What a Day..babies, quilt shops and McDonalds…oh my!


Saturday was the best day!  It’s the best day that I’ve had in a LONG time!!

I hadn’t felt the greatest on Friday and had been a little worried I was getting the flu.  It ran through childcare last week and to date, I haven’t had it yet.  I did have a bit of a stomach ache but honestly, I likely did that to myself.  I get paranoid that I’m going to get it and then I think I psych myself into getting a stomach ache.  UGH.  I started doing a few things around the house “in case I go the flu”.

Then I got a message that our son Buck and Lora were at the hospital to have the baby!  The second my phone made any noise I was jumping up and running….I was so anxious.

That’s when I decided to go to town.  I needed groceries and meds.  I figured I better do it now while I wasn’t sick (just in case I got sick)  UGH.  Well on my way to town my phone dinged and I decided to pull over and read the message.

BABY GIRL!!  They had decided not to find out so we were all anxious to know.


A few minutes later we got another message…  8lbs 4oz 20″ Lucille Louise Elizabeth Kramer.  A little while later one of our girls asked Buck what they were going to call her…Lucy?  Lucille?  Buck wrote back..”Lumber Lucy, fastest framer this side of the Mississippi”.  Oh my, poor girl.  Her dad will have her swinging a hammer before she’s one!!

It was so cute.  She’ll like be Lucy.  There is something awesome about seeing your husband be a father.  About the only thing that tops it is seeing your son be a dad!

I’m guessing you want to see a picture….Here she is. [Read more...]

Saturday-Wedding Day and More


Saturday was the day we had the wedding that I made the Texas Tumbleweeds quilt for.  Kelli had the whole day off, Hubby and Jason didn’t.  We opted to miss the ceremony and got to the reception.  We’d have like to go to the wedding but we have a quilt that needs to be shipped out for publication and needs to be there the first of November.  I’d really like to get it there soon but that can’t happen if it’s not sewn.

I had been casually sewing on it over the last week or so but haven’t sat down and did any “hard” sewing.  Kelli came and cut out the rest of the quilt.


While she did that, I sat down and started power sewing.  The quilt only needs 25 blocks but they are bigger blocks…but easy to sew.  In no time I had the “dark” blocks done…then a helper stopped by…but he wasn’t much help.  Carver got to see the upstairs of Grandma’s house.  He was pretty fascinated with it all.


Hubby got done with work so it was time to head out to the wedding.  We were there only a few minutes and the mother of the bride stopped me and told me about a problem they had.  The sister of the bride who was a bride’s maid had a little wardrobe malfunction.  The zipper of her dress completely gave out.  It was awful.  They had rounded up a bunch of safety pins but it looked bad and was very uncomfortable.  She asked if we could fix it.  I didn’t quite know what she meant as initially I thought she meant put in a new zipper…she said- no, just sew her into the dress.  That sounded do-able so Kelli and I took off to my house to get needles and thread.

Once back we found the sister.  Kelli started unpinning all of the safety pins and I threaded needles.  Kelli started sewing from the top down and I started from the bottom up.  She wasn’t picky and it was okay if the thread was visible…she was just going for comfort at this point.  Pictures were over and the lights at the reception were dimming.


It was a very unusual happening.  I’m so happy we were there and could help out.

Kelli and Jason don’t get out very often so I snapped a picture…..


Hubby never allows us to get out picture taken but I asked…and he said yes.  I took advantage.


It was a fun Saturday….fun wedding and great to have have a chance to spend time with the family and friends.

I ended up early Sunday morning and managed to get the center of the quilt top sewn together.  Now borders, quilting and binding.  I sure am glad we managed the big push.  It makes me feel a lot better about the deadline.

Karl and Houston


Many of you have been following the saga of our son Karl’s student teaching stint in Houston, TX.  Well  he arrived there around the 13th of August.  He started going to teacher orientation and setting up the classroom on the 14th.  On the 24th they had open house and kids came and met their teachers.  They announced that there would be no school on Monday the 28th and the teachers didn’t have to be at school on Friday the 25th.

We had been watching the weather all along….We’re Iowa people.  We were born in Minnesota and moved to Iowa.  We don’t know a thing about hurricanes.  We talked back and forth with Karl.  We didn’t know what to do.  Right now he’s living with friends but wants to be careful not of over stay his welcome or be taxing on them.  When I went to sleep late on Thursday the 24th, the plan was to access the situation and make a decision in the morning.  All I could think about was the people in the Astrodome after Katrina.  I didn’t want that for Karl.  I didn’t know where he could go except out of Texas.  I had a couple blog readers write to me and say if Karl needs help when he’s down here let us know.  In the back of my mind, I thought if nothing else, I’ll ask a blog reader to house him for a day or two until the storm either happens or blows over.

Friday morning I woke to a text from Karl that said, “I left Houston.  I’m on the way to Dallas.  Can you find me a place to stay?”  WHAT?  I thought we were waiting a bit.  I was up and scrambling trying to figure out what to do.  Then I remembered that Cheryl, the blog reader that does all the charity quilts for House of Hope in Florida is in Texas.  Although our relationship is over the internet, I decided to take a chance and ask Cheryl.  I sent out an email and quick wrote a blog post in case things didn’t work with Cheryl.  She could have been out of town or not up to it.  I wanted to have my bases covered just in case.

A short bit later, Cheryl got back to me and all things were a go.  The plan was that Karl would stay for two nights and then decide what to do.  If the hurricane was indeed a problem, he would come home.  If it wasn’t, he’d go back to Houston.  Well, you all know what happened.  Harvey hit.


Cheryl was so sweet to Karl.  She did some good old fashion cooking for him which Karl loved.  I can’t thank her and all of you who offered help enough.  It’s so great to know that our family has friends near and far…some we just haven’t met yet.  THANKS SO MUCH from Hubby, Karl and me!!

Sunday, Karl made the LONG drive towards home.  He didn’t want to spend the money on a hotel so he drove from Dallas to about an hour from Des Moines where his girlfriend’s mom lives.  He made it in at about 3am.  He slept there and then made the last trek home to our house in Waucoma.

Karl was a real trooper.  He helped with childcare and tackled many of the extra jobs around here.  He even had some sewing time with me.


Well when Thursday rolled around Karl got word that school would be cancelled for another week.  Okay.  Now he will have missed TWO weeks of student teaching.  Would that be okay with his college?  Would he teach enough to still be credited for student teaching.  Friday he got word that if he was volunteering and logging that work, it would be counted towards teaching hours.

I had already started working on some charity quilts for him to take to Texas, this put us in hyper drive.  Karl started sewing and doing more jobs around the house so I was free to machine quilt.   I didn’t spend a lot of time picking and choosing what to quilt.  If it was on the pile and we had a quick back, that was the quilt I did.

This disappearing four patch made by Diane Vaclavick in Sweeney, TX was a joy to work on.  The colors were awesome and will be perfect for anyone….young, old, male or female.  It’s really the perfect type of donation quilt.  It is twin sized.


I worked up to the very last second and had only minutes to photograph these before he left.  I had wanted to take a picture of the quilt close up.  The cream backgrounds are not all the same.  Diane must have wanted to use up her muslin and cream scraps.  It is barely noticeable.  She did an awesome job on the quilt!!

The backing was quick but okay.  I had two pieces of fabric that coordinated.  I simply sewed them together!  No frills but very functional.


I used a cream thread on top and a brown on the back.  I found a nice gold for the binding that looked wonderful with the top.

Typically I don’t bind charity quilts anymore.  I send them off to volunteer binders and they send the quilt on to the charity of their choice.  In this case, I bound them.  I wanted Karl to be able to take them with him when he went.  By me binding them, he could and we could save lots of money in postage.

Next up is another quilt from Diane.  This one is a simple baby quilt.  See? [Read more...]

Family Picnic


Every month I team up with U.S. Cellular and share a little about my Samsung Galaxy S8 Smart Phone. This is one of those posts.

Each year my extended family gets together in August for a family picnic.  I love going and actually always look forward to it.  Each year we go to the same location, Pilot Knob State Park.  It’s near Forest City.  Long ago when part of the cousins lived in Iowa and park in Minnesota, it was deemed the “central location”.  It still is for the majority.  Of course we’ve had some move off to other states but for the majority, it’s not a bad drive.

This was Carver’s first time coming.  He got to see his aunts, uncles and so many more.

Pilot Knob-

My kids love seeing their cousins.

Pilot Knob-1

I enjoy seeing mine too.

Pilot Knob-2

The people I go most to see though are my Aunt Agnes and my Aunt Betty.  They are the two left from the oldest generation.

Pilot Knob-3

It’s fun to see my cousins kids growing up….and even their kid’s kids growing up.

Pilot Knob-4

Pilot Knob-5

Pilot Knob-7

The highlight this year for me was when my cousin John brought a box of family memorabilia.  Much of it hasn’t seen daylight for years….pictures of my grandparents and some of my dad when he was a kid.

Pilot Knob-8

I didn’t go on the trip to the tower this year…typically I’ve relegated myself to the older generation that stays off the trails and simply visits with each other.  Kalissa and my sister in law Wendy made the trek.

Pilot Knob-9

So did Carver.

Pilot Knob-10

He loved the wind!

Pilot Knob-11

Isn’t this the cutest picture ever?? [Read more...]