Stash Report


Coming up this Saturday I am doing a review of the Quiltmaker’s Shoppe in Manchester, Iowa.  Here’s a sneak peak of what I got there.

Kelli and I both had a few things we were shopping for when we went.  I think that’s a good habit to be in otherwise I end wanting it all!!  Here it is…..


We were both looking for fabric for the Bonnie Hunter mystery.  I am slightly changing colors but not a lot.  I am taking the coral to melon and changing it to coral to orange…no pinkish colors at all.  I was short on browns so was very happy to find some.  I am using all batiks….Kelli is too…Connie too.


I also found this piece.  I really love it.  I have Bonnie Hunter’s Scrap Crystal quilt mostly cut out.  I haven’t touched it since spring (maybe longer).  If I remember correctly I don’t have borders and sashing for it.  This would work really well so I bought it in case….if it doesn’t go in that quilt, it will make it’s way into another.  The picture doesn’t show it the best but there is a hint of green in it too.


The last thing I bought was this… [Read more...]

Cell Phones and Gift Giving


Every month I team up with U.S. Cellular and share a little about my Samsung Galaxy S8 Smart Phone. This is one of those posts.

With the holiday season right around the corner, many parents may be considering getting their child a smartphone, or getting themselves a new one and passing down their old device.  I know one thing for sure…this little guy won’t be getting a phone.


When our kids were teenagers, we often got them a cell phone.  It was an easy gift to give and goodness knows, they were elated.

U.S. Cellular recently conducted a survey regarding children and cellphones and the results may surprise you.  They sure surprised me!

On average, parents began letting children use their smartphones or tablets at age eight.  I believe this to be true for sure.  Some of my childcare kiddos have regular access to a tablet.  They don’t own their own tablets but they do have regular access.


Participants said that the appropriate age for a child to get their first cellphone is 13, which is down from 14 years old just five years ago.  58% of parents had children with cellphones, and the average age of the child when receiving their first phone was 11 years old.  Safety was the top reason behind getting children their own cellphone, with 59% of respondents listing it as the top factor.  Safety was the reason our kids got a phone…but we didn’t get them for them until they were driving on their own.

Three out of four parents monitor their child’s cellphone usage frequently.  77% of parents have rules and guidelines for their child’s cellphone usage.

U.S. Cellular helps establish family parameters and guidelines regarding cellphone use.  If parents do decide to give a child a cellphone, U.S. Cellular encourages them to visit to create their very own customized agreement, helping establish parameters and family guidelines for cellphone use.

Carver does love a cell phone whenever he can get his hands on one.  The second he picks it up he starts saying “Da-Da.”  Every night his dad, Craig, calls as he is driving home from work.  Carver associates phones with that important drive home and his chance to talk to “Da”.  It’s incredibly cute….but 14 month old is too young for his own phone!!  For now he’s having to share with mommy.

One thing I didn’t notice in the survey….When do parents kick their kids off their cell phone plan?  That’s the end of the spectrum we’re on.  Karl is our last straggler.  Our rule has been when you’re out of college…you’re on your own and have to get your own cell phone plan.

Quilt Shop Tour: Crazy to Quilt


Remember when I had a girls weekend and we traveled to see the play Dirty Dancing?  Well on our way there we stopped at a quilt shop, Crazy to Quilt in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

This ABC quilt was one of the first things we saw.


The shop has LOTS of patterns and lots of books.


They have so many samples, there are even samples on the ceiling.  I liked this simple quilt.


I’m a softy for wool projects.


What a fun butterfly quilt!


I have some leftovers at my house of these striped prints…I love them.  I have a project in mind for them but haven’t gotten to it yet.  I need to remember they have them in case I need more of them if I ever get to that project.


I liked this simple quilt.


Connie was checking out the batiks.  I think she’s working on selecting fabrics for Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery quilt coming up.


This quilt was kind of fun.


Of course, this was likely my favorite quilt in the whole store…a Country Threads quilt!!  …of course.


…and look who was around the corner…Kelli!  I wonder what she is shopping for.


The shop carries Pfaff machines.


This gray quilt caught my eye. [Read more...]

Frost…and my outdoor plants


We had such a late first frost this year.  Much later than is typical for us.  That didn’t mean that I had the garden or the plants taken care of.  You know me, I was more interested in quilting.  Well the frost warnings were put out so finally I had to tackle the garden leftovers and the plants.

Every year I vow that I am going to try to hold my plants over in the house during the winter and typically I manage to save one or two.  This year, I am actually going to try to start a few plants.  If this doesn’t work, I think I am going to give up the idea.  Plants in the spring are so expensive and if I could start them, it would save a little money….so here I go trying.

I mostly had begonias and geraniums that I’m trying to save.  My red geraniums were amazing this year.  They were big and great bloomers too…I think the best I’ve ever had!  I definitely wanted to try to save them.  My island and kitchen counter was loaded.  What a mess!!


I ended up having Hubby help by cutting milk jugs and a vinegar jug so they only a few inches high.  Then I put in water and started clippings putting the bottom ends in the water.


I did that for the geraniums too….then I hauled it all downstairs.  We have an unfinished basement with an egresss window.  Hubby set up the table in front of the window and I filled the table with plant offerings.  Here they are…. [Read more...]