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Charity Quilt from Ronda

Ronda has been busy again.  She had wrote a bit ago that she had hoped to get caught up on quilts…but then I sent her some more.  Poor girl.  I feel her pain about being so close to getting caught up and then having more to do.  She’s a trooper though and sent these two quilts most recently.

Ronda writes:
Two more quilt finishes for you!  The first top was sent to me from Kathy M. in Westerly, RI.   These sampler blocks use Christmasy looking fabrics or maybe they are just wintery prints ~ wreathes and snowmen and such.”

So I paired it up with some red, gold, and green stars for the backing and green binding from my stash.  The quilt finished up at 46 X 59 and was donated to the Child Advocacy Center.

The second top was
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Quilt Tops from Debbie

I got a box of quilt tops in the mail from Debbie in NY.  She wrote that she just knows she has more tops than will even find time to quilt so she thought to pass them on to our charity quilting program.

They are all beautiful and I was thrilled to get them.  Happily I have a new person from Texas that offered to take on the some of the quilts.  Her name is Jane.   I think it’s fun that these quilts came from NY, stopped off in Iowa and and traveling to Texas.  What an amazing group of people we have!!

Anyway, I thought I’d show you Debbie’s tops.

I love the pattern for this one.  So cute.  I love the color choices.

Rosie was hanging around when I was photographing the quilts.  I decided to give her a little modeling practice.  She’s doing pretty good.

This next one I think is a Hobo quilt.  I’m not sure where the pattern came from.  I know 
I’m guessing the pattern came from this book.  Find it HERE on Amazon.

I know for awhile making hobo quilts was very popular.

Rosie decided to make an appearance for this one…She’s really getting good at her sitting skills.
Here is the quilt out big.  This wide border really looks nice when the same fabric is used on the inside.  What a nice looking quilt but not too intense being only 8 blocks are needed.
This yellow is so pretty in person.  I made a quilt for my sister in law with this fabric.
These last three I pulled out are more on the patriotic side.  I am in contact with my friend Doreen who does Quilts of Valor for our area.  She is snapping these up and finishing them for her group.  It’s alway easy for me to find homes for any patriotic colored quilts.  Feel free to send any my way.

Isn’t this stunning?  I love it!!  It’s all things I love though.  Stars, Flying Geese…yep.  I love it.

The other two were nice too.

Aren’t they perfect for Quilts of Valor?  I don’t know the size requirements but Doreen assured me that they can make these work.  A blue border might get added to the last one.

I’m so thrilled when quilt tops get into hands of people who will complete them and send them out in the world to comfort others.  I think it’s wonderful!!

Thanks to all of you who are a part of making community quilts happen here.  It truly warms my heart.

Charity Quilts from Ronda

Ronda has been busy again.  I just love getting email from Ronda.  It’s fun for me as so often the quilts that she does are sent directly to her and bypass me.  So seeing them for the first time is fun.  It’s also fun to see the ones that I were delivered to my house first.  Quilts look so much better finished and then I can really appreciate Ronda’s work.

Ronda writes:
​I have two more quilts to share with you.  The first top was made by Kathy M. of Westerly, RI.  She pieced these cute penguins and then added the snowy winter branches fabric for the border.  So cute!

She also sent the fabric for the backing and it is penguins, too.  The black binding came from my stash.  This quilt finishes at 42 X 58.”

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Community Quilts from Ronda

Ronda was so sweet.  The other day I emailed her to see if she wanted to take any of the quilt tops I had that blog readers had sent to me.  She was a little hesitant as she feels bad if she doesn’t get them done in what she feels is a timely manner.   Then I told her they were baby quilts and she said sure.  Ronda is one of the most generous people I know…We are all so lucky to have her in our “on line” life.

Ronda writes:
I delivered seven more quilts to Opportunities Unlimited.  They were very grateful as most of their residents are wheelchair bound so don’t have the mobility to get up and move around to generate warmth for themselves.  I wish everyone who donates a quilt top or fabric could see how happy these quilts make the recipients feel.”

This first top was made by Denise B. from Tarpon Springs, Florida.”

The purple floral backing from Gloria S. in Lomita, California, compliments the pretty purple and green fabrics that Denise used in her top.”

The dark purple binding came from my stash. The quilt is 67″ square. This went to Opportunities Unlimited as well.”

The second top was made by Evie H. from Los Angeles, California.”

She also made the pieced back and the binding.”
This was a GCA Mystery Quilt VI called “Crossroads” from May of 2012.  It finished up at 62″ X 78″ and she used fabric from the “Jingle All the Way” line by Nancy Halvorsen.”Evie said she was still learning the tricks of the trade and getting a feel for color schemes related to quilting when she made the top, but, she did a beautiful job of piecing and the colors are just gorgeous!  I have put this one on the hold pile for the Humane Society Annual Quilt Auction to be held this year.”

WOW…Thanks so much to those who donated and to Ronda.  She is so generous with her time and talents.  I’m so thankful that so many of you are supporting her.

See you back here next week for more community quilts.