What I’m Working On….


I have so many project in the works and can’t seem to concentrate on the single one.  I always have that problem but with working on the house so much it even seems worse.  I don’t get those big chunks of time in the evening to sew for a couple hours.  I am slowly making progress though.

My small spool blocks are all made and I’m getting some sewn into blocks.

As of now I have 64 made….I need more though.  The quilt calls for 162 total.

I did stop and lay them out to see how they’ll look.

I think cute, cute, cute!!

I need to start thinking about what fabric I’ll use for the triangle setting….Hmmm.  I am going to try to find something that is already here.  I kind of like the pink shown in the original pattern but pink is something I’m short of.

I need to clean in the sewing room so I think once that’s done I’ll reward myself with a bit of time to hunt and find a fabric.  Stop back..I’ll likely be looking for some help on making a decision…I am so bad at that.

To see what other are working on, check out Patchwork Times.

Anniversary Fun


The kids came home for out anniversary….some had to work at their jobs during the day but we were able to get together Saturday night for supper.  Then we sat around a campfire and just hung out.  I really needed that.

Before they all started heading home I snapped a picture of them all together.

Photo: Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! 28 years today!
Left to right it’s Kayla, Karl, Kalissa, Kelli and Kasjen (Buck)…Betsy snuck into he picture too.

Sitting around Kalissa asked Hubby and I both what was some advice they’d give on marriage.  Hubby’s advice…”Don’t lie”….my advice…”Keep the romance alive”.  There are 100 other things I could have said…choose your battles…forgive…don’t be selfish….oh so many other words of advice.

I do have to say of everything that’s happened in those years, these kiddos are what makes us happiest.  They are a good crew and we’re really proud of all of them.  I just hope that they can all experience the life long happiness that a good marriage can bring….

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