The Weekend

I told you we had a busy weekend.  All of the kids were home.  Karl was home for a short trip.  Buck hadn’t been home to see Georgia yet either.  His kids had been sick and we didn’t want to risk people getting sick.

Here’s Lucy meeting her newest cousin Georgia.  She did pretty good with her.

Lucy is pretty bashful.  She doesn’t see us lots and lots so if mom or dad is around, we aren’t her favorite.  That’s all okay.  This is the age she’s at and that will all change as she gets older.  Scotty has given us a stamp of approval and I’m sure she’ll do the same in her own time.

I’m sure others of you with a bigger family can relate.  When all the kids come home it’s hard to get time with the little ones.  Happily they were all here long enough so I could do one of my favorite things ever…read books.
Scotty and Carver both like books so I have a captive audience.

We did a lot of cooking.  Previously we typically went out to eat at least one of the meals or ordered in pizza.  We did MUCH better and cooked almost everything at home this go around.  We did go to the Fireman’s Breakfast at the neighboring town.

One of my goals of the weekend was to get a picture with all of the grandkids….Lucy didn’t really want to be sitting on my lap.  It was the best we could do and I’m okay with that.  It marks the moment and where we all were at.  Here’s the picture….

Here is all of our kids and all of our grandkids….Five of each.
Then we added Kramer and I to the mix.  So those of you keeping track…
Left to right…
Buck holding Lucy.  Kayla sitting on the back of the couch.  Kramer has Scotty on his left and is holding Gannon.  I’m holding Georgia with Kelli to my right.  Kalissa is on the back of the couch holding Carver and Karl is to the far right.

It was only a casual pictures but I love them.

Karl had to get his uncle pictures…here he is with Georgia.

..and here with Gannon.

Carver helped me make biscuits one of the days when Scotty wasn’t here.
He loves being with me.  I’ve gotten to be his favorite….

a little too much.  I couldn’t go to the bathroom by myself this day.  He laid on the floor and cried outside the door.

Kelli stayed from Thursday to Sunday….One night I kept Georgia and sent her to bed.  Her intention was to sleep for two hours or so.  She ended up sleeping her first 5 1/2 stretch since Georgia was born.  I wish I could be more helpful.  It’s been such a struggle for me to be the mom and grandma I want to be right now.  I’ve told her that she’s going to have to come here more often and then I’ll help out a little more.  I need to be here for Kramer.  The struggle to balance it all is real.

We had a nice weekend and very needed- filled with family.

As you read this, Karl is traveling home.  This time he is flying and rented a car.  We would have loved to pick him up but we had problems sorting that out with all that’s happening with Kramer, and the two girls just having the babies.  I do feel so much better that he flew…so now I’m back to marking days until he’s home again.  He has 55 more days of teaching….can you believe summer break is that close?  I am so happy I got to see him but I’m anxious for a good long visit.

Ask Jo: Babies and Such

Every now and then blog readers send me a email or leave a comment in the comment section that I need to answer.  When I think other readers might be interested too, I answer them here on the blog. Today is one of those days…

From Susan the Farm Quilter:
How fun to have grands born so close together!! Congratulations on the grands and that moms and babies are doing well. Will you be able to take care of them both, like you do Carver??

Gannon will start childcare here at my house on March 19th….

it will only be two days a week for about six weeks.  Kalissa is on maternity leave from the hospital but she is also a clinical nursing instructor.  That job starts back up on the 19th but it’s only two days a week.

She’ll go back to her hospital job mid May.  Then Gannon will be here and come on the same days Carver does.

Georgia will be here… on Fridays.

I would LOVE to have full time but it’s not really feasible.  Kelli lives a half hour east of me.  Where she works is about 20 minutes north of her.  It would be too much commute time for Georgia to be here full time.  I will do all back up care and we’ve figured out a way for her to come once a week, either Fridays or Thursday when my schedule of kids is a little bit lighter.

If I had my way and life allowed it I would have ALL of my grandkids ALL of the days they needed childcare.  Scotty and Lucy live an hour and 45 minutes south of me so sadly, I don’t see them nearly as much.  I’m hoping they are big enough that I can have them more over the summer.

The next question comes from Lisa B:
I like the nickname Gigi. I’m just realizing, in our area when a daughter or daughter-in-law is in the hospital having the baby, family gathers at the hospital in anticipation. Especially the moms are there. That doesn’t seem to be something that’s so common in your area. I think I like giving the parents the time alone initially to bond with the baby.

First off Gigi….Kelli thought of that as a nickname when she picked out the name.  We’ll see what sticks.  Right now she’s already been dubbed “Sweet Pea” by Kelli…and now it’s already changed to “Punky”.

As far as families gathering in the hospital.  I think some people in our area likely do that.  We are not that family.  I decided long ago from the very first that a birth is the start of the three (if it’s the first) person family.  The family is a nucleus.  I although I love them all dearly, am not part of that inner nucleus.  I certainly am part of the area closely surrounding but not the nucleus.  The family needs to bond.  The family needs to start out this journey that they are taking together.  If I was there, Kelli would be more likely to ask me do something rather than Jason.

Here’s an example:
Kelli needed to take a shower yesterday.  Georgia was in the room….Jason was in the room.  It was Jason’s first chance to be alone with her.  He needs that WAY more than I do.  My time will come.  It’s his time now.  It’s WAY more important that he learns here quirks and be comfortable with her than it is for me to.  He is her Dad.  I am the grandma.  Dads are WAY more important than Grandmas.

I understand that other families do things differently.  I understand that I am likely not the norm….but this is something I feel really strongly about.  I’m sure other families have their reason to be there and I honor their tradition and opinions.

Should something happen and I’m needed, I’d be there in a second.  But so far, I’ve never been needed.

We do make every effort to see them in the hospital the next day…or on the evening of the birth.

Another side note on why we don’t gather as the birth is happening….Two of our daughters are nurses.  Neither in OB, but still nurses…they often say that they have more trouble with the visitors than they do the patients.  I want all of the nurse’s concentration to be on my family…not me.

As I said…I do understand why others feel differently on the subject.  It’s also hard as some of this is dictated by the pregnant mother and we have to do what we have to do to appease a mother.  I was upfront with our kids from the beginning saying I felt it was most important for them to start out parenting together…not with me as an onlooker.

That sums up today’s installment of “Ask Jo”.  Feel free to send questions my way anytime through the comment section or email me at

What I’m Working On….

Last week was another busy week here.  I’ve been playing a lot of catch up and will be this week too.  We’ve had a lot of company and family here so I get behind on the day to day stuff.  Karl is leaving today and after that we should be back to me a Kramer again.  Sadly Karl’s visit was just a quick one.

Because of that I didn’t get a lot of sewing done.  I did get some stitching done though….  Here’s how far I am on my latest piece.

I was able to stitch quite a bit on Friday at Kramer’s last appointment.  You can read about that here if you missed it.

I’m guessing I’ll finish this up one night this week after an evening hanging with Kramer.

As I said we had lots of company over the last week.  Kelli and Kayla were here.  We went to Osage to the cross stitch shop..more on that later this week.  As we were driving back and forth Kayla started trying to convince us to do Flos tube videos on Youtube.  I laughed…and finally just in a effort to think about something else said “what the heck”.

If you don’t know what Flosstube is, it is people talking about primarily cross stitch on Youtube.  I’ve not watched a lot, but what I have watched, I’ve loved.

So here’s our first attempt at it….It’s rather hilarious.  If you have a little time to kill give it a watch.  All you have to do is click the play button.

We did have a lot of fun doing it.  We did learn a lot though.  We learned that we need to figure out how to have a better quality video.  We have to get some better lighting.  Oh my…we did laugh a lot though and we needed that!

As far as Georgia’s quilt goes…I’m a little slow.  I did get more done but not nearly as much as I should have.  I’m hoping that I’ll get more done this week.

The stars are all trimmed up and ready to add more to.  I’m going to be making more flying geese sections.  I have an idea in mind as far as the layout goes and I need lots more flying geese to accomplish that.

We’ll see.  It’s all happening little by little.

More than ever my crafting is my sanity.  I’m doing so much less and treasuring it so much more.   Thanks so much for sticking with me and our family as our lives take on this journey.  I know so many of you came here for quilting….and to be honest, quilting isn’t always happening so much here lately.  I have noticed that many of you are commenting that you too have pulled out some cross stitch.   How fun!!  Catch me back here next week to see my progress.

Stash Report

You might remember I bought a box of fabric at a while ago and this bag of fabric was in the box.

Well I was at Goodwill and I checked their fabric.  I was surprised to find this bag…

I peeked into the bag and thought there were more calicos in the bag….but $10.  REALLY??  That’s too much.  I circled around the store and came back.  Yes…I was going to buy it.  I sure hoped it was worth it.

I opened the bag and immediately pulled this….
I didn’t need any of those so put them in a pile to pass them on.

Then I found this….

Not bad.  Most of the pieces are 1/2 yard or more.  I guess the $10 wasn’t as bad of a price as I thought it might be.

Isn’t it funny how before I never saw a piece of these calicos and now I’m finding them all the time.  Hmmm.  I think before long, I’m going to have enough of them to make a quilt.

I think it’s time that I can start looking for the perfect pattern to showcase them.  If you have any ideas, feel free to send any ideas my way.