A post from Kelli–

As you all know, I can’t have gluten.  A while back, I saw that there were gluten free rice crispies on sale (I know that sounds dumb because they are rice right?–Think again!).  I had forgotten that I had them until one day when I was browsing through facebook and saw an amazing looking recipe for scotcheroos.  I went to the cupboard to make sure I had corn syrup…and I didn’t, so I had to wait.

When I went grocery shopping a few days later, I ended up searching the store upside down and backwards to find light corn syrup and when I did, I was pretty pumped because these were screaming–”GET IN MY BELLY!!!”

So, when I had some spare time (which isn’t too common), I whipped up a batch and boy oh boy are they amazing!  Jason even liked them!  But he enjoys most things that 8-year old children like, despite being a 31 year old man.

Scotcheroos (400x216)


If you want to partake in this wonderful goodness, here’s the recipe–Scotcheroo Bars!

Before you make them though, let me warn you–I would recommend having lots of other people around you that like them because you might just want to eat them all up!


My New Doggy Friend


A post from Kelli–

Two Sunday’s ago there was an auction in the town that I live in.  Before church, I got to talking to one of my friends about it.  They had mentioned that they were planning on going as well.  I have seen them at previous auctions and asked if they had been at any good ones lately.  They told me that they had been to one the previous weekend and found these cute little dog lawn ornaments and they mentioned that one of them looked like a beagle.  I definitely knew that was an auction I should have gone to!

After church, I went home to try to get some homework done.  I headed up to the auction a bit before it started and happened to see my friend there as well.  She told me to talk to her before I left because they had something special for me in her car.  While they were selling some things that I wasn’t very interested in, I went over to the car with her boyfriend and lo and behold I saw this little cutie!

Beagle Steps (225x400)
Is he not the cutest thing in the world?!?!?!  I just love him!  I can’t believe that they gifted him to me.  I haven’t picked out a name for him quite yet, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to send them my way!

Anyway, I made my way home with him and got him set out on my front steps.  I got a few other things at the auction that I’ll have to tell you about another day…and one thing that I didn’t get and should have snapped up, but I think that this is my favorite thing that I came home with that day!  Thanks a bunch Pat!


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