Saturday Adventures

On Saturday was the annual garage sales in Decorah along with the antique/flea market at the fair grounds.  Hubby and I have gone several years and a few of the years I’ve gone with Kelli if he’s in the field.  Typically it’s a nice show and well worth my time.  I know last year was my favorite year ever.  With the way things have been around here, busy with the house and working on rewrites for our quilt book coming out in February, it just didn’t seem like it was going to work out.

Kelli came home and immediately we started in on the rewrites.  It was much easier this time around and for the most part, corrections were limited.  Then Hubby called and said he couldn’t farm as we got too much rain the night before for them to be in the fields so how about we go to Decorah and hit the sale….

Kelli and I hurried through a couple more rewrites, Hubby came in and off we went…anticipation was high as last year, we had lots of fun and found lots of goodies.


This year, it wasn’t as fun.  We didn’t find many things we were even interested in.  I did like the quilt though.


Hubby and I love furniture but this year it was more flea market like….


Occupationally there was something that caught my eye but little that made me want to see what the balance in our account was.

For the most part there was really only one vendor with furniture that was interesting to me…

I don’t know if it was because we came later in the day and that everything was picked over or because Hubby and I are a little more picky now days.

The day wasn’t a complete wash…we did get home and we did get the rest of the rewrites together.  Ya HOO!!!  Now we can soon be back to the fun part…SEWING!!

A Little Help from a Blog Reader

You  might remember that over Labor Day weekend our family went to the antique fair at the park in Clear Lake, Iowa.  You might also remember that Kelli and I saw an embroidered design that we both really liked.


I really liked the saying and thought about getting it.  Instead I decided to just snap a photo…

Well the other day via email I got a note from Dottie in California.  Her note reads:
“Hi Jo,

I loved the old sampler you saw at the antiques fair, and did a Google search. I found the pattern on Flickr. It’s from a 1946 Workbasket magazine, and it from an old poem by Henry Van Dyke.

Here it is, if Kelli wants to make it.  (Just click on the link if you’d like to see it!)

Here is the poem in it’s entirety.

I read within a poet’s book
A word that starred the page:
“Stone walls do not a prison make,
Nor iron bars a cage!”
Yes, that is true; and something more
You’ll find, where’er you roam,
That marble floors and gilded walls
Can never make a home.
But every house where Love abides,
And Friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home-sweet-home:
For there the heart can rest.

How neat is that???  I am so excited to see this!!  The bad news…once I followed the Flicker link I found embroidery pattern after embroidery pattern that was cute and caught my attention.  The one that we saw in Clear Lake is still my favorite.

THANKS so much for sharing this with us Dottie.  If I ever get time to stitch (hopefully after the move) I just might sit down and stitch this!!  I just love my blog readers..honestly, you all are the best!

Our Antiquing Finds

If you read the morning blog post you’ll see some of the many things that tempted us when we went to the antique show in Clear Lake, Iowa over the weekend….so are you wondering what we bought??

It took us a long time and hemmed and hawed trying to make a decision but we ended up bringing these old porch posts home with us.  We had already purchase some at Menards but they have a modern look.  These are the real deal and I love them.  The only problem….there are four and we really should have five.  We decided to do a little tinkering with the plan to make these work.


Of course these didn’t come all cleaned up and beautiful….  Yep, I signed on for more work when we purchased these.

Remember Hubby wanted this sign??

He loved it as it is Waucoma memorabilia but I talked his out of it.  He was still tempted though.  As we left the park to go look at the shops down town he said, “I just might go back for that sign”.

In one of the shops he found this instead…it’s an old Cargill sign.  Well for me, this is more meaningful.   Years and years ago, Hubby’s dad sold Cargill feed.  I liked this one much better.  This is going in the garage…or basement.  He wants a man cave.

This one is a better size too…not as unique but more personal for us.

All in all…a fun day and I like our finds.

Antiquing at Clear Lake Park

Each year on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, the town of Clear Lake, Iowa, hosts a wonderful antique show.  They have vendors set up booths in the park, hold a church service and the shops uptown open up too.  We have always loved it.   Of all the antique events and shops we go to, this is our favorite.  It’s big enough but not too big.  This time around we met up with some of my family there and had a great time antiquing and visiting.

When we go, I am always looking for some quilting inspiration….I really want to make a yellow and red quilt.  It’s on my someday list.


I have a thing for rugs too.  I love hooked ones but I have as of yet to find one that I can afford!!  I understand why but they are always really expensive.


I loved this old bag.  I can see it hanging on a hook as decor.


There were quite a few old quilts but nothing that really caught my fancy.


Hubby was really tempted by this sign.  He is aquiring a like of signs…oh boy, they are usually expensive too.  This one is from Waucoma, our town.  The price was good, it was a good size and in good shape…then I said to him, “I think I’d rather have a few sheets of sheet rock for the house” and he decided to pass on it.

Clear-Lake-Antiques-Park-6 - Copy

Kelli was with and she was on the hunt looking at samplers.  She has become a real cross stitcher and loves seeing the old ones.  She wanted this one but it was $90 and too much for her pocket book.

Clear-Lake-Antiques-Park-10 - Copy

Here’s a little blast from the past.  I had a toy just like this pull toy growing up.  I might have bought it but one wing was broken on the last little duck.

Clear-Lake-Antiques-Park-9 - Copy

This booth was a mix of craft and antique.  They took old pieces and decorated them all.  Everything was Halloween related.  See the old globe??

Clear-Lake-Antiques-Park-8 - Copy

…and the old bowls painted like black cats??

Clear-Lake-Antiques-Park-7 - Copy

The other things that Kelli searches for is all things with dogs…


More cross stitch…this one isn’t complete though.


I couldn’t resist a picture of this.  Check it out.  It’s an old treadle table turned wine bar.  See the wine bottles in the drawer slots??  The top where the machine would have went down got a new board with chalk painted surface so a hostess could write the names of the cheese she is serving with the wine….CUTE, right??


I love rugs and this one caught my eye.  I would love to know how to make one.  Does anyone know???


..and the last stitchy of the day.  We liked the saying…


We did come home with two things…but you’ll have to stop back later today to see what they were.  All in all a very fun day and we’ll be back again and again.

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