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Community Quilts from Ronda and Friends

Ronda sent more quilts.  I had messaged her asking if she was wanting more.  Ronda is so sweet and said, “I’ll gladly take them but doesn’t anyone else want any?”  Well I thought I’d ask again…Does anyone want quilt tops to finish for charity??  If you do, drop me a note at  The only requirements is that you send a picture of the finished quilt and tell us where it was donated to.  It’s fun if you write a little something like Ronda does.  There’s no hurry.  We always hope the quilts are done in about six months or so…but certainly understand that life comes first.

…and onto Ronda’s quilts.

Here are a couple more quilt finishes.  The first one was a top sent to me from LaNan E. in Primghar, IA.”

She included the binding for this cute “Circus is coming to town” kid’s quilt.  I used backing sent from Karen V. in St. George, UT.  The colorful fish in this backing fabric match the colors in LaNan’s top perfectly.  The finished quilt measures 40 X 53 and will go to the Ronald McDonald House.”

The second quilt top was made by Debbie S. in Holland, NY.”
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Community Quilts

Ronda and friends have been busy again.  I love seeing all that she’s up to.

Ronda writes:
The first quilt I have to show you is one you passed on to me from someone who sent it to you anonymously.  It’s a jelly roll pattern and measures  51 X 63.”

The backing came from Karen S. in Chino, California and the binding from Nikki in Virginia.  This one is going to the women’s shelter.”

The second quilt was sent to me from Diane O. in Michigan.  She also sent the pretty gray backing fabric.” Continue reading

Community Quilts: The Ronda Edition

Ronda has been busy again.  She sent two quilts to share with all of us that will soon be on their way to help someone and make their day just a little bit brighter.

Ronda writes:
I have a couple more quilts finished and ready for donation.  The first one is from Diane O. in Michigan.  She sent the top, and the back, and she had the binding already made for me to use.”

She used pretty floral panel blocks sashed together with dotted fabric to make this lovely quilt top that finishes at 49 X 78.  This will be perfect for someone in need at CSADV ~ The Council for Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence.”

The second quilt was made by Debbie S. in Holland, NY.  She has made a few of these kids quilt tops from animal panel blocks and they always turn out so cute!  Each block has a few words of encouragement.  She used sashing and string blocks to turn this into a 44″ square kids quilt.”

She also sent the binding.  I am pretty sure the backing came from Diane M. in Freeland, WA.  The colors in the backing worked well with the top and it has birds, butterflies, beetles, spiders, and more ~ lots of things for a child to look for.”

“This one is for the Ronald McDonald House

Oh my goodness.  Both quilts are so pretty..and isn’t the backing on that second quilt just perfect with the front.  What a beautiful fabric!!  Ladies you all did such fine work.  Thanks so much Ronda for bringing the quilts to life.  You guys ROCK!!

Community Quilts: The Dallas Duo

Imagine how excited I was to see an email from Cheryl.  This quilt top has been a long time in the process.  I sent it to Cheryl in Dallas two years ago.  She wrote me that she misplaced it and the top didn’t come to light again until she unpacked all of her quilting supplies after a home renovation.  It’s not a problem!  I love to see charity quilts no matter how long it takes.

This top was made by Laura Hervey in Dallas, Texas, and she sent it to me some time ago.  I forwarded it to Cheryl in Dallas who makes quilts for a halfway house.  Cheryl always sends lots of pictures, so let’s take a look.

Below is Laura’s quilt top when it arrived back in Dallas after the detour through Waucoma.

What a nice quilt using only three fabrics and two blocks.  It’s a simple concept, but it looks complicated with all of those pieces.  Laura’s layout is giving me ideas for using some of my scraps.

The quilt top is loaded onto the longarm at last.  This picture shows the “floating method” for longarm quilting.  The quilt top and batting are not attached at the bottom, but they float until the very last row of quilting is added—then they are tacked down until all the quilting is complete.

The float method has an advantage that it saves time because those two layers don’t have to be straightened and attached.  Unless, of course, the Quilt Helper gets ahold of the batting and rips it to pieces while the quilt is on the longarm.  Then more batting has to be added and that eats up the time that was saved initially.  Do any of you have Quilt Helpers like this one? Continue reading