The Deadline Approaches: Texas Tumbleweed


Wednesday I told you that I was hurrying along with my UFO Texas Tumbleweed and was trying to hurry the quilt along.  I laughed a bit when a reader left a comment that said they would hate my running a deadline this close.  I’ve ran deadlines MUCH-MUCH-Much closer.  I believe I work best under pressure.  The pressure makes me concentrate on one thing!!  I’m a bit of a squirrel if I don’t have a deadline.  I run from project to project never completing any.  A deadline gives me a focus.

So how do you think I’m doing at chasing the deadline?


I’m loving the look and was really-really excited until…you guessed it, I didn’t have enough blocks.  I need four more chain blocks.  The good news is that I have parts of the blocks-just not all.  It should be a quick hour and I’ll have them done and the last row sewn on as I already have enough of the “star” type blocks.   After that, it’s on to borders.  I have the outer border picked but need to pick the inner border and binding.  I don’t have many batiks here that are over a yard so it’s going to be a challenge and might require a trip to town.

My hope is that I will have it as a top over the weekend…That means I’ll have two weeks to machine quilt and bind it.  That’s not bad at all.  It’s totally do-able!  I have to say, I’m really enjoying the batiks.  There will be more batik quilts in my future for sure!!

Stop back here on Wednesday and I’ll update you again on where I am at with this quilt.

UFO Progress


Well I had both success and setbacks this week.  I started out with a set back.  I’m working on Texas Tumbleweed.  It’s in Bonnie Hunter’s book More Adventures with Leaders and Enders.


Last week I got one step done…

This week I got more done but I started out with a set back.  These were suppose to be for step G.  Yep.  I sewed the wrong.  UGH.  I’ll add them to the pieces I sewed wrong last week.  Who knows..maybe they can get together and make some type of quilt someday.


Happily I did go on and sew them correctly.


I even got them sewn into blocks….see? [Read more...]

UFO Progress


Well I looked at the calendar and shifted gears.  I have a wedding coming up the first weekend in October and I don’t have a quilt yet.  Early this year a couple people laughed when I cut out a few quilts and then packed them away.  Well one of the those quilts is the quilt I planned for a wedding quilt…and now that I need it NOW I have it ready to sew…..Unfortunately, my sewing room isn’t ready to sew…


The show must go on though…..I don’t have time to clean it…so I just put the cut kit on top of the mess and started sewing.  This is the quilt I’m sewing:  Texas Tumbleweeds.  It’s quilt in Bonnie Hunter’s More Adventures with Leaders and Enders.


There’s my kit ready to go.  People often ask how I organize things….this is typically how.  Things are cut.  I label with the name of the quilt and the book it’s in. [Read more...]

UFO Progress…or lack of it.


My UFO mojo is petering out….Either that or life has taken hostage of all of my time.  Now that Karl is home I’ve been making a nicer supper….last night I ended up with Karl and Kalissa’s family here for supper.  Kalissa hadn’t seen him yet and wanted to.  Having supper together made that easy.  Every night there is something that takes me away from sewing time.  I love all of that more than sewing so, sewing has taken a bit of a back seat.

All I accomplished in the UFO department was to sew three blocks together.  Before all of you have already made this quilt scream STOP…it’s okay.  I know that original pattern does not construct the blocks this way.


The original pattern is in the book Scraps and Shirttails II.  There Bonnie Hunter sews two different blocks to make the quilt…the center part of this block and the string pieced stuff is the other block.  Then she sets all of it on point.  Well I hate setting things on point.  HATE IT.  You can see a peek of the quilt in this picture.  See? [Read more...]