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Charity Quilt from Ronda and Friends

It’s another edition of charity quilts….my favorite posts of the week…

We have goodies in from Ronda (with the help of friends)

Ronda writes:
 I hope you don’t feel overwhelmed with my emails of charity quilts, but when others donate completed tops and/or fabrics along with the pattern they meant to make, it is a fairly fast finish for me.  The places I (WE) donate to are so appreciative this time of year, as we are having super cold weather right now.  We are about 20 degrees below the normal temperature for November.  Brrrr!”

I don’t feel a bit overwhelmed…Honestly, I’m thrilled.  I’m so happy good happens in the world and I love to be able to see it in my everyday life!!!  Don’t you agree?

 “The first quilt was one I made using fabric sent to me from Judy M. in Lynchburg, VA.  She also sent the pattern, the ruler to make the tumblers, some “minky” type fabric for the appliques, and she even traced and cut out the elephant shape onto clear plastic to do the applique with.”

Oh my goodness…aren’t the elephants adorable.  SO CUTE!!
“The backing came from Karen S. in Chino, CA.  Coincidentally, the backing arrived at my house the same day I finished putting the top together.  The peachy/orange color was a good match!  This will go to the Ronald McDonald House.”

I love this and think it’s the PERFECT little kid quilt!

“The second and third quilts were both made from 3″ squares of Christmassy/wintery prints sent to me from Nancy K. in New Port Richey, FL.”
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Charity Quilts from Ronda and Friends

I love days when I get emails from charity quilters who are sending in projects.  Honestly, it brightens my days.

Today’s quilts were sent in by Ronda.

Ronda writes:
I have two quilts to donate to the Ronald McDonald House.  They donate diaper bags filled with baby things and if they have some small quilts available, they add a small quilt to it all.  The diaper bags go to the Moms who come in to deliver their babies maybe a bit sooner than was expected so they are not prepared, and more often than not, the babies end up in the NICU, and the moms end up at the Ronald McDonald House so that they are close enough to be with them as much as possible.

Both of these tops came from Debbie S. in New York.” 

“She also sent backing for the crazy quilt and I found fabric in my stash for the binding.”

What a perfect quilt to work for a boy or girl… LOVE IT!  Now check out Ronda’s second quilt….
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Charity Quilt From Ronda and Friends


Ronda dropped me a note to let me know that she had finished up a couple more quilts.  She always impresses me with her hard work!!

Ronda wrote:
Last week I delivered all the charity quilts I had finished up in the last month or so to the Ronald McDonald House and the Gospel Mission which houses the Fathers with Children residents.  At the Ronald McDonald house, they gave me a complete tour of the facilities.  I was impressed!  The house is very nicely furnished and decorated beautifully.  The gal who gave me the tour is southern and had the most lovely drawl.  She told me that her grandma was a quilter and had tried to teach her to quilt, too, but she just wasn’t good at it.  She said really she thought being southern, it should have been in her DNA!  Hahaha!

   Then, at the Fathers with Children, I met one of the residents there who had a toddler son.  The little boy looked about the age of your grandson, and he had the chubby cheeks and blond hair, too.  The father was very polite and thankful and said his son would love to sleep under one of the quilts I was donating.  It’s all so humbling and makes me ever grateful for my home and the life I have.”

I think every charitable person needs to occasionally see the people or facility they are donating to.  I think it gives purpose to the hard work being done.

Ronda went on to share her finishes:

The first quilt is one I sewed together from blocks sent to me by your friend, Connie (Thanks Connie!!) in Minnesota.  She also sent enough fabric for sashing and the backing.”


“The second one I made from blocks sent to me from Jill K. in Boerne, TX.  She sent 36 completed blocks, along with enough fabric to make 6 more.”

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