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Sunday Funday

I’m trying to make the most of the days that I have off.  I really want to get that pile of quilt tops tackled.  Today was a little harder for me to just grab one and go though.  Today I had to talk myself into quilting this next one.

I really didn’t want to.  There was a reason this quilt was in the pile.  There was a reason I didn’t tackle it….I knew I’d have problems with it.  I knew I didn’t love the quilt….

It looks nice in pictures….Once I’m done and show it as a finish I’ll point out why it’s not my favorite.  It will actually be a great quilt for showing my ideas on color theory…  But now I want to talk a little about that quilt that is in the pile that you don’t want to and never find the time to quilt.

This one was mine.  I finally gave myself permission to just quilt it.  I wasn’t holding myself to making this one look spectacular.  I gave myself permission to not go above and beyond.  I told myself it was fine to just get it done….and that’s what I did.

It’s still going to be a fine quilt.  I’m still doing a good job.  I’m not however fretting about it.

See how it doesn’t lay really flat??  That was a challenge, but I pulled up my big girl pants, did my best and moved on.  I wanted the quilt top pile finished more that I wanted a perfect product and that’s what finally got me working on this quilt.

Do you give yourself permission to just finish a project??  It was actually really freeing.  I’m so glad this won’t be hanging over my head anymore.   What a relief.

I had a trusty sidekick helping me.  See?? Continue reading

A Binding Sort of Day….

Oh my…my Saturday was a productive day!!

I started the day by making a batch of cinnamon rolls….YUM!!

After that, I decided I would go anywhere the wind blew me…or more accurately to whatever project was close at hand.

I started out working on my mystery clue for the Quilted Twins Mystery.  You can find more information out about that here.  It started Friday with the first clue so jump on board and sew with us.

I ended up going with this fabric….

I am making the queen sized version so I needed to make lots of four patches…I love four patches so that’s all good.  IN fact, this step is done!!  YAHOO!!

About the time I got done with that, Karl came up to the sewing room to chat.  I had planned on doing something else, but wanted to stay at the sewing machine and chat so I grabbed a quilt and started to bind it.

My Rosie dog was VERY cooperative today.  I would honestly say she had her best day EVER!!  She really let me sew.

Kelli called me to video chat.  I tried talking to Georgia but she wasn’t really interested in me.  I put Rosie on the screen and she was so excited and happy.  I guess I see where I rate…right behind Rosie.
Kelli and I kept chatting and after Georgia went off to play and while we did, I loaded a quilt on the frame.  This was something I have sewn together as a leader and ender. One of my childcare moms picked these up precut 3 1/2″ squares at the thrift store and gifted them to me.  I counted the squares and figured for the size I wanted the top I needed to cut a few more squares and did.  It’s a simple quilt but I like the colors.  This is just baby or small lap sized.

I ended up getting it quilted AND bound.

I was on such a roll with binding that I put Frolic the mystery quilt under the needle and I got that one bound too.  Can you believe  all three of these got quilted and bound in the last three days??? Continue reading

I’m Still Here!!

Hello all…

I’ve gotten multiple emails from people wondering if I’m okay or asking why my blog isn’t in their email feed.  I’ve had people asking me to subscribe them.

Kalissa even had people messaging her wondering if I’m okay as my blog didn’t come through their email subscription.

I’m here…I’ll always be here-just like I’ve always been.  If something would happen to me now or at any time, I promise one of the kids will jump on the blog and let you know.  They know my passwords and know how to blog so we’d never leave you wondering.

Our family knows that for many of you, we’ve become your friends and virtual neighbors.  Friends don’t leave friends hanging so we’d never do that.

More than ever I know many are you are hoping for some good news, something  light hearted….something that is much happier than reading about the turmoil we are facing.  I don’t know I’ll always have good news but I will have something to share, a Rosie story, a grand kid story, a project I’m working on or something that I’m stitching to share.  Because of that more than ever I am trying to make sure I keep a schedule up with two blog posts a day with the exception of Sundays when I only have one.

If you do read my blog through an email service, please note that if the blog post doesn’t come to you, it’s the email service that is at fault…not me and not due to anything I’ve done.  I don’t control that at all.  If you find my email isn’t coming, the best thing you can do is unsubscribe and then resubscribe again.  That often helps.

I’ve had a lot of questions about two of the quilts I’ve been machine quilting…This one….

and this one….

They are both bound.  I’m waiting for the winds to die down so I can take some pictures of them.  Then this week, I will do full blog posts on each of them with all of the pattern details, color choices and other info about them.  I got my Frolic mystery quilt done too so there will be lots of fun and hopefully interesting posts this week.

I’ve seen that some of you have found the Amazon link at the top of the right hand column on the blog.  If you hit that link, it will take you to Amazon.  Amazon then pays me a small commission on items you buy.  I never know who bought what only that something was purchased.  With me now working that little bit that comes in helps pay for the expenses I encounter with the blog.  I really appreciate it when you use the link.

…and with that, I’m off of to sew.  Ruby is being good today.  She’s figured out how to jump up on the toy box and now watches out the window.

Ah…what a difference life makes when she’s being good.

Oh, I almost forgot, I finished a cross stitch piece too.  I’ll tell you more tomorrow.

Changing Plans….

When I last left you this morning I was telling you what I was up to yesterday.  I told you about Rosies puking and I told you that I finished quilting this quilt…

Well I’m bound and determined to quilt as many quilt tops as I can while I’m on break so I thought, what the heck, load another one.

I ended up loading this one…this will be a graduation present.

I didn’t intend on working on the quilt…just loading it.  But then I saw the quilt lying on the floor and then I remembered all the problems I’ve had with Rosie in the sewing room and then I realized I was going to have to at least work on this quilt long enough so it wasn’t hanging on the floor anymore.  UGH..not what I wanted to do at all.

Then I started working on it and I loved the way it was looking and before I knew it….

I was done with it.  WOW.  I’m so glad I ended up doing it.  Doesn’t it looks great.

Now that leaves me with THREE quilts that need binding.  I’m okay with that…I’m just thankful they are quilted.  I think machine quilting is my least favorite thing to do.

While I was quilting the above quilt I kept thinking about the mystery.  I really wanted better fabrics.   This morning I had shown you this option…

and this option…. I wasn’t hot on either of the choices.  Then I remembered that I had one box that might have a bit of yardage.  After the quilt was off the frame I pulled the box and found this red and the gold.  Ah…I like that better….

But…what about blue.  I could use blue instead of brown.  They look nice together….Hmmm.  I ended up picking this…. Continue reading