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It’s Baby Crumb Time…

About a week or two ago, I gave you all a little warning that I was preparing to tackle another crumb quilt.

This was the quilt I did with the original “crumb along”.

At the time I said the quilt would go to the first grandchild.  The quilt sat around for a few years and the first grandchild ended up being Carver.

He loves the quilt…not as much as the “bit” (crocheted throw-Kayla made him) but he uses it most nights.  It’s family tradition that they find a few letters on the quilt before bedtime…  Carver’s “C”, Mommy’s “M”, Daddy’s “D” and so on.  Because of the good memories Carver’s quilt made with him, Kalissa said, “Mom, why not make another just like Carver’s for the new baby.”

I was fine with that so….I started the new crumb quilt for Baby Friedman.  As of Monday, this is how far along I am…. Continue reading

Ask Jo: Bonus Triangle and MORE

Every now and then blog readers send me a email or leave a comment in the comment section that I need to answer.  When I think other readers might be interested too, I answer them here on the blog. Today is one of those days….

After I wrote this post about a quilt I was working on, hoping to submit for publication, this question came from Helen M:
“…. what are bonus triangles?”

Whenever I make Flying Geese, put snowball corners blocks or make diamonds in a square I make the “Bonus Triangle”.  Here are example.
(About this quilt…American Patchwork and Quilting picked it up.  It will be in a future issue.  I’ll let you know which one once I know.  More on the quilt HERE)

I am adding a “corner” or snowball to this block.  I first sewed on the diagonal…Then I sewed another line close to it.

Like this…. Continue reading

Mystery: IT’S FINISHED!!!

I have an auction happening here on the blog.  Check it out at HERE.  I have vintage quilts, quilt tops and linens up for sale.  The auction ends today at 5pm Central time.

I’ve been a busy girl in the sewing room this last week.  My mystery quilt went from pieces….

to a top….

to loaded in the quilt machine…

To binding…(yes I machine bind the whole quilt)

To this….. Continue reading

Stash Report

I have an auction happening here on the blog.  Check it out at HERE.  I have vintage quilts, quilt tops and linens up for sale.  The auction ends Monday at 5pm Central time.

With all the cleaning I’ve been doing in my sewing room one would think I could pass up the fabric at the thrift store….um.  Nope.  I couldn’t do it.  I just couldn’t.

Kalissa and Carver were with me.  Kalissa has read the book  How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind by Dana K. White that I’ve been raving about.  As I was digging through the fabric, Kalissa said to me…”Really Mom…do you really want to bring that into your house?”  She was teasing me…but right then and there I decided that even though I want less in my sewing room doesn’t mean I have to quit supporting charities.  So I dug…

…and I found this small quilt top.  It was $5.  The blocks are super scrappy.  I’ll happily pass this on to a charity.  I couldn’t see it sit there when it could be doing some good.

I bought this table runner.  It’s not quilted or bound.  I bought this as I’m often asked for a donation to give and this could quickly be finished up and donated without me having to put a lot of time into it.  This was more expensive than usual…$8 but I figured it could save me a lot of time.

I also found this….again, $8…. Continue reading