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When I was a kid, I was completely and totally freaked out by dejavu.  I had it often and didn’t like the feeling at all.  I would tell my mom about it and she always came back with the comment “dejavu is God’s way of letting you know you are on the right track”.

For some reason, because there was an explanation from my mom, the explanation involved God, I was comforted by the explanation.

As a mom, as my kids grew up, I started telling them the same thing my mom told me….”Dejavu is God’s way of letting you know that you are on the right path.”

As a full fledged adult, my moments of dejavu happen less and less.  My theory on that is that adult ideas, adult busyness and  adult stresses, busy an adult mind and dejavu doesn’t find a way into our lives like it as we were a kid.  It’s my theory.  Who knows if it is actually true.

Well not to long ago, I had a moment of dejavu that really hit me hard.  I was in Rochester doing my testing for the thyroid cancer issues.  We had a break in between appointments and Kalissa wanted to run to the children’s thrift store in town.  I was game…Kayla was game.  We needed to waste some time somehow.

I looked through the toy section like I always do and didn’t find anything.  I always look to see if I can find something I like for the childcare kiddos.  There was nothing that was better than what I had at home so I needed to kill some time in the store.  I went to the children’s book section.  There I saw this…. Continue reading

Happy 24th Kalissa!!

24 years ago today, I was in the hospital.  I would likely have been holding a new little baby girl in my arms…This girl…who almost 4 years ago got married.

Kalissa is our fifth kid.  In order it’s two girls, Kelli and Kayla, then two boys, Kasjen (Buck) and Karl, then Kalissa.

At the time I was pregnant I prayed and prayed that she would be a girl.  I remember the relationship I had with my mom as the youngest of five kids and I wanted to have my youngest be a girl too.  At the time, Buck was 5 and Karl was two.  They were super rambunctious and I needed someone a little calmer.  I thought a girl might be a little calmer.

I imagined if she was a girl that I’d have more time with her…that she’d craft with me.  I’d have someone to hang with once the rest of the kids moved out.

I did get my girl…and I did get a hang out buddy-she lives about five blocks from my house and we joke that she eats here at least once a day- but I didn’t get a crafty girl.  That’s entirely okay though.  She’s made up for that in  all sorts of different ways.

Well that’s not entire true.  She does try to sew.  See? Continue reading

A Road Less Traveled

Wednesday I took Kramer for radiation.  Before his regular appointment his docs sent him for a head MRI.  Kramer’s been having lots of headaches that don’t always respond to meds….so, that’s reason to wonder if he has a brain tumor so, time for an MRI.

His appointment was at 1:45pm.  We got there in the right amount of time and he was called back at about 1:40.  The gal at registration told us it would take about 45 minutes so I settled in to cross stitch.

I ended up having another hospital visitor stop and talk to me about cross stitching.  It was a very nice interchange and in the end I found out she knows the gals at Forest Mills Quilt Shop and had heard of me in a roundabout way.  Ha!!  Small world.  I immediately knew I’d love her after only talking to her for a few minutes.  People who create with their hands are often kindred spirits.

After she left I looked at the clock.  Hm..  I had about 10 more minutes to stitch.  Then I looked at the clock and hmmm.  55 minutes had passed….and then 65 minutes passed..then 75.  What?  I was starting to worry.  It was only supposed to take 45 minutes.  I started to think they did find a tumor and had to do more testing or they called people in to look at it.  UGH.  95 minutes after he went in, Kramer finally came out.

It turns out that mid scan Kramer fell asleep.  He started twitching and a portion of the scan had to be repeated.  I was shocked he could fall to sleep but I do know he had a LONG miserable night the night before…so being he’s so exhausted, I guess I can believe it from him.  AH..I sure was worried though.

After radiation we were off…this time we took a road less traveled.  We went down the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi River from Lacrosse and crossed the bridge at Lansing Iowa.  It was what we needed…new scenery-something new to talk about about.  The roads through southern Minnesota are getting old.  We’re 23 trips in and it’s all getting old-including the scenery.

Part of my reasoning for going this way was because I wanted to stop at Horsfalls in Lansing.  I’ve not been to the store but just from the outside, I could imagine the inside.

I was right…see?? Continue reading

Georgia Grace–An Update!

A post from Kelli–

The past few weeks have been tough!  If you’ve read the blog for any amount of time, you are probably aware of Dad’s ongoing fight with lung cancer and his side effects, Gannon’s troubles, Mom, and all of the other life “stuff” that we’ve been having in our family.

Someone once told me that unless you experience lows, you won’t know how wonderful the highs are.  The past few weeks have had some of the highest highs for our family, but unfortunately some of the lowest lows.

Needless to say, this little lady has been one of the highest highs!

Honestly, she has been literally the best baby ever!  She was born on March 4th and although she’s still in newborn clothes and size 1 diapers, she’s literally taken over my heart!

Here it’s bath time…see?? Continue reading