What I’m Reading: Not a Sound


I just finished up the audio book Not a Sound: A Thriller by Heather Gudenkauf.  My online library got in a lot of new audio books and I put several on my holds list.  It seems many of them are mystery or thrillers.  Many have been becoming available so lately many of the books I’ve been listening to are thrillers or mysteries.  This one is classified as a thriller.

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I really liked this book.  The main character is deaf and has a support dog.  I loved the dog element of the story.  I can’t say I was surprised about the outcome and how the story was laid out but I can say that it was still a very good listen.  Make sure you have some time if you pick this book up as you’ll be wanting to find out what happens next.

Here’s what Amazon had to say: [Read more...]

Charity Quilt from Heather and Cheryl


While I am nursing this bum shoulder, I have depended on volunteer quilters and binders to get these charity tops completed.  As you can see, these volunteers are the best!

The latest quilt top to be donated by a blog reader is from Heather Lentz.  Heather sent this one directly to Cheryl in Dallas for the next step in the “round-robin charity quilt finish.”  Heather’s beautiful green and blue quilt top was 68” x 79.”



Cheryl added two borders to increase the size of the top to 81” x 93”, which is plenty long enough for a twin size bed.



Because Heather’s quilt top is a variety of blues and greens, Cheryl raided her 2 1/2” strips for yet more blues and greens for a pieced border.  A mottled green in the same value as the green print border Heather used was just the right fabric to finish the quilt.



On the longarm and the quilting is underway.  Cheryl in Dallas wrote: “This is my favorite part of the process.  While the computer is running the quilting patterns, I can pet the fabric and admire the combination of fabrics and patterns.  I also thank the Lord for the piecer who made the top and pray for the young woman who will receive the quilt.”



This digital pattern is called “Time Warp,” by Patricia Ritter.  The dark blue area on the computer screen shows the part of the row that has been quilted as the machine moves from left to right.


The Time Warp pattern stitched out close together, but the quilt was still soft with the cotton-poly batting.  See that green border print with the white flowers?  Heather sent binding of that same fabric, so when it was added to Cheryl’s new border, it makes the quilt look cohesive.  I love it!



Big reveal.  Who wouldn’t love to wrap up in this quilt?  Such a beautiful combination of blues and greens.


You know me and polka dots; I immediately was attracted to these cute blocks featuring dots.  There were many polka dot fabrics in this quilt . . .  I wouldn’t mind if it came to stay at my house.


This pale blue backing was the finishing touch.  It is big enough so it didn’t have to be pieced.  I don’t know about Cheryl, but I don’t like spending time piecing a backing — I’m ready to start a new quilt when I get to this point.



This quilt pattern is simple, yet so attractive.  It would look great even when done freehand.  I’ll remember this one for future quilting projects.



Heather’s beautiful green and blue quilt is going to the House of Hope in Gainesville, Florida, where it will be a welcome gift to a new resident who joins the treatment program.  Most of the gals at House of Hope are recently released from jail, and a handmade quilt is a wonderful treasure to remind them they are still treasured.

THANKS so much ladies…you are the best!

For anyone wondering about the pattern for this quilt…I believe it is Bonnie Hunter’s Boxy Stars.  Free pattern can be found here.








UFO Progress: Fair and Square


I stayed working on my Fair and Square quilt.   I think after seeing a few of the blocks together last week and figuring out I can trim them to size and it wasn’t hard, I got the courage I needed to march on…and march I did.

All of the blocks are sewn….and about half are trimmed.


Trimming was an easy task for me to manage during nap time.  I do it at the kitchen island and can see into the rooms where the kiddos are all sleeping so it’s a perfect task for nap time.   Here’s the last one I trimmed.  [Read more...]

What I’m Reading: The Life She Was Given


I just finished up the audio book The Life She Was Given by Ellen Marie Wiseman.  I picked up this book as I have read other books by Wiseman and LOVED them all.  What She Left Behindand The Plum Tree were both awesome.  I had high hopes for this book but sometimes, with books, high hopes leave me with a book I didn’t like.

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That was not true with this book.  I really liked it.  It was sad and at times what happened in the story made me want to scream at the parents but it was what it was and believable so I went with it…and really did like the book.  The story has a big circus elephant pull to it and I enjoyed that.  It was a bit reminiscent of “Water for Elephants”.

Here’s what Amazon had to say: [Read more...]