A Quilt Finish: Bitcoin

The minute that I saw Bonnie Hunter’s quilt Bitcoin, I knew I wanted to make it.  I actually laughed when it was released.  As it was released with another pattern at the same time and it was kind of like a “buy this pattern and get Bitcoin for 1/2 price” type of deal.  I was the odd duck.  I wanted Bitcoin and didn’t really care about the other pattern.

I loved the pattern so much that I, pretty much, started sewing on it right away.  I loved it that much.

I put in on the quilting frame right away and then the project stalled.  My shoulder started acting up and everything with the family got really busy.  My quilt just sat on the frame for over a month.

I recently got it off the frame and Rosie claimed the quilt for herself.

Just before Christmas I kicked her off it and finally got it bound.  Then I waited for a day when it wasn’t windy to take pictures but that didn’t happen so I finally took it outside and decided to do the best I could.

You can see I didn’t have the best luck snapping pictures.

Bitcoin is exactly the kind of quilt I love making and it fits in so well with my childcare life.  I can easily sew on a quilt like this in the morning before my childcare life begins and then do trimming over naptime in the afternoon.

It was a windy day.  You can click the arrow in the next picture to see how windy it was… …

Quilt Finish: Carolina Chain

This is actually a Kelli and Jo quilt finish.

When Kelli was on maternity leave I went to her house and helped her get some things organized.  We went through the entire upstairs and in the doing, I found she had a finished quilt top.  She had made Bonnie Hunter’s quilt Carolina Chain.  It was one of the last tops Kelli made since becoming a mom.  Now she rarely sews.  There is just no time with three kids two and under.  I wanted to help her get this to completion so I asked if she wanted me to take it home and finish it up for her.  She said yes.

After some measuring and consideration, I asked her if she wanted it finished as is or if she thought a border on the quilt would be a good idea.  The original quilt as seen below does not have a border.

The quilt can be found in the book Addicted to Scraps.  (The book is currently at a discounted price on Amazon.)

Kelli said to add a border.  So I went through my fabric and I had no yardage that was the color we needed.  I had light blues and dark blues but nothing that was this color of blue.

I went to the quilt shop and they had only one blue that was this color so I took it and got enough yardage for both the border and the binding.

It was really sunny when I took these pictures and the lighting washed the quilt out a bit.

This picture is the true color… …

Quilt Finish: Hawk’s Nest

Yahoo…I have a quilt finish.  It’s a quilt that was on my bucket list to make.  I couldn’t be happier that it’s done and as far as I’m concerned, it’s the perfect fall quilt.

The quilt is Hawk’s Nest by Bonnie Hunter.  You can find it in her book Scraps and Shirttails book two.  (Here is a link)

My personal opinion is that this is my favorite of all of her books…well I love String Fling too (I made EVERY quilt in that book)!!

For years I’ve been collecting bonus triangles from other quilts I’ve made and all of them were put into this quilt!!   If you need a little explanation of what a bonus triangle is, I did a blog post about that HERE.  Follow the link and you can read about bonus triangles.

Many of the bonus triangles came from making the flying geese from this quilt.  It’s another Bonnie Hunter quilt called Sante Fe String Star.


Read about it HERE.  Every flying geese block gave me two bonus triangles.  They add up!!

Here is the picture from the book of Hawk’s Nest.

Stash Report | Jo's Country Junction

When I was picking fabric for the project I tried to lean towards tans, greens, browns, and reds for the hourglass portion of the quilt…

Many of my bonus triangles were blues and pinks…I still used them.  After all, part of my reason for making this quilt was to use up as many bonus triangles as I could.

I used my hook and bump edge to edge quilting for the motif.  You can watch a video on how to do that HERE.

I did it smaller than I usually do.  I’m kind of on a roll with using this motif and making it smaller.

I used an Indian corn fabric for the backing.  A blog reader sent it in a box of goodies.  I ended up picking out a backing fabric here that I had, put it in the box I’ll send out for charity, and kept this backing fabric instead.  It seemed perfect for this quilt.  Thanks so much for the backing!

The original quilt was in a 6 x 7 layout.  I made extra blocks and ended up with a 7 x 7 layout.  I was tempted to make it bigger but didn’t want to mess with making the border bigger.

Isn’t the border something??  It’s what attracted me to this quilt from the very beginning.

I bound the quilt with the same cheddar fabric that I used for the rest of the quilt.  I was going to do a brown but I’ve kind of changed my binding preference.  Previously I always liked the binding to be dark and frame the quilt…my thoughts on that aren’t always the same anymore.  I’ve used colors for the binding I previously wouldn’t have used.

I think it worked to do the cheddar colored binding.

Of course, no quilt is complete without a Rosie picture….

I tossed the quilt on the couch and Rosie jumped right up there and posed.

She blends perfectly with the quilt!!

When I was lamenting about all of the UFO quilts I had, a reader offered to help me finish them.  It was so sweet of her…but I would have hated missing out on making this one. I just love it!  Yes, I’m keeping it.  Wouldn’t you??  I don’t think anyone would love it more than I do.

Thanks for the great design Bonnie!!  It was a winner.

Ask Jo: Cutting Up Scraps

A while ago I did a little blurb about how I was cutting up scraps.  It was just something simple in the middle of a post about my sewing room.  I was surprised when I got so many comments and questions about it.  Today I’m expanding and writing more.  Hopefully in the writing I will answer all the comments that came my way.

Before I get started I do want to say that I use Bonnie Hunter’s Scrap User’s System for keep my scraps.  You can learn more about that here.

Here is the tote that needs to get trimmed into usable pieces.

In no real order I garb pieces and I stack them like this.  The largest on the bottom, graduated smaller pieces on the tops.  I layer about 6-8 to a cut.
For the example above the longer bottom pieces aren’t folded, the top two are.

I’ve been wanting to add to my 2″ bucket.  For me, I use 2″ and 2 1/2″ strips most often.  Today when given a choice, I plan to cut more 2″ strips than any other size.

I do an edge cut to start so all the edges are even.
Next I made the 2″ cut….

I reposition my ruler and make another 2″ cut.

Now, the top purple fabric is used up.  I measure the top piece.  It’s not 4″ so I can’t make two 2″ cuts.  
I end up opting to take two 1 1/2″ cuts.  It was the best use of the fabric as I only had less than 3 1/2″ I was working with…because remember, I only cut according to the top piece of fabric.

Now the top piece of fabric is gone.  The best way to use up this last bit is to make a 2″ cut…and I do.
I’ll do another batch so you get the hang of it…

I have graduated layers ready to cut.

I square up the edge and start thinking about what the best cuts are.  I start by measuring the top piece.
It’s looks to be about 4 1/2″.  I take two 2″ cuts.  
I pull the leftover scrap off.
Lucky me…I can squeeze a 1 1/2″ stip off next.  
…and another 1 1/2″ cut.  That made the best use of the fabric.Now hmmm.  What do I want to do with this next cut.  The top fabric is 3 1/2″ wide.  I could make a 3 1/2″ cut or I could or I could make a 2″ cut and then an 1 1/2″ cut.  It doesn’t matter.

The top piece is gone and I’m left with this…I ended up stripping this into 2″ pieces but I could have done anything with it.  I opted for 2″ as remember, that was the size I was focusing on.
The next piece in the box was this… …

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