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Mystery Quilt and String Challenge

I’m hooking up with Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery Quilt link up today.  Welcome if you’re new here and the link up brought you.  We are a busy blog with update twice a day, unless life gets in the way.  There’s always something going on here!!

So what do you think of the mystery quilt?  I’m liking it so far.  Last week I left you here with a stack of finished blocks.  When Monday’s reveal came I was wowed but a little nervous.  I am TERRIBLE and known for turning pieces the wrong direction!!  I was sure that sashing would do me in.View Postmystery-on-ringo-lake-10

I’m also a girl that needs to study a pattern for a bit before I feel comfortable jumping in a sewing….so not much happened in terms of me sewing on Monday. I also started in a on debate.  Do I do that scrappy setting triangle border?  I decided not to but that left me working to figure out the sizes I’d need to cut in order to make the setting triangles…and measuring to see if I had enough of one fabric.  I did. I wanted to calm the quilt down a bit and cutting all of my cornerstones from one fabric and opting to use one fabric for the setting triangles is doing that for me.  Happily, to this point, I hadn’t twisted even one sashing pieces!!  It shows only one piece but I actually have two pieces with this much done as of Tuesday night at bedtime.

You can see my birthday quilt hiding out behind the mystery quilt…. That’s where I was on Tuesday night at bed time and by Wednesday night at bedtime, I was here! Continue reading

String Challenge and Mystery Sewing

I’m hooking up with Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery Quilt link up today.  Welcome if you’re new here and the link up brought you.

Last week between working on the gray Claudette quilt I finished (see that here if you missed it) and then scrambling to get the wedding quilt finished, I didn’t get a lot of sewing done.  The wedding quilt did get finished.  Stop by and Friday and I’ll show it off!!

On the mystery…I don’t have it all the way done but CLOSE.  I knew we would have a busy weekend so Friday at nap time I cut our what I would need.


Then I stayed up late Friday night and was up early on Saturday morning to get it sewn.  I’ve completed the sewing.  I’ll need to iron these which I’ll likely do over nap time one of the days this week.


Kelli and I had a sewing day with plans on my birthday quilt.  I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow.

Since Hubby got done with the field work he’s been home more….I’ve appreciated that!!  He’s asked me to watch television with him a few of the nights…and I’ve set my things aside and watched.  The new season of Longmire was out so I didn’t mind. (I recommend that series if you haven’t watched yet).  While we’ve been watching, I’ve been stitching on my Daylilies applique quilt trying to get some of the applique done.  I’m watching more than stitching so it’s taken more than an episode to finish one block.


I’ve also got more prepped.  When my child care kiddos are sleeping I’ve managed to press the stems and pin them in place on several more.

I have all of them marked for placement.


I’m so thankful that there are only 16 of these blocks in this quilt!!  It makes the applique do-able for the non-applique girl that I am!!  I am celebrating that I do have the applique for four of the blocks done….that means I have 25% finished!! Yahoo.

I noticed that in the original pattern there are leaves on the block….I’ve been debating about leaving them off.  I’ll get some pictures taken next week and you can help me decide.

You’ll find my back here on Monday with hopefully more work done on a string quilt and more mystery things to show!

String Fling Challenge: Are You Joining?

So if I didn’t say it outright, I’m saying it now.  I have a goal to make all of the quilts in Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book.  My goal is to have them all finished before she has the new book come out.  From what I know that quilt book is also going to be a string quilt book and goodness knows I love strings.  I’m so excited and want to properly retire this book before the new one comes.

You  might remember that sometime in November that I wrote a blog post asking if any of you had ever made every quilt in a quilt book.  The idea has stuck with me and that’s exactly what I’m going to attempt.  I’m even giving myself a goal….that means I am serious.  If you missed that post it’s here.

Well today I’m starting the challenge myself.  From now on starting on Monday morning I’m going to show my progress.  I’ll do this in place of the normal “what I’m working” on post.  You’re welcome to join. I’m calling it a String Fling Challenge.  You are welcome to make it anything you want it to be.  The goal is to challenge yourself to finish something (whatever you want) before the next Bonnie Hunter book come out.  If you want to wait and join after the mystery is over, that great.  I need to start now though as I have FOUR quilts that need to be finished.  Even if I only make a little progress that okay right now…the holiday’s are here, the mystery is on and I have some deadline quilts to finish including a quilt for my new baby grand daughter.  Progress is progress no matter the amount!

Here’s where I am at the latest tally.
There are 13 quilts in the book.
I have 9+ completely finished.  I made two Zuckerwatte quilts.

That means I have four quilts to finish before the new book comes.  Most people would work on one at a time (yes I know that makes sense) but not me…all of them are now started!!

I have Pineapple Crazy pretty far along…I am actively working on border blocks.  Center is finished.


I have Charlotte’s Baskets going….I have all the blocks done and ready to assemble.


I started Daylilies.  I am working on the applique any time we watch television or I’m riding in the car.  It’s all cut out…and do you know what?  I don’t hate applique!!  Who knew??


My applique is FAR from perfect but hey, I’ve gotta start somewhere!!  It’s okay to be a beginner even though I’m almost 52.

…and now I started cutting out Tulip fields.  Here’s what I ran into…. Continue reading

UFO Challenge: Scrap Crystals

I had a comment not to long ago from a blog reader.  She wanted to know about my Scrap Crystals quilt.  Well….mine was only cut out.  No blocks were made.  Much of this was cut out from scraps of batiks that blog readers had sent to me.  The story goes a little like this.  In the course of one week two blog readers had sent me scrap bags of mostly batik fabrics.  One had leftovers from someone cutting out lots of greens.  There was just about six inches left from a 2″ strip.  I debated and debate about what to do with them.  Then a few days later I was talking to Connie and she had mentioned that she was thinking of making Scrap Crystals with batik fabrics.  BINGO!!  That was it.  These 2″ strips would be perfect….and so the quilt got out and the scrap bag was history as I also cut out Garlic Knots.


Well fast forward…Last week I told you and showed you my center of Pineapple Crazy.  I was gung-ho on making the outer blocks but it’s slow work and I was sure you all would be bored with me showing entry after entry of “look, I sewed six more this week”!  So when a blog reader asked if they could see what I had going on with Scrap Crystals, I took that as a sign that I could work on TWO UFOs at once….and so I make one block of Scrap Crystals.  See? Continue reading