A Sewing Day with Mom


A post from Kelli–

Last Saturday, I had a day off…kind of. I had originally picked it up, but found someone to cover it for me because I needed a mom day.  We had mentioned going shopping at the Amish and a few other things, but just decided on staying home–And it was surely the best decision ever.

Before when mom and dad lived at the farm, mom worked on her early learning website Makinglearningfun.com and blogging full time.  At the time, I worked a 8 to 5 (or whenever I wanted, as long as it was 8 hours a day) Monday through Friday and had 3 weeks of vacation to use.  I’d come home most weekends and took a few days off here and there just to come hang out.

Fast forwards a few years–Mom is doing in home childcare 10 hours a day, still blogging full time, and working on her website.  I’m in nursing school full time working as much as I can on the weekends, odd shifts and picking up hours as much as I can (mom recently banned me from picking up more hours than I was already scheduled for).  Needless to say, we both are stretched to the max and don’t have tons of extra time.  There have been a few days that I’ve stopped over after class and hung out with the kids, but haven’t really had a chance to just hang with mom and have a girl’s day.

It’s been a really long time since I’ve even touched a sewing machine, much less actually made progress on a project.  So when we decided to stay home, I was really excited!  Who wouldn’t want to stay home and sew on a quilt in sweatpants!

I brought with my Garden Party quilt that it seems I’ve been working on forever!  I have all of the  colored blocks done, but haven’t quite finished the red and cream ones.

Garden Party 2 (300x400)But Saturday, they got finished!

Garden Party 1 (300x400)
I even brought Puppycat with for a play day with Ruby and Betsy!  She had to take a break a few times from playing and wrestling to come hang out with me and get a pet or two!

Garden Party Puppycat (300x400)
Overall, it was a pretty wonderful day.  There’s not a whole lot that a day with your momma can’t fix.  When people ask me what I’m looking forward to after graduation, I would say that hanging with mom is definitely at the top of my list.  I’ve really missed her!




Artsy Fartsy Night–The November Edition


A post from Kelli–

This past May, mom and I along with my husband Jason’s Mom and his Aunt Julie went to an Annie Sloan painting class.  We had so much fun that we decided to continue our little art nights, calling them Artsy Fartsy Fun Nights.

Last night we got together at Jason’s mom and dad’s house.  We were supposed to be there at 6:00, however when I was in the shower just after 5:00, Puppycat kept barking and barking.  Because we live in the middle of nowhere, it’s not uncommon to have a deer in the yard so I just assumed that is what it was, however she kept barking and barking, so I figured I better check it out.  I hopped out of the shower quick and looked out the window to see cattle out everywhere!  I hopped back in to get the shampoo out of my hair and threw some clothes and shoes on and ran out the door.

As it turns out, there were some coyotes that we think spooked the cattle in the north shed, causing them to break down on of the fences and jump up an embankment.  Once we had them all back into another pen, I ran back in the house, finished showering and was off.  I sure wasn’t going to miss Artsy Fartsy night!

Our project for the night was snowment that we made with garland and wreath forms.  We then decorated them with some odds and ends things that Renee had.  Mine is on the left–I tried making it a little fascinator hat!

Snowmen (400x300)


We also had some wonderful crab dip and chicken roll ups…and a bit of wine too!

Food (300x400)I always love artsy fartsy nights as it’s nice to get out and see people and do a little bit of crafting that I haven’t done before or might not do on my own, but it seems as though I burn myself with a glue gun every time–and this was no exception!

Burnt Finger (300x400)This one was a bit of a doozy!  I suppose I should work on my glue gun skills in my spare time!




Going Deer Hunting–Kelli Style


A post from Kelli–

As you know, I’m in my last semester of nursing school and to say it’s a little bit stressful is a complete understatement.  One of the things that makes this class difficult is the extensive clinicals that are required.  I love that our school includes clinicals within all of our classes, but the clinicals for this class are a bit more involved than the other classes.

Because we live in a rural area, we often have to travel quite long distances to clinicals.  Our school also does an awesome job at giving us experiences that we might not normally get.  One of our opportunities is to go to Des Moines (about 3 hours away) for three days to do clinicals at a large hospital there.  We also get to do a one day rotation in home health, OR/ER, and various simulations in our simulation lab.  Otherwise, twice a week, we are in our assigned clinical location.  Mine just happened to be about an hour and 15 minutes from my house, which isn’t horrible, but it’s the farthest location that I could have been assigned to.  We also have to be there ready to go on the floor at 6:00 in the morning, which means that I have to leave my house no later than 4:30 to be there, which makes for some pretty early mornings.  Lucky for me though, one of my best friends was assigned the same location so we have been able to carpool together which has made the drive considerably more tolerable.

Yesterday was our last day of clinic for this semester.  While I have enjoyed clinicals and learning more about my profession, I was really glad to be done and be able to focus on the classroom part of this semester.  When I woke up, it was pretty foggy so after picking my friend up, I decided to take a little different course becasue the roads we would be on would be more straight.

In Iowa, the deer are in rut–meaning that it is their mating season, so they are out everywhere!  I regularly see 2 or 3 on my way to school, but since I was 16, I’ve been lucky enough not to hit any.  Yesterday morning, my luck apparently ran out.  On our way to clinic, about 45 minutes from my house, I saw a deer and the minute I saw it, I knew I was going to hit it–And I was right!

After I hit it, I was extremely surprised that my car kept going with no apparent injuries to the car that impaired it’s driveability.  I knew I was okay and could see that my friend was as well..except the minor heart attack we both may have had.  We pulled over after a few miles or driving in shock to a well lit area to check out the damage.  I also called the sherrif’s office and my insurance company to report it.

In the light, I could see the damage a little better–

Car 2 (296x400)

Car 1 (400x274)A while back, when working at a job I didn’t enjoy, mom told me that I needed to turn everything into a learning opportunity…I guess this is no different–I now will know how to file an insurance claim!

I got a call from the adjustor today and have to try and get it into an autobody place for an estimate and will eventually get it fixed.  As crappy as it is, this is what insurance is for.  And as long as no one got hurt, that’s the important thing!


The Beagle Brigade Herd Health!


A post from Kelli–

As part of mom being a childcare provider, we have to keep all of the dogs up to date on their vaccinations and shots as any responsible dog owner should do.  When Ruby was quite a bit younger, she had to have multiple surgeries to correct intussuseption, adhesions, and then to be spayed.  She also had an issue that she had to go in for when she sliced her “arm.”  She’s also had many issues with allergies and such also!  While there is a vet office close to Mom’s, they have had to refer Ruby to a different Vet office before because they aren’t able to perform all of the procedures that Ruby needed.  It turns out that the vet office they referred her to is the vet that I took my dog to and is a only 20 minutes or so from my house, versus almost an hour from her house.

With mom doing childcare and Kalissa being busy with Carver, along with the drive, it can be difficult for them to get the dogs over to the vet.  I knew that all of the dogs were needing a shot update and Puppy had been coughing a bit more, so I offered to take the dogs over on one of my days off of school.  When I called for an appointment, Jason’s Aunt Julie, who works at the vet office, called it “herd health.”  I thought it was hilarious, but that’s pretty much what it turned out to be-check health on a “herd” of beagles!!

I ended up meeting Kalissa in Calmar and picking up Betsy and Ruby, took them to my house, showered and then put all the dogs in the car.  When we got to the vet, one of them ( I can’t remember which one) got away, another tried, and then Ruby just cried because she hates car rides and is scared of the vet.

Once we got in the office, it got a little dicey.  All of the dogs are so different and fun in their own way, but it was a bit on the chaotic side of things!  We ended getting them all up to date on shots, Puppy got blood drawn for some issues she’s been having and an anti-tussive for a cough that she’s had, Ruby got steroids for some itching and allergies she’s been having and up to date on shots, and Betsy got up to date with her shots too.

Afterwards, we piled back in the car and headed home.

Dogs 2 (400x300)
I ended up putting a baby gate in the back to contain Betsy and Ruby and Puppy rode up front.  Out of them all, I have to say that Puppy was the best car rider, Ruby was the best when getting her shots and getting checked out, and Betsy was the best at waiting her turn to get checked out.

Once we got home, we took a little nap and then I got up.  The dogs continued napping–

dogs 1 (300x400)
Overall, it wasn’t too bad of a day, but I’m sure glad that they won’t need shot updates til next year–Maybe it’ll be someone else’s turn to contain the Reagle Beagle Briggade for herd health!