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Circle of Life

Today is Kelli’s birthday…next week it’s Kayla’s.  This is birthday season for our family as Buck’s birthday is the following week.

It’s been such a joy to watch my kids become parents.  I know you who have grandchildren can attest to that.  Some of my kids surprise me.  Ones who I thought might be softies, aren’t.  Ones I thought you might be hands off are definitely hands on.  With it all, I very pleased with the parents they’ve become.  They are far from those dreaded teen years, but so far, so good.

You might remember not long ago, Kayla and Spencer had Jasper.

She had a rough go of things and recovery has been a bit of a struggle but slowly she’s getting there.  Spencer took two weeks off of work and it’s good he did.  Kayla’s been back to the doctor a couple times but finally is on the mend.  Doesn’t she look better at home? Continue reading

Meet Jasper: Kayla and Spencer’s Little Guy

Lookie, Lookie, there’s a new little boy in the family.  Kayla and Spencer along with the help of an awesome hospital staff, delivered this wonderful little boy into our family late Saturday night.  

Kayla had called me and told me they were going to the hospital.  She said her contraction were 4-5 minutes apart.  She had been cramping some during the day but just like that, they took off and turned serious.

By the time 10pm rolled around I got a text from Spencer that said, “Kayla got an epidural and is feeling better.  She can start to push.”

Then at 10:30 I got a text that she was going in for a C-section.  I’m no doctor and no nurse but I didn’t like the sound of that.

I was right to be alarmed.  Jasper’s heart rate would plummet with the contractions and the doctors didn’t like it so C-section it was.

In the hurry to get our little guy out the surgeon nicked Kayla’s artery near her bladder.  As a result she’s had to get a couple units of blood.  (thanks to all you who donate- you saved my girl’s life)

She is okay and all is well.  They are keeping an eye on Jasper.  He’s so little so still has to spend some time in the warmer.  Drinking a bottle isn’t his favorite yet but as I said, if he has some Kramer blood in him, he’ll learn to eat.

Kayla was sick all the way through her pregnancy….but she didn’t dwell on that for a minute.  She was very in love with little Jasper and the pitfalls of being pregnant were already melting away.

As for his name…Jasper is a name they liked.  I didn’t hear them talk about it until a day before he was born.   Jerald, his middle name, is a Pins family name.  Spencer’s dad and grandpa were both Gerald’s with a “G”…Spencer’s confirmation name was Gerald.  Spencer’s mom’s middle name is Gerrilynn….a feminine form of Gerald.  The using a “J” instead of a “G” to spell it?  That came from wondering if they might want to call him “JJ”.

Listening to the kids try to figure out a name was so comical.  No to Thomas…they didn’t want his initials to be TP…not this name because Spencer had a Pins cousin by the same name.  Not this name because Kayla had a student…not this name again and again and again because Kayla had a student.  It was fun hearing them discuss all of this and learning how little Jasper got his name.

Kalissa and I ran down and saw him yesterday.  I think I’ll try to sneak away again next weekend.

Can you believe we’ve had 3 grands in less than a year?  Oh my…and to think there are now 6 of them 4 years old and under…and we have one more on the way.  It’s really a great place to be in life.  Get togethers with the kids are going to be crazier than ever.  I can’t wait.

My Christmas

My Christmas was really good.  I hope yours was too.  I think I did okay with my gifting and I know I got great gifts….

Here’s a few pictures from our day.  The Friedmans and Karl were here…oh, and Georgia too.

Kelli had to work the day shift at the hospital and Jason offered to do chores so the other people at his farm could spend time with family.

Christmas isn’t a big day our house…and it’s WAY simple.  In fact, after looking the pictures, I realized I forgot to comb my hair.  I came downstairs right away in the morning to get Rosie outside to try to go potty and then got busy doing things without even realizing I didn’t comb it.  AHHH…and Kalissa never said anything.

Every year for my birthday Kalissa takes Carver to the dollar store and lets him pick out whatever he wants to give me.  It’s so cute.  The first time he went, he picked out red paper plates.  I oh and awe over them all the time.  If we eat pizza here I often use paper plates and I make a production over me getting to use my special red paper plates.

He gave me some again….
He is so cute and teases me about them.  He keeps a secret…then he tells me what’s in the package.  I typically get red plates for Mother’s Day and my birthday or Christmas.

I love it.

Kalissa’s family got me this shirt…I love it.

They also got me this present….

It’s a squirrel house…like a bird house only for squirrels.  They did a bunch of research on them and Craig built it.  They had one of my former childcare kids (all grown up) do the wood burning on it.  I was also told that this comes with a free installation.   They are going to put it on my tree where the squirrel feeder is.

I have to say my best present though was probably this… It was from Craig.  1 hour of manual labor…1 hour of yard work….1 hour of landscaping.

I couldn’t help but getting all teary eyed when he gave me the last one.  “Good for anything and everything you’d even need help with”.  Notice it never expires.
Oh my.  If you are on your own like I am, you would know how much that means.  I need help but am so bad at asking.

Rosie had a great time hanging with us. It’s hard to believe she’s part of the family already.
After packages were opened…I read Carver his Papa Moo book.  I made it through without crying a tear.  I was so impressed with myself.

Carver was so full of questions.

After that Craig started in on a project for me….see?? Continue reading

My Weekend with Scotty

I had a busy weekend….I told you my grandson Scotty spent the weekend with me.

Kalissa was over with the boys…

..and Kelli was over with Georgia.

We hung out and visited.  Later, Kelli and Kalissa went home and it was just me with Scotty.  Buck and Karl were still out hunting.  That’s when Scotty turned to me and said, “When are we going to celebrate?”  I was a little confused and didn’t quite get it.  He said, “When are we going to celebrate?”  That’s when I remembered it was my birthday.

When Scotty was here for his birthday we had balloons and a banner.  He was confused why we didn’t have that for me.  So cute.  When you’re an adult at our house, we kind of fizzle out on celebrating birthdays.

I bypassed all of that and offered to watch a show on television with him instead.  Thankfully he’s at an age where he is still easily distracted.  I worked on a cross stitch project while we watched television.

The next day I kind of needed to accomplish something.  I love having him here but my life is so crazy and hectic that I still need to accomplish something.  Besides I had played games, watched “his”shows, and baked cookies…  I was running out of “grandma” things.

So I asked him if he wanted to go up to my sewing room.  Initially I had just planned to grab something and go back downstairs…that’s about when Scotty saw my pincushions and was fascinated with the pins.

That’s when we really started having fun.  See….. Continue reading