Charity Quilt from Heather and Cheryl


While I am nursing this bum shoulder, I have depended on volunteer quilters and binders to get these charity tops completed.  As you can see, these volunteers are the best!

The latest quilt top to be donated by a blog reader is from Heather Lentz.  Heather sent this one directly to Cheryl in Dallas for the next step in the “round-robin charity quilt finish.”  Heather’s beautiful green and blue quilt top was 68” x 79.”



Cheryl added two borders to increase the size of the top to 81” x 93”, which is plenty long enough for a twin size bed.



Because Heather’s quilt top is a variety of blues and greens, Cheryl raided her 2 1/2” strips for yet more blues and greens for a pieced border.  A mottled green in the same value as the green print border Heather used was just the right fabric to finish the quilt.



On the longarm and the quilting is underway.  Cheryl in Dallas wrote: “This is my favorite part of the process.  While the computer is running the quilting patterns, I can pet the fabric and admire the combination of fabrics and patterns.  I also thank the Lord for the piecer who made the top and pray for the young woman who will receive the quilt.”



This digital pattern is called “Time Warp,” by Patricia Ritter.  The dark blue area on the computer screen shows the part of the row that has been quilted as the machine moves from left to right.


The Time Warp pattern stitched out close together, but the quilt was still soft with the cotton-poly batting.  See that green border print with the white flowers?  Heather sent binding of that same fabric, so when it was added to Cheryl’s new border, it makes the quilt look cohesive.  I love it!



Big reveal.  Who wouldn’t love to wrap up in this quilt?  Such a beautiful combination of blues and greens.


You know me and polka dots; I immediately was attracted to these cute blocks featuring dots.  There were many polka dot fabrics in this quilt . . .  I wouldn’t mind if it came to stay at my house.


This pale blue backing was the finishing touch.  It is big enough so it didn’t have to be pieced.  I don’t know about Cheryl, but I don’t like spending time piecing a backing — I’m ready to start a new quilt when I get to this point.



This quilt pattern is simple, yet so attractive.  It would look great even when done freehand.  I’ll remember this one for future quilting projects.



Heather’s beautiful green and blue quilt is going to the House of Hope in Gainesville, Florida, where it will be a welcome gift to a new resident who joins the treatment program.  Most of the gals at House of Hope are recently released from jail, and a handmade quilt is a wonderful treasure to remind them they are still treasured.

THANKS so much ladies…you are the best!

For anyone wondering about the pattern for this quilt…I believe it is Bonnie Hunter’s Boxy Stars.  Free pattern can be found here.








Charity Quilt: Ronda Strikes Again!


I always smile when I check my inbox and Ronda’s name…yep, Ronda has been at it again.  This time with some intense piecing!  Check this out.


Ronda writes:  ”The fabric for this quilt came to me from you with no name attached.  It was all cut into little 2″ X 3 1/2″ rectangles and placed in neatly stacked piles in a baggie.  Some of those rectangles were made up of two and even three different pieces of fabric!  It just goes to show that every scrap of fabric is usable! There was a hand drawn sketch for the block that the person intended for the fabric to be made into.  I added a bit more to make the quilt lap sized.  This will go to the Women and Children’s Shelter.  I used it as a leader/ender project while I worked on other quilts.”

Here’s a picture of the diagram for anyone wanting to understand the construction better. [Read more...]

Charity Quilt from Ronda and Ila


Ronda has done it again.  She’s such a worker.  I can’t believe all the charity quilts she tackles!

Here Ronda writes:

Hi Jo,

   I just wanted to let you know that I received the two boxes you sent today.  That was quick!  The pink/green quilt is from fabric Ila sent me along with a pattern she printed out from the internet with three different choices of layouts.  There wasn’t quite enough of the pinkish/coral color, so I added some of my own and it looks okay that way.  Also, she had sent several different greens for those large green triangles, but not big enough pieces, so I traded them for a constant green I had, and it all worked out.  Ila sent the backing, too, which is the same fabric I used for the border.  I added the black inner border and binding from my stash.  Together I think we did all right! 

   I have a new place to donate some kid quilts to.  It is called, “Quilts for Kids” and they provide quilts mainly to children’s hospitals, but also to foster kids and kids who have gone thru trauma of some kind.  I talked with a lady about 25 miles north of me who has a chapter of this organization and she is happy to come to me and pick up any quilts I want to donate.  They do have a few rules, like for size and the type of fabric used, and they have to be machine quilted ~ which I always do anyway.  If you Google “Quilts for Kids”, you can learn more about it.

   Thanks so much for all you’ve sent my way!  This will help me keep going and hopefully bring a smile to a child’s face!”
Here is the quilt Ronda made with the fabrics that Ila sent to her…. [Read more...]

Charity Quilt Finish from Ronda


When Karl was home I started explaining to him the charity quilt process we have here on the blog.  WOW, until I explained it to someone else all in words and then watched their mouth drop did I really realize how cool this all is.  I think for Karl it was especially cool.  He doesn’t think of me more than just mom-sitting in Iowa-taking care of babies….and that’s okay.  That’s all I aspire to be.  Somehow more has fallen in my lap and that’s okay too.  I can’t be thankful enough for all the great people I’ve come in contact with along this charity quilt journery including Ronda, who is sharing today’s charity quilt finish.

Ronda writes, “Hi Jo, This quilt was made from a kit you sent my way.  It came with a pattern that I had a hard time trying to make the pieces come together at the corners, so I substituted  a pattern of my own.  I bought the backing several years ago when one of our local quilt shops went out of business and had a big sale.  I had no plan for it, but figured it would come in handy “some day”.  It matched perfectly with the greens, oranges, and dark brown!  And I love the way the binding pattern came together just right in the corners.  This was a joy to work on!  Since this one feels more special to me, I will use it for the next fundraiser, as I make many other simpler and more scrappy quilts that I donate to the shelters and places where they probably get washed quite a lot.  Thanks so much for sending it my way and I will keep you updated when I know where it is going.”


Here’s a photo of the back and the binding pattern that Ronda referred to.  See?
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