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In My Mail

I had two boxes come in the mail.  They were both filled with wonderful goodies.  The first box came from Robin in IL.

Here is some fabric for a backing…PERFECT.  Some fabrics are meant to be backings and this one looks like it!

She sent along some blocks to embroider and some left overs for a black and white quilt.  I think I’ll dig through my stash and pull some black and white fabrics to go with is and then send it out to Ronda, our charity quilter.  She’s a wonder with left over blocks!!

Then in the box were these….

Two VERY PRECIOUS, flannel baby blankets.  They are expertly made with lovely mitered corners.  One for each of my grandbabies that are due in March.

Kalissa was here first so she picked first and took the green one.  Kelli’s little one will get hte yellow one.  Both are so nice.  Kalissa and I were both ow-ing and aw-ing.

THANKS a million Robin.  That was the sweetest.

The other box came annonymously.  It was a big box and filled with quilt tops.  Come check them out with me. Continue reading

Charity Quilt: Cheryl and Heather

Here’s another collaborative effort from a couple of blog readers.  This quilt top was made by Heather Lentz.  She explained that since she started quilting, her preferences have changed, so she sewed up a pile of quilt tops with the fabric she no longer loves and donated them plus a box of matching fabric to be used for charity quilts.  I often send large quilts to Cheryl in Dallas who supports a women’s shelter in Florida.  The quilts are used on the gals’ beds, and the ladies take the quilts when they graduate from the program and transition into the “real world.”

Don’t you love the luscious colors Heather selected?!  Reminds me a cool dish of orange, pineapple, and raspberry sherbet. Heather’s top started off at 60” x 69”, but it needed to grow a bit to cover a twin-size bed, so Cheryl in Dallas did her border-thing.

Cheryl added an 8” pieced border and a plain border in yellow, so the finished size is 86” x 94.”

Cheryl said her go-to source of inspiration is Pat Speth’s book, “Nickel Quilts & Borders.”

The pieced border is called “Bird In The Air.”  Cheryl noted that when she put the four building blocks of each unit together, she got mixed up.  Can you tell what she did that is different from the pattern?  It took me a while to figure it out, but I like the result — that’s creativity, not a mistake.

The pieced inner border and plain outer border make the quilt big enough for a full-size bed.  You can see from this photo that even though the center fabric and border fabric came from two different stashes, the combination looks great.  Another reason why I love scrappy quilts.


The digital quilt pattern is “Bauhaus” by Patricia Ritter.  It is available on-line at UrbanElementz.

Here it is in process.  The quilted rectangles are a nice contrast to the straight lines of the fabric center.

Heather provided 400” of binding for this project.  That is so thoughtful!

And the project finally came together.  See? Continue reading

The Unexpected

A week or so ago I got an email message from someone whose name sounded familiar.  I thought and thought but nothing clicked.  Then I opened the email and it said, -Do you remember me?  I worked with your daughter Kayla at Pine Needles in Cresco.  I am helping my mom clean out fabric.  We have a couple boxes, are you interested?  If not we’re taking it to the thrift store.”

Oh be still my heart.  YES!  I’d love it.  So we make arrangements to meet in Decorah in the grocery store parking lot….here’s the two boxes she brought.  They were JAMMED with goodies.

I started sorting….There were lots of fabrics.

Homespuns…oh lots of a little of everything.

There was a pile of Christmas fabric.  This is moving on to my friend Lana who makes Christmas throws for Veterans.  It will be perfect.

Brights were included…and look at the crazy lobster fabric…see? Continue reading

Charity Quilt From Ronda

Ronda dropped me an email with pictures.  I opened the pictures before I read the note and immediately recognized this as some blocks I had passed on to Ronda.  An anonymous blog reader sent them to me.  There were lots of blocks done but needed a few more.  I had planned on making them and putting it together then in the middle of cleaning my sewing room I had a little reality check!!  I don’t have time for that now…not when my sewing room still wasn’t clean.  It was so much better to pass them on to Ronda or and another charitable group and get them to someone who could use them now.

Ronda writes”
I have two quilts to share with you this time.  The first one is one I made starting with 10 string blocks that you forwarded on to me from an unknown quilter.  Each block was about 10″ X 13″ and foundation pieced on what appeared to me to be used dryer sheets.  I’ve heard of using dryer sheets before ~ that way you don’t need to remove the paper.  However, I don’t have that much laundry with just my husband and myself, and it takes 4 dryer sheets per block.  I figured I needed to make 15 more blocks in order to put together a nice lap sized quilt.  So, my solution to duplicate these blocks was to use wedding isle runner from Hobby Lobby which looks and feels pretty much like a dryer sheet.  It’s cheap and can stay in the quilt with no problems.  The black/white dotty swirl fabric I used for the border (to help tie in the black/white triangles on the corners of the blocks) came from Gloria S. in Lomita, California.  She also sent me the backing fabric.  This one is going to be donated to Eric’s Closet, a local charity that helps out homeless and/or other people in need.”

Ronda has expressed a need for backing so that’s awesome that Gloria sent some to her.  If anyone is cleaning out stash, think of Ronda.  Ronda is #2 on the charity quilters list.

About the second quilt Ronda writes:
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