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Saturday at the Amish

Kalissa and I took the boys and headed south on Saturday.  Near Oelwein and Hazelton there is an Amish settlement that we enjoy shopping at.  The main call is often going to the bakeries and the bent and dent grocery stores.

They have discounted groceries at the grocery store.  There is no guessing what they have there on what days.  They often have overstock groceries or a couple cans in a case have dents so the company gets rid of the whole case.  We try to go every other month or so as the groceries are super cheap…for example I bought a case of Ritz crackers for $12.  There were 12 boxes in the case.  I go through TONS of crackers with babies and kids so they were perfect for me to buy.

Look what I found at the grocery store….Aren’t they beautiful???  I love them.

I ended up picking up a few thinking I’ll gift them to friends.

These are two are just under 20″.
The block below is 12″.
This one is really big at 28″.  I thought they were reasonably priced.  The one below I’m keeping for me.  It was $50 but the others were less.

This one is going in my kitchen I think.  I hung it there for now anyway.  These would sell for WAY more if they were in an craft/gift store.

After groceries we ended up stopping at a furniture shop.  They have other things besides furniture.  I bought the boys a fold up wooden fence to play with their farm animals.  I also bought this for Karl.

It’s a Garlic Peeler.  Oh my word.  We tried it at home and it is a game changer.  It peels fresh garlic with no effort at all.  HERE is an Amazon link if you want to check it out.  Karl, the king of garlic, LOVES it.

The store we went to is Helmuth’s.  Their furniture was incredible.  In the main store there is wonderful dining sets, bedroom sets, rockers…oh my.  In the back room there is fun stuff like this rocking horse Carver tried out.

…and this rocking race car Gannon tried.

Carver loved this…it’s a dinosaur.  You put a coin in its mouth.  The coin goes down the curving path….

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“Twilting” with Carver

I’m enjoying my day off today.  Carver came over for a visit so Kalissa could run Gannon back to the doctor for a check.  I thought I would do a little video and show you how I quilt with him around.  Here is a Youtube link in case you have trouble seeing the video in the post.

Rosie got into the fun and it turned out more silly than informative…but I thought the video might brighten your day.

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My Whirlwind Weekend

I had a really busy weekend Saturday was post office, tax day, errand day, company day and party day all rolled into one.

I was up early and got packages ready for the mail.  Our little post office is open Saturday mornings from 8 to 8:45am.  That’s when I try to get there if possible.  That way I can go on my own and don’t have to depend on the kids to help me get packages there.  The kids are helpful but as always, I hate asking.

It turns out just as I had the packages ready Karl said he was leaving.  He had plans to visit friends in Minneapolis and to see a play.  He said, “Do you need anything before I go?”  I mentioned he could do my post office run and he did.  YAHOO!!

From there is was up to Cresco for my tax appointment.  That was about as fun as I expected.  To be honest, I wasn’t really impressed with them….We’ll see how everything pans out once I get the returns back.  I think I saw just an assistant and she told me several times, “I really do have to do a lot of input for your account.”  She really didn’t seem excited or happy to have my business but who knows…it might all end up fine.

From there off to get groceries.  Kalissa had a list for me to pick up too.  We were having Georgia’s and Gannon’s parties together on Sunday and Kalissa needed food for the guests.  I hadn’t been to the grocery store for a long time so $366 later, I was finally out of there.

On my way out of town I drove past the cell phone store.  I had cracked my screen some time ago…back in October I think.  I knew I needed a new phone.  As I was driving by the parking lot was empty so I turned in and got myself a new phone.

I was getting towards 3:30 by the time I pulled into town.  I dropped groceries off at Kalissa’s and then home to find Buck and kids had made their way to my house.  YAHOO!

I was so worried how Lucy would deal with Rosie.  I’ll be honest, Rosie is still what we all politely say is, “a bit too much”.  She is.  She isn’t the best with kids yet.  Lucy though…LOVED Rosie.  I was so happy.  Rosie was a even a little rough from time to time but Lucy didn’t mind or care.  Here was an action shot I got…Rosie jumped up on the chair and Lucy tumbled back in the recliner.  It didn’t phase Lucy a bit.  She was pretty rough and tumble with Rosie…and Rosie loved it.

Here’s a picture I snapped of Georgia, Lucy and Rosie looking out the door.  So sweet.  Lucy turned two in December and is a big girl.  Georgia turns one in about a week and is petite.

Buck helped me carry in groceries and then I started scrambling.  The firemen were having their Christmas Party…a winter get together really, at the chief’s house.  It was potluck and I needed to make food.

You all know the firemen were so good to Kramer and I when he was sick.  Those same guys have continued to be good to me.  I still got an invitation to the party, even though Kramer passed away in June.  It was so nice.  Buck used to be on the fire department so I took him and the kids with.  Seriously…I had a great time…we all did.  I don’t know what it is but the firemen and their wives create a real safe place for me.  I think it’s because many of them were with us all along the way of Kramer’s illness being as helpful as they could. I truly love this group.

Sunday was a joint birthday party for Gannon and Georgia.

You all don’t see pictures of Kelli’s husband Jason much.  I thought I’d add this series of pictures…. Continue reading

The Little Doggie Dress

Look what I picked up for Georgia at the thrift store….I’m in love with the little scotty dogs.Georgia is such a dog lover.

She adores Rosie.  Some of the big kids are afraid and squeal over Rosie.  Not Georgia.  She is like a magnet to Rosie….

She totally loves Puppycat.  Kelli says that when Puppycat walks around the house, Georgia crawls around after her.  I’m so glad Puppycat is a gently soul.  She seems to love Georgia too.

So…the dress with dogs seemed so appropriate….more than that, I reminded me a dress I wore as a little girl.  It was my favorite dress.

Here’s a picture of me in the dress with my dog Nippy. Continue reading