Desperate Times

I’ve been working my way through all of the projects that I brought with to work on.  Primarily I have cross stitch with.  I finished one that was just started.  I finished one that had a little bit left.  I started one and am over half way finished.

On Friday night I pulled out the other projects I had and was looking at was left to work on.  I ended up starting one only to realize that I hated the color of the fabric.  UGH.  It’s all I had with to work on.  I was a little bummed and moved on. I can always work on my English paper piecing.  I have it with and I enjoy that as well.

From there I ended up having some free time while Hubby was sleeping so I watch an episode of Flosstube with Priscilla and Chelsea on youtube.  It’s become a favorite of mine.  They were talking about cross stitch fabric and mentioned that they coffee-tea dye all of their fabric.  Hmm.

After watching that I went back to check in on Kramer.  I walked past the family lounge when an
idea hit me….I went to Hubby’s room and was soon back at the family lounge.

See the coffee machine?

See the tea?

You guessed it….I was going to coffee tea dye my cross stitch fabric in the family lounge.  I even had something to stir with….

My fabric is in the first picture with the coffee machine.  it was really light.  For one of the projects I was suppose to stitch snowmen.  They wouldn’t show up on that light fabric so dying the pieces was necessary.

Here’s what I did….

Hanging in Lacrosse

Tuesday and Wednesday are doctor days for us.  Hubby is likely starting his procedure as you are reading this…I’m in the waiting room, hanging out and cross stitching.

Again the weather is not the best.  We left Monday after I was done with childcare to try to beat the storm.  We did.  We were here in our hotel for about an hour before the storm hit in Lacrosse.  Thankfully no driving in any snow.  10″ fell and it was a mess both at home and here in Lacrosse.  We spent the late afternoon on Tuesday watching people shovel their cars out of the mess.

The early afternoon was filled with appointments…First blood work, then x-rays.  After that we were off to talk finances and insurance.   While on the third floor I saw this display.

I am not a knitter but I sure do love looking at it.  What a bunch of talented knitters.

Next we were on to the pre-op physical.  The doctor and the nurse were AWESOME.  We asked lots and lots of questions.  They were so good with us.  I can’t say enough good things about our nurse Kim.  Boy, a good nurse can really, really make a difference.

Today Hubby’s procedure is a little more in depth.  They are doing a biopsy on the lymph nodes along his trachea.  If all goes well, we’ll be heading back home early evening.  If these come back clear, then surgery for the 19th.  it sounds like he’ll be in the hospital for about five days….then off work for 5 weeks.

All of the family are trying to make plans for next week…but everything is on hold.  We have to wait for the results of this biopsy.  I think that’s one of the hardest things about all of this.

While I wait, I’m stitching on this. …

Zappy Dots…

Since I’ve been cross stitching more lately, I have been on line looking at more of it too.  Why I do that…I’m not sure.  I should just sit and work on what I already have.  Anyway, in the fall I was online and ended up seeing the website Zappy Dots.

I ended up seeing something there called a “Needle Nanny”.  I saw other cross stitchers talking about them and ended up ordering one….

There are LOTS to choose from.  I ended up picking this one.  It’s made using a cross stitch design from Lizzie Kate the cross stitch designer I really like.

The Needle Nanny is a decorative super strong magnet.  The purpose of it is to hold a needle for small scissors….Here it is holding mine.

The magnet is SUPER strong.

Here’s a picture I hijacked from their website.  They make them for quilters too.

Quilt Dots Needle Nanny

See how the magnet is attached to this gals jean jacket.  It doesn’t make a hole in clothing AND it holds pins or a scissors so they are close at hand.  I adore mine and use it lots.  I ended up ordering one for Kelli…and one for a couple others as gifts.

Kelli wants to someday stitch this…

image 0

It turns out Zappy Dots had a Needle Nanny of this piece so I ordered one for Kelli.

Well fast forward to a couple weeks ago.  I was stitching.  This is what I use do hold my charts…t …

Cross Stitch and Doc Update

I’ve been in a cross stitching mood lately.  I finished this….

I started this piece in the spring.  I had a little bit done, summer hit and it got left.  I didn’t touch cross stitch all summer.

Then last Sunday I needed a little brain rot time so I turned on Acorn TV and watched and stitched for most of the afternoon.  I ended up finishing my piece.

Right away I started this…. …

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