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Quilt Book Review: Jelly Filled

C&T Publishing did it again.  They sent me ANOTHER great book.  This one is Jelly Filled by Vanessa Goertzen.

I’ve seen tons of quilt books designed around jelly rolls….this one is likely one of my favorites.

You can see from the title that the book encourages use of 2 1/2″ strips and she presents 18 quilts in the book.  In my opinion, that’s bang for your buck.  So many other books only feature only 11-12 quilts.

Of course they didn’t feature the quilts I liked best in the photos I was given for review purposes.  UGH.

I did like this one…. Sprinkles on Top.

I liked this one but you can’t see it when it’s folded.  UGH.

This one was Christmasy and not my favorite.

So…I broke with protocol and decided to take some bad pictures and show you the ones I liked.

This is simple but cute.  Perfect for a quick quilt.  See?? Continue reading

What I’m Reading: Where the Crawdads Sing

I’ve not listened to near as many audio books as I used to.  I got out of the habit.  I wasn’t in the sewing room as much.  I had spend so much time with Kramer and with family.  I’m finding ways to sneak audio books back into my life.  I’ve missed books.

This is the book that pulled me out of my hiatus, Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens.

I listened on audio.  It was my favorite reader Cassandra Campbell.  I often will go on the hunt for a book to listen to and purposely pick one that she has read as I like the way she reads so much.

The good news is that beyond the reader, I liked the book too.  I liked it a lot.  It’s one of those books that a person needs to stay with until the very end it as it isn’t until the last pages that the truth is revealed.  I will admit to liking the book so much that I was trying to finish it up one morning before childcare.  A few minutes before I got to the end, the kids showed up and I had to quit listening…oh the pain of not being able to finish!!

So all day as I was doing childcare I waited and waited for nap time to come.  I had looked at my book…I needed to listen about FIVE more minutes so after I got the kids laid down for nap and sleeping, I scurried out to the kitchen, turned my book on, the volume down and listened for the remaining five minutes.  Oh my….What a good book!!

Here’s what Amazon had to say: Continue reading

Mail Call: Community Quilts Version

I got a package in the mail.  I never know what is coming.  It could be fabric, things for the kiddos, yarn, or even occasionally quilt tops.  I opened this one to find fabric and quilt tops.  LOTS!!  For the most part, I don’t get a lot of quilt tops.  Readers have been sending them straight to Ronda or one of the other charity quilters on the list.  (Find the list HERE)  I often don’t see the tops until Ronda or one of the other charity quilters send me pictures of the finished quilts.  Either way, it’s surprise to see what people have been making and are donating.

This box came without much of a clue.  All I know is the box came from Jan in Wisconsin.

Most of the tops are bigger lap sized.  They are being shipped off to Ronda.  Knowing Ronda she might add a border and get some that are closer to twin sized actually sized up.  There is such a need for twin sized quilts.

I loved the colors on this one….

This one was baby sized….The sunflowers sure are fun!

Here’s a monkey wrench quilt.  This one could easily be added to make it a little larger…a quick cream and then a brown border and it would quickly be larger.

Check out this one…. Continue reading

Time with the Friedman’s

With Craig working at the farm, things have changed here a lot as to how much I see the boys as well as Kalissa and Craig.  Kalissa ended up hiring someone who is nanny for them a bit.  I close childcare at 5pm so now on the days that Kalissa is working 12 hours day shifts as a nurse in the local ER, the nanny comes and picks up the boys and takes them home.  This is working great for them..and most days it works good for me too.  There are some days that I miss seeing Kalissa and Craig though.  I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it for forever.  I love my grandkids…but I love their parents too.

When Craig had his other job I’d often see him a couple nights a week and he’d have supper here…now I don’t see him nearly as much.  Kalissa had a very busy work week so I’ve not seen her either.

So, Friday night Craig was working late.  They were chopping hay so we decided to have a “pizza party” with Kalissa, the boys and me.  Kalissa and I have both been trying to walk a little more and Carver loves going for a walk so we did that first.  We walked our usual path until we got to the park.  Carver begged to go and compromised with us that he could go for “just a whittle bit”.  Kalissa set her timer for 8 minutes and he was great for that.  When we done, he said, “Me go see Poppa’s Rock”.

So off we went.

Carver is all dirty faced from eating his cookies.

Kalissa took some really nice pictures.  Here is one I adore of Gannon…  Continue reading