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Carver and Gannon Update

Here’s an update on Carver and Gannon and Kramer…

The biopsy was done today.  We’ll get results Tuesday or Wednesday.   Patience is something we are all working on.   Kramer had a good day…likely the best he’s had in a couple weeks.

Now for a story from Kalissa, she writes:

You may have read Mom’s post yesterday that Carver started crying when he saw a picture of Gannon with all the tubes and wires and tape. That just broke my heart when I heard that.

Today I picked Carver up from Grandma Debbie. I flew his door open and the FIRST thing he said to me was “Baby Gannon?” 😭😭He just ADORES his brother. He asked the whole way home when he could see baby Gannon. Here I was all upset because I’m sure he misses his mom and dad but he just really misses his brother.

I told Carver that Gannon was so silly he put tape on his nose! Carver laughed and laughed and said “Silly Gannon!” I told him he was even sillier for putting a sock on his hand! (to cover the IV). Carver brought it up lots of times and said “Silly Gannon!!”

Tonight we video chatted with Craig and Gannon and my Aunt Wendy and cousin Carly who were keeping Craig company at the hospital. Carver saw the tape and the sock and the tubes and wires and he just laughed and said “Silly Gannon!” And then he took his own socks off to put on his hand and went and got a sticker from my mom’s sticker drawer for his nose so he could be just like Gannon


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Funnies from the Friedman’s

Here are a couple funny things that happened recently from the Friedman’s house….that’s our daughter Kalissa’s family.

On Saturday they went up to pick up the meat they ordered from the meat locker in the town north of us.  The roads weren’t the best as it was raining and mixing with snow.  But..they needed to get the meat.

Kalissa had Carver with and she took him into the store with her.  On her way out of the locker, Carver slipped and fell into a puddle.  His pants were soaked.  Immediately Kalissa started laughing…Carver did too.  Kalissa ended up having to take his pants off of him as they were that wet.  He’s been potty trained since around Halloween time so she doesn’t bring a diaper bag with anymore so she wrapped a blanket around his legs while he was in his carseat and headed home.  Carver continued to laugh and laugh about his wet pants and “naked” legs.

Kalissa carried him into the house and Carver (who now will hide and won’t let us take his picture) said to Kalissa, “Picture- Grandma Joey”.

So this picture came to me…then Kalissa had to tell me the story.  I saw him later in the day and I asked him about his fall in the water and he was laughing all over again.  He likes to be funny.  I am sure we have a class clown on our hands.

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Weekend with the Kramers

We had quite the weekend around here….

Kayla was here Friday and left in the early morning of Saturday.  She got in some good family time before she left.

She needed an auntie picture with Georgia. Aww.  Sweet.

(Notice the pictures in the background?  Kayla deboned shirts for me!!!  I love her!!)

Friday night was fajita night.  Notice each of the girls have a planner.  We’re trying to find days for baby showers and family day…and every other thing.  Oh my.

While we were doing that, a little cousin love was happening.  Aren’t they cute??

Georgia on the left….Gannon on the right.

Kelli got a taste of what twins would be like….um, she’s happy with one!

Carver couldn’t be left out…  He had to learn all about Kelli’s “tiny baby”.

That happened on Friday night….

Neighbor Girl was here Friday through Sunday….On Saturday we had the house to ourselves.  We got groceries in the morning and went thrifting.  In the afternoon we made it to the sewing room.  Here she is working on a craft.

Saturday we have raing and then more snow.  We had tickets to go to a local fundraiser breakfast but ended up staying home and not risking the roads.  Kalissa and her family had planned on going but they also weren’t excited about the roads so they came to our house (6 blocks away)  I made breakfast…French toast, bacon and eggs.

It was so sweet….Kalissa passed Gannon on to me and cleaned up the kitchen.  I feel like I finally got some time with him.  I needed that.

Later Kelli called us in a video chat.  Carver wanted to see Jason, the cows, Puppycat and Georgia.  Kelli, of course, obliged.

Grandpa even got in the action….
They ended up staying all day which is fine as it prompted me to make a decent supper too…homemade PIZZA!!  This one was Philly Cheese Steak.  YUM!!

I made another…that was meat lovers with mushrooms.

I didn’t get much done at all the entire day….except this…I took a nap!!  I consider that a great accomplishment.  It was my job to take Carver up for a nap so I read a few books to him and laid there for minute and the next thing I knew, an hour later, I woke up.  I never, ever, ever, take a nap.  If I’m sick (really sick) I nap.  That’s it.  We tried to think of the last nap I took and we decided aside from being sick or having surgery it was likely 20 years ago.  As Kramer said, “She must have needed it!”

I think that’s the least I’ve ever accomplished in a day…and amazingly, I feel great about it.  We had a really, really fun few days.

Meeting Georgia Grace

Well the day was a little crazy yesterday.  Kramer had his set back episode at the doctor’s…I had the childcare kids and Carver.  Kalissa had Gannon and was taking care of Kramer.  Kelli was at the hospital with new baby Georgia Grace.

Well the stars aligned and I was able to get to the hospital to see Kelli.  I had Carver with me.  Kalissa and Kramer stopped on their way through when driving home.

We knew Kramer wasn’t feeling the best so it was a quick stop.  Only long enough for a photo op.

Sadly we were only there for about 15 minutes.  I would have loved to sit and have a long mother daughter talk with Kelli but that time will come.

Georgia Grace is a sweetie.  She’s petite and perfect.  Here’s Kalissa with her.

We quick snapped a picture with both of the new babies.  Gannon is on the left and Georgia on the right.  I thought Gannon had a lot of hair.  Oh my Georgia has him beat.

Here’s their first cousin picture.  Bahahaha.  I’m sure there will be many more to come.  I thought Gannon was tiny.  Georgia is even tinier.

I am happy that one is a boy and one a girl.  We get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

…and the picture I MOST wanted….  My girls and their babies.

I am so eager for a day to come where I can just sit in the rocking chair and focus all of my energy on enjoying them…not thinking about Kramer…a day will come that I’ll be able to do that.  As I write this, one is a day old-one is a week old and I already feel like I need to do a little catching up with them.

This guy however….no catching up.

I’ve had this cheese ball LOTS lately and it’s been really good for me.

So that’s the latest on the grandpa and grandma front.  How fun!!