UFO Progress


I’ve slowed a touch on my UFO progress.  The garden kicked in and I’ve had some overnight company along with a few long days of childcare.  I have progress though.

You might remember that I am working on my TWO Zuckerwatte quilts.  The pattern can be found in Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book.

I’ve been working on the string portion of the blocks.  Here I’m trimming and cutting on the diagonal to get the triangle pieces I need.


My trusty side kicks (childcare kiddos) where ready and willing to help de-paper the pieces.  See? [Read more...]

UFO Progress


I’m really happy with how I am doing on my UFO quilts.  Did you see my post from last Friday?  My Blue Skies quilt got finished.  If you missed it, follow this link.

I moved on and started in on Zuckerwatte.  This quilt is in Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book.  I have two childcare kiddos that each want one of these quilts…so what am doing?  Making two at once.  That’s not too bad considering I usually make quilts bigger.  This time I have to make two quilts that are each the size listed in the pattern.

Last week I told you that I had just started on this.  When I picked it up to start working on I have the half square triangles done and that’s it.  Well now I have all the half square triangles sewn together into the units that go diagonally through the blocks.


The block is a variation of a block that I know as a corn and beans block.  I made a “corn and beans” block quilt for Kalissa for her wedding.  I’m adding a picture if you don’t remember it.


At the time I vowed never again.  Well the corn and beans block quilt is what the childcare girls wanted so….I tackled it again.  This time so far, no problems with it at all.   Bonnie’s instructions are so much nicer so I didn’t have trouble twisting and turning the pieces.

I get asked so often why I sew so many Bonnie Hunter designed quilts and not others…this is one of the reasons.  Her directions make sense to my brain.  I LOVE the directions at a glance.  They make quilting so much easier for me.

Anyway…now that the diagonal part of the block with the half square triangles is together in a unit I can move on to the string blocks.  Here’s how far I got on them…. [Read more...]

Blue Skies is FINISHED!!


My roll is still going.  I have another UFO finished.  I am so happy.  I’ve finished a UFO for several Fridays in a row.  So far I’ve done Santa Fe String Star, Wonky Wishes, En Providence, Pfeffernuse, Talkin’ Turkey and now Blue Skies!!  WOW!!  That is a roll.  I still have more so stay tuned and see if I can get another one done next week.

Anyway, back to Blue Skies….Here it is!!


I know, I know…you want to see it laying out flat right?  Here it is.


The quilt is called Blue Skies.  The pattern for it can be found in Bonnie Hunter’s book String Fling.  It’s an awesome book and definitely my favorite of all of her books.  Several of the quilts I’ve recently finished have been from that book.

Here’s a peak at the quilting….This is the same pattern I do all the time.  I’d like to say I’m in a rut because I do use this free motion edge to edge design all the time but the truth is, I love it and it’s easy for me!


When I was working on this earlier this week I chuckled to myself wishing we’d get some blue skies.  We’ve had lots of rain the previous week.  So much so that Hubby isn’t getting the farming done.  I was hoping for Blue Skies and so was he!!


This is what I ended up picking for a binding…. [Read more...]

UFO Progress


My bum foot has been so good to me with having time to sew.  I am so happy to have found an advantage to not being as mobile as I would like.  Want to see what I accomplished?



This is Star Gazing.  You can find the pattern in Bonnie Hunter’s book Scraps and Shirttails book one.

It came with it’s own set of problems.  I originally added the border on like this….


BUT that was the wrong way.  The pattern shows it attached like this…. [Read more...]