Community Quilts from Robin

I have quilts to share with you today from Robin in CA. She has three awesome quilts to share with you. Adele who is an amazing quilter with a generous heart provided all of the tops!! THANKS, Adele!!

Robin writes:
I received 2 boxes from Adele in Utah.  One box was full of quilt tops and the other contained yardage for backings.  All of the tops were beautifully pieced.   This first one had a lot of hand applique.

The curved handles on the flowerpots were hand appliqued as well as the items in the flowerpots and the flowers along the bottom. I used a dark green fabric that was provided for the backing. 

I quilted it with a simple stipple using a dark green in the bobbin and off-white for the top.  

This next one reminds me

Community Quilts from Ray

I have good news from Ray today…an updated website and some finished quilts.  What more could we want??

Ray writes:
“OMG!! Life is busy here in southwest Florida. It is tourist and snowbird season. I think everybody is down here trying to escape the cold up north. My daughter was down for a few days to get warmed up and helped me get the website update for the Airing of the Quilts on March 18.

In between commission quilts, I finished this bright, bold quilt from Laura.

Check out the splash of color on this quilt. Nothing shy about this one. Love it!!

I used the … …

Community Quilts from Beth

You might remember that I cleaned out all of the quilt tops that were here and sent them out to a new bunch of quilt finishers.  It’s always an “odd” time for me as I trust the tops will get to the recipients but I never know if I’ll get back finished pictures from the people I sent them to.  I think everyone who volunteers means well but life happens.  There have been a few people I didn’t hear from people again.  I think that has only happened twice and sadly, I had sent out lots of quilts that were made by Marion to one person.  It made me really sad not to see pictures of the quilts come back.

I learned from that and now only send out a few at a time in the first shipment in case the people don’t follow the rules and send pictures of the finished quilts back to me.

As some of the finished quilts come in from new finishers, my heart is so happy.  I trusted and didn’t get burnt.  That’s always and amazing feeling.

Beth is the new finisher…

She writes:
Attached are pictures of four finished quilt tops.   They were all super cute and I had a good time figuring out what I wanted to do with them.  The quilts then traveled with us back to Missouri, where my Mom lives.  She did the binding on all four, so this was quite the team effort.  These were all taken to a Project Linus drop-off here in Mo.,

The baseball quilt is backed with flannel patterned with construction vehicles making it a fun quilt no matter what side is up.  I trimmed the top’s borders a little to fit the piece of backing material I had and used the trimmed off portions for the binding.  Quilting is just an overall c pattern squiggle.

Hey Diddle Diddle is… …

Community Quilts from Ray

I have a couple of quilts from Ray to share with you today.

Ray writes:

Those Cresco ladies did it again with this awesome beachy quilt.

I am guessing that they cut up a vintage panel and made a nice lap quilt out of it. I love it and have had several compliments on it from ladies dropping off commission quilts to long arm.

As I was looking for backing fabric, this nautical fabric jumped out at me. The fabric is from Doreen C in IA and is a great compliment.

I went with… …

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