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PET Scan Adventure

Thursday was PET scan day for me.  Remember the insurance preauthorization thing that was going to take until October 2nd.  Well the clinic called me the next day and said I was approved.  This is one of the many reasons it’s important to advocate for yourself.  If I hadn’t I would be waiting until then for this to get moving along.  In reality, it was approved in less than 24 hours.

The family has been juggling schedules to try to help out but with one member of the team, Kramer, gone, it’s a little bit harder.  Kelli ended up finishing up childcare and I went to my appointment myself.

I seem to take a bit of Kramer with me though…checking crops.  Yep, the soybeans are turning color.  They are heading towards getting ready for harvest.

The good news is that I’ve been through all of this a time or two myself..and a time or two with Kramer so the scary part of this go around  isn’t as scary.  I at least know what to expect.  It is pretty sad though.  I find myself saying…”the last time I was here was with Kramer” or “Ugh, back to the East building (which is the cancer center)”.  I’m doing it though and trying really hard to do it with as much grace as possible.

I had a 1:15 appointment and went back right away.  If you haven’t had a PET scan, it’s kind of a weird thing.  They inject a sugary substance into your vein and then you have have to lay in a recliner in a dark room for an hour.  Then you get the scan.  The stress while you’re laying there to relax and let the stuff they injected to work it’s way around your body.  It’s not easy to “relax” with thoughts of cancer running through your head.  Trust me.  This is my third PET scan.

Once you get to the machine they lay you down, then strap you down.  They pack you tight.  It almost feels like you’re a mummy.  A strap goes around your belly and around your feet.  Then in the machine, which is like a tunnel, you go.  After I was in the machine for about a half hour, I was out and on my way.

If you’re ever going for one, a word to the wise is wear elastic waist pants or you might end up laying in the machine with your pants at your knees.  That also was the strangest feeling.

After the scan I headed towards home.  You might remember this is just under a 2 hour drive.  I knew the drive home might be interesting as we were predicted to have strong storms in the afternoon.  There was suppose to be torrential rain.

For the PET scan I had to eat a high protein low carb diet the day before and then no food for six hours before the test.  So I was up at 6am and ate something so by the time the test was over, I was hungry and needed gas so I stopped.  I went in my purse to get my debit card and look what I found…. Continue reading

Carver Does it Again

That little smirk of Carver’s is exactly his personality….

a little mischievous, a little bit daring…but way cute.  He ended up in Urgent Care over the weekend after he fell out of Mom and Dad’s bed and cracked his head open.  UGH.  Poor guy.

It’s tradition at their house to snuggle in Mom and Dad’s bed in the morning on “family days”….on Sunday, he fell off and oh no- banged himself up enough that he need to go to urgent care.  Poor guy.

So off to Urgent Care they went….

Carver was brave, he got three staples and then their family took off to make the best of a not so fun day.

Decorah is beautiful so they went to Dunning Springs….Pretty isn’t it?? Continue reading

Oh Happy Adoption Day!!

I had Thursday off this week…It was a special day that our family will always remember.  It’s the day Scotty legally became part of our family.  I almost wrote “officially” rather than legally but that’s not true.  Scotty became part of our family the moment we met him.  Oh..I love that little guy!!

Our family met Scotty when he was around 18 months old.  We had heard lots and lots about him from the time Lora and Buck were dating but they were doing the right thing and took it slow so not to meet us until Buck and Lora were pretty committed…in fact, they had dated a while before Buck even met Scotty.

We loved all the stories Buck would tell about Scotty…we took them all in and got to know him through those stories before we even met him.

Well Thursday was adoption day for both Lora and Buck.

Scotty’s mom died shortly after he was born.  Lora and her family have had Scotty since.  Being Lora was officially adopting Scotty, Buck asked if he could too.

To say Buck was excited is really an understatement.

He loves that boy so much.

I’m so proud of Buck.  I never thought for a moment that Buck would not step up but seeing it happen makes a momma pretty proud of him.

All of the girls came with to the adoption.  We kept telling Carver it was a party day for Scotty.  Poor Carver was so confused.  He said, “My birthday next.”  We tried to explain that there were other kinds of parties that aren’t birthdays!!

So when he asked to do what Scotty was, I hoisted him up on my head. He wanted part of the fun too.

I wanted a “legal” grandma and grandkids picture (I’ve had other pictures with them)…here it is… Continue reading

It’s that Time, AGAIN!

I’ve had my three month reprieve.  It’s time to head back to Lacrosse and get my cancer rechecks.

Gundersen La Crosse Campus

It amazes me how easy it is for me to slip into life as I live it and completely ignore that I had cancer or that it’s trying to sneak back into my life.

If you’ve been a reader since December of 2015, you know that I’ve had thyroid cancer.  Mine was initially found during a routine annual physical.  I had absolutely nothing going on in my life that would have lead anyone to believe that I would have it.  The nurse practitioner who I see was feeling along my throat and felt it was enlarged in that area so she sent me on to have an ultrasound….and so it went to the removal of my thyroid and then I had Radioactive Iodine Treatment.

From there I thought I was good…but slowly we’re afraid it’s creeping back.  Well, I have a blood test done that’s called a Thyroglobulin Tumor Marker.  My number is supposed to stay below 2…but it hasn’t.  If the number goes above 2, then it’s a sign that the cancer is returning and I’ll have to go through treatment again.  They can’t treat me unless they find where the cancer is so…we look.  That has meant PET scan and full body scan and chest CT scans.  To date, we have found nothing.  So they have moved me up to a three month check rather than every six months.

It between testing…I live a normal life.  I honestly can even forget all about it…but then an appointment reminder comes up and there I am back wondering what life is going to throw my way.

The last time I did this series of testing it was the beginning of May.  Kramer was in the hospital.  He was so worried both of us would be in the middle of treatment.  I didn’t know how…but somehow either way, I knew we’d figure it out.  We always figured things out.  I’ll never forget the joy on his face when I told him my scan came back clear.  At the time, my only prayer was that if it was going to come back, that it could wait until Kramer got better…well we know how that played out.  Kramer didn’t get better and passed away in early June.

So Thursday I was in the clinic and had the blood draw.  Monday I go back to Lacrosse.  I had a chest CT and then I talk to my doctor about what’s next.  They have started doing a chest CT because if thyroid cancer spreads, the lungs is the usual place it goes….So say a prayer, cross your fingers or send a happy thought my way.  I could use one.

My kiddos are a little upset that I’m going myself.  I told them and told them that I’ve been doing this so long that I now know what to expect.  The only thing that has happened for me as of late is being told we don’t need to worry…and frankly, I think I could handle that.  Whatever they decided to do with me, I’ve already done so I’m okay to go alone.  Kelli is doing childcare and Kalissa…well Kalissa was going to go with me but she has somewhere more important she has to be.

….remember Gannon’s belly issues???  Yep that happened this spring too and with that, we never really found out any answers.

For those of you who need an update on that…here it is…. Continue reading