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Carver Does it Again

That little smirk of Carver’s is exactly his personality….

a little mischievous, a little bit daring…but way cute.  He ended up in Urgent Care over the weekend after he fell out of Mom and Dad’s bed and cracked his head open.  UGH.  Poor guy.

It’s tradition at their house to snuggle in Mom and Dad’s bed in the morning on “family days”….on Sunday, he fell off and oh no- banged himself up enough that he need to go to urgent care.  Poor guy.

So off to Urgent Care they went….

Carver was brave, he got three staples and then their family took off to make the best of a not so fun day.

Decorah is beautiful so they went to Dunning Springs….Pretty isn’t it?? Continue reading

Time with the Friedman’s

With Craig working at the farm, things have changed here a lot as to how much I see the boys as well as Kalissa and Craig.  Kalissa ended up hiring someone who is nanny for them a bit.  I close childcare at 5pm so now on the days that Kalissa is working 12 hours day shifts as a nurse in the local ER, the nanny comes and picks up the boys and takes them home.  This is working great for them..and most days it works good for me too.  There are some days that I miss seeing Kalissa and Craig though.  I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it for forever.  I love my grandkids…but I love their parents too.

When Craig had his other job I’d often see him a couple nights a week and he’d have supper here…now I don’t see him nearly as much.  Kalissa had a very busy work week so I’ve not seen her either.

So, Friday night Craig was working late.  They were chopping hay so we decided to have a “pizza party” with Kalissa, the boys and me.  Kalissa and I have both been trying to walk a little more and Carver loves going for a walk so we did that first.  We walked our usual path until we got to the park.  Carver begged to go and compromised with us that he could go for “just a whittle bit”.  Kalissa set her timer for 8 minutes and he was great for that.  When we done, he said, “Me go see Poppa’s Rock”.

So off we went.

Carver is all dirty faced from eating his cookies.

Kalissa took some really nice pictures.  Here is one I adore of Gannon…  Continue reading


A Post from Kalissa:

My two boys have had their fair share of doctors visits and hospital stays in their lifetime. Carver struggled with croup from the time he was 4 months old until he turned about 2. There would be 2 am ER visits and even an overnight stay when he was 7 months old. We’ve visited with a specialist who misdiagnosed and treated him with allergies and asthma. Carver has had a total of three sets of tubes in his ears. The last three ear infections have resulted in a ruptured eardrum with moderate hearing loss noted and residual fluid behind his ear drum even after rounds of strong antibiotics. He is well known at our clinic’s ENT practice.

We are wondering if Carver was having sinus pain and headaches. He would tell us his head hurts and his balance was off, he would cough throughout the night, constantly had a runny nose, and he was so whiny and just acted like he was overtired before the most recent surgery. He would cry and cry over the silliest things.

I had read up on sleep apnea in children and had a hunch maybe Carver was struggling with that. Most recently, our ENT suggested he get a third set of tubes with possible removal of his adenoids. I figured – it’s just adenoids – might as well take them out! And they did.

When they took them out they put him on ANOTHER two weeks of antibiotics because it appeared that carver has chronic sinus infections as well. After the surgery Carver had a really hard time waking up from anesthesia – he was crying and crying, he threw up on the way home, he wouldn’t swallow his spit, he ended up with horrible horrible smelling breath and was in the ER one morning with a fever and vomiting up drainage. Not to mention he was HORRIBLY cranky for about 10 days after surgery.

That was also right around the time dad’s cancer was progressing as well. However…

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Taking a Walk through the Eyes of a Toddler

A post from Kelli–

Before dad got sick, we always joked about me being on maternity leave and my great dislike of being at home for days by myself.  Obviously I would have the baby with me, but we all know that about 3 days at home is my max before I pack up and head to mom and dad’s.  Everyone was taking bets on how long it would be before mom or dad would have to sit me down and have a talk with me about how they were happy to have me over occasionally, but I needed to go home occasionally.

A few months down the road, and they haven’t had to have that talk.  With dad being sick, I’ve spent lots of time at home helping with childcare and such.  There are drawbacks of course, but there are some amazing perks!  Since mom and dad live in town, our evening activity often involves talking to Kalissa and going on a little walk.  She has a stroller that Carver can both sit on and stand on, but it also has a spot for Gannon’s carseat to snap into.  I have a stroller for Georgia, and then mom usually has the dogs on a leash.

Here’s Georgia all snuggled in her carseat that snaps in so easily.  I know that kiddos aren’t supposed to wear big bulky snow suits but I just use it for when we go on walks to keep her nice and snuggle warm–Shout out to Lora who passed it on from little Miss Lucy!

It is so fun to see all of the things as Caver sees them!

It’s hard to see it in the picture, but there were a bunch of little blue flowers that were growing on the side of one of the roads that we often walk on.  We also talked about squirrles and animals we saw on the way….the sprayer at the coop…the water in the river….how Kalissa’s friend Regan played with him at the playground a while ago….

Things that I don’t even think about are entralling to him and it is so incredibly fun to see!

On this particular night, Kalissa had to teach clinicals the next morning and Craig was away for work.  I offered to take Carver for the night so that Kalissa wouldn’t have to wake him up really early in the morning to take him to Mom’s.  We dropped Kalissa and Gannon off at their house and Carver walked back to Mom’s with me, Georgia, and the dogs.

We were walking along and he just started yelling about how he saw S as one of the little girls at childcare’s name starts with S!  We then had to go through all of the letters on the stop sign and talk about who’s name it was for.  It was just hilarious and super cute how he was so excited!

Little moments like this are the things that have made the past few months more bearable!