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Monday Night Plans

I was home.  Kramer was at the hospital.  Craig came to pick the boys up from childcare.  Kalissa was working.  Craig asked me what I was going to do.  I said clean up the house and then write blog posts.

Craig said, you can clean if you want but I was thinking being it’s cool outside and being we have the stuff, we could do the landscape along the house.

WHAT>>>>>  YES!  The thought had crossed my mind to do that but I didn’t think I could get it finished myself in just one evening.  With Craig and I together, yep- I think we could get it done.

It was a mess.  I tried to fix it last year but never did feel good about it.  You might remember that we landscaped in the front of the house, (also with Craig’s help) Read about that HERE if you missed it.

This section was going to be a little harder.  We wanted to put wood chips in the back and be able to plant annuals in the front.

Carver was a great help.  He was the cutest EVER!  He kept saying, “Joey me do hard work.”..and he really was!!

This is the best picture!!!  Craig and Carver working together…. Continue reading

Packing My Stitchy Bag

With Kramer’s ins and outs of the hospital, I’ve learned I need to keep a stitchy bag packed.  I keep a suitcase packed too.  I have an extra phone charger for us both.  I have an extra lotion, razor (I learned this the hard way), hairbrush…well everything, clothes included so that I can grab the bag and be out the door in seconds.

The top of my priority list once we get home is to have it repacked immediately.  I’ve learned this the hard way too.

I was saying this to a friend of mine and she said, “Wow, you or so organized.”  Nope…I’m really not.  I just know that leaving immediately is something I MUST be able to do in my life right now and I need to do whatever it is so that I can leave the quickest I can or I’ll be miserable once we get Kramer to the hospital.

As far as my busy bag, with long stays, some a week long, I’ll be honest, I need something other than only cross stitch.  I always have thank yous packed to write….

I have a magazine…these came from a blog reader

…or quilt book.

This last time I thought I would throw in my punch needle stuff.  Only problem, this… Continue reading

What I’m Working On….

First off some news on the Kramer hospital stay:
Yesterday we found out that he’ll likely be in the hospital a minimum until Tuesday.  They were giving him two strong IV antibiotics.  They took one away yesterday and will see how he does.  If he does okay, they will take the other one away today.  They will monitor him after that and assess then.  That bring us to Tuesday.  As frustrating as it is to not be at home, we both don’t want him here if there is a possibility he will tank again.  We want to put this episode COMPLETELY behind us.

I opted to come home…mostly because Kramer pushed me too.  I’ll do childcare Monday and if things go as planned part of Tuesday then Kelli will come and finish up childcare for Tuesday.

Little by little we are getting closer to the two of us both being home.

Now onto the regular post.

I did get some stitching time this week…
It was all thanks to the hospital stay in Lacrosse for Kramer.

It looks like I got a lot done but it really wasn’t a lot.  Two of the pieces were nearing the end so I did some quick stitching and they were finished.

A blog reader had sent this Lizzie Kate pattern to me and I was tickled.  It certainly fits for what we are going through now.

I changed the colors a bit by making the pink more red and the blue moved to a darker blue.  I used a scrap piece of fabric that another blog reader gifted to me.  I started it too far to the right and ended up with just barely enough room to fit the whole saying on.  I’m finishing it myself so it isn’t a bit deal.

I do really like this.  Thanks so much to you blog readers that gifted the goodies.  It kept my mind from worrying…

This one was almost finished.  I only have the house left.  My fabric is pretty dark and the house was supposed to be the same color as the moon.  I didn’t think it would show up so I just left it thinking I’d come up with some other color.  Kelli suggested blue.  What do you think? Continue reading

Stash Report

Not too long ago Kelli was at the thrift store that I love and found embroidery floss.  She sent me two pictures.  The caption was 10 cents a skein.

There was this box….

and this box….
She asked if I needed any.  I said no…it was a very hesitant no but it was a no.

The next time I saw here she brought what she bought….the big box with the full skeins.  It was $20 for all the floss.  That means 200 skeins!!

Kelli knows I love organizing floss.  REALLY LOVE organizing floss so she brought it to my house to help her….

Here I am sorting….. Continue reading