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Quilts from the Cresco Ladies

Oh my…Remember I told you that the ladies from Cresco, Iowa, just north of here were BUSY and brought me quilt tops.  I told you that I sent them out to Ohio to the ladies that are making baby quilts to send on to Tanzania.  Well a short couple weeks later Sandra from Cresco called me again.  She had sorted through more of their finished quilt tops and was wondering if I might be interested in more.  I contacted Celesta who works with the Tanzania baby quilts and asked her if she wanted more…She said SURE!!

Well about a week later, Sandra in Cresco called me again.  She was wondering if I wanted SIX (yes SIX) large totes for quilts tops.  I told her that I was sure I could find a home for them if she wanted to donate them….So, I started looking for homes.

Here is a picture of just five of the six totes!

Oh my word…that is a lot of quilts.

Sandra told me that when I sorted through them I would find a lot of Christmas tops.  Well that gave me a clue to get in touch with my friend Lana.  She’s the same one that does baby layettes for Lutheran World Relief and the Samaritan’s Purse Shoe Boxes.  She knits hats for the shoe boxes and I’ve gifted her yarn that has been sent my way from time to time.  I also send a lot of flannel her way.

Well she is doing a project and making lap quilts for Veterans at the VA. Well I know she makes a lot for Christmas.  I often pass on Christmas fabric to her for this very reason.   So I asked her if she was interested.   She was THRILLED.  She was worried she couldn’t make her goal as she usually makes all the tops.  Well with a donation of tops, she could happily reach her goal.

As we were talking I mentioned that I had more tops.  She smiled and said she makes veterans quilts that aren’t Christmas too….and she makes quilts for the layettes she does for Lutheran World Relief.  Oh my.  I ended up packing up another HUGE box for her and she’ll be finishing lots of them for layettes and veterans.

From there I contacted Caro from the Pierce City Library Quilters.  In the past she has gotten fabric from me…this time I thought she could use quilt tops.  She was thrilled and very happy to get them.  I sent ones to her that were a little bit too large for what Lana needed.  I assured Caro that it was okay for these to be added on with more borders to if needed.  Often times adding borders onto something already sewn makes tops just enough bigger to meet the requirements of groups.

I had more tops that were a little big and I contacted someone off of the donations list (Find that HERE) Elane.  I haven’t sent things to Elane before and her group seemed to fit what I have.  She quilts with Lutheran World Relief.  She said that she has since moved and now quilts with a new group of ladies but would happily accept these and add onto them if needed and forward them on to her old group of quilting ladies.

So between all of them, that took up about five of the totes of quilts.  I have a few left here.  Most are baby sized.  Most are made up of what the ladies have on hand for fabric as they sew with donated fabric.

Here are a few typical tops.

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Community Quilts: The Ronda Edition

Ronda sent some pictures of quilts she recently finished up.  These are so fun and I’m sure will be well loved quilts.

Ronda writes:
Here are some more donation quilts that I have to share with you.  The first one is the red, yellow, and blue rail fence top that was sent to me from Karen S. in Chino, California.  I added the inner white border from my stash and the blue outer border and binding came from fabric sent to me from Sandra in Texas.”
The backing was a duvet cover at one time and sent to me from Roxanne H. in Virginia.  I took it apart at the seams and used the cute animal print side for the rail fence.”

This quilt finished at 41 X 53 and was donated to the Ronald McDonald House.”

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Community Quilts from Anita and Cheryl #2

Last week I showed you two of the four quilts that Cheryl and Anita teamed up to make.  Today I have two more to share…

Anita writes:
Another beautifully pieced and stay stitched top by Cheryl of Spokane Wa. It will also be donated to the EVE shelter in Lansing Mi.  

I modified this quilt top a little. I took off on row from a side, re-oriented the blocks to match the direction needed and sewed it to the bottom. I took a square quilt and made it a rectangle to fit a twin sized shelter bed.  I used a white on white print for the backing. 

Cheryl had included a navy blue binding for this one, but with my modification, it wouldn’t work. So I shopped my stash and used the green and white stripe instead.  I’ll use Cheryl’s blue binding on a smaller charity quilt in the future.”
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The Cresco Quilters meet the Ohio Quilters

I got a message from Sandra.  She’s one of the ladies who picks up fabric from here and takes it home to her group, and they make charity quilts.  Much of the fabric I send is stuff you all have sent to me.  Sometimes it’s leftovers from a quilt project.  Sometimes it’s just random fabric or panels.  Whatever I send, the ladies are thrilled to get.

Well Sandra said she had quilt tops that she was happy to pass on to me if I could find a home for them.  I said sure.  Then I quick contacted Celesta (the lady who does the baby quilts for children in Tanzania and asked if she was interested in getting more tops.  She said YES!

So Sandra delivered the quilts in a HUGE heavy box and that evening I boxed them up to send to Celesta in Ohio.  While I was boxing I snapped a couple pictures.  This is only a small sampling as there there 46 in the box.  YES!!  46 tops.  Celesta is thrilled…I’m thrilled.  Look at the good that is happening!!

The ladies in Cresco sort and use whatever is sent.  They aren’t picky and do a great job bringing the miscellaneous pieces together to make quilts.  Here’s a flannel one…

I’m guessing this one was made from quilt leftovers…Don’t you think? Continue reading