Community Quilts from Cathy

I have quilts from Cathy to share with you today.  They are a fun batch made by the Cresco Ladies.

Cathy writes:
“Today I have more quilts to share with you and your readers. In November and December, I went on a “finishing frenzy” and was able to finish off lots of little quilts for Quilts for Kids here in Utah. Here are six of them, now finished and donated, whose tops were sent 
to me by you.

The first four were pieced by the Cresco ladies. This first one I’m calling Blue Bubbles because it is a cute bathtime-themed quilt. It was quilted on my domestic machine with little loops.

The little birdie quilt stole my heart with those adorable nests and mix of floral prints. This one got a simple stipple treatment.

Both of those little quilts shared a lovely blue 100% cotton sheet for a backing.

The top I tackled was this bright and happy little elephant quilt. The quilting was double loops. some child will love these whimsical critters!

The backing was a multi-colored speckle print from my stash.

I had so much fun with this next one – Winnie the Pooh! What kid (or adult) doesn’t love Winnie the Pooh? Everyone has a favorite character (amirite?).

Jo, you sent the teddy bear backing to me, and I thought it was a great match-up with the bears and the colors. Pooh and friends are sporting the same loopy quilting.

The next two little quilts came to me as one top measuring 54×72”. Since our chapter of Quilts for Kids doesn’t take quilts that large, I split it in two, unpicking the center seam. The I sewed two side borders on each so that they each measure 44×54”.

As you can see, one was quilted with loops and the other with a stipple. Maybe these will go to twins who can tell them apart by the quilting design!

They both got this lovely aqua backing that I bought specifically for them.

And that’s it for this batch!

Wow…Ladies.  You teamed up to finish some great quilts.  Many thanks to the Cresco Ladies and many thanks to Cathy.  She does wonderful work.  It’s so inspiring that you finish these with your domestic machine!!  I love hearing that.  Too often people think a long arm is needed.  Cathy is proving that notion completely wrong.

Community Quilts from Karen R

We have a couple of Karens and a Karin who all finish quilts.  These today are from Karen R in Ohio.

Karen writes:

I got several quilts done for a donation to Project Linus.  This group of quilts was sent to me by one of your blog readers Clare Popowich from Belchertown, MA.

The first one which is the largest just needed a backing from my stash.

Her fabric to make these quilts came from a neighbor’s mother and her mother who have both passed.

The next two were on the smaller side.  These are so cute.

It was a privilege to… finish and donate these for Clare.

Community Quilts from Ray

Before I get to today’s post, I thought I would remind you of the Villa Rosa blog hop.  Here is where we are hoping today.

Tricia at
Sandra at

Don’t forget to tell them “Jo sent me”.

Now to today’s post…

Ray is on a roll finishing some community quilts already in the new year.  Read along and see what he’s up to…

Ray writes:
Finally a finished quilt in 2023. It has been a slow start but beginning to get back in the groove with quilting. This is a wonderful quilt that Cheryl P in CO made and sent to me. The ducks are awesome and the assembly is fantastic.

I used the stipple motif with an off-white thread for the quilting.

I believe the backing came from the Deb and Pat stash. I can already see it on the line for the Airing of the Quilts on March 18. My thanks to you, Cheryl, and Deb and Pat for the materials to make this beautiful quilt.

I finished another quilt… …

Community Quilts from Karin

Hello…we have a parade of quilts today from Karin and Patty.  Patty was sending tops to Ray but then Ray got flooded with tops so I suggested to Patty that she send tops to Karin as she is in Florida so the tops all stay in their state.

Hi Jo! Merry Christmas! I have quite the parade for you today, courtesy of Patty K Florida and Linda W from Williamstown New York. I’m thinking we should rightfully call this the Patty and Linda show, as they have been keeping me really busy.

First up, we have a top Patty K pieced and called Hearts, and the note said it was an experiment.

Perhaps she was playing with applique? This top arrived with only the center panel and black borders attached. It was a little too narrow, but I had an exact length of that coral fabric that had been supplied by my local quilt shop. I cut it in half longwise and attached it as side borders, making the quilted piece finish up at 32×42.

I used pink thread on top and in the bottom, and it showed up nicely against the black and dark gray, but blended in perfectly with that coral backing.

I kept the quilting pretty simple, using wishbones in the black borders, loopy hearts in the center panel, and wishbones and squiggly lines in the strip pieced center heart.

Next up we have what looks to be… …

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