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Ruby Update!

If you’ve been following the blog you know that Ruby has been having a tough go at life lately.  It all started when she started would always have her head tilted….like this.


She was having accidents in the house…wouldn’t go upstairs.  She had become at old dog at five years old.

After some testing we found out she was having thyroid issues and started taking the same meds I take!  How weird.  Anyway the vet was worried that there was more wrong and might possibly be Cushing’s Disease.

We have been back and forth to the vet.  Kelli has been fabulous on helping me get her there.  I’m so thankful for her.  Well last week on Monday Kelli took Ruby in three different times.  She had to get a blood draw each time.  Poor girl.  They were testing for Cushing’s.  If you had ever ridden in a car with Ruby, you would know this was a painful process for Ruby.  SHE HATES RIDING IN CARS!!  She pants and whimpers…she hates it.  It’s a painful process for the driver too.

Well Friday the results came back…No Cushing’s.  We’re so happy about that but now it’s time to get the thyroid really under control.

Now her main problem is shedding.  It’s terrible.  She’s fluctuated up and down with her thyroid.  know in people hair loss can be attributed to thyroid levels so I’m guessing it’s true in dogs too.  Look… Continue reading

Ruby Update and My Friday

Yesterday I had childcare off.  I always take the Friday after Thanksgiving off.  It was intended to be my day…a little recovery from the busy-ness of Thanksgiving…and a chance to start on the mystery.  Well…none of that happened.

My day started at 5am.  I have trouble sleeping in.  I’m a creature of habit and 5:30am is my habit.  I checked to see if the mystery was up.  It wasn’t.  I checked my phone and got a message from Kalissa.  She had a migraine and wasn’t doing well.

I had already known that my day was going to be a jumble as Ruby had to get to the vet.  Our vet is in Postville.  That’s about 50 minutes or so from our house.  We love our vet and willingly make the longer drive to see her.

By the time 7:30am rolled around I was about to call the vet to get an appointment when Kalissa called crying.  Her migraine was bad and she was going in.  Craig was driving her and could I take Carver….um, sure.  At this point I didn’t have the appointment for Ruby and figured I’d have to take Carver with.  Oh well.  It was going to be interesting.  Then I remembered Kelli didn’t work until 2pm so she would help.  Bonus is that she lives right along the way to the vet.


Ruby got a 9:30am appointment.  I had Craig bring Carver and install the carseat in my truck.  Off we went and met Kelli along the way while Craig took Kalissa to the doctor.

Wednesday Ruby took a turn for the worse again.  Her tail was tight between her legs.  She was shaking.  She wouldn’t jump on the couch.  She was a mess constantly looking at me with the pleading “aren’t you seeing me and aren’t you going to do something to help me” look.  Hubby says I imagine that look, but I don’t at all.  Ruby does give that look when she’s sick.  The shaking was completely new.  She was doing it all the time on the evening of Thanksgiving.

I took a video of her shaking so I could show the vet….Here she is. Continue reading

Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks and RUBY

I have two things to tell you about today….first.  Have you seen Quiltmaker’s 100 blocks?


I got an advance copy, looked at the cover and thought “Wow, I love that star block”.  Then I looked again.  It’s our block.  We send our blocks out so far in advance that we RARELY remember what block got sent.  This time it was this awesome star block.

This is how on top of things I’ve been lately…ummm….I forgot to sign up to be part of their blog hop in association with the magazine.  How dumb was that on my part?!  It’s kind of embarrassing to have the featured block on the COVER and to not even be part of the blog hop.  Oh well.  What can I say?  Life was more important.

I’m not mad…honestly just embarrassed with myself.  It means less work on my part and right now, I’m all for less work.  This all reminds me again that I really don’t want to be a part of the “quilting industry”.  I want a quilting hobby.  I hate deadlines, expectations and commitments.  I just want sewing time with me and my machine…and maybe a couple friends or family doing that with me but that’s it.  I’m so glad we figured out that we don’t want all of the other “stuff”.  BUT-I’m also thankful for the opportunities that did and do come our way that require no travel that keep us on the fringe.  It’s just where we want to be…involved only in a bit of it all so we can keep our priority of family first.

If you’re inclined to check out the blog hop, you can find it here at Quiltmaker’s blog.

The other thing I wanted to tell you about is Ruby.  Kelli took her to the vet for me yesterday.


Here’s what the doc said. Continue reading

Ruby to the Vet

I wrote a blog post about Ruby and it was suppose to post today…but I stopped that post as Ruby had to go to the vet yesterday and I decided right now, it was more important to tell about that visit.

In the past few months Ruby has not been herself.  I have gotten lots of comments from readers asking “Where is Ruby?”.  I’ve gotten comments from people saying “I miss Ruby”.  To be honest, I’ve been asking all of those same questions.  Ruby the dog has been living at my house but she’s not been “MY Ruby dog”.

Gradually things with her have been changing.  She doesn’t jump into bed and sleep with me anymore.  She’s more nervous about things than ever.  She has starting having accidents…and nervous peeing when for the most part, she had completely stopped that.  When she goes outside to pee she started peeing on the cement of the patio and not going onto the grass.  She’s gained weight.  She walks so slow and seems too tired when she walks.  When I go to take pictures of her on a quilt, she’s not happy and excited about it.  I hated it.  I simply thought she turned five and had hit that “older” stage of dog.  It was sad.  I missed “MY dog”…but figured it was time I realized she had hit five and wasn’t a frisky girl anymore.

I talked with Kelli and Kalissa about it…Hubby and I talked about it often.  We all kind of agreed that she wasn’t quite herself but chalked it up to old age.  We thought it was kind of early for old age to gotten her but who knows….

Then about a week or so ago I noticed that she was cocking her head all the time.  I asked Hubby to watch her and he agreed she was.  All of the time she would lean her head to the side like this….The other thing she started doing was not knowing her personal space.  I would turn to throw something in the garbage and almost trip on her.  I would be cooking at the stove and she would get tangled in my feet.  This NEVER happened before.


I talked to Kelli and Kalissa and they offered to help me get her to the vet.  Our vet is 45 minutes away but only 15 minutes from Kelli’s house.  Yesterday was her day to go.

I thought maybe she had ear infection…maybe she was having vision problems in one of her eyes.  I was only guessing.

After some testing, we found out this…. Continue reading