Moving Day!!


I bet you never thought you would see the title of a blog post that says moving day and it would be my blog did you??  For awhile I sure didn’t think it would happen.

Are we ready to move?  Yes.  We are ready to move.  Is the house ready?  No not really.  We’re moving anyway.  Other people have heard us say that and lament that we’ll be wish we’d have gotten the whole thing completed before moving but we don’t feel that way.  We know that most of the work left with the house is work that we’ll be doing ourselves.  We just want to live there and do it as time allows.

Hubby wants to go back to working regular days.  I want to cook again.  I don’t care if the kitchen doesn’t have trim.  It has counter and cupboards and we’re just fine with that.  We are sick of two heating bills and two electric bills.  Ruby is sick of spending her days in the kennel.  She wants us back.

Trust me, we’ve lived in WAY-WAY worse and remodeled our way through while living there.  We once moved into a house with no kitchen.  We lived there from April through August with no kitchen…at the time we had three kids under six and I was pregnant with the fourth kid.  With no kitchen sink I had to carry dishes upstairs and do them in big tubs that I put in the bathtub.  It wasn’t fun.

Comparatively, this will be a breeze.

The kids have rallied and will be coming home to help with the move.  That means the world to me-they really are a great bunch of kids.  Karl has to work but he was home earlier this week and spent the day helping me move a lot of things.

So if you don’t hear from me for a bit don’t worry.  We don’t get internet hooked up until next week.  I have my phone and will try to monitor things from there…or Kelli will just handle things.

That’s it from me..I have to go pack some more boxes….I want as much packed as possible by the time my help comes.

Ask Jo: Cinder Block


You might remember our Cinder Block quilt that was featured in a recent issue of Quiltmaker.

Well I recently got a question about the quilt from Eileen…”Hi, I saw this pattern in “Quiltmaker” and I must make it!!  But, I need to make it a queen sized quilt.  I do not know how to convert – please can you help me?  Can you email me what I will need and how many blocks to make?  I would be so appreciative.  Thank you.”

First off I think the quilt will look beautiful in a queen sized version.  In the queen sized version you’ll end up with a quilt that is 105″ x 105″.

I can easily see this being an awesome wedding quilt.  The quilt is great for anyone.

We of course can’t give you the complete instructions for the quilt as we sold them to Quiltmaker.  We can however give you a modification to the instructions telling how much more fabric you’d need and how many more blocks to make.

You can find those instructions here.

Good luck on your quilt making Eileen. We’d love to see you finished quilt!

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