Childcare Chronicles


We’ve had a couple good weeks of childcare.  The weather here has been fantastic!  Most days I have anywhere from 4-6 kids during the day and a menagerie of before and after school kids adding anywhere from 4-7 more!!  Happily I never have them all at once.  By the time the school kids come some kids that were here during the day are already gone and home with their families.  It’s all working out now and I feel really comfortable with how things are going.

For the most part I have kids that do a pretty good job of napping at the same time….well at least for 45 minutes or so and that’s really what I need to recharge.  Carver is the one that it’s hardest for.  At home if Kalissa has the day off he will regularly sleep a morning and afternoon nap.  Here everyone is too busy and there’s too much action for him so he doesn’t take that morning nap so by 11-ish he’s had it and wants a nap.  On the days he’s here we nap a little bit earlier as the other little ones prefer that too.

Here’s some fun pictures of what we’ve been up to.

All summer I’ve been showing the kids the apples on my tree and telling them that we can’t pick them until fall.  Well the day finally came.  We picked the apples!!!


All of the big kids all got a chance to pick one.


We took turns and it went really well.


Thankfully there were some “up high” for the tall kids and some “down low” for the littler kids.  Here she’s grabbing an “up high” apple. [Read more...]

Childcare Chronicles: Two Little Culprits


I have lots of little kids at childcare four of the days of the week.  They all range from 7 months to 20 months old.  They are a handful but we are gradually getting into a routine that is working for us.

Friday I had four of the kids here.  I was in the living room feeding a bottle to the youngest and looking at a book with the oldest at the same time.  Carver and the other little guy that’s his age were in the kitchen.  They were playing with the canning jar rings (a HUGE favorite of theirs).  After a bit I heard the dog bowl clank.  I was frustrated with myself that I forgot to put it up.  I stopped feeding the baby, went out to the kitchen and sure enough, the two had dumped out the dog water bowl and were playing in the water.  UGH.  Thankfully they didn’t get wet.

I went back into the living room and got everyone situated again.  The baby was drinking the bottle and I was back to looking at the book with the older girl.  Soon I realized that it was eerily quiet in the kitchen.  I went out there to check on the boys and found this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Somehow the two of them figured out how to open the latch on the cabinet.  They have NEVER done this before.  They got out a can of meringue powder and got the lid off.  They were happily playing in the powder.

I don’t know if you know about  meringue powder but it’s SUPER light and fluffy and VERY fine.  The two were having a blast.  Me, I was cringing.

Carver got up to stand and almost fell as the powder is so fine and was really slippery on the hard wood floors…see? [Read more...]

The Mystery Plant


Hubby and I have a compost spot on the back side of the extra garage.  The main thing we use it for is garden compost.  Early this spring I noticed that there were lettuce plants growing there.  I had a chuckle out of that and happily harvested several meals of fresh lettuce from the plants growing in the compost bin.

After the lettuce was petering out I saw other plants starting….Hmmm.  Maybe zucchini I thought.  I figured I was wrong once I saw the plant growing like CRAZY and extending out into the lawn.  Hubby wanted to get rid of it but me, I wanted to keep it and this time, I won.  We left the plant to grow.

Over the summer we would look and check and try to figure out what the plant might be.  About a month ago we decided it had to be pumpkins.


The childcare kids have had lots of fun watching them grow.  They know the exact spots where the pumpkins are and will move the leaves to get a peek at the hiding pumpkins.  They’ve had the most fun watching them change colors.  Right now we have several that part orange and part green.

Check out and see how far they have grown!!!
[Read more...]

Childcare Chronicles


Ruby and I are trying to make the adjustments with childcare.  It’s been harder than I imagined.  If you’ve been reading the blog you know that I’ve sent the three year olds off to preschool and the school agers off  to school.  I am left with little kids-all from two to 6 months.


Four of the six have some type of part time schedule-only two are full time.  Well I didn’t think I would have all six at once very often….maybe once a week…well that’s not how it turned out.  I had six kids here more times than not.  It was not fun.  One day the kids took turns crying and honestly at least one and occasionally two kids were crying all day.  YUCK!  That’s not fun for them and it’s not fun for me either.  In no way is that the quality childcare I strive to provide.

I debated and debated.  I blamed it on sick kids….I blamed it on new kids….I blamed it on me needing to know the kids all better..I blamed it on the kids’ ages but the bottom line is this.  It’s too many kids for me to take care of on my own.  I can’t do it.

I am just sick about it but I had to tell one family that I can’t provide care for them and they would need to find alternate care.  It’s not what I wanted to do but I wasn’t happy at my job anymore.  It was so bad that one day the mail lady dropped off a package in the garage along with the mail and I grabbed the newspaper to look for a different job….anything to not be a house with screaming kiddos.  I was feeling so inadequate.  I was feeling like I was betraying the reason I wanted to care….I wanted to provide QUALITY care.

Childcare in our area is VERY hard to find.  As far as I know, I am the only provider in our town of 250 people.  In the surrounding towns there is typically only one provider too.  I hated to have any of my parents having to go out and look for care but that is what kept me trying…but I’m not trying anymore.  It’s too much!

Friday of last week I finally got the kids out in the stroller.  I had a more manageable bunch.  It was SO refreshing!  I missed this so much.


Over the summer I had lots of extra school kids so we didn’t get out with the stroller much then either.

The kids had a nice time out and about.  One of their favorite things to do is to run their hand along the cement rail of the bridge as we walk across.  Here they are doing just that.  See? [Read more...]