Auction Finds


A post from Kelli–


A few weekends ago, mom twisted my arm and MADE me (okay maybe I really, really wanted to) run down to an auction by Fredericksburg, about 15 miles or so from Mom’s house.

Auction 1 (400x300)

When we got there, they had sold the majority of the offerings outside, but were just moving inside to sell what they had inside.  We found dad and he had bought a few smaller things, but not too many.  He had looked around at the things inside and decided that there wasn’t much he was interested in.  When I was looking around, I found this table that I loved.

Auction 6 (300x400)It was a square table whithout the leaves, but when you put the leaves in it, it would have been huge!  It also came with 6 chairs that would have needed some reupholstery, but that’s not too hard.  When I looked at it a bit closer, I saw that it had a little crack off of one of the seams from where the leaves would be put in.  Dad said that it probably wouldn’t have been too hard of a fix.  When I looked at it a bit closer, I saw that the edges had a bit of wear around the edges and I loved that part of it too!  I was concerned that I wouldn’t have a way to get it home and said something to Dad about it and this was his response–”Well I know a guy with a truck that lives on the East side of the river in Waucoma that could probably help you out.”  It took me a minute to realize that he was talking about himself.  I knew I’d be bidding on this, but it wasn’t going to be up for a bit, so I kept looking around.

Auction 3 (300x400)They had lots of boxes with sewing materials, thread, needles, and books in them.  The also had a few sewing baskets and things too.  Mom and I spent quite a bit of time poking around to see what we could find and trying to remember which things were in which box and what the boxes we wanted looked like.

Auction 7 (300x400)Here was another pretty that I found–Check that cupboard out!  It really wanted to come home with me, but I knew it would go for quite a bit of money and I don’t really have the space for it, but if I did have space and money, that guy from east of the river in Waucoma would have needed to bring his truck back!

Auction 5 (300x400)One thing I like about auctions is that you never quite know what you’ll find.  One of my favorite memories of spending time at my Grandpa Johnson’s was laying on feather tics and watching movies–And I found one!  But again, I don’t have anywhere to store or keep it.  But it was a memory remembered and that’s always nice!

Auction 4 (300x400)I found and bought these feather pillows.  I haven’t used them yet because I don’t know quite how to clean them.  They look to be in good condition and are quite fluffy which is great.  Let me know if you know anything about cleaning feather pillows–I’d love some advice.

Auction 8 (300x400)I also picked these up for my sister-in-law (Jason’s youngest sister) who is getting married in August and is looking for some lace doilies for her head table.  I also found a stackable washer/dryer set that I called Jason about.  When milking, they use rags that they have to wash after each milking.  They keep a stackable washer/dryer in the barn to do so, but never reallly want to pay full price for one, so everyone always keeps their eye out to buy one for cheap if they find one.  It was going to sell after we were planning to leave, so I put a bid in, but didn’t get a call, so I didn’t get it, but I did my farm wifely duty and tried!

This auction was a bit on the odd side.  Things that would normally go for cheap when for a lot and things that usually would be expensive went really cheap.  The table that I was looking at had the chairs sold separately which was a bit odd and then just the table alone sold for $275.  While the table would surely have been worth that, usually tables separate from chairs would end up going for $100 or so max, but not at this auction.  It also seemed like they took quite a while to get a bid on things….even if the bid was a dollar or two.

My favorite thing that I got though was this picture–

Auction 2-Mom (300x400)Mom doesn’t take pictures very often, but I took this one half teasing, but part for real too….And I’m so glad that I did!







Grand Canyon Trip–Sedona


A post from Kelli–

I’m working on a series of posts summarizing and sharing all of the fun that I’ve had on my recent trip to Arizona.

The first day of driving was a long one, but we ended out the day by visiting Sedona.  When we were driving through, they just so happened to have a little craft/flea market going on that we stopped at.  It was at the end of the day an many vendors were packing up there stuff, but we were able to visit a few.

Many had crafts, clothing, or jewelry that they were selling.  I found this wonderful puzzlebox–

Puzzle Box (400x300)

After talking to the seller, he told me that he makes these with his family in their family workshop.  I was amazed by the excellent craftsmanship and family dedication that he shared.  When looking for souveniers, I always want to find things that are authentic or were actually handmade by people, not produced in some factory.  I was soooo glad to find this!  And next door was a vendor selling popcorn–What else could a girl want?!?!

On our drive out, we were also able to see the beautiful red rocks of Sedona.

Sedona 2 (300x400)Aren’t they gorgeous?

Sedona 1 (400x300)
They are so different from what we have here in Iowa.  Different, but still beautiful!  And we were there at about the perfect time for some great shots.  After this little stop, we headed out and made it further up north to Flagstaff for an overnight.

Stay tuned to see where the rest of our travels took us in exploring the great state of Arizona.




Grand Canyon Trip–Lava Flow and Indian Ruins


A post from Kelli–

I’m working on a series of posts summarizing and sharing all of the fun that I had on my recent trip to Arizona.

After getting to Flagstaff, we quickly went to sleep and were up and at ‘em bright and early to go check out the Grand Canyon.  On our way, we stopped at an ancient lava flow.

Lava and Ruins 1 (300x400)
All of these rocks are made of lava from an ancient lava flow.  When checking them out, it was really interesting, but almost left me with more questions than answers.  How deep does the lava flow go?  What kinds of animals and remains are under and through the lava flow?  How long ago did this happen?

Lava and Ruins 2 (300x400)
It was also interesting to see some of the rock formations.  Three were a few hiking trails around that we saw people on, but we just took the short walking trail to get a couple extra looks.
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Grand Canyon Trip–Montezuma’s Castle


A post from Kelli–

I’m working on a series of posts summarizing and sharing all of the fun that I had on my recent trip to Arizona.

On the first full day in Arizona, we checked out some shops in Glendale.  After that, we jumped in the car and headed off to Montezuma’s Castle.

Lookout 1 (400x300)
On our way there, we stopped at one of the lookouts.  It is so interesting to see the different terrain and to experience the changes and differences in elevation.  It seemed like anytime we were driving, my ears were regularly popping.  We had stopped to grab some snacks that morning and I had grabbed a bag of popcorn.  Shortly after we had left the lookout, we were in the car and heard a loud pop, but weren’t quite sure what it was.  Turns out the pressure changes due to the elevation had popped the bag of popcorn.  Luckily it was in a bag so it didn’t get everywhere, but it was definitely something different.

Montezuma 1 (300x400)
We just so happened to visit on free National Park weekend, so we were able to get in free!

Montezuma 2 (300x400)
Montezuma’s Castle is an ancient Indian ruins site.  It is believed that the home was built into the rock to increase safety as it would be difficult to enter because it is built high up into the rocks.  There are 5 different levels here–but not all are visible.  It always perplexes me how they manage to do build homes like this with primitive tools and without modern conveniences. [Read more...]