A Visit from Kayla


We had a visit from Kayla this weekend.  Our whole family had been a little nervous about my test results and she wanted to be here to either celebrate the good news or be here to take in the bad news.  Thankfully the news was all good.  That made the visit so much better.

We ended up all going out to eat and I celebrated with a Bloody Mary from the Fort in Fort Atkinson.

I love them from there!!  I was the happiest girl…good news, family, drinks and supper out!!

From there it was home time and hanging out with Kayla before bed.  Hubby caught a nasty cold so he went to bed early.

The next day, Kayla and I were really wishy-washy on plans.  We thought to go thrifting…we thought to go to an auction and also thought to make pies.  The auction won out and from the auction we decided to visit the Amish and buy the pies.  Sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do.  In the middle of all the shopping, Kayla got a call from her husband Spencer asking when she planned on coming.  When she said her plans he reminded her that they had company coming…Kayla had forgot so back to my house we went, got her car loaded and she was on her way home.

Hubby and I started chatting deciding what we were going to do with our days when the home phone rang.  I hate our home phone.  The only people who call it are telemarketers.  I picked it up and am so glad I did.  I was Kayla.  I could tell she was trying really hard not to cry.  She said “Mom, I’m ok.  I hit a herd of deer with my car.  I need you to help me.”  She also told me the location.

Well…panic hit me.  I ran to the garage-told Hubby then ran back into the house and grabbed my phone.  I know that often when people say they are “ok”, they often are hurt….I was worried.  Although Hubby is an EMT, I wanted him to have help in case Kayla was hurt so I called Kalissa and Craig and told them to come too.

It was about a four mile drive to where she was.  My mind kept racing…my heart too.  Was she okay?  Was she hurt?  She needed me and I wasn’t there.

As we got close, we could see a dead deer on one side of the road and injured deer in the other ditch.  It looked like it probably would be a bad accident if two deer were taken out.

We pulled into the yard where Kayla was… [Read more...]

Carver Update


I told you earlier that a nasty sickness ran through the childcare.  Finally after two weeks when it first started, almost all of my kiddos are here at childcare.  That doesn’t mean that they are all completely healthy.  It just means they are here….runny noses and coughs are still here.

My hold out that isn’t here is Carver.  This was Carver last night.  He was completely miserable.


Earlier in the day he had gone to the doctor.  He was also in urgent care on Sunday.  This trip he had gotten a nebulizer treatment and then sent home.  He was worse than before he went.

That evening Kalissa was working.  Craig had a fireman training.  Hubby and I did what we could to make him comfortable.  We timed it and he couldn’t go a minute without coughing.  It was miserable.  We were constantly asking should we take him back in.  One minute we’d be ready to leave and the next  we’d say no stay home.


I was nervous to send him home with Craig for the night.  Craig is an awesome Dad but a heavy sleeper and Kalissa wouldn’t be home until 2am when her shift was over.

Craig came and he decided that he was going to take him in to the ER.  It’s good he made that decision.  They ended up admitting him and keeping him overnight at the hospital.  It’s all breathing related.  He’s had some meds and is coming home this afternoon.  He does have an ear infection too.  I was hoping he wouldn’t be an ear infection kid but he just might.


Here’s a picture of him from the hospital.  They are getting him ready to go home.  Kalissa wanted me to see what his shirt said.  I love it….I am a rocking grandma so it’s perfect.

I’m glad he’s on the mend.  Unfortunately, I think I’m heading down the same road….there is something “wrong” with my throat.  I have a short little dry cough and I’m starting a runny nose.  UGH.  I was bound to get it….all the kids here have had it.  Yesterday I was feeding Carver in the rocking chair.  He was coughing.  There was a kid on each of the arm rests and both of them were coughing.  Three coughing mouths within 12″ of my face…ugh.

I have next week off for medical testing related to my thyroid cancer.  This sickness shouldn’t mess up that.  My hope is that I can make it through the next couple days of care and be well by the time kiddos come back on the 17th.

Kids can be so scary when they are sick…I’m so happy Carver is on the mend.

Family Time


I have great family.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate them.  My brothers and my sister have been great to my kids and for me, that means so much.  Growing up I didn’t know my aunts and uncles all the well outside of my Aunt Agnes that I’ve told you about.  (read here if you missed it) My others either lived further away or we didn’t see them a lot.

My kids are on the younger end of the cousins.  There are 22 in all.

The spread between my sister Judy and I is 16 years and there and three boys, Jule, Jay and Jim, are in between.  My kids always enjoy seeing their aunts and uncles and all the cousins.  I love that.  For a long time I had felt a bit like I deprived my kids their cousin experience by moving to Iowa.  Happily, as they’ve gotten older, the cousins have formed more of a bond than ever.  Part of that is due to my brother Jule.

Jule and his wife Wendy are awesome.  For years and years Jule had a band.  My first memories of Jule have been of him playing guitar.  As a kid him and friends would practice out on my mom and dad’s open front porch.  It was so cool to have a big brother that could be in a band.  I was little…Jule is 11 years older than me so when he was 17…I was six.  He would let me play tambourine.  I thought he was a coolest and honestly…still do.

This past weekend Kalissa, Craig, Carver and Karl made a trek to see Uncle Jule, Aunt Wendy and all the cousins.  It’s more fun than ever for them now that they’ve gotten older and the five or more years of age difference between the cousins don’t make as much difference.

Jule is a magnet for anyone who loves music and has done a wonderful job with his tribe of children and grandchildren cultivating them into performers.  He has built a music room in his basement and has tripped it out with all the neatest equipment.  Wendy is regularly posting videos of songs the kids put together and music that they are working on.  I love seeing it all and am so thankful that she posts it on Facebook so I can see it.

Here’s what they were working on over the weekend with some of my family included.

That’s Kalissa singing..Karl is playing bass…Craig on drums…Jule on guitar and Krysta playing guitar too. There are others doing vocals. See why they love going to Uncle Jule’s??

Carver got totally loved on too….See? [Read more...]

Fireman’s Breakfast


Sunday was the day for the Firemen’s Breakfast.  It’s an annual thing here.  Every first Sunday in March, no matter what, is the date.  We’ve been a part of it all for years.  Originally I started helping out in the kitchen often doing dishes or whatever needed to be done.  Later when Hubby became the treasurer we started sitting at the door and taking money.  We’ve been doing that for MANY years now.  I enjoy it.

This year I was so busy setting up and working that I forgot to take pictures until the end…the very end.  So this is what it looks like after all the people leave and it’s just clean up time.  All the raffle prizes had been selected and it was time to start finding firemen to deliver them.


There used to be a crew of firemen who delivered all the items but now it’s more of a “who is on your way home that won a prize” delivery system.  They all get delivered and it works out pretty good.

Kalissa had worked the overnight shift on Saturday night and with Craig, Hubby and I all working there was no one for Carver…OOPS.  That’s a lie.  Carver was not lacking for attention at all.  Many of the firemen, wives and kids all took turns making him laugh.  Kelli came a little later and took care of him full time.


One thing I have always loved about the men of the fire department and their families is that when together, they are all one big family.  Everyone is patient and respectful of the kids.  They find jobs so the kids can feel included and part of the force too.

Many of the kids spent time today bussing tables and pouring drinks…then stayed for clean up too.  These same kids have been doing this for a couple years….in fact, our own kids did that as they were growing up.  I think this helped them be willing to volunteer as they have gotten older.


Working at the firemen’s breakfast is one thing they looked forward to growing up.  They learned to volunteer and be part of a bigger thing than themselves.  What a valuable lesson!  I am so happy that Carver is going to get a chance to be a part of that too.


I am so thankful that Hubby is a part of this family of firemen.  Being a part of this bunch is one of the things I treasure.  This is one of the many benefits of living in a small town.

Anyway…it was a fun day….lots of work but a fun day.

Before I go I wanted to show you this…  One of our firemen painted this.  You can’t tell from the picture but this is a mural.  I’m guessing it might be 8′ x 8′.  It’s really neat.


That’s our fire station and our water tower.  It’s was really stunning.  Usually it’s on display at the fire station.  For the benefit they brought it out for all to see.

That wraps up the 2017 breakfast.  We had a marvelous turn out and were happy to have great weather for the day too.