Candle Mat Made with my Accuquilt Go!

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I have always loved the Dresden Plate pattern.  I’ve been wanting to make a quilt with Dresden plates so I got the die for my Go!.  Rather than tackle a whole quilt, I thought I’d try something simpler, a candle mat.


This was a fun project and went together SUPER fast.  If you want to make one with the rounded blades, you will need 20 blades, 10 of each color.  Make sure you use a SCANT quarter inch seam when sewing the blades together.  A four inch circle is used to cover the hole.

If you want to make one with straight edges, you will need 21 blades.    The rounded one finishes at about 12 inches and the straight at about 14.5 inches.   With the straight edged blades you will need to use your 5 inch circle die.  Here’s a quick video you can want if you want to see details on making the Dresden candle mat with both the rounded and straight edges.

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