Another Stitch Along: Home Sweet Home

I know it seems soon for another stitch-along announcement but in order to get the supplies here through supply chain issues and availability, we have to be working at least 6 weeks ahead.  I know you all understand that this is the world we live in nowadays.  This one is scheduled to start on April 15th or so.  Now let me tell you about it.

Late last fall I was scrolling through patterns looking for things that would be good for stitch alongs.  There are so many to choose from and it makes it a hard task.  It’s also hard as I am trying to find projects that might interest other people too…but I want it to be something I really want to stitch.   I also know that many of you are just coming back to stitching so you enjoy a smaller project that has a better chance of you being able to stitch it…and finish it.

It’s a hard balance to find good things…I think I found a good one though.  This is Home Sweet Home by Little House Needleworks.

If you have… …

Nashville Needlework Market Picks

Coming up on the first weekend of March, Nashville Needlework Market will be held.  The show is a wholesale for needlework shops and people in the cross-stitch industry.  It’s a cash-and-carry market meaning that shop owners go there, buy what they want to have in their shop pay for it, and take it home with them.  This is great in so many ways.  Designers meet the owners of the shops.  There is less postage costs involved.  Owners get the product right away.  It exposes new designers to shop owners.

Anyway, a lot of hype is happening now as designers are releasing their designs that will be featured at the market.  They send out previews so shops can show that to their customers and then customers can order.  This is such a help to shops so they know what to buy when they get to market.  Can you imagine being a shop owner and just having to guess what will be the popular item then putting all of your money into that item just for it to be a flop?  It’s so helpful to shop owners if you put orders in ahead of their going to market.  Most shops have some way to preorder.

Kelli and I have both been looking at new releases.  First off…I want to say that there are three patterns that I already have that I got privately that are now released to everyone.  Here they are…

This is a Teresa Kogut pattern called Remember me.  I got it as part of her Patreon group.  I don’t regularly belong to her group.  I just saw that this pattern came out.  I liked it and joined for one month to get it.  This is something I really want to stitch but I’m not yet as I want to finish Come to the Garden first.  I do plan to start this year…or maybe next spring.  I plan to start to kit it.  This is now available at market.

A couple of months ago this was …

Cross Stitch Update

I had a busy week and stitching didn’t happen for a good chunk of it.  I had family here every day this week.  I had people overnight or stayed late for 4 nights which limited stitching and brought my progress to a snail’s pace.  But I am a firm believer that I’d rather have people time than stitching time.

Before I get to today’s projects I’m answering a request from a blog reader.  She had a piece of linen that wasn’t labeled and wanted to know how to figure out what count her piece of linen was.  I took this picture to show you how.  I put a pin into my fabric.  I used a ruler and measured one inch away.  Then I counted the linen threads between the two pins.  There were 31 threads…I’m sure the pin was placed one thread over and that this is 32-count linen.  That’s how you figure out what count your linen is…count the threads in one inch of linen.

I worked on my Apostle’s Creed piece this week.  I am stitching this on a 40-count Thornfield by Needle and Flax.  It called for Harvest Basket by Gentle Arts for the words but I am using Trail Dust by Classic Colorworks for the lettering instead.  Here is where I was last week.

I just did the minimum stitching on this which is one row.  You all are likely sick of seeing it.

I am getting really excited about this piece.  I have 19 rows stitched and 14 rows left to go.  I know I am drawing it out into a long stitch, but so far, stitching all of those letters hasn’t gotten boring for me.  It’s making a project last longer and I’m not getting bored with it, I’m all okay with that.  I’m starting to get the feeling that this one might end up with a big push to the finish.  So many projects I just inch along and then suddenly I put everything into it and push to a finish.  I probably have another month on it and then I’m pushing it through.  I want to get to the row with the angel!

I’m making a goal to stitch two rows on this over the next week.

My Come to the Garden project by Teresa Kogut got… …

Cross Stitch Finish: Rudolph and Friends

Lookie, Lookie.  It’s my second fully finished cross-stitch piece for the year!!  It’s just a little piece.  I have two more big pieces waiting in the wings for me to get them framed.  It will happen.  One is waiting on some conservation glass…the other is waiting on me.

This is the finished piece.  I just love it…

This wasn’t a quick project at all as many of the things that could go wrong, did.

Here is my finished cross stitch.

The chart is From Brenda Gervais of With Thy Needle and Thread.  It’s called Rudolph & Friends.

I stitched mine of a 40-count scrap of linen using the called-for colors.  I wanted to keep mine out all Winter so I didn’t stitch the candy cane and I made the deer’s nose black.  We had a lot of deer in our area and we see them in the wild year round so having a deer and a snowman on the same piece is a very natural winter scene.

Last week I ended up finishing a piece in a small frame rather than making a pillow and I really liked that so this time around, I ended up deciding to do the same.

That wasn’t an easy decision.  I first dug through all my wooden boxes and trims auditioning other ideas but then the frame idea really won out.  So I dug through my little frames and nothing was square.  Drat.  That meant I would have to cut something down.

I ended up finding this old frame… …

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