Charity Quilt Finishes from Connie


Remember I was sick a couple weeks ago?  Well I ended up taking two days off childcare.  The first day I laid and did absolutely nothing.  The second day I was feeling some better but tried to rally myself to the computer with one goal in mind.  Clean my in box or my email out!

I have the worst problem with my email.  Often time during childcare at nap time I will sit down and check my email.  I open it up and read something only to hear a baby cry and then -oops- the email got buried and I forget about it. Other times the email actually takes some time or there’s something I need to do with it.  I open it, read it and then have plans to deal with it in the evening-then evening comes around and something with the family comes up and ooops…buried again.

Well I found a note from Connie showing two of the charity quilts that she finished.  They were buried in an email.  (How embarrassing!)

Connie, of course, was a sweetie about it.  Connie writes:  ”I have enjoyed the hand stitching on both of the quilts. Many people have complemented me on the quilts. I’m quick to let them know that each quilt is a combined effort of the piecer (Marion Kyle of Bristol, TN), the quilter (you), and the binder (me).   Both quilts will be donated to Birthright of Burlington, IA to include in one of their layette packages for an expectant mother.

What a sweetie.

So here are the long done quilts….

I worked on a whole stack of quilts that Marion did and my oh my, they are all very nice.  These included.


It’s amazing how simple piecing makes great quilts.

This second one I loved the color combination of…don’t you?


This made a wonderful donation quilt.

Personally I’ve never really used oranges in any project.  Of all the colors, I would say orange is the color I least likely use.  I might have to change that.

Awesome work on the parts of Connie and Marion.

Thanks so much ladies for being understanding of my buried emails….I need to somehow make a better plan for it.  Any suggestions?

Charity Quilt Finish: QOV


I recently got a note from Nancy.  She writes:
Jo-Thanks to your charity list, I received a box of fabric and a UFO from LuAnn Wallenius from Ironwood, MI. (A copy of this email was sent to LuAnn. She may be able to provide more details) The UFO in the box contained extra yardage which I used to add borders to meet the Quilt of Valor size requirements. The top is now at a volunteer longarmer and will soon be on its way to the QOV coordinator in Idaho or Montana to be presented to a veteran.”

YAHOO!!  I’m so happy.

Nancy also sent a link to her blog where she tells more about the quilt.  I think it turned out wonderfully and will make a perfect Quilt of Valor.

You can read more about the quilt by heading over to Nancy’s blog.  Here is the link.

A huge shout out and thank you to all who made this happen.  I image that the lady who started this all those years ago would be so pleased and honored to know her work was the start of a beautiful gift for a veteran.

If you haven’t taken time or looked at the charity supply registry we have here on the blog, take a look.  You might be able to help someone help another by donating your unwanted quilting items.  Find the link for that here.  You can find that link anytime by looking at the top of the page where the tabs are.  Simply click on the one that says “Quilting Donations”.  If you have an organization that can benefit from donated items you will also find a link to get registered there.

Thanks to the many who are generous with their supplies, time and talents.

Charity Quilt: QOV


Hi all!  You might remember last fall (or so) an anonymous donor from Minnesota sent a couple quilt tops to me.  The tops looked perfect to be used as Quilt of Valor quilts.  I have a local gal, that I’m friends with, who spear heads the QOV group in the neighboring community.  I contacted her and she said she would be willing to finish the tops and get them to a worthy veteran.  Well…a ceremony was recently held and the two quilts were given away.

Coordinating these events is a huge undertaking.  Doreen, my contact, is a big contributor of her time and talents making these QOV quilt awarding ceremonies come to life.  I am in awe of all she does and in awe of the many people who help her.


Doreen was a little sad once the presentation was all over, as the pictures, she felt, didn’t do justice to the awarding of the quilts.  Shown here is a gentlemen waiting for his quilts…the one donated by a blog reader.  The other quilt top, awarding didn’t get a picture….well, it did but as the award was happening someone stood and “photo bombed” the picture.  UGH.  It happens to us all, right?!

Regardless…through donation of quilt tops, and time from local ladies, two well deserving gentlemen from my area were recipients of quilts in honor of their service.  I couldn’t be happier about that whether there are pictures or not!

Thanks so much to everyone who helped made this happen and thanks to all of you out there who are donating your time to your local groups who work to honor our veterans…

Charity Quilt Finish from Cheryl


This Plaid Beauty comes from Pat Templin.  Pat sent the quilt top to Cheryl in Dallas for quilting and binding.  This saves postage because I didn’t have to forward the quilt top to Dallas.  Pat had several quilt tops that needed new homes, and when she found out that Cheryl’s favorite charity uses bed-sized quilts, Pat enlarged this one to fit a twin bed.

You are going to love this beautiful quilt made entirely  of plaids and a few stripes.  Do you think all of these fabric pieces are from shirts?  It must have taken a long time to accumulate enough fabric for this quilt top because of the huge variety of plaids included.

In Dallas, the quilt top gets loaded onto the longarm frame.


Pat’s top is made entirely of nickel units:  5” squares.  Some units are one fabric. . .



. . . some are four pieces: two squares of different sizes, and two rectangles;



. . . while other nickel units are three pieces.


For more variety, Pat turned the units in different directions.  Pat’s work is meticulous!  All those intersections  match perfectly.



The digital quilt pattern for the Plaid Beauty is called “Mountain Laurel,” designed by Patricia Ritter.  You can see the digital pattern on the computer screen; the dark lines show where the machine has stitched as it moves across one row.  See? [Read more...]