Charity Quilts FINISHED!!!


Just last week some of the charity quilts were sent out to binders…and already, someone has their two quilts done!!  WOW.  I am so impressed.  I’ve gotten notes from others that one of theirs was done or that they are happily working on some.  It’s no race at all.

I got this note from Heather L.:

Hi Jo,
As promised, here are the pictures of the quilts I received to bind and then donate.  I received 2 quilts.  The tan quilt was labeled from Pat Templin in Spokane, WA.  The pink and green quilt is from Sharon Judkins in Hatfield, AR.  Both quilts are finished and will be donated to Quilts of Compassion located in Toledo, OH.  They are boxed up and will be delivered to UPS this afternoon.  I live in Saline, MI and we have a local historical society that maintains a farm museum and the old depot station in town.  The outside pictures were taken at those locations.

charity quilt 9

 If I had to pick a favorite it would be both quilts on the back of the red caboose.  Who doesn’t love a red caboose? LOL  Anyways, when I think about traveling by train in that era the word “journey” comes to mind.  These quilts have definitely been on a journey.  They were created in Washington and Arkansas, made their way to Iowa and then to Michigan.  Next stop – Toledo, OH to be gifted to a family in need.  Bless the families that receive them.  Thank you for all of your generosity.  I am so glad I found your blog and was able to contribute.”

charity quilt 5

Oh, I can’t tell you how happy I am with the way this all turned out.  I’ve been so worried about getting these quilts out to people and where they need to be.  Having volunteer binders was a wonderful idea….THANKS to the many that offered and the many who are currently working on the quilts.

charity quilt 6

I am compiling a listing of volunteer binders.  Please send a note directly to my email to be considered to be a binder.  Just for reference sake, here are the guidelines again:
1-A volunteer tells if you’d like one or two quilts to bind.
2-They tell me the size preferred to work on…I have baby, to lap, to single to queen.
3-I send it to them
4-They bind it and send me a picture of the quilt finished along with the name of the original maker of the quilt top
5-They pick a charity or worthy cause to donate it to, tell me the charity and donate it.
6-I write a blog post about it.

Thanks so much to all the ladies involved in making this quilt adventure a success…
Hats off to Heather, Sharon and Pat.  May these quilts be a mode of healing for the people who receive them through the charity group Quilts of Compassion.




What I’m Reading: The Ploughmen


I just finished up listening to the audio book The Ploughmen: A Novel Kim Zupan.  I picked this book as I was waiting for my hold books to become available and needed something to tide me over until one of them became available.  The cover looked promising…the description sounded promising.

The book wasn’t the best. [Read more...]

Quilt Finish: My Scrappy Heaven


I am marching along with more quilt finishes….

Up today is Kelli’s quilt My Blue Heaven…Yes, I know it’s not blue…let me explain.  This is a Bonnie Hunter pattern.  If you haven’t discovered this pattern yet, good news for you.  It’s in the free pattern section on Bonnie’s site.  You can find it here.

Kelli started the quilt when we went to Storm Lake to see Bonnie Hunter.  At the time, Kelli had no idea why I was so excited about going.  After all, it’s not like me at all to want to do something like drive across the state and go to a retreat.  I was pretty determined to go and for the most part had planned to go myself if she wouldn’t go.  It’s always been my opinion that Kelli mostly went with to “keep me safe” from the unknown quilter ladies.


Making the quilt scrappy really gives it a different look.


I thought my personal preference would be that this quilt doesn’t look as good totally scrappy as it does going with two colors.  I thought the pattern almost gets lost.


Even as a flimsy (finished top) I thought that.  Now that it’s done and finished, I don’t feel that way anyway.  I think the inner border and binding really do good work to bring is all together.


It’s a fine beautiful quilt though…Having all the colors to choose from did make picking a binding fabric really easy.

I finished up my version quite awhile ago.  Here a link back to see mine.

Here’s a picture from the day we started the quilts….That’s from July 2011.


We had so much fun.   It makes me want to go to a retreat again!!

Now Kelli and I have finished both of our quilts we started at the retreat as the other one we did that weekend was Pineapple Blossom….here’s Kelli’s and here’s mine.

So if you made the quilt, what color scheme would you go with??

Quilt Finish: First Monday


I’ve been at the quilting machine.

I’m legal to work on anything that can be washed after I’ve gotten it all full of my germs.  That means any quilt I can quilt as long as I am going to bind it and then it get washed.  That means I can work on quilts that are mine or Kelli’s.

Up today on the frame is Kelli’s quilt.  It’s a Miss Rosie’s Pattern called First Monday.


Kelli opted for a dark background and honestly, I like it better that way.  Here’s what the original pattern looked like…. [Read more...]