the wise is wear elastic waist pants or you might end up laying in the machine with your pants at your knees.  That also was the strangest feeling.

After the scan I headed towards home.  You might remember this is just under a 2 hour drive.  I knew the drive home might be interesting as we were predicted to have strong storms in the afternoon.  There was suppose to be torrential rain.

For the PET scan I had to eat a high protein low carb diet the day before and then no food for six hours before the test.  So I was up at 6am and ate something so by the time the test was over, I was hungry and needed gas so I stopped.  I went in my purse to get my debit card and look what I found…. Continue reading

My Weekend

I had a fabulous weekend.  When I was getting groceries on Saturday the guy who was taking my groceries out asked, “Do you have plans for the weekend?”  The tone he had was a little bit of an assumption of sadness if I didn’t.  I happily said “NO…No plans at all and I couldn’t be happier!”  I so needed a no plans weekend….some time to catch up do a little on nothing..and a little of something all in a weekend.  I had no commitments to anyone or anything.  In my busy life a day or two like that is PERFECT!!

My fun actually started on Friday.  I had a smaller group of kiddos for childcare which was good as Connie stopped by….

I remembered to take a picture but it was a horrible one!!  The sun was in our eyes!!  I did get a nice one of Connie.
She was stopping on the way to her daughter’s house.  I’m a nice stop in between.  The other Friday news…. my furniture FINALLY came.  (more on that in another post)

I didn’t want to spend all of my weekend shopping and there were a few things I wanted in a “bigger” town so I made plans to go to Waterloo after childcare.  I told Kelli about it and she asked if I minded if her and Georgie came with.  Not a bit did I mind.  I did warn her that it might end up being a late night though, and it was.

First we hit up Hobby Lobby and then it was onto the At Home store.  Georgie was perfect…not a single squeak!!

You might remember that book, “Everything I needed to learn, I learned in Kindergarten”….well Kelli and I decided that Hobby Lobby and At Home had some pretty good advice on living life….like this sign in the Fall section….

Kelli loved the sign below.

I took this sign to heart.  I sure am trying to grow through this all!!

This one was a little too close to home for me.  Kramer used to tease me about all the things he “taught” me…how to drink beer…how to drive a stick…how to run a sander…how to do all the fix it jobs…
I wiped a tear, turned around and saw this sign.  Bahahaha.  I was time to be happy.

This one made me pause and think.  I couldn’t help but think of Kramer’s sister’s family.  Their daughter who is the same age as our Kalissa found out she has Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and they are starting their personal journey through cancer.  
May healing be possible for her!

Another good one…

Then there was this sign… Continue reading