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Puppycat the Poison Eater

A post from Kelli–

Yup!  You read that right.  Puppycat got into some mouse poison and ate it.  Anyone that lives on a farm knows that in the fall when they start taking out crops, you are at a greatly increased chance of having some little furry unwanted visitors.  We have fallen victim this year as we have most every year.

After our ultrasound appointment on Monday, we ran through Walmart and grabbed a few things–One of them being mouse poison.  I wasn’t feeling well when we got home and so Jason helped me carry stuff in the house.  We got all of the food put away, but I just figured I’d get everything else put away later.  Well later turned out to be much later than I thought and when I woke up this morning, I happened to find the entire package of mouse poison (8-1 ounce pieces) ripped apart on the living room floor with just a few crumbs laying around.  I hopped on the internet to see what to do and realized that nothing I was going to do at home was going to help, so I called the vet.

After a bit of looking and research, I was connected with the vet who informed me that this was not good.  Very not good.  She reccommended hydrogen peroxide and a trip to the Emergency Vet in Cedar Rapids–2 hours away.  She said she would call ahead to get them the information, but facilities around here do not offer the critical 24 hours care that she would likely need.  She said she’d call me back with an address and let me know if they wanted us to do anything else before we left.

PANIC!!! I texted Jason to call me immediately!  I ransacked the bathroom looking for hydrogen perioxide without success.  By then Jason had called and was grabbing some from his mom and dad and was headed down the hill.

We took Puppycat to the shop and started the wonderful process of making her drink hydrogen peroxide–Way to much from what I later found out.  She was able to puke a few different times and was able to get some chunks out which I felt was promising.  I ended up on the phone with our wonderful vet again and she told us that the emergency vet wanted her to have some activated charcoal before we left also.

I threw some things in a bag because I didn’t know how long we’d be gone.  I rounded up some old towels, a bucket and paper towels.  Jason jumped in the car with us and we were off.  She puked on the way a few times, but got pretty good at getting it in the bucket by the time we got to the vet’s office in Calmar.  Lori was amazing and helped us get as much activated charcoal in her as we could and we were off!

I have honestly never felt like what normally takes two hours could take so long.  I’m assuming it’s like this whenever there is a critical event, but I swear it felt like time was crawling.

This was my view the majority of the way.  She just snuggled up with Jason and tried to nap….right along with Jason.  I was so glad that he was able to go with.  If I would have had to go myself I could have figured it out, but I was worried that if she started puking, we’d end up with two of us…because that was one of those additional preggo problems this morning.

We ended up running through McDonalds in Oelwein on our way to grab some food becasue neither of us had ate breakfast and I was starting to feel pretty woozy and Jason needed a bathroom break.  We took turns sitting with her while the other was inside.

It just broke my heart.  She looked like she felt so horrid…which I’m sure she did!  She wasn’t even interested in our food a bit while we were eating!

After what seemed like forever, we finally arrived at the Emergency Vet!

It was super easy to get to, even though it was on the opposite side of Cedar Rapids as we live.  Once we got in, they jumped right into action.  It was a little embarrassing when I had to tell them that her name was Puppycat, but I did have a little giggle when they called her name overhead as triage.  They took her back and I called the poison control line to help get a treatment plan in place for her so that the vet would be able to treat her according to their recommendations.

To make a long story short, the plan is for her to stay there for 24 to 48 hours in the Doggy ICU.  I asked if I could stay with her, but they politely said no which I completely understand.  She will be getting 2 more doses of the activated charcoal to help bind the poison and will be on IV fluids as well.  They also have 24 hour critical care available which put me at ease.  They said that with the poison, there is a greater risk of brain swelling and death.  The dose that she injested and the amount that they believe stayed in is atleast twice the toxic dose, so I’m glad that she’s where she needs to be.

Jason and I always joke that if someone would buy her for a million dollars, he’d sell her off.  Now we will have to add to that cost a bit!

As horrible as all of this is, I did think of a few things I’m thankful for in the whole situation–as a way to prevent myself from absolutely sobbing on the way down there.  I’m thankful that I found it quickly before she was symptomatic.  I’m thankful that Jason was able to go with me.  I’m thankful that I’ve been feeling better over the past week and her puking didn’t bother me.  I’m glad that I had a reliable vehicle to get us where we needed to go.  I’m glad that I have access to a wonderful veteranarian and staff (Thanks Postville Vet Clinic!) that knew what was needed and didn’t shy away from sending me where she needed to go–and Lori who was so helpful in getting as much of that lovely activated charcoal down as possible!  I’m thankful that I have been able to get my resources in line so that I don’t have to worry as much about finances in a situation like this!

The emergency vet will be calling twice a day to give updates and let me know how things are going.  They did say that there may be some lasting neurological deficits, but I’ll still love my little Puppycat anyway!

Oh and there’s another thing to be thankful for–

Of course the ultrasound tech can’t say if there is any issues with our little kiddo on the ultrasound, but she did say that things looked pretty good and that my OB would be following up with us if we had any questions.  When we had the ultrasound done, the little stinker was so active and kicking the whole time.  I am starting to feel the movement and it is definitely interesting. Usually they are able to get a 3D pictures, but this little one didn’t think it was needed and wouldn’t hold still.  I told Jason that meant it was definitely his kid as he hates pictures too!  We aren’t finding out if it’s a boy or a girl….but it’s definitely a baby–and one that’s measuring about a week big too!  Which I find crazy and surprising considering how sick and crappy I’ve been feeling.

UPDATE–Puppy is home!  I never thought I could be so happy after 2 – 4 hour round tips, a night of minimal sleep, and bawling my eyes out.  I’m sure that might change come March!  They called Tuesday night and a few of her electrolytes were out of balance so they were watching those, but they called me Wednesday morning to tell me I could come and get her.  I have to work an overnight tonight at the hospital, so I wanted to make sure I could be home with her during the day today.  I finished up a few things at work and headed out.

When I got there, they had to announce her name for discharge.  I kind of giggled and the people that were behind me waiting for their dog got a good giggle in too!  After what seemed like forever, a tech came out to explain her discharge.  She will have to be on Omeprazole or Priolosec for a while because of her risk for stomach ulcers.  Other than that, we just need to monitor her for any neurological deficits, changes in walking, etc for a few days and she should be just fine!

They told me that she had been eating and drinking well and was definitely all beagle when it came to eating.  They said that she had behaved and was a nice little dog–which I’m sure they tell everyone!

She was excited for a ride!  She jumped in and was ready and raring to go–But had to wait until I got done ugly cry-sobbing!  Once she got snuggled up, she was out and slept the entire ride home–Until we reached the gravel road that we live on.  I told myself it was because she knew we were close to home, but in all reality, I’m sure that it was because of the difference in the car ride.

Once we got home, we got all snuggled up on the couch and there we stayed!

Needless to say, I’m pretty thrilled that she’s back home.  I don’t even want to think about what I’d do without her!


A Day (or two) with Carver John!

A post from Kelli–

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again–One of the reasons I love my nursing job(s) is that my schedule is so nice and flexible!

With our lovely call weather this year, I knew that once they could get in the field, they’d probably be there pretty much until it was done.  Most years I get a little more depressed about this time of year, so I decided that I was going to combat that this year and plan a few fun things!

One of which was stealing Carver for a few days.

The plan was that I would meet Kalissa before one of her clinical days and get him and then Craig would get him after work the following day.  Kalissa’s clinical group runs Wednesdays second shift and then Thursdays on first shift.  We had planned to meet in a town between us to do the handoff.  She called me earlier in the morning yesterday and asked if we could meet a bit sooner so that she could go out to lunch with Craig before she had to head to the hospital.  As it turns out that didn’t quite work because he ended up on a service call.  Our new plan was to meet at noon.

Just as I was leaving, she called me and said she had a huge favor to ask.  When her and Carver had been at mom’s Carver had fell and landed on his arm.  He screamed bloody murder for about 15 minutes.  When she looked closer at his arm and was feeling it, she said that it felt like there was a snap or crack.

She had called and scheduled an appointment for 1245, but with the way clinicals work, she couldn’t cancel them with that short of notice as many of the students would already be on their way to clinicals.  There also wasn’t a back up that could cover for her–So I got to cover for her!  By the time we met up in Decorah, he had quit crying.  If you asked him if his arm hurt, he would say yes and he was still favoring it some.  We got checked in and I was surprised at how good he was.

We saw the provider and Kalissa was able to chat with her on the phone.  He wasn’t too happy about getting checked out, but eventually we got it all figured out.

We went for a little walk over to radiology and that is where it went downhill.  Since I am preggo, I couldn’t let him sit on my lap to get the X-ray so two techs had to come in and hold him down to do it.  Needless to say that didn’t go the best.  If I never have to participate in a kid getting x-rays, it will be far too soon.

We headed back over to the office to wait for results.  In the mean time we played–LOTS!

We talked about tractors, dinosaurs, how the blood pressure machine looked like the clock, played every lap bouncing game/song I could think of, sang baby shark, reviewed our body parts, talked about his baby and my baby which he tells me is a girl (I think it is too), and about anything else you can imagine.  After about a 45 minute wait, the provider came back and told us that radiology wasn’t able to read the images, but she looked at them and they looked okay.  She recommended he wear a sling and we tried to put that on, but it went about as well as radiology went.  Eventually we were able to go over and say a quick hello to Kalissa and give her a little update.

We ended up heading home after that for a snack and a nap–for both of us!

After getting up and eating supper, we ended up finding the combine and Jason and went for a little ride.  Carver wasn’t too thrilled at first, but it was dark out and I think he was scared of that more than anything else.  He just is so smart.  He knew all about the head going up and down and then we taught him about how the fingers pick up the beans and they end up in the grain tank.  He just sat there and watched, so content.  We even talked Jason into snapping a picture before we left.

Today has brought tons of fun too!  We have been out to see all of the cows on our farm.  Last time he was here, he was scared of them, but seems to be doing much better this time around.  We talked about how some of them had horns but he doesn’t have horns and about how they have tails but he doesn’t have a tail.  We also had brought Puppy with off of her leash, but she quickly found something that was more interesting than us.  It was a bit of a mess, but we eventually got her wrangled up too!

We also had to have a chat about how there are big cows and lots of little cows too!

We went up to the farm to check things out too!

Needless to say, we’ve been busy!  Other plans for the day include napping and another combine ride.  It is so fun watching him learn and see things for the first time ever.

It seriously makes me so excited to be a mom and share the farm life!  I’m off to go get  lunch ready.  Apparently Carver has been into peanut butter sandwiches so I think that’s what we will make before we take a bit of a snooze!


Welcome to Iowa!

A post from Kelli–

So this is what happened on Sunday–

Are you wondering if that is snow? Well in that case you would be unfortunately wondering right.

I had to work all weekend and so by Sunday I was just a bit on the tired side of things. I was giving a patient their medication and turned around to the lovely…or not so lovely…sight of snow.

Needless to say, this year has been less than ideal for farming. The weather this year has made it even worse. Pretty much all of September and most of October it has rained..and rained…and rained. This has made it pretty impossible to get any field work done. While the snow didnt stick around, it was still another warning of aorts that it will be here sooner than the farmers would like it to be.

For a while there was discussion of not doing a fourth crop of hay because it rained so much, but as I write this, they are mowing hay out my window so I’m gueasing that means that the plans have changes once again.

For me, I always joke that it is now the season of eating whatever I want for supper. Lots of times Jason either brings something with him or grabs stuff quick throughout the day because there just isn’t the time to stop and eat a meal–and I think that this year will be even worse because they’re getting down to crunch time.

But as the good book says–there is a time to plant and a time to reap what has been planted–it looks like it’ll just be a bit later this year!

The Auction–Furniture Plans!

A post from Kelli–

The other day, mom told you about the auction we went to.  It was a day that I really needed.  Like REALLY needed!

When we got there, I found this piece–

I was in love!  I knew that I wanted it, but didn’t know where I would put it and a piece that big needs to have a plan.  That way when I drag it home, I have a reason for bringing it home…rather than just a want.  Reasons are easier to get the hubby on board with rather than just a want.

Look at the inside of one of the doors–

Isn’t that just screaming–Clean me up, love me, and fill me with totes of stitching things?!?!?!  I could swear that’s what I was hearing!

Another thing that I liked was that all of the doors have different latches.  Which makes it kind of odd-strange-and unique–Just like me!

It’s kind of a strange height.  Taller than a counter, but not quite a wardrobe, just kind of an odd in-between!  I literally went through my whole downstairs trying to think of a place that i could put it.  I knew that it would need to be painted, so I knew that my options were open as far as color goes.  If it were up to me, I’d tear out all of my kitchen upbaords and replace them with wonderful pieces like these, but hubby has shot that idea down a million times!  I thought about replacing my flower desk with this piece, howeer I think that the proportion would make my kitchen look smaller.  I considered an entertainment center for the living room, but with its size, my living room would be overpowered as well.  The dining room was out as I need my sewing table in there and there wasn’t room otherwise.

Then I realized that if I really wanted this–which I did–I needed to get creative!  That’s when I got an idea!

It’s a fairly long piece–probably 8 feet or so.  I also happen to have a long wall in my bedroom–Atleast 8 feet!

Then I hatched my plan–I want to refinish it similar to this one–

I’m going to have dad help me to refinish and weather the top to look similar to this one.  Then I’m going to chalk paint and distress it so that it fits in my rustic-ish bedroom.  I’ll put it along my one long wall and put hte TV on one end and then be able to hang a mirror on the other end and use it to get ready in the morning.

Knowing Jason, he’ll let me do what I want usually, but I also wanted to have supporting arguments–

  1.  It gets him out of hanging up the TV that I’ve been nagging him to do for over 1 year.
  2. It will provide a lot of storage as I’ll eventually be losing it as my sewing stuff is stored in the closet of the room that the baby will be inhabiting.
  3. Its a project that dad and I can work on together.
  4. It’s cheaper than if I would want to go to town and buy a brand new bedroom set–Or even just a dresser.
  5. Mom had the truck with her
  6. Sweeney’s is awesome at helping people load all of the goodies they buy!

So finally, it came down to the last 10 minutes of the auction and I had decided I was going to pay up to $200.00 for it.  Throughout the auction, mom and I had been sharing the same number.  I bid it up to $200.00 like I said I was going to and unbeknownst to me, mom then started bidding once I quit, but then I decided that I REALLY wanted it so I attempted to jump back in and mom caught me so that we didn’t end up bidding against each other.  I ended up paying $225.00 for it….or actually $200.00 and then mom paid the $25.00 which turned more into 30.00 something as she knew that I wasn’t going to let her pay me…so she snuck into the gas station and paid for my gas.

Needless to say, we both had a fantastic day!  Which then continued on to Mexican food for lunch, a quilt show, and the best part–Car ride conversations!  It was a day that I didn’t know I needed so badly, but I’m sure glad mom talked me into going and hanging out!