Galena Antique Mall


A post from Kelli–

Our first stop on Thursday was the Galena Antique Mall, right outside of Galena.  They have tons of cool things to see!

One of my favorites was this little crocheted chicken.

Crocheted Chicken (400x225)
I also saw this embroidery stand.  I thought that the piece was beautiful, but I’m always looking for new ways to display my embroidery and this one almost came home with me, but it was a bit out of my price range.

Galena Embroidery (225x400)


I found this quilt too!  Isn’t it wonderful?

Galena Quilt (225x400)

I love the thicker sashing.  It’s something that I haven’t used in a quilt before but I just might be adding it to somethings I have in the works.

Overall, I had a great time getting away with Jason.  It was nice to do something more than go to the movies or out for supper!



A Shout Out to the Bestest Mom!


A post from Kelli-

Part of the reason that you haven’t heard much from me lately is that I’ve been SUPER busy with school!  As many of you know, I was laid off a little over a year ago and made the decision to go back to school for nursing.  The program that I am attending is the same one that Kalissa is almost done with at a small community college about 25 minutes from my house.  The coursework is quite rigorous and requires lots and lots and lots of studying, but in just under 2 years, I’ll be a nurse.

Each of the classes that I have to take is made up of lecture or classroom hours, lab hours, and clinical hours.  Each of the clinic rotations is at a different hospital and changes with each class.  The clinic that I was placed at is about an hour and 15 minutes from my house, but only about 45 minutes from Mom’s house.  She has so graciously allowed me to stay at her house and let Puppycat hang out at her house while I am at clinic.

Last Friday, I got done a bit early and stopped by to pick Puppycat up.  When I got there, I started talking with mom about all sorts of random things, and before I knew it, it was almost midnight–So much for getting home early!  When I went to pick up Puppycat, this is where I found her–

Puppy and Ruby Box (300x400)

It looks like she was tired and ready for bed too!  I think this picture describes how we all felt that night–TIRED!

Anyways–Thanks a bunch Mom for watching Puppycat all of the days when I am gone!  I know she appreciates seeing Ruby (and Betsy) and I appreciate being able to leave her at your house rather than at mine in her kennel!  THANKS AGAIN!

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