Vintage Venture

On Friday Kalissa had a doctor’s appointment in Waterloo.  She had worked an overnight shift the night before so I offered to drive her to the appointment.  I hate for her to drive after working the overnight shift especially if it’s a long trip which it is if we go to Waterloo.  I told her I didn’t mind a bit taking her but the deal was I got to go to the Vintage Venture sale at The Twisted Sisters on the way home.

The Twisted Sisters host my favorite sale in the world.  It has all sorts of vintage goodies and antiques.

I didn’t get a chance to take many pictures so I took these from their Facebook page.  (You can find their page HERE)

If you were looking for big wardrobes and cabinets, oh my, they had them.

They hold the sale in a big shed that used to be a horse barn.

The gals pick the best things…all things I would love to own.  I love the big red cupboard.

Here is a better picture of it.

That wainscotting cupboard…be still my heart.

I really liked this… …

On a Vintage Venture

Friday was my antiquing day.  You all might remember there is a bi-annual sale in my area that I love going to.  They have all sorts of decently priced vintage stuff.  I just love going.  I’ve gotten some pretty neat things from there too.

Sadly the weather was terrible.

But…the picking was fun.

I snapped some pictures to share with all of you.

While I shopped it rained and rained and rained.

I checked out the linens and fabric.

There was a great old phone collection.

There were many different styles.

Salt and Pepper shakers anyone?  There was a pincushion in the bunch but it was more money than I was going to spend.

They had lots of old cabinets this time around.

To give you an idea about prices…this cabinet was $100.  I think that’s totally reasonable.  Check out the pretty collection of dishes inside.

They had all sorts of goodies.

I love the doors on that cabinet along the back wall.

I really liked the dresser in the picture below… …

Recording Family History

You all might remember the two paint-by-number pieces that I had framed recently.  They were painted by my husband when he was in fifth grade.  He had his appendix out and his Aunt Ann gave him a pint-by-number kit with the hopes that he would have something to entertain him and he’d sit still.

Neither is completely painted but mostly painted.  I love them partly because I love dogs but mostly because he did them.

The other day Kalissa said to me, “Mom, I wish you would somehow put a paper on the back of that so when you’re gone we’ll remember what it is and the story that goes with it.”

That’s a fair request.  I have Grandma Kramer’s secretary and I have often wished I remembered the story about it.  I think she bought it at an auction for $5…but I’m not sure.  Golly, I wish I knew.

So I tried to figure out how I could do this and then I happen to be on Facebook on a cross-stitch site.  One of the members was showing this for their cross-stitch pieces and how she records the information about them.

She recommended buying… …

About that Barn and My Other Goodies

You all might remember that I left you in the middle of my story about the barn I bought at the vintage store in Sumner, Iowa.

I know lots of you were upset that I didn’t show pictures of the barn.  There’s a reason I didn’t do that.  You see when I bought the barn…I bought it straight out of the window.  I saw what the outside was like but I didn’t really see it up close.  I really didn’t get to touch it and feel it so the next day when I went back to get it, it was so fun seeing it all over again. is the barn…

The top folds down for… …

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