Clear Lake Antique Fair


A post from Kelli–

One thing that I like about my job is that there is often hours to pick up so if I need some extra money.  Since I don’t have kids right now and Jason works a lot, I often pick up shifts that are overnights, holidays, weekend bonuses, etc.  I’m pretty much a sucker for anything extra!  Earlier in the month, I had accidently scheduled myself to work last Sunday during the day.  A coworker of mine needed to switch some hours around, so I let her work the Sunday day and I had excitedly picked up the Sunday night shift so that I would qualify for weekend  differential, holiday pay, overnight bonus, and pick up hours.  I was really excited about it until I realized that the Clear Lake antique fair was that day.  They had already changed the schedule so I couldn’t drop it, I was kind of bummed, but decided I’d just make the best go of it and if nothing else, I would sleep really good on Monday and Tuesday (I was scheduled for the Monday overnight too).  And boy was I glad I made that decision–As always, the antique fair did not disappoint!

We got up super early to head over to Clear Lake.  Dad took the truck with the trailer, Karl took the suburban, and Mom and I rode over in my car together.  I was really excited to ride over with mom because I haven’t gotten to spend a ton of time with her recently, do the ride over was a real treat.  When we got there, this cute sign greeted us!

CL 1 (220x300)

Isn’t it cute!??!  We worked on getting things unloaded and set up.  While the antique fair doesn’t officially start until 9:00, often the vendors quick shoot the loop around to check out goodies before it opens up, so Mom and Dad ended up having a pretty good amount of sales before the sale officially even started.  Mom and I headed out to shoot the loop quick too and found a few fun things.

CL 4 (225x300)

This little doll almost looks so crabby that she’s cute!

CL 5 (225x300)

I’m a sucker fo the color green, so I really loved these dishes that all coordinated, but weren’t quite the same color.

CL 6 (220x300)

Isn’t this neat?  It looks like they took and old sewing machine and rigged it up into a lamp.  Kinda neat right?

CL 3 (225x300)

Remember how I said we found a few fun things?  I was serious–We found Mary from Country Threads.  While our first introduction many years ago might not have been the greatest–Us kids were outside her shop playing and started screaming which lead her to think that one of her dogs or animals got us–she has really become a great friend.  We wandered back to our booth with much talking and chatting so help Dad and Karl with some sales.

Pretty soon Kalissa and Craig showed up with Carver!

CL 8 (225x300)Dad had found quite a few toolboxes at some auctions recently and decided to sell them.  **Funny story–When we were unloading, I actually grabbed his toolbox out of the suburban and tried to put it out for sale**.  Because the toolboxes were a bit larger, people asked if they would be able to set it behind our table and come back to pick it up because they didn’t want to carry it with them all day.  Carver found the toolboxes and was having quite the fun time.

CL 9 (225x300)

He was quite sad when the buyers came back to pick up their goodies as he really was having a dandy time.  He almost pinched his fingers a few times, but I told him to keep working on his wrenching skills–cause Uncle Jason is going to need his help!  He even got a few pictures in with Karl.

CL 2 (225x300)

Don’t they look alike?!?!

A little later, Mom poked me and told me to look at the booth next to us.

CL 7 (225x300)

Isn’t that quilt cute?  Super simple, but beautiful none the less.  A short time later, there was a customer that came by and was commenting on it too.  She said that she had wanted to buy it but it wasn’t for sale and was quite bummed.

The Antique fair always brings in a few food vendors.  Mom and Dad had steak sandwiches and I had a fry bread taco….followed by a funnel cake…and some ice cream.

Later in the afternoon when things had calmed down, Mom and I headed off to Larson’s Mercantile a block or two from the park.  We always stop by as they have reasonably priced fabric and literally a little bit of everything else.  While we were there, we even found panels that we used to make our Oink-a-doodle-Moo quilts that were featured on Moda Bakeshop.

CL 10 (225x300)

We haven’t seen the panel for quite some time so we were happy to find it!  I even got to drive home with Karl as my trusty copilot and hear about his student teaching experiences and such.

All in all, it was a great day!  Some of the best things about the day though weren’t things!  I’ve been doing lots of thinking lately and have really realized that most of the reason that I enjoy certain activities and such isn’t the actual activity, it’s the people that I do the activity with.  Quilting wouldn’t be as much fun for me without mom.  Living the farm life surely wouldn’t be as much fun without Jason and the ability to share stories with my dad.  Being a nurse definitely wouldn’t be the joy that it is for me without my patients and learning about them.  It’s really not the activity, but the people that I spend my time with doing the activity that are important for me and my real source of fun and joy.

One of the best parts of my day though, was getting a phone call at 5:00 letting me know that I got call, so I had to be available to come in, but they had low census, so I didn’t need to come in unless they called.  I’ll just take that as a God whisper that Clear Lake was where I was destined to spend my day!

Another one bites the Impala!


A post from Kelli–

You guessed it!  The world is down one deer thanks to me….and it’s idea to run out into the road while I was driving. About 2 weeks ago, I was scheduled to work the weekend, but got a phone call at 5 telling me that I was going to be on call.  After a bit of discussion, we discovered that there had been an error in getting some previous call written down, so I actually wasn’t going to be on call because there were others who had less call than me and since it was mandatory call and I had already met part of my hours.  Long story short–NO CALL!  That was no biggie to me.  While I appreciate the occasional possibility of call, I really love my job, so going to work and doing what I love is actually quite the bonus.

I hopped…or walked….into the shower and got ready.  With a bit of extra time to spare, I decided to leave a bit early and hit up McDonalds before work for an ever wonderful Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuit and a large Real Fruit Smoothie–Or RFS as I like to call it.  It was a bit foggy out when I left the house, but since we live in a valley, I never quite know what it’s like once I get out of the valley.  This particular morning, it ended up being super foggy everywhere.  I drove past my usual turn off for work and the next thing I knew, a big ole buck jumped right out in front of me!  The minute I saw it, I knew I was going to hit it.  I didn’t have time to look and see if there was anyone next to me to see if I could change lanes or swerve, so BAM! I was able to keep driving, pulled over in the McDonalds parking lot to check out the damage.  I knew that I needed to call the insurance, so there was no way I was going to be able to grab my McDonalds breakfast of champions! I drove back to the hospital to really check out the damage and call my insurance.

This is what greeted me–

CAR 1 (225x300)

I didn’t think it looked too bad at first, but then kept looking closer….

CAR 2 (225x300)

And it continued–

CAR 3 (225x300)

After I got to work, I went to pull my insurance cards and they were no where to be found.  I googled the number, gave them a call, and found out that they weren’t able to locate my policy.  They could see the policy for Jason’s vehicles and my old policy, but not this one.  So my stomach dropped a bit.  The lady I talked to was very nice and said that it might be best to call back when I had my policy number.  I hung up and headed into work while checking my bank account–They had been taking money out, so it had to be going somewhere!

While I was walking into work, a lady who works in housekeeping pointed out a few deer close to the hospital and told me how precious it was–and it is….until they grow up and decided to run into my car–TWICE IN A YEAR!

I ended up working my shift, going home and calling in. Turns out once I had my policy number they were able to locate it.  My deductible is only $250.00, so that’s not too bad.  I have taken it in to get an estimate which was approved.  Now I just need Jason to call in and get his brakes fixed in his truck so that I’ll have something to drive for a few days while mine is in the shop.  Unlike Jason, I don’t like driving vehicles that don’t have complete brake lines….



A Family Wedding


A post from Kelli–

This past weekend, Jason’s youngest sister Caitlin got married.  Her and Brad have been dating for 10-11 years, so Brad’s been around even longer than me.  All of my memories of family gatherings include Brad, so he has always felt like a member of the family to me.

Brad is currently in Chiropractic school at Palmer in Davenport and will be graduating this October.  The past few months and weekends especially have often included a trip home for Caitlin, Brad, or both to get ready for the wedding, and let me tell you, it was one of the most beautiful weddings that I’ve been to!  Caitlin seriously had everything planned down to a T and her decorations were gorgeous!

BC Wedding 5 (225x300)

See those boards that the picture is on?  Those are from a shed at Jason’s parent’s house that they tore down a few months ago.

BC Wedding 4 (300x225)

They made these awesome boxes with them too!  I love how they incorporated parts of their family into the decor.  There were lights that went in with the flowers and a light that was in the tall bottle too–And candles in the little jars!  It was gorgeous!

BC Wedding 3 (300x225)

Since they got married outside, they also worked to make a lovely enterance so that it felt like you were entering their event rather than just walking to an area of the park.

BC Wedding 2 (225x300)

We had a bit of time to kill after taking pictures, but before the wedding so I even talked Jason into a selfie!  It took a couple attempts and I might have threatened him with death if he didn’t smile, but eventually he did and we didn’t both close our eyes.

BC Wedding (225x300)

He must have been in an agreeable mood, becuase I also got him to take a picture with me and Caitlin after the wedding.  When Caitlin first showed me her dress, I was a little bit hesitant for her because it had long sleeves with lace appliques and she was planning an August wedding.  Anyone who has been to Iowa in August knows that it can get a little steamy, but she really loved the dress and looked great.  Once the wedding day arrived however, it was actually COLD!  I ended up wearing my jacket most of the day when we weren’t taking pics or during the ceremony.  It’s really odd that it is cold in August, but it sure worked out good for Caitlin!

BC Quilt Good (225x300)

My favorite picture of the day though, was the picture I snapped of Caitlin and Brad with the quilt that I made them.  You’ve probably seen it before as Mom made the same one for my cousin Amber, but when I saw that one done and finished, I knew that it would be the perfect quilt for Caitlin and Brad too!

Congrats Caitlin and Brad!

Quilting Goodies–Winning Bids!


A post from Kelli–

Mom is having some technical difficulties with her internet, but wanted me to update everyone in regards to the quilting gooodies that she posted for sale last week.

I will be emailing the winners shortly.  Please respond with your email adress and send payment via paypal.  Once I’ve received your payment, I’ll get them sent out.  Let me know if you have any questions.

State-Quilt-2The winning bid for the states quilt is Judy Prescott with a bid of $55.00 plus shipping.


The winning Sun Bonnet Sue bid was Gail with a bid of $125.00 plus shipping.


The winning bid on the box of shirts is Mary with a bid of $40.00 plus shipping.

Congrats to all the winning bidders!