On the Frame: Charity Quilts


Over the weekend I had a little time so I dug out a stack of charity quilts and started on the mission of finding backings.

I found backings for six.  It’s not a terribly hard job if I was a little better at making decisions.  I get a little too picky sometimes….then sometimes I think I’m not picky enough.  I’m sure many of you can relate.


I’ve had several people send backing fabric in the last few months and that has been a treat.  It’s easy to grab a piece and know I’m not going to have to piece many pieces together.

I even had enough time to put one on the frame….This is a nice sized one that I know will be loved.  I found a good green for the backing.


Here it is all finished. [Read more...]

UFO Challenge


My UFO has progress to report…Yahoo.

I got a chance to work on it before I realized that my fireman benefit quilt needs to be finished in a couple weeks.

My blocks all have their string corners on them.  That didn’t happen as easy as it looks…(does it ever?)  I was sewing along getting the corners put on when I realized that somewhere along the way, after I had pieced the string triangles, I decided to make the quilt bigger.


So I had my 30 blocks done but was short corners for the remaining six blocks.  That sent me back to the sewing machine….and that left me with more blocks that needs the paper ripped off of them.  I happen to have three little kiddos in my life that LOVE depapering string blocks.  Truly, they love it.  See? [Read more...]

What I’m Reading: Damaged


I just finished up listening to the audio book Damaged: A Novel (A Rosato & DiNunzio Novel) by Lisa Scottoline.  I have read other books by this author and have very much enjoyed them so this was an easy book to pick…but was it an easy listen?

All of the books that I’ve read to date by Scottoline have a similar premise.  Some is done wrong-often times a child-and someone needs to advocate for the child and it typically ends up with a court case.  It’s a great premise for me.  I love children…I love who-dun-its and I love justice.

This book has all of that.  My main disappointment was that I jumped in and started with book four verses book one…UGH.  So if you decide you want to give the book a try, I’m warning you. Start with Accused: A Rosato & DiNunzio Novel first.

Here’s what Amazon had to say,  [Read more...]

It’s all in the Bread


Saturday I was at the grocery store.  I passed by the cinnamon raisin bread.  It looked so good, I popped it in the cart.  Then passed the meat counter and ended up going back to get meat.  I was hungry for a Reuben Sandwich.   Ugh…no Corned Beef.  They did have Turkey Pastrami so I opted for that.  Then off to the bread aisle and got some Pumpernickel bread.

Once home and it was supper time and time to make sandwiches.  That’s when I remembered the AWESOME sandwich we had when we visited the Mississippi Valley Quilters and saw Bonnie Hunter.  There was a restaurant there that made Reuben Sandwiches only they used cinnamon raisin bread.  I was going to make mine like that!

So I started out…

My griddle was front and center for this job.  If you want to make these, you can easily make them with a frying pan.  Down went buttered bread.  Then meat and then Thousand Island dressing.


Next up was the sauerkraut…We LOVE sauerkraut.  You certainly wouldn’t need as much as I put on.


Next Swiss Cheese.  I ALWAYS put the sauce and the kraut in between the meat and cheese.  It keeps the sandwich from getting soggy.


They are topped with another buttered slice of bread and then flipped.


You can see mine was made with the cinnamon raisin bread and his with the pumpernickel.

So how was it? [Read more...]