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Charity Quilts from Ronda and Friends

First off let me say I am behind on my email.  It’s the thing that has kind of dropped in the hustle of things.  I’m hoping to get a little time over the weekend to at least make an attempt.  Be patient with me…I’ll get to it.  BUT don’t be afraid to send anything to me a second time.

Ronda has been busy again….

She writes:  “The first one was a top that was sent to me from Jean D. in Seguin TX. ”

I used one of the black sheets that you(Jo) had sent me for the back of this one and it worked out fine.  My initial intention was to use the excess that got trimmed off after quilting for the binding, but when I was looking for backing for another quilt, I ran across this peachy/rusty fabric that matched the violins in Jean’s top perfectly.”

Since the top has a lot of black and the backing is solid black, I decided to give it a little more color with the binding.  It is a large lap size and will go to the Father’s with Children Shelter.”

On a side note…I had sent the sheets to Ronda and she wasn’t sure she’d like working with solid black.  Looks like it turned out great!!  Great color choices Ronda!

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Charity Quilts: Pierce City Library Quilters

Through my charity quilting adventures I learned about a quilting group in Pierce City, MO that calls themselves the Pierce City Library Quilters.  My contact for the group is Caro.  She’s been wonderful to work with.

Some of the things that you all have sent my way have been passed on to Caro and her group.  Check out some of their quilts…. Continue reading

Charity Quilts from Ronda and Friends

Ronda has been busy again.  It’s always fun for me to see what she is working on.  I sometimes forward tops on to her and am always curious if one of those will be in the group she has finished.  I’m sure others of you who send quilts wonder the same.

Today, Ronda writes:
The first quilt I have to share with you was a top that you forwarded on to me from Barbara in NM.  It is a nice 54 X 64 lap quilt in beautiful colors.”

I totally agree on Ronda’s words saying this was such nice blend of colors this top had.  I saw it in person and was very impressed.

The backing is from Linda L. in WI.  She sent me what looks to be almost a whole bolt of this peachy fabric.  I think I’ve used it on three quilts so far and still have a ton of it left.  It works well with so many quilt tops.”

The second quilt is made from Bonnie Hunter’s pattern, Pineapple Blossom.  It came from Linda in AZ.  It’s a very large 86″ square” .
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Charity Quilts from Ronda

Ronda is at it again…All busy getting charity quilts finished up.  She had some help from some amazing blog readers.

Ronda writes;
I have three quilts ready for donation.  The first one is from Debbie S. in NY.  She made the top using cute farm themed fabric and used some leftover blocks on the back.  The pantograph I used kind of reminded me of hay bales I’ve seen laying in the fields.”

Oh my.  CUTE prints.  I love all things farm so especially love this one.

The backing looks great too.  These are my favorite kinds of backings.  They seem like an extension of the front.

Ronda writes:
“The second quilt top came from Lori M. of Titusville, FL.  I bought the backing fabric at an end of the bolt sale at my LQS last year.  I knew it would come in handy ‘someday’. 
Oh..that backing is PERFECT Ronda!!
..Another fun quilt!!

Ronda writes”
The last quilt is from Jean D. of Seguin, TX.  She made the top from recycled men’s dress shirts.  It is so soft and scrunchy!”…..
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