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Blog Updates and a New Business

So many of you noticed the updates on the blog.  There’s a new header and some thing have been added along the side including a “Keeping up with the Kramers”…A blog reader said she likes to read Kayla’s and Kalissa’s blogs but often can’t find them.  Well now they are in an easy access spot right in the right hand column.

I’d really welcome any other suggestions you might send my way on making the blog easier for you to use and navigate.

Kayla has been working on blog and making the changes.  You might also know that Kayla helped Mary over at Country Threads get her blog back up and running.

In the process of it all I talked to Kayla and said, “You know, there are other people who would like a blog, instagram account or Facebook page and they really have no idea on how to do it.  You could easily start a business helping people with media.”

Kayla hemmed and hawed and after she got thinking about it, she thought it might not be a bad idea….and so she is starting Ms. Pins Media.  You can find her site for that HERE.

I’m so excited for her and excited for any of you who might be interested in working with her.  Kayla set up my blog over 11 years ago.  She does all of the background work for me.  Seriously, she taught me what to do to write a blog post and how to publish it.  Everything else, she does.  I love it because that allows me to do the things I want to do….create and write, and not worry about the behind the scenes things like spam and widgets and placing ads.  Kayla’s the one that does that so I’m free from that hassle.

On Kayla’s last visit to my house she was helping me with EQ (Electric Quilt) program.  Being I’m not doing regular childcare I thought I’d try to work on designing more quilts again.  I thought I should really get serious about learning EQ as it would be more professional.  So Kayla was busy figuring it out….

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Reliving the Past

Last weekend Karl asked me on a date.  The theater in Cresco had decided to open but there are no movies available to they are playing some classics until the big box office movies make their way back to the theaters.

Up for date night with Karl was Jurassic Park.

I was SUPER hesitant to go.  Karl wanted to go really bad and Karl and I are the moviegoers of the family.  We depend on each other to be the date.

We ended up looking up to see what days it would be playing.  It turns out it was scheduled to be there all week.  I told Karl I would try to go but I’d have to go on Monday as I was sure there wouldn’t be as many people on Monday.

I’m trying to get out a little more but still make good choices.  I told Karl if there seemed like a lot of people there, I’d skip the movie and drive back home.  He was okay with that.

We got to the theater, went in, and we were two of 11 people who were there.  We both felt really comfortable with that.  All of the groups of people were really spread out …way more than the 6 feet of social distance.

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Freezer Challenge Update

Well…I gave up on my freezer challenge.  Not completely but it’s hard when this happened…


Our freezer had really gotten to the point we had little beef left.  Karl had gotten a pig from his employer around Christmas time so we had enough meat..just not beef.

I ended up messaging Hannah at the farm where Kramer used to work and told her if they had extra hamburger, I’d happily buy some and if they they were butchering anytime, I’d take a quarter beef.  Well they had 30 pounds of extra hamburger so I bought it and then mid May, the quarter of beef came.

Well then…Karl’s work (he works for a LARGE pig farmer) was in jeopardy of having to euthanize  hogs mid Covid when the packing plants were being shut down so they offered all employees a chance to purchase a pig for $20.  They secured local lockers to butcher the pigs and employees would have to pay the processing plus the $20 per pig.  Our family ended up reserving 3 pigs.  Kelli took one, Buck took one and Karl and I split one with Kalissa.

Karl and I really didn’t need anymore meat but with the scare on that meat might be really expensive at the grocery store and possibly could be limited on quantites to buy, we opted to take a half of pig, just in case.

About then my “using up things in the freezer” went into high gear.  We ate everything and anything that took up lots of space.  I made pies with the frozen fruits.  I did really good and it’s a good thing I did as now both of the freezers are packed.  Fingers crossed that we don’t have one go out as I’ve heard that getting a freezer is still a little bit hard.

For those of you curious.  This is our receipt from the locker….
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Quilt Finish: Texas Braid

I finally finished my Texas Braid quilt.  I am so happy to have this one checked off the list of UFOs.

I think this has been one of the longer running UFOs that I’ve had.

It got stalled out as I was too chicken to do the feathers in needed in the quilting.  Then once I finally started, I wasn’t very good at keeping at it….as I always tell Carver, “It happens”. 
The  quilt is from Bonnie Hunter’s book Scraps and Shirttails.  I’ve wanted to make the quilt for FOREVER (well at least since I bought the book). 
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