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A Quilt Finish: Daylilies

Yahoo!!  It is finally finished.  Another quilt is finished from my challenge to make all of the quilts in Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book.

Here is Daylilies.

I have to laugh now when I see it all done.  When I first got this book, I liked the quilt but was sure I’d likely never make it.  It had applique, in set seams…and I struggled with colors.

Fast forward.  I set a goal.  I wanted to, one time in my life, make EVERY quilt from a quilt book.  I had SO many made in String Fling.  I started thinking I could do it and this would be the book to do it with.  Then I realized I would have to finish Pineapple Crazy if I were to reach that goal…but at the time, I have 3/4 of the blocks done so that wasn’t a terrible obstacle.  But then there was Daylilies.  UGH.  Applique….In set seams.  No.  I thought that would make me pass.

Then I decided one block.  I could do one block.  If I hated it, I allowed myself to quit.  Colors was my next problem….


About that time I was in my batik stage.  So, batiks it would to be.

Well…I did one block.  I wasn’t neccessarily proud of the work I did but hey…it wasn’t terrible.  Read all about my first block here.  I could see that it would be do-able.  I could also see that I needed more practice.   Making more blocks would give me that practice.


I decided that one of my goals for 2018 was to do something a little more challenging.  Although you long applique quilters are laughing at me calling this challenging, it was to me.

I have yet to find a “LOVE” of applique but I can do it.  That was a wonderful discovery.

I do like this quilt done in batiks….Each of my flowers is a different combo of batiks.

I think it’s a fun look.

The alternate blocks are string pieced.  I add to my challenge and I sewed all of the strings on my treadle….This was a quilt of firsts….applique, treadle….

The binding was a batik that I had trouble previously finding a use for.  It changed in color from purple to bright blue.  When I was picking binding I was thrilled.  This piece was finally getting a home!!

For the backing I used a piece I had bought on line for a different project.  See? Continue reading

About the Process

I was reading through the comments and saw a comment from Maggie at Making a Lather.  She had added a link to her blog sharing her challenge project.  She happened to be making her Roll, Roll Cotton Boll quilt.

That got me thinking back to when I made mine.  I gotta say, it is hands down my favorite quilt as far as “making it” goes.  It’s my favorite mystery quilt for sure.  I’ve been doing them since Carolina Christmas.


I am a process girl.  I LOVE the process of making a quilt even more than I love the finished quilt.  Kelli and I both are process girls.  I think that’s one of the reasons we so freely give quilt away.  We got our main enjoyment from the quilts…now someone else can enjoy them.

So what did I enjoy about it so much?? Continue reading

String Challenge and More

Before you start reading today’s post, we have an auction happening on some quilt items.  Check it out on here.  The auction ends at noon today central time.

Now to today’s post:

I didn’t get any quilting done this week.  It’s been crazy busy and I can’t keep up.  I’ve spent a couple evenings marking stuff to take up to the antique mall booth.  Hubby is in the field and hasn’t been getting home until 9:15pm or so.  I have to put supper on for him and manage the things he usually does.  It’s not a big deal but does cut into my time.  I’ve had Carver late a night and went to Cedar Rapids to watch my grandkids.  I’ve loved it all and don’t regret a bit of it.

I also ended up at an auction….You’ll want to see what I bought.  Check in tomorrow morning for that post.

I did touch a sewing machine….I had to do this…make a backing and iron it.

Ruby can’t resist being in a picture if at all possible.

The quilt top that it’s for is this….. Continue reading