Behind Every Good Cook…

Behind every good cook is a cupboard door of recipes…or at least that’s my belief.

Growing up my mom always had recipes taped to the back of her cupboard door.  I have them too.  Most of these are staple recipes I use a lot.

Way at the top is the recipe Anne D sent me for banana muffins.  Her recipe has become “my” recipe.  You can find it here.  Everyone loves them.

My brownie recipe is in there.  I make lots of things with my brownie recipe.  I make them often.  Check out this post for that recipe.  In the evening I quite often make Cake in Cup if we had a simple supper and are still hungry.  Recipe for that here.

When I got my cupboards for this house I was a little worried…with some glass cupboard doors, I couldn’t tape recipes to the inside.  I solved that….see?I typed out my recipes small and just have them at the bottom of the door.  Monster Cookies- recipe here and Monster Cookie Bars- recipe here.

This side of the cabinet has all the breakfast recipes….  Pancakes, waffles and French Toast.

It was a pancake day here.

They are a favorite…my recipe is Betty Crocker’s recipe.  I make them often.  The childcare kiddos love them and enjoy having breakfast for lunch.

So how about you?  Do you have recipes taped to your cupboard door??