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Karl Sews

Karl got home on Sunday afternoon. He made the trek from Houston to Des Moines on Saturday.  He left Saturday morning at 10:30 and drove and drove and drove.  He said he stopped for gas and coffee a couple times…and pizza but the rest was all drive time.  He got to Des Moines in 2am.  He has some high school friends there that he could crash at.

He was up and at ’em in the morning and made the final trek home.  It sure is nice that he has friends there and can crash.  I was hoping he might get a hotel in Kansas City but nope.  Karl is my tight wad and didn’t want to part with the money.  That’s long as he’s safe driving.  I don’t think I would be…but he’s young.

I was upstairs sewing when I heard Ruby barking and acting wild.  That’s how I knew he was home.

The first thing Karl said to me is that he wanted to sew.  WHAT??  He wanted a case that he could put his deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste in.  In my mind I was thinking “oh, you want a makeup bag”-but I didn’t say that outloud.  Then I got thinking how silly that I don’t see bags marketed for guys for this very purpose.  They have all sorts of girl makeup bags but guys want to keep their things together too…why not bags for guys??

So my mind went into a momentary panic.  People think that because I can sew, I can sew anything.  Not true.  I can likely sew whatever it is BUT, I like to have a pattern to at least kind of follow.  My mind ran through every book I had and came up with this this book….Stitch & Sew by Aneela Hoey.

I figured we could make the bag and not do the embroidery.

I started to explain to Karl where fabric was that he could choose from when Karl showed me some fabric and asked if it would work.  Apparently he had been to Wal-Mart and bought a fabric that matched the fabric from his old khaki pants that he had destructed.  (yes I told you Karl was frugal)…He picked his khaki fabric for the lining.

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Merry Christmas!!

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Merry Christmas!!!

It’s a low key day here.  Most of our kiddos are off with “the other side” of the family.  We don’t do a lot here.  It’s simple.

Candlelight service was last night.

Today Kalissa and Craig are coming…Karl’s home.  We do a present thing but not much.  It’s very easy and no stress.

Lunch is our favorite meal.  This year….Fajitas.  Of course there are cookies and desserts.

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Kalissa Sews!!

I’ve told you that I haven’t given up on our daughter Kalissa being a quilter…  Here’s proof.

In my defense…I tried to get her to be a quilter from early on….

That’s us years ago…likely 17 or so years ago.

Kalissa had to work the overnight at the hospital.  Being it’s in the ER, there aren’t always patients in the ER.  Then a couple weeks ago the hospital was put on lockdown.  There was a direct threat to the hospital from a man who had a mental health issue.  All ambulance traffic was rerouted away from the hospital and a public announcement was made about it.  Well that night, there were no patients so Kalissa got to shopping..and ended up buying, (wait for it), FABRIC!  Well not fabric as in yardage but a charm pack.

She sent me a message says she did and I couldn’t believe it.  To be honest, I figured she’d give it to me and want me to sew something for her….but that didn’t happen.  This did.

She came over last week during childcare on Tuesday to borrow a machine.  Nope, she doesn’t have a sewing machine and claims she’s only going to sew with me and doesn’t want one at her house.  

I told her a Featherweight was small and doesn’t take up much space.  She said, “I don’t want to have to go to classes”.  Then I explained that few people who own Featherweights go to class.

She shrugged and went on with her project.  She’s making a small “lovey” sized top from charm squares with a minky quilt backing.

She was AMAZED that she got it done in such a short time.

Our discussion turned into:
“I’ll never have fabric like you do.  I’d only want a kit or a precut.  I don’t want all the MESS.”

I told her that’s okay.  You can sew whatever you want, however you want, if you want.  It did make me smile though….she’s thinking about sewing.  Who cares what it is that she’d sew!!!  I know you moms who sew are in the same thought process as I was…you love them just how they are but how fun is it to share sewing as a hobby.

She was so careful.  She got the top done and promised to come back another day to finish it up.  I was sure she’d want me to finish it.  I was sure she wouldn’t come back…but LOOK, she did!! Continue reading

Baking Weekend

We had a baking weekend planned for some time now.  It’s not our family tradition but I always bake before Christmas…not to the extent we did this time around but there are definitely sugary home baked goodies around here this time of year.

The girls proposed a backing weekend and I was right on board.  It just so happened that Buck was also coming home the same weekend to go deer hunting so I asked if the kids could come.  Scott came and Lucy stayed home with mommy.  Carver was thrilled that Scotty was coming…we all were thrilled that Scotty was coming.

So here’s how things went.  Knowing what a task baking can be and how much we’d need if we split things four ways, Kalissa and I prepped things on Saturday.  We mixed up the Peanut Butter Ball dough..and the Chocolate Chip Cookie Truffle dough and the Sugar Cookie Dough.

Admittedly we did take a break now and then.  We had to sing to the music and tried to teach the boys, Carver 2, and Scotty 3, how to swing dance.
They loved it!  I did too!!

We did all sorts of other “fun” things!!

Kalissa with Carver on the left and Scotty on the right.Here they stole treats and went to the living room to watch TV and snack.

They “helped make bars” which consisted of eating dough.
Those goof balls.
…and they they went outside to play in the snow.
One would think we couldn’t accomplish a thing, but we did.  They did play by themselves some of the time.
Kayla came Saturday late afternoon and we made Fudge Puddles.

These are something I don’t always get made every year.
We ended up going out to eat at the local bar and grill.  Here’s Auntie Kayla showing the boys her “mad” pool skills.

The next day, we were back at it.  Now we had all three of my girls and the little boys…and me of course.

Here’s Kalissa and I goofing off….See the flour on my face?? Continue reading