On the Frame: Charity Quilts


Over the weekend I had a little time so I dug out a stack of charity quilts and started on the mission of finding backings.

I found backings for six.  It’s not a terribly hard job if I was a little better at making decisions.  I get a little too picky sometimes….then sometimes I think I’m not picky enough.  I’m sure many of you can relate.


I’ve had several people send backing fabric in the last few months and that has been a treat.  It’s easy to grab a piece and know I’m not going to have to piece many pieces together.

I even had enough time to put one on the frame….This is a nice sized one that I know will be loved.  I found a good green for the backing.


Here it is all finished. [Read more...]

Charity Quilt Finish


We are on a roll with charity quilt finishes.  We some last week and again this week.

This baby quilt was pieced by Ruth P.  I love the colors.  The binder was Karin in Florida.


The backing on this one was an attempt on my part to use up fabric from left overs from previous backings.  I have backing from previous quilts that were exactly the same.  I saved left over from both of them and was able to to make this small backing.  It was perfect.


Here’s the next quilt that Karin bound.  The piecer was Dee in Ohio. [Read more...]

Charity Quilt Finish


A new person volunteered to bind quilts.  Aw, that makes my heart happy.  It’s so fun to know the quilts are going to willing hands.

This was bound by Beth in Franklin, IL.  She was super quick too.

charity70 (2)

..not that anyone needs to these quickly.  A good portion of these tops have been languishing in closets for some time waiting for their opportunity to shine so it’s okay if the binding takes a bit of time too.

Beth writes: [Read more...]

Charity Quilt Finish


Here’s a charity quilt that got finished….

A bit ago I had a charity quilt on the blog from blog reader and volunteer binder, Karin in Florida.  Well today I have another one that was finished by Karin.

This one, like the previous one, was sent to me by Phyllis in PA.  It came in the HUGE box of stuff that Phyllis got from another quilter.  When this one came I debated about adding another border to the outside to make it a little bigger but after measuring it, I realized that it was a bigger lap-sized quilt already.


The binding fabric for this quilt came from a blog reader.  It was a feathered print that had all the colors of the quilt in it.  I didn’t know where I’d ever use it but saved the fabric knowing that someday I’d find a place for it…well now it appears I did.

Here’s a closer look at the medallion.
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