Blue Skies–FINISHED!


As you all know, I’ve been chasing blue skies all week!  I started it quite a while ago then Bonnie’s latest book came out, but decided that I wanted to use my easy angle and rather than sitting down and thinking about it, just started cutting.  I ended up cutting out the whole quilt on the assumption that it was based on a 2″ square, but I forgot to read the small print…She meant 2″ finished!  Because of that, I ended up having to make more blocks to make it longer rather than just square.  Then I messed up the border.  Then I waited to do the border until the last minute.  Then I didn’t have fabric to use for the border that I liked.  Needless to say, it’s been quite the story, but none of that matters because–IT’S DONE!

Blue Skies 1 (400x218) Blue Skies 2 (210x400)I rigged up a little system so that I’ll be able to hang quilts on my front porch to take pictures of and I’m quite excited about it.

Blue Skies 1 (400x218)I haven’t quite gotten Puppycat trained (and likely won’t ever) to sit on quilts as nicely as Ruby, but I do have a porch now so I can easily lay out a quilt on the grass and take an “aerial” photo of it.

So with that, hat’s off to Sarah, Jason’s cousin, who this quilt is going to.  She is graduating today and will be heading to the University of Iowa in the Fall to major in Communicatons and Political Science.  No matter how hard I tried, she didn’t want to stay around here and commute to the community college with me so I’ll send her off with well wishes and a big hug!  Congrats Sarah!

I’m off to dig out some more UFO’s.  Mom and I are having a sewing day on Monday as she will not have any childcare kids.  I am super excited to have our first sewing day in the new house and I even told her that I’d make lunch–Blizzards from the gas station in town!



You Know You Live In Iowa When….


A post from Kelli–

Normally when I go home, I take lots of gravel roads.  There isn’t really a quick or obvious way to get from my house to Mom’s unless you go the way the crow flies on the gravel.  A few weeks ago when I was going on my normal way home, I almost got my car stuck on a particular curve because there had been water over the road the day before and so the road was really soggy.

This time when I was going home, I went around the corner and in almost the same spot, there was a flock of geese just wandering across the road, taking there sweet old time.

Geese (400x300)
And don’t worry–I stopped my car completely to take the picture.

And that my friends is how you know you live in IOWA!


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