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What I’m Working On…

I’ve spent most of my free time in the sewing room as of late.  With some of my projects wrapping up, I’m eager to clean things up as much as possible.

I figured out I had 7 blocks left over from my Crooked Courthouse Steps quilt.  I must have counted wrong.  Late night sewing will do that.  So rather than pack them up, I decided to keep them out a make more blocks.

Here’s where I am with that….

This is all sewn together except for the last block.

I’m so excited.  Once a new baby is born I will make a wonky ABC letter of their first initial, then add pieces onto to make it look like a Courthouse Step block.  Then I’ll sew the block in and add the borders to have a finished baby quilt.  I’m so impressed with myself for thinking of doing this.  I cut all the border already and even pieced a backing.  YAHOO!!

Now I’d love to make a girl version and do the same thing.

I also sewed this up…. Continue reading

A Quilt Finish: Crooked Courthouse Steps

I’m so happy…another quilt is finished.  This time it’s Crooked Courthouse Steps!!  I can’t begin to tell you how fun it was to make this quilt.  This is my all time favorite style of quilt.  It’s scrappy and it require little to no prep….it’s lots of mindless sewing….which for me equals BLISS!

This is destine to be a Christmas present for a little boy in my childcare.  That’s why I went with a blue and green theme.

Last weekend I put it on the frame and quilted away.  I was on a mission to get this one finished.  I need four quilts as gifts and if I could get this finished I knew I’d be over half way.

I love all the color happiness…

Originally Bonnie suggested that all the center small blocks be 2″ x 2″.  I started out that way but as I went along the squares became any size I had left over from a previously used strip.

I used up ALL of my neutrals in my scrap box and had to cut up yardage.  That’s an okay problem to have.  That means I can go in and cut up any of the “what was I thinking when I bought that” fabrics.  Admit it, you have those fabrics too!!

I love the busyness of it all.  Play eye spy with me.  Can you see the scissor printed on white fabric? … Continue reading

Off the Fabric Diet

For the most part, I’ve been on a fabric diet for a year and a half…what I mean is that I’ve really not bought any fabric in a quilt shop.  Well maybe a half yard for binding or something but nothing much that didn’t have a real purpose.

Well…I went off the fabric diet.  But I went off for good reason.  My Courthouse Steps quilt top is finished.
How fun is this???

Who would ever guess that this quilt is just a scrap bucket clean out and not a planned beauty??

So often when working with greens there is such a wide range of them that it’s hard…here I threw them all in and didn’t worry about it.

I’m in love.  I spent yesterday morning ironing it and getting it ready for the quilt machine because it was on my list to tackle in the quilt machine.

Last week when the childcare kiddos were here the little boy who is getting this quilt for Christmas came over to the kitchen island and saw some of the blocks.  He commented on them and said something along the lines of “if you make me a quilt, I want a turtle quilt”.  Hmm.  “Well”, I told him, “the colors are remind me of an ocean turtle.  Green like the turtle and blue like the ocean, don’t you think?”  He said yes.  Well…that set my brain in motion.

I could make this be a turtle quilt.  All I needed was a backing fabric that had sea turtles.  Even though I was willing to break my fabric diet, I still wanted it to be reasonably priced so I went to Quilted Twins online.  I know they often have novelty prints or panels.  I could easily buy a panel and border it with fabric I had here to make a backing.

After looking they had a couple more expensive fabrics..and a cheaper fabric.  I weighed the pros and cons of each and ended up with this fabric.

The plan is that I’ll have a strip of that through the quilt backing with some green fabric across the top and blue along the bottom.  I haven’t dug to see what I have yet but I know something it there.  I think that will make a fun backing.  I got 3/4 of a yard extra of the fabric with the plan to make a matching pillowcase.  I’m so happy with the idea…I hope it turns out like I see envisioned.

Well..You know how it goes, as long as I was ordering, I might as well make the postage I’m paying worth it, right??  Well in the process of making the Crooked Courthouse Steps quilt, I used up all of the white based neutrals I had in the scrap bin.  I ended up then moving to the 1 1/2″ bin and raided everything there and even went to the 2″ bin and raided…so I am out of scraps or strips to use.  Any quilt I make from now on that needs white based neutral scraps is either going to need to come from the 2 1/2″ bin or from fabric.  That means I need to stock up!!  So I did.

I looked for anything that was white based and CHEAP.  I wanted printed fabric like the ones you see here…. Continue reading

A Quilt Finish: Geese on a String

I finished one of the childcare Christmas Quilts.  Here is Geese on a String from Bonnie Hunter’s book String Frenzy.

I’m so happy to have it finished.  I started this way back when Bonnie Hunter had a tutorial on making the stringed triangles.  I immediately grabbed my scrap bin and started making them.  Then I heard nothing else about them….so the blocks sat.  I was tempted from time to time to resurrect them and make them into something but I was fairly confident that Bonnie would come out with a pattern that included them.

….and she did.  You can find the pattern for this in her book String Frenzy.

I have to tell you though…when I saw the pattern, my heart sunk.

I liked the design.  I liked it a lot but I couldn’t figure out what I should do for colors.  Cheddar and lime were not what my quilt needed.  I was “stuck”.  After taking the book to bed with me a few nights and studying and thinking, I came up with this idea.  white based neutrals to complete the corners of the geese blocks…then I made all of the four patches a mix of purple and white.  My idea was that if I placed them so that the purple square was oriented like this, then there would be a “purple” line down the quilt too.

I knew these would be gifted so I didn’t really plan on making them bigger than the twin size the pattern allowed for.  When I counted how many string triangles I had…. Continue reading