Lefty Finds a Home

The pen in my kitchen is empty.  It’s a little sad.  Ever since just after Christmas I’ve had a pup here.

I told you all before but it bears telling again.  THANK YOU for buying items from the Amazon links I provide.  Amazon gives me a small commission for sending you to Amazon.  I save those commission dollars and buy things that I know you all would want me to have…like this fence for the puppies I foster.

I had a tall higher one with a hard-to-use latch for the door that was much taller and more cumbersome.  This one is perfect.  You can find it HERE on Amazon.  These are for indoors and outdoors and come in many sizes.

I used it for… …

Left Behind Lefty

My little Lefty is getting left behind.

You might remember that I got Pancho and Lefty shortly after Christmas.  I think it was the 31st.  Lefty is the one on the left.

Lefty had an approved adoption before he has even gone to the vet.  We thought he would be going to his home on January 3rd, but that person backed out.  She never met Lefty.  She just thought circumstances that had come up made her believe that it wasn’t the right time for adding a new pet.

Lefty had another approved adoption.  He was supposed to meet his new family on the 13th.  But, that adopter called back and decided that she was older and maybe a puppy wouldn’t be the best idea.  She never met Lefty…just decided they weren’t a good fit because of age.

So, we’re working on … …

Grooming Day!

Oh my…remember I told you I never wanted to get a do that needed to be groomed??  And then I got Izzy??  I fell totally in love with her personality and still feel the same today…I don’t want a dog that has to be groomed…but I’m totally in love with her personality.

So I adopted her and here I am months later and guess what?  That dog that I didn’t want to have to groom, needs to be groomed.  I’m not talking about brushing.  I love brushing her and probably brush her out four times a week.  I mean the whole haircut thing.  When I took her to the groomer when she first came to HEART Animal Rescue (remember I adopted my very first foster dog?) I asked the groomer how much it costs for grooming.  She said for Izzy likely $75.  UGH.  That was a lot for me…and to do it every eight weeks…that’s WAY more then I spend on my own hair and haircuts.

So I started watching Youtube videos on how to cut a dog’s hair.  I looked up how to cut Aussiedoodle hair.  I looked up how to cut poodle hair.  The poodle ones were too poodle…most of the Aussiedoodle ones were too Aussie for what Izzy looks like.  I watched lots of videos and finally landed on “how hard can it be”?

So I bought a clipped and scissor set off Amazon for $40 or so.

The tools have been here for about two weeks and I’ve been trying to get brave.  During that time, Izzy’s hair has been getting longer and longer.  It’s now 12 weeks since she’s been groomed.

I re-watched the videos and finally decided one night to just do it!  Kalissa reminded me to take some before and after pictures…so here is the before.  What a shaggy girl.
It was getting hard to see her eyes.

It was getting harder to brush her too.

I decided to clip her in the old part of our basement.  We have an old part and a new part.  The old part is pretty primitive but I don’t mind.  It makes me not care as much if I do things like this there.  The utility sink works great for bathing.

I decided to do that actual haircutting on our old chest freezer.

There is a plug-in there.  So after the bath, we started blow drying.

She didn’t hate that.

Then I started clipping.  I learned that I really do want a leash that groomers have.  I did it with no leash at all and she did a really great job staying there but she would often lie down and I needed her to be standing.

When I was watching the videos on how to clip a dog, the part I was most worried about doing was her face…that turned out to not be terrible.  The hard part for me was trying to figure out how to do her legs and blend all of that in.

We ended up with a lot of hair cut off.

I learned so much and feel confident enough to try again.  I think I am going to watch a few videos again and specifically focus on the legs and blending.

Here she is all finished.

A Puppy Shuffle

This one will likely have you laughing…what a story.  There are so many twists and turns I hope I get it right.

Tuesday I was supposed to take my foster pups to the vet so they could get cleared and then they could go out to their new homes.

After talking with people at HEART where I foster through, they had more dogs that needed to be vetted.  I ended up calling back the vet and checking to see if they had appointments.  This took about four back-and-forth calls as I forgot to say Mimi had an umbilical hernia that needed fixing too.  They said sure…bring them all on Tuesday.  WHEW.  The was going to be a lot but there are other fosters that do it all the time so I could do it too….right?

I called my daughter Kalissa and set it up so she could go with me.

Another volunteer was going to bring the three to me.  Here is a picture of the girls, Mimi, Sheroo, and Lila.  They are all cute girls and already have approved adoptions but need vet work before they can be released.  All of these girls were to lose their lady parts.

Well, Monday rolled around… …

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