What I’ve been doing…


Remember the baker’s cabinet Hubby and I are teaming up to work on??  Well, I started chalk painting it…of course, I forgot to take a picture of it before I started painting it.  I did get one before the first coat was all the way on though.

The cabinet was originally broken down with rotting legs in the back.  It was the crackle blue color that I loved but the new construction made it impossible to keep that blue color.


Hubby rebuild it totally redoing the drawers and the top.   I am working with Annie Sloan’s Cream Chalk Paint.  Here’s one coat on….


Then I put on another coat and sanded it with 150 grit sand paper.  I wanted to rough it up quite a bit so that the blue would come through.


You can’t really tell but I put a coat of clear wax on next.


I just love how it’s looking with the blue coming through.


Next I used the dark wax….


We left the barrel part of the drawers stained and I put clear wax on them.



I love the look.  Hubby still wishes that the wood types were all the same and we could have stained and varnished it…I do too but this is the next best option.


We have a couple things to do to it yet but slowly this project is coming to a finish.  We do need some drawer pulls yet.  For all the trips we’ve made to big box stores, you would think we would have remembered to buy some..but we didn’t.

I do have a little more sanding to do with the 600 grit sand paper too.

Keep posted…we’ll have some finished pictures soon.



Hubby is so good to me.  On the outside he seems like a gruff guy but honestly, he’s not at all.  Just to prove what I said is true, last week he had an errand to Fredericksburg.  He asked if I wanted to ride along but honestly, my to-do list is full so I have to get a few things off that list.  I sadly told him no-and I told him I guess that means that I’ll miss a chance to get a truffle.  See, they have truffles at the Farmhouse Bed and Breakfast and Hubby and I stop and get one most every time we go through town.  He informed me that this was a farm trip and he likely wasn’t going to stop anyway.

He left-I got busy and forgot about the whole conversation until the next morning when I woke to see….a truffle on my computer keyboard…(yes I know it desperately needs to get cleaned)


one of my charging cell phone….


one on a project I was working on….


One on my ratty ironing board…


one my sewing machine….


One in my cereal bowl….


and one in the silverware drawer.

I’ve tried to get him to tell me if there are more.  Seven seems like an odd number to buy.  Then again…maybe he bought eight and ate one himself.  He keeps telling me that I can keep looking though.

I’d prefer a fun surprise like this over flowers..or over any gift given out of obligation like Valentine’s Day or my birthday.  This is my kind of present.

See that gruff old guy is really a softy.

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