Raising Him Right


Last week the firemen from Waucoma had a controlled burn.  There was a house in the flood plain that the owners decided to move from.  The neighbors bought the property and decided to clear it off and add to their property.  In order to do that, the house had to go.

As most of you know, Hubby and Craig, Kalissa’s husband are both on the fire department.  Kalissa called me and said, “Hey, let’s take Carver on a walk to see the fire.”  Well in our small town, the fire department going out and burning a house is highly entertaining….but for Kalissa and I it was a little more than that.  We all want Carver to grow up and want to volunteer in community.  Although, he’s little, he can still start learning.

We took the dogs with too….


See the people out in lawn chairs?  They weren’t the only ones watching….


When we got around the fire truck, Craig was on the pumper and said Hi to Carver.  He did recognize his “Da-Da”.


There really wasn’t a lot to see…. [Read more...]

From Kid to Mom


I have to laugh…and actually laugh right out loud at some of the phone calls and messages I get from Kalissa.

The other day I was at the computer and writing blog posts when a Facebook message pops up from Kalissa….  ”I’m sorry for all the times I acted out in a restaurant and threw my food and toys and bottle and everything on the floor.”

Apparently she was at a restaurant with Carver along…and you guessed it.  He was throwing everything on the floor.


I also got a message from her that said, “I’m sorry for all the times you yelled at me and I just smiled.”  She went on to explain that Carver is getting into the power cords in the living room.  They had done everything to try to get to stay away but he’s smart and figure everything out.  She put pillows over them and he throws them aside.  She said she was so frustrated that she tapped his hand to swat it away and firmly said “no” and he thought it was a sign to play “patty cake”…and then started clapping his hands.  She then explained to me that she discovered a whole new way to become frustrated!

I’ll be honest, it was all I could do not to laugh and laugh and laugh.


What can I say…It was pretty funny…and yes I do remember those days with our kids.


I explained to Kalissa that she has get a “stone” mad face and changed her tone of voice.  She said she did and he still laughed.


I am confident that she will figure it out…and he will too.

As silly as this all is, I can’t help but feel a touch sad about it too.  I was 24 when my mom died.  At the time we had three little ones, Kelli was 3, Kayla 2 and Buck was a baby.  It was hard.  I can vividly remember wanting to call my mom many different times and tell her the exact same things….”I’m sorry when I was a kid that I (did whatever it was)”  because my kids is doing it now and it stinks.  I would have loved to be able to apologize for my childish ways and oh my, my bunch of kids gave me plenty of reasons to make me want to apologizes to her!”


I’m so thankful for this time in my life.  I get to be Carver’s grandma but more so, I get to see Kalissa go from kid to mom.  She’s doing a great job at it.  It’s such a blessing to watch and see them grow…the little ones…and big ones too.

I often look at things in life and think…wow..Mom would have loved to see that!  I sure am hoping I’m here for quite awhile longer because I don’t want to miss a thing…including the 5000 more apologizes that Kalissa will likely have reason to give to me.

Family Time


I have great family.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate them.  My brothers and my sister have been great to my kids and for me, that means so much.  Growing up I didn’t know my aunts and uncles all the well outside of my Aunt Agnes that I’ve told you about.  (read here if you missed it) My others either lived further away or we didn’t see them a lot.

My kids are on the younger end of the cousins.  There are 22 in all.

The spread between my sister Judy and I is 16 years and there and three boys, Jule, Jay and Jim, are in between.  My kids always enjoy seeing their aunts and uncles and all the cousins.  I love that.  For a long time I had felt a bit like I deprived my kids their cousin experience by moving to Iowa.  Happily, as they’ve gotten older, the cousins have formed more of a bond than ever.  Part of that is due to my brother Jule.

Jule and his wife Wendy are awesome.  For years and years Jule had a band.  My first memories of Jule have been of him playing guitar.  As a kid him and friends would practice out on my mom and dad’s open front porch.  It was so cool to have a big brother that could be in a band.  I was little…Jule is 11 years older than me so when he was 17…I was six.  He would let me play tambourine.  I thought he was a coolest and honestly…still do.

This past weekend Kalissa, Craig, Carver and Karl made a trek to see Uncle Jule, Aunt Wendy and all the cousins.  It’s more fun than ever for them now that they’ve gotten older and the five or more years of age difference between the cousins don’t make as much difference.

Jule is a magnet for anyone who loves music and has done a wonderful job with his tribe of children and grandchildren cultivating them into performers.  He has built a music room in his basement and has tripped it out with all the neatest equipment.  Wendy is regularly posting videos of songs the kids put together and music that they are working on.  I love seeing it all and am so thankful that she posts it on Facebook so I can see it.

Here’s what they were working on over the weekend with some of my family included.

That’s Kalissa singing..Karl is playing bass…Craig on drums…Jule on guitar and Krysta playing guitar too. There are others doing vocals. See why they love going to Uncle Jule’s??

Carver got totally loved on too….See? [Read more...]

My Saturday


Saturday I decided I would try to catch up on blog posts.  I like to have a few done in advance so that there’s not a pressure to have one done.  It really makes blogging a lot easier for me.

It had been a long week and started out by deciding that I would sleep in…Neighbor Girl typically comes over early-like 7 am- so Friday night I left a note on the white board that I mounted on the door between the garage and the house.  It said, “I’m sleeping in.  Come back at 10:00.”  I didn’t know if she’d come but I knew she’d see the note if she did.

Saturday rolled around and I couldn’t sleep in so was awake by 6:30 puttering around upstairs until Ruby wanted outside and then I was downstairs writing blog posts….shortly after 10:00am Neighbor Girl showed up.  Yep, she had been over earlier and saw the note.

She played here while I wrote blog posts.  Before long Hubby came home and someone needed to go get his meds.  I asked Neighbor Girl if she wanted to go.  She did so we messaged mom and that was okay.  Then we messaged Kalissa to see if she wanted to go.  She did so off we went.

We started out at a thrift store…all clothing was 5 pieces for $1.  Yep, I found 6 men’s shirts…Neighbor Girl found two shirts for her too.  From there…next thrift store…more goodies including a table Kalissa found.  I got a few things for childcare and a bracelet.  Neighbor Girl found a couple things too.  She came to my house that morning with zebra print leggings.  We ended up finding a zebra print shirt and a bathrobe too.  She seems to love zebra prints.

Then is was off to eat.  Ede’s Angry Pickle was our destination.


Kalissa and I adore the Fish Chowder there.  It is SO good.


It’s really neat.  They have table cloths but they put a piece of paper over the top of the cloth.  There is a jar with crayons there so you can decorate the paper.  Neighbor Girl had fun with that.  I got a crayon, made a heart and wrote best buddies over the top of the heart and wrote our initials inside the heart.  She got a HUGE smile when she saw that.


Of course Carver got hungry just as we started to eat….  Here’s Kalissa “doing it all”!!


From there we were on to Wal-Mart to do the errands.

We got back into our town and Kalissa asked if I thought Hubby would fix the top of it for her.  There was paint and stuff on it.  I said we could stop and ask.  He came out to the truck and looked at it.  He said yes and she proceeded to carry it into the garage herself.


Then posed on it….Silly Girl.


The table is awesome for what Kalissa needs.  She has to photograph her LuLaroe clothes.  She can layout items on this table without having to put them on the floor.  The height is perfect.


The table was in the garage for only a couple hours and Hubby already had the top off and was working on it.

Neighbor Girl was AWESOME in town.  She didn’t ask for things….wasn’t whiny.  We’ll definitely take her to town again.  She has a great laugh and it’s infectious.  It’s so easy to do the simplest of things to see her smile….the best part, as good as we are to her, she’s just as good to us.

Back at my house she put on all her zebra printed things.  She was SO-SO cute!!

It was a great Saturday….and I didn’t even do a stitch of sewing.