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Double Wedding Ring Quilt Along

I’ve been thrilled with all the messages coming from readers saying they wouldn’t have been brave enough to start a double wedding ring quilt if I hadn’t done the quilt along.  WOW….that makes it so worth while.

This week we take the big step and start sewing rows together.  Monday night I went up to the sewing room with intentions of adding a block onto the rows I had done and SHOCK!  I can’t find the two rows I had sewn together.  Oh my word.  I started looking around and digging but I can’t find them.  Everything got moved around when I got the last sewing machine.  I know they are likely in box of under some charity tops that came in but you can understand my slight panic.

Rather than stress too much I just started sewing new rows together.  The other pieces will show up…or I’ll make new.  I really do think they are in my quilting room somewhere though.

So I have an outside row and an inner row.  We’ll be pinning and pinning and pinning. Note:  Mine are 11 “blocks” long.  The original pattern is 10 but I’m keeping this for me and 11 is what I want…or at least what I think I want.  This may end up expanding to 12 blocks.  I’m going to test it on my bed and see once I get farther along.

If you’ve never done a Double Wedding Ring quilt you are likely thinking “HOW IN THE WORLD IS THIS GOING TO HAPPEN!!??”  I know I thought that the first time I put on together.  Deep breaths.  It’s all okay…..besides, you can’t quit now!!!

I am apologizing in advance..>>The rows are so long and the background being dark makes the pictures hard to see…also the wording of the directions in this step are a bugger to write.  ASK QUESTIONS IF YOU NEED.  I will be shocked if there aren’t some questions.

Somehow I forgot to grab a center with three rings at the end.  Ugh.  I’ll add on the melon later.  It’s not a biggie if this happens to you either.

Just like any other quilt, flip the rows right sides together.

Starting near one end match up the SQUARES ONLY of each row.

Pin the together.  I pin back the end seams like we have in the past so they don’t get caught in the seam.  The middle seams I try to nest.

Pin the SQUARES ONLY together along the entire side.  Looking at the picture below, see how the first set is pinned together…then the second set..the the third.  Continue along the side pinning only squares.

Now sew the pinned area.  I back stitch at each start and stop.  The first and last are only one square…the rest are two square wide.

Here’s the next one….

and the next.

Continue down the entire side.

Looking carefully at the photo below you can see that the centers in the middle of the photo are connected.  The curved areas on each side are not connected.

Now it’s time to connect those areas.

As the rows are right sides together, every other “block” that you see will be either back ground fabric or melon.  FOR NOW ONLY FOCUS ONLY ON THE BLOCKS THAT ALONG THE ROW WHOSE BACKGROUND FABRIC FACES YOU.  Check the picture below. Continue reading

Double Wedding Ring Quilt Along

Ahhh.  I forgot about getting this post written.  All along I’ve been writing them a week ahead and this week…I didn’t have it done.  I realized this last night at EXACTLY 8:32pm.  That’s when I did a little panic.

I debated about skipping a week.  I don’t think anyone will hate me if I do but I decide to persevere and forge ahead.  Hubby had other ideas as he knows it takes me a bit to write these quilt along posts especially when I have to run upstairs and sew up all the steps taking pictures as I go.  But I won.  He’s always worried that I’m working too much…funny I’m always worried about him working too much.

So here I go…this is this week’s step.  We are making the outside row.  If you’re following my directions vs the magazine directions, this is what we’re doing.  I talked to you about this a few steps back suggesting that I think it’s easier to attach the melons onto the blocks when they are small vs adding them when the the two melon blocks are all sewn in a row.

If you’re with me, this is our next step.  If you’re with the magazine, you’re on your own.

Place your two pieces as shown.

I marked the center of the back ground piece with a pin.  Now we are going to connect (on the right in the picture) the red square of the bottom block and the navy square of the top block.

We’re doing this like we always have…right sides together…sewing from the edge to the seam making sure the seam allowances don’t get caught in the stitching and back stitching at the seam.

It should look like this….

Now on the left, in the photo above, there is a black square on the bottom block and a blue square on the top block, they are going to get sewn together following the same instructions as previously stated.

Now, each side should be connected but the middle shouldn’t be.  See the opening in the photo below? Continue reading

Double Wedding Ring Quilt Along

It’s that day again…the Double Wedding Ring Quilt Along Day.  We did add the new tab at the top of the page for the directions so they are all in one place.  I need to update it and will do that tomorrow at nap time.  It’s 9:30pm as I write this and have gotten my first “evil eye” of the evening from Hubby.  He’s my time keeper.   If it wasn’t for him telling me it’s bedtime, I’d take on my Dad’s bad habit of not going to bed until midnight.  I love the peace and quiet of night.  So he gives me the “evil eye” from about 9pm on in hopes that I’ll be in bed by 10:30pm.  He does it because he loves me and wants me to sleep not because he’s trying to control me.  After 32 years of marriage…he’s knows controlling me is a worthless cause.

Anyway…back the Double Wedding Ring quilt.  By now, we are to the part in the directions that we are going to start putting rows together.  We are going to go the easy route and start with the second row.

(Excuse my sewing room floor which is the back ground for this picture.  It needs cleaning.) We’re going to be taking two centers with only two melons attached to them and connect them.  I lay mine out like this so I get an idea of where things will connect.

Then I take the two squares to the right and sew them together much like we did in previous instructions.  For me, I’m connecting the green square of the bottom unit to the black striped square of the upper unit.

Pin them together, folding back the seam allowance like we have in the past.

Sew from the pin to the edge.  The print of the fabric makes it look like I already sewed them together but I didn’t.

The two pieces should be connected as shown in the photo below. Continue reading