Stash Report


I’ve been busy working on my Zuckerwatte quilts….yep, quilts, as in TWO of them at once.

I was looking ahead on the pattern and saw that I need an inner border AND I need a bias binding.  I don’t have yardage in pink here.  Ya, I have lots of quarter yard cuts and fat quarters but yardage…No.  I put that on my list that should I get to New Hampton, I’d check out Material Magic.  They are going out of business and all the fabric is now 40% off.  Well as long as I needed some, there was my best option.

A couple days later I ended up going.  You guessed it…I went to get this…


and came home with this too!!  In my defense, these are all pieces that I have confidence that I will use.  I cuts for borders for a batik quilt….that made good sense.  Batiks are typically more expensive so it’s a good deal, besides, remember me saying I have very little in my stash that is more than a quarter yard cut?  But, there’s more….. [Read more...]

Homemade French Bread and Garlic Bread in the Air Fryer


Hubby and I went out to eat and I had French Onion Soup.  I love it but what I had this day, well, it wasn’t my favorite.  Years ago we took a girls trip to Chicago and I had French Onion Soup at several of the restaurants.  I loved it each and every time.  I wanted to try to replicate that and decided to start out with making my own homemade French Bread first.

I’ve made this recipe for years.  I first found it in the Lawler Iowa- Our Lady of Mount Carmel Cookbook.


I think I first tried the recipe because it sounded odd.  I had never made bread as they suggested so I gave it a try.  Our family always loved it.

When following the recipe I started out with this….


Then worked it into a ball….


and here’s the strange part… [Read more...]

Adventures in Thrifting


With my foot surgery I was back and forth to Decorah a few times to see the doctor…for me, that means stops at the thrift store too.

Here’s my haul…fabric for fifty cents…a pincushion for a quarter, embroidery floss for $1.50 and my doll.  The doll comes with her own story.


When I was little I remember going to the thrift store with my parents.  It was an unusual day and my Dad was with.  That didn’t happen often.  My dad rarely left the farm.  On this day he did.  I was the only kid with as my older siblings were in school or working.

There was a doll at the thrift store in Owatonna.  I really wanted her….really bad.  I begged and begged.  My mom and dad relented and bought the doll for me.  Later on, she became know as “Janey”.  My original Janey went back to the thrift store when I got older.  As an adult, I regretted that choice and have LONG looked for a replacement.

Well I was at the thrift store and was in disbelief when I saw the doll.  I didn’t care how much she cost.  I was getting her.  I carried her naked self around the store finishing my shopping.  I got up to the counter and asked how much she was….  the answer….50 cents!  SCORE.  I finally found my Janey back.

Here’s a picture of my original Janey.  She’s way on the left.


My niece and nephew are with her.  She isn’t wearing her original dress here.  I’ve been to ebay trying to find her original dress.  Funny thing is…a couple years ago Hubby and I had seen the dress at an antique shop but I never bought it.  Dang I wish I had.

To make the story all more interesting.  Neighbor Girl thought the doll was creepy and actually asked me to put it away.    She told me she had a nightmare about it.  She dreamed the doll came to life and killed me.  She even woke up crying….so although I am super happy about finding Janey, she had to get put away.

I was also super happy about finding the pincushion.  I have always thought to start a pincushion collection but honestly, I never find them.


I’ll keep looking and if more come my way, I might have a collection yet.  Who knows?

On my thrifting tour I also found lots of these… [Read more...]

Good Intentions


I had good intentions of showing you a finished quilt today…but, the stars didn’t align and let that happen.

The quilt I was going to show you was Star Gazing.  I was happily quilting it when (UGH!!) I ran out of backing!!!  WHAT!?!  I thought I measured and measured and then cut but apparently not.  At least I’ve been machine quilting long enough to know that this isn’t the end of the world.  It’s just a time wasting set back.


This did get off the frame…and I did get it bound…but this happened.

THE WEATHER!  We’ve had lots of stormy days and Kalissa has worked evenings this week.  That means the guys have been called out to weather spot (look for tornadoes) and then called for weather clean up.   We did see a rainbow one night but the rain continued.


That means this guy and I have been hanging out lots in the evenings.


We’ve had so many rainy days I couldn’t get out to take a picture of the finished quilt.  It will have to wait for another day.  For now you’ll have to settle for this picture.  See what’s on the frame now? [Read more...]