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What I’m Reading: The Gold in These Hills

I was on the online library that I use.  It was the one that I put books on hold with and have to wait forever.  The book I put on the list was The Gold in These Hills by Joanne Bischof.

I’m going to admit it right here and now.  I selected the book simply because of the cover.  I love pioneer, old west style stories.  I don’t find them much anymore so I hoped this would be a treat.
Well, little did I know this was Christian Fiction.  Remember, I just read the book by the cover.  I used to read Christian Fiction a lot and for the most part, enjoyed it.  I am not a fan of the preachy versions though…or the kind that the author suddenly realizes that in order for the book to be classified as Christian Fiction, they need to insert some bible stuff.  If you’ve read Christian Fiction you likely have dealt with those styles of books.

This book had a real natural flow to the Christian Fiction aspect of the book.  I ended up really enjoying it.  Their faith was just part of their evolving life.  That style, I don’t mind at all.

The story was good.  It wasn’t completely predictable…all in all, I really enjoyed it.  The author even had me putting myself on the waitlist for a couple of other of her books.

Here is what Amazon had to say:
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Community Quilt from Cheryl

I got a very nice note and update from Cheryl today.  I know many of you have been thinking of Cheryl on her cancer journey and I want to update you to say, she got a pass from having to go to the doctor until December.  As someone with cancer myself, I know the joy that comes in getting a pass!!  Congrats Cheryl!!

Now onto the post.  Cheryl writes:
This batik top arrived at Jo’s house in a box with lots of additional fabrics.  Jo, you forwarded this top and some batiks from Jan and her friend in Wisconsin.  I love it when gals clean out their stash and forward goodies to others who will finish their tops.  Spreading the quilts and love around!

I spread this top out in the living room (I have a Quilt Floor — very efficient except when the puppies want to help) to determine how to trim it.  Do you like my technique of securing everything with painter’s tape?


Then I used a measuring tape to line up the wonky side.


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Izzy Update

Izzy is a great dog.  I’m so happy with her.  Kalissa is teasing me that I am going to be a foster fail the first time out.  HA!  Who knows, I might be.

She is great in the kennel and has slept in there overnight without a single sound from her.  I put her in at about 10:30 pm and let her out at 7 am and no accidents or whining.  She doesn’t voluntarily go in the kennel when I say kennel up but she doesn’t fight it either.  I’m taking that all as a win from a dog who has spent its entire life outside.

I have a few pictures from the day I picked Izzy up and thought I’d share them with you.

This is Izzy getting a bath.  Even after her bath she still has a horse barn scent to her but that will all be better after grooming and if not, I’ll give her another bath then.  I don’t want to dry out her skin with too many baths.

These are the other pups that came with Izzy.  The other black gal is smaller and her name is Cookie.  The mixed-color merle is named Porter.  Both of them were very mellow at intake.

I’m guessing that Porter and Izzy were from the same litter. They are similar in size and looks but just not coloring.  He’s slightly bigger but being a male, he just might be.  Oh, I would love to know their lives before they got here…(well maybe not).  They are supposed to be Aussie Doodles but under their circumstances, no one knows for sure.  Cookie we’re thinking is much younger.

You can see Porter has two different colored eyes.  At this point, he hadn’t had a bath.  I love his coloring.

Here is Izzy after her bath and I combed her out.  She still looked pretty rough.

Izzy has a groomer appointment tomorrow.  I’ve never had a dog that has needed to be groomed so it’s a learning experience for me just like it is for Izzy.  Thankfully she is super quiet in the car and not anxious like Rosie is.

We went on a walk last night.  I’m trying really hard to train her and treat her exactly like I would my own dog.  I want to make sure the family who gets her has her started on training.

One of the things I could do for her was to leash train her.  Kalissa had called and asked what I was doing.  I said I was going out the door and was going to walk Izzy.  She said, “We’ll go with.” I told her I thought that was a bad idea as I wasn’t sure Izzy would make it down the block.  My other attempts to take her outside to go potty were on a leash and Izzy didn’t think much of that.  I was sure we’d only likely make it down the block….but Continue reading

Community Quilts from Karin

Oh, my word.  Our gal Karin has been busy, busy.  You might remember Karin broke her hip not long ago but already, she’s back to community quilting bringing her own special flair to the quilt tops she works on.

I’m adding in an extra Community Quilts post as this is coming from Karin and she is hoping these quilts will be used by people dealing with the aftermath of the Florida hurricane.

Karin writes:
Gooooood morning Jo! Remember I told you that a big box had come whilst I was hospitalized?  From Terri McE, in Johnson City, TX.  Well, you’ve already seen a couple of quilts finished from that box, and today, I have five (5!!!) more to share! And, NO, I have not reached the bottom of the box yet!! Lol. There is another one on the frame today, and I believe there are two more to go after that!  She has truly blessed us with her generosity!!

First up we have American Daisies.  The tag read “red, white and blue charms on point.”  Yep, that’s exactly right. And EVERY POINT MATCHED PERFECTLY.

I couldn’t do that to save my life. Can you see that one red square with clothespins? Man, I do love that one!! The daisies inspired the quilting, and the colors inspired the gold top thread.  This is the only top in the box that didn’t come with its own backing (but the binding was there!!), but luckily, Linda W, of Williamstown, NY saved the day, with more of her red and white circus tent stripes.  I calculated it would be just shy of enough, so I kept digging in the box and came up with a long scrap of blue, red, and white fabric, with, say it with me, daisies and on-point lattice work!

The ladies must have collaborated!!! It was juuuust enough to add a row at the top and bottom.  However, you know my math isn’t great, ah, who am I kidding, it’s not even good.  Truth be told, my math skills are about non-existent, soooo, you will note, there is no matching row along the bottom photo.  Yeah, about that.  The top didn’t extend to the bottom, so I got to trim that section off, and I’ll save it for another project.  I was going to say, save it for a rainy day, but with Ian’s rapid approach (think turtle speed), today IS a rainy day. Anyway, on with the show!  Oh yeah,  this stunner finished up at 56×56.

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