Porcupine Meatballs


A post from Kelli–

Last weekend, I picked up a shift at the nursing home.  I was planning to work from 8 to 12, but ended up going in early to cover a call-in.  I usually work in our Alzheimer’s unit, which often involves helping some residents eat.  When I was helping them, I noticed that the meatballs they were having for lunch looked very good.  I didn’t know that they had a certain name and the menu just said meatballs with sauce.  When I looked a bit closer, it looked like there was rice in them.  I was kind of puzzled, but ended up busy and kind of forgot about it.  There were quite a few things going on that morning, so I ended up staying until our break time (12:30) but was ready to go as I was coming back the next day for a 12 hour shift.

When I got home, I started investigating “meatballs with rice” and quickly realized that they were called porcupine meatballs.  After a bit more searching, I found many recipes, but found that many called for minute rice, which I didn’t have any of.  I eventually ended up finding a recipe that just said rice–And decided to try it!

One of the reviews that I read talked about how the woman had gotten the recipe from a cookbook that her mother had gotten years ago from a Betty Crocker cookbook she received as a wedding gift.  On a crazy whim, I ran to the cupboard and pulled out my trusty Betty Crocker $3.00 find from the Depot–

meatballs 2 (300x400)I flipped to the hamburger section and guess what!??!–Word for word, there was the recipe!

meatballs (300x400)I whipped it up, threw it in the oven, and walaaa!!!  Supper was served!

I thought they were great, however Jason wasn’t too impressed–No worries though, he’s a picky eater and eats only what 8 year old children would eat, so his opinion on food doesn’t always count, especially if things are mixed together–Hamburger and rice–in this case.

meatballs 3 (300x400)

The next day, I ended up going home and because I wasn’t planning on eating all of the meatballs by myself, I brought them with to share with the kids.  Both mom and the kids loved them!  They are definitely something I’ll consider making and freezing for myself when Jason is in the field or when he’s working late!  They tasted even better when I brought them home to share with mom and the kids–likely because they have a tomato sauce to them!

It seems like all the best recipes are in that Betty Crocker cookbook!  Does anyone else have a good recipe in there to share?  There are some strange ones…like the molded salads (party cheese-lime salad or pineapple carrot salad), but some awesome biscuits and pancakes!

Puppycat Update–She’s doing good and back to her normal self.  Test results came back and she just had a fatty lump.  Kalissa and I are now calling her Fatty Lumpless!




A Tale of Two Seasons!??!


A post from Kelli–

I know that we have readers from around the world, so I’ll give you a quick update on the lovely winter here in Iowa–IT’S BEEN CRAZY!

We’ve had a few ice storms, a couple snow storms, warm days and all three rolled into one in quick succession.  Last week we had a day where it was over 70 degrees and the next day it was snowing.  I have no idea how that all works out, but around here, they always joke that if you don’t like the weather, wait a day and you’ll probably get what you want–And it’s true!

Where I live, there are tons of hills!  I always joke that there isn’t more than a quarter mile of straight road anywhere near where I live.  While that’s a bit of an exaggeration, it’s not too far off.  From a few miles away, you can see what looks like 4 or 5 different gravel roads, however, it’s actually just the same road twisting and curving around the hills.

Because there’s so many hills, you have to pay attention to what side of the hills you are on so that you can anticipate what the roads might be like.

**Please know that I was stopped in my vehicle when I took the following pictures.**

Here’s the north side of the hill–

Winter (300x400)An here’s an open area, not on the north side of the hill, less than a half mile away–

spring (300x400)Just a bit of a difference huh??!?!

And the best part—After this snow, everything melted and when I walked out of work tonight–You guessed it–It was snowing!



And then Puppy went back to the Doggy Doctor!


A post from Kelli–

Today was the day–the day to remove the lump!  I had a meeting this morning for work and then came home to snuggle with her a bit before I took her in.  Our vet works with the local humane society each week on Wednesday mornings, so I had to have her there by 1:00 but could bring her at 11:00.  I took her in at about 11:30.

I went back to pick her up shortly after 4:00.  Here’s the report–It’s out!  It was likely just a fatty lump, but they were going to send it to the lab just to make sure which is normal protocol.

Pup1 (300x400)The vet did say that she needs to not lick it, so I stopped on the way home and picked up some baby onsies, but they were too small.  I rummaged through the used store box and found this old tank top that I kind of improvised to make a cover for her wound.

Pup (400x300)She’s definitely not too happy with me, but I do think it ended up being the right choice.  She is super sore and yelps whenever I try to help her move or anything, so I’ve just been leaving her alone to relax and work on feeling better.

Carver’s feeling a bit under the weather too, so tomorrow he’s going to have an Aunt Kelli day!  I can’t think of much that I would like more than a Carver and Puppycat snuggle day!



The Report from the Doggie Doctor!


A post from Kelli–


Last week I told you that I took Puppycat into the vet for a lump she had on her left side.  Well there’s news on that–not good but not quite bad either!

Puppycat (346x400)I got a call from the vet on Monday with the results.  But they weren’t really able to make a conclusion.  After talking to Dr. Sarah, she said that it could be a fatty tumor or it could be a cancerous one, but the biopsy didn’t provide enough cells to make an accurate diagnosis.  She said this is common with fatty tumors, however if it’s a non-shedding tumor, that could also explain why there weren’t enough cells to test.

She ended up giving me two options–Take it out surgically, or leave it and just continue to monitor it.  After a bit of thinking, I have decided to have it taken out.  On the off chance that it is cancerous, I don’t think I could ever forgive myself if we found out down the line that it was cancerous and I passed on the chance to have it taken out.  And even if it’s just a fatty tumor, the vet said that it’s small enough that surgery to have it removed won’t be too debilatating.

So, with my new job, I work 12 hour shifts which means that I only work 3 days per week.  Because it’s my weekend to work this weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)  I have quite a few days off next week.  I’ll take her in for surgery on Wednesday and I’ll be able to stay home with her on Thursday.  I have to work Friday, but then have the weekend to watch her and make sure she’s still doing well.

Hopefully, it’ll all come back clear, but on the off chance that it doesn’t, I think this is the best choice!