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Community Quilts: Ronda Edition

Ronda has been busy.  She was so sweet and didn’t send any photos for finished quilts for a bit while I was busy sorting out my life.  Now I’m up and going so the “eye candy” of Ronda’s amazing community quilts is back.

Ronda writes:
I thought I’d better start sending you some pictures of the quilts that I’ve finished up before I forget who sent me the tops/fabric, etc.

The first top was one you sent me that had been donated to you anonymously.”

I love all the striped fabrics!  It makes it look like a string pieced quilt, when actually it’s just a clever use of stripes. 

The backing came from Karen V. in St. George, Utah and the binding came from Nikki in Virginia.  The colors of the stars match perfectly with the stripes to make for a “stars and stripes” baby quilt.  This will go to the Ronald McDonald House.”

The next top came from Jean D. in Seguin, Texas.  The center is just one big piece of fabric which was bordered with the orange fabric.  This just goes to show that you don’t need an intricately pieced top to make a child’s quilt, as long as you have a cute print to start with.”

The backing and binding came to me from you and I think you said you got it originally from Sandra in Texas.  If you look closely at the print of the backing, it looks like little whales!  This is also going to the Ronald McDonald House.

The third top was sent to me from…
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Community Quilts

Ronda is busy again…or still.  I always love seeing any email that comes in from Ronda.  In my topsy turvy life, it is wonderful to see kindnesses and regularity.  Emails from Ronda with new community quilts is just the right medicine.

Ronda writes:
I have three more quilts ready for donation this week.  All three of these tops were made by Jean D. of Seguin, Texas.  She also sent the red backing for the first one, which is about 49″ square”.  

There was enough of that red to use for the binding, too.”

Some little boy will love the second quilt.  It has rows of cows, barns, chickens, etc….  The red plaid backing came from Gloria S. in Lomita, California.” …see?
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Community Quilts

Ronda has been busy again…Here’s her latest community quilt report.

I have three more quilts ready for donation.  The first one up is a top that you forwarded on to me from Barbara in NM.  All the centers of the blocks are sweets ~ donuts and cookies, etc. ”

I love all the different polka dots she used!  The backing was included, too.  This will go to the Ronald McDonald House.”

The second top was sent to me from Karen V. in St. George, UT….
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Community Quilts

I have quilts from Ronda…Oh she’s a treasure.  She sent me a note that said, “Sometimes your world turns upside down, and you need somebody to show you how to walk on your hands before you can find your feet again.”
Oh my.  Isn’t that the truth!!

Now onto quilts- Ronda writes:
I have three more quilts to share with you.  First up, is a top that was sent to me from Jean D. in Seguin, Texas.”

She also sent the blue polka dot fabric that I used for the backing.  It wasn’t quite wide enough, so I added a strip of the brown/blue striped fabric that came from July M. in Lynchburg, Virginia.  I also used that stripe for the binding.

It could actually be used as a reversible quilt as there isn’t a lot of piecing, which also makes it very soft and drapey.  It is a nice baby size at 43 X 52 and will make a good boy quilt for the Ronald McDonald House.

The second quilt was one that Roxanne H. in Virginia started.  She made four blocks and sewed them together into about a 24″ square.  She sent enough of the pink/mauve dotty fabric to make some additional blocks.  I used scraps from Jean D. in Texas and Nancy K. in Florida to make four patches, which then turned into 16 patches.  I found a neutral background fabric in my stash that came pretty close to the cream color Roxanne used in the 1/2 square triangles.  I added the blocks that I had made around the ones that she had made to try to blend them all seamlessly as far as color goes.  This is also a baby or child sized quilt at 48 X 56 and went to the Ronald McDonald House.

Roxanne also sent the fabric that I used for the two borders and I’m pretty sure the backing came from her, too.

The last quilt was sent to me from Evie H. in Los Angeles, California.  She made the top and sent the backing and binding.  It was a Mystery Sampler from Fat Quarter Quilts by M’Liss Rae Hawley of That Patchwork Place – 1990.  I love the colors and fabric choices she made.  I think this will do well at a fundraiser.  It is a good lap size at 54 X 70.  I will take this to the Annual Humane Society Quilt Auction which is coming up next month.  They use the funds they raise from this event to help feed and care for all the dogs and cats that are up for adoption.”

WOW…what a bunch of busy quilters, donators and finishing.  All of them are really nice.  I love the colors in them all.  It’s such a blessing for us to see that good things are happening in the world.  Great work everyone!