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Improving My Eyesight

Cross stitchers everywhere who are hitting age 50 or so are saying what I said?  How can you see those little holes??

I was a cross stitcher when our oldest three were little.  Then I moved to sewing..then to quilting and not I’m cross stitching again.

In the “old days” I stitched on aida cloth.  For those of you new to cross stitch, aida looks like this.  For aida, you make an “X” with thread from hole to hole.

Image result for aida cross stitch fabric I had young eyes and have absolutely no problems at all.  Nowadays….I prefer the look of linen and I have old eyes.  Linen looks more like this…

Image result for linen cross stitch fabric

Linen is harder.  To make the “x” you need to cross over two threads.  I wear progressive lens in my glasses and even with them, I feel it isn’t easy to see the right hole but I like linen enough more that I work to see those holes.

Then I bought this….Ott Floor Lamp with Magnifier and Clip.

I like it a lot and it has been great.  I do recommend the lamp.  The light is good and the magnifier works well too.

I’ve tried other lights, and for at home, this is my favorite.  I don’t always use the magnifier.  I can’t watch television as well if I use the magnifier.  So I’ve continued to look for something else and this is what I came up with… Continue reading

Needle Case Goodies

You all know that Kelli and I are both into cross stitch.  Well when we get into something we’ve been known to go a little overboard.  Not to long ago Kelli was watching some older Flosstube videos with Priscilla and Chelsea.  For those of you don’t know what flosstube is, it’s a Youtube thing.  People make a Youtube video of themselves and talk about their cross stitch.  It’s kind of fun.  You can follow the link above to check it out.

Well in the episode that Kelli was watching they talked about an online shop called Needle Case Goodies.  Kelli ended up ordering something from them and when the package came she was shocked to see that it shipped from West Union, Iowa.  Hmmm.  We live 20 miles from West Union.  How cool is it that there’s an online shop that close to us.

Kelli and I talked about it.  Then I told her that I was going to look the shop up and check it out myself.  Here’s what I found out.  Needle Case Goodies has an online presence through Etsy.  You can find her shop HERE.

Well if you know me, I can be a bit of a bloodhound when it comes to wanting information.  I was so curious.  What would it be like to run an Etsy shop?  How big of space would a person need?  How do you get started?  How do you know what to buy?  Where do you order from?  Oh my the list of questions I had went on and on.  I decided that I would just contact the lady who ran the shop and ask her if we could meet.  I did…and we did.

Kelli and I and Georgia, went to meet Nancy the owner of Needle Case Goodies and her assistant Betty.  It was so fun.

I told you that I live 20 miles away.  Kelli likely lives more like 10 miles away.

We were greeted by Nancy on the left and Betty on the right.  Nancy is a long time cross stitcher and owner.  Betty is not a cross stitcher but is a great help to Nancy.  The two work in a law office by day and run the online cross stitch shop by night.  It’s easy to tell that the two are friends as well as coworkers.

They were so sweet and kind to us.

We learned that earlier in life Nancy owned a cross stitch shop in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  She enjoyed it but after several years of running it realized that cross stitch was going out of popularity and made the hard decision to close the shop.

She moved to West Union and started working at the law office…but cross stitching was still with her.  She still loved sales.  So she learned more about internet sales and watched Etsy to learn even more.  After eight months of watching and learning, she jumped back into cross stitch sales, this time via the internet.  That was four years ago…and now she’s rocking Etsy with great customer service and reasonable shipping charges.

Her house was filled with cross stitch pieces….all beautifully framed.  So many of them were tiny and so precious.  See? Continue reading

Stitch Maynia

I told you cross stitching is taking up part of my life now.  I do love cross stitch but more than that I find since my time with Kramer being sick I learned to watch television.  I certainly never thought that would happen.

Well this has all got me more into the “cross stitch community”.  I’ve found I  like it.  One thing with cross stitch that’s a little different than quilting, many people make the designs their own.  I know many quilters do that to but there are some that are part of the “quilting police” that don’t like that.

In May there was Stitch “May”nia.   What happened is this…  In May you decided how many projects to start and you start them all in May.  Yep, PURPOSELY starting UFOs.  Oh my.  Isn’t the cross stitch world so different than the quilting world.  Quilters certainly don’t purposely start quilting projects to have UFOs.

Many people start a new project EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE MONTH.  Oh my.  There are 31 days in May….that would mean 31 starts.  Um…no thank you.  I like cross stitch but…

1-I can’t afford that
2-I’m still a quilter at heart and don’t want that many UFOs
3-I am not putting all of my efforts into cross stitch so I’d never be able to finish that many projects so it would be silly for me to start that many.

I do love the idea kitting some things up though.

I read that some people are starting 19 projects as it’s 2019.  I read that some people just made the whole thing their own and only worked on UFOs they already had.  There were some that started five projects and rotated which ones they worked on each day.  What I love about it is that it’s called Stitch MAYNIA and they allow you to decide what you think is classified and “Maynia”.

Being Kramer was sick, I bypassed Stitch Maynia.  Well now that it’s July, the Fat Quarter Shop, is hosting Jolly July.  Did all you quilters know that the Fat Quarter Shop has gone all out and REALLY gotten into selling cross stitch too?  You can find their Facebook page for the HERE and they have a Floss Tube channel HERE.  You can go to their website to find cross stitch HERE.

The premise of Jolly July is
-it’s hosted by Kimberly JOLLY owner of the Fat Quarter Shop
-it’s like Maynia but this time it’s for ornaments

So…being I had hoped to do something for Stitch Maynia and didn’t I thought about doing something for Jolly July…BUT I’m not an ornament girl.  I don’t really do a Christmas tree.  I don’t decorate a lot for Christmas.  I definitely don’t want to start 31 ornaments.  So…what could I do to make it mine?  I love these things as that’s totally acceptable to make it your own.

I know some people are making patriotic ornament sized projects.  Others are just making small sized projects that are Christmasy.

I ended up pulling out these Lizzie Kate Christmas stockings.  See? Continue reading

Stash Report

Not too long ago Kelli was at the thrift store that I love and found embroidery floss.  She sent me two pictures.  The caption was 10 cents a skein.

There was this box….

and this box….
She asked if I needed any.  I said no…it was a very hesitant no but it was a no.

The next time I saw here she brought what she bought….the big box with the full skeins.  It was $20 for all the floss.  That means 200 skeins!!

Kelli knows I love organizing floss.  REALLY LOVE organizing floss so she brought it to my house to help her….

Here I am sorting….. Continue reading