Block of the Month Challenge…Start Your Engines!!

I put out a challenge to all of you who have a languishing Block of the Month project.  I suggested that we all work on whatever Block of the Month (BOM) project together and complete (or at least move the project along) in 2017.

Being I’m hosting this Block of the Month Challenge I thought I better pull mine out and see what I got myself into….(I’m dreading this already-but you all are going to help get through this…right?)  Well this is my BOM that needs my attention.  I did a couple BOM projects previous to this one and did fine with it…I’m just not that girl anymore.  I like massive methodical piecing….I hate making one block each month.  I passionately hate that.  It seems like such a waste of time in reading directions and cutting out for only one block.  Anyway…this is my project and as much as I like to pass it along, I’m committing myself to finishing it in 2018.


I was SUPER happy to see that this block often has two or four blocks that are the same….I like that idea a lot.

I figured I better take a moment and assess where I am at…Block #1 is done!  I had to make one 18″ and one 12″ block of the same style and print.  See?


Notice, I have two sets.  One set is for Kelli’s quilt.  Kelli and I started this project together…I don’t know if we’ll be ending together.  About two years ago she gave me her kit and said, “Here you go mom.  I’ll never make this.”….UGH!  When we started the BOM the shop gals told us that the fabric cuts were very generous and if we’d only substitute in a little bit of our own fabric we could almost make two quilts.  That was appealing to me then…but not now.  I started with that in mind.  So notice that the blocks of Blocks #1 don’t have the exact same coloring…Neither do blocks two.


Well what do I do…continue making two sets from my kits…NO!  I’ll continue to make two sets but I’ll be using Kelli’s kits for the second set of blocks.  My real hope is that I’ll be able to talk Kelli into taking a month of blocks with her sewing mine, and me sewing her’s.  They say many hands make light work….so I’ll be needing her hands.  In truth, I’ll probably guilt her into it telling her how I am sewing her kit for her so the least she could do is take a month or two.  That’s fair right???  In reality she told me I could have it but I won’t take her quilt.  Once she sees me working on it, I’m sure she’ll jump on board….right??

So I have all of the next months organized in order…yep.  I only have two months done.


I did have month #8’s blocks cut out so I decided to start sewing them up with the goal of having them done by January 6th which is the starting day for the Block of the Month Challenge.  All of you are free to jump into the challenge however it works for you.  So if all you want to have together by the 6th is your project found, that’s awesome.  If you want to have a block finished, that’s awesome.


I have heard from a few of you saying that you have SEVERAL BOM projects that need attention.  If you want to tackle a few at a time, great.  If you want to sew several of the blocks each month, that’s fine too.  If you’re tackling a sampler quilt that technically isn’t a BOM you’re welcome to join too.  Make the challenge what you need it to be to get your own project done.


I’ll be back here on January 6th with (hopefully) my finished blocks from month #8.  I’ll have a linky party up and if you’re a blogger, you can link up.  If you’re not, you can leave a comment in the comment section.  You’re welcome to send updates to me at my email and I can feature some of them in the posting for the next month.  Really what’s not to love in a “ruleless” challenge??

I feel like I’m doing the “Little Engine that Could” mantra in my head….  “I think I can….I think I can…”  I sure hope we get lots of people to join, seriously people, I need some support to cheer me on.  I hate BOM’s….at least the sewing part.  I do love them at the finished part!!

See you on January 6th!