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Stash Report

I saw in my Facebook feed that one of the local thrift stores was having a bag sale.  Hmm.  I wiggled and worked and wiggled and worked some more to be able to justify a trip to town.  Wednesday as Hubby and I were traveling home from Lacrosse and coming into Decorah, I considerately said, “Hey Kramer…I know you’re tired and groggy from you surgery.  I know we were supposed to get groceries but how about I just pick them up on Saturday instead?”  Tricky of me right??  He agreed.

So Saturday I went to town.

YES.  There is a shopping cart under my pile of shirts.  It was a bag sale so it was $5 for 10 clothing pieces.

Can you believe I found 40 clothing items.  In my defense…One item was for layettes, 2 were shirts for Kramer, 2 shirts were for me and one for Carver.

When I got home…I started doing this…. Continue reading

Wishing for Lawn Mowing Season

Here’s a little story for you.

In May of 1986 I was a junior in college.  Hubby and I had been dating a while.  College was two hours away from his place.  I was there every weekend.  We had dated long enough that we had planned that we’d get married the summer after I finished college.

Well I ended up pregnant.  We were using birth control.  Anyone remember “THE SPONGE”.  At the time is was the new form of birth control.  Well there is a reason that you don’t hear of it much anymore….it didn’t work!  I ended up pregnant while using it.  (I did look it up on the internet and it’s still available)  Back then I think it was 90% effective.  Back then I believed I’d never be the 10%.  Now I know better.

Anyway.  I knew I was pregnant and mid week, I decided to drive to Hubby’s place to tell him the news.  When I got there he was home battling the lawn mower.  The lawn desperately needed to be mowed and I interrupted him.  He came in a we talked.

We went from eloping to, a small wedding to a regular wedding.  He didn’t really take it all the best.  He didn’t profess his undying love.  He didn’t wrap me in his arms and tell me everything would be okay.  He didn’t drop to one knee and propose.  He really didn’t say much of anything.  At the time I was young.  Yes we knew each other but we didn’t KNOW each other like we did now.

We sat there silent.  Then he got up and went and mowed the lawn.  I was so mad.  He just left me sitting there.  He didn’t say a thing, just got up and left.  I wanted a plan.  I wanted action.  I wanted a date if we were going to get married.

I was a ticked that none of the imagined things happened.  He left me to MOW LAWN.

Image result for lawn mower

When the lawn was finally mowed I had stewed enough…. Continue reading

Where We are Published: Primitive Quilts and More

Have you seen the issue of Primitive Quilts and More?  Specifically the Spring 2019 edition?

You might want to check it out.  We have a quilt in that issue.  It’s called Farmstead Gathering.

The picture in the magazine is a little dark.  I think our photo is a little more like the true colors.

I designed this last year at about this time.  I had seen a fabric line that I really loved.  It’s Farmhouse Living by Jeanne Horton.  To me, it didn’t look so “fabric line like”.  The colors blend WONDERFULLY like a fabric line but the prints seemed more different than most fabric lines.

I wanted a simple design…something that had a cabin feel to me.  Something that would work well for a person who was decorating in the farmhouse style.

This is what I came up with…simple half square triangles with a fun unexpected border.  See? Continue reading

Quilt Book Review: Moda Block Heads

Yahoo…another ebook from Martingale Publishing was in my inbox.  I love that kind of email.

There were three books in the email.  Last week I reviewed Vintage Legacies and this week, it’s Moda Block Heads.

Martingale - Moda Blockheads (Print version + eBook bundle)

I didn’t expect to like this book.  I’ve told you all before that I don’t get really excited about anything that resembles a Block of the Month…and admittedly, this did look a bit like a Block of the Month to me.

The premise of the book is that over a year or so designers got together on Wednesdays via their blogs and showed readers a new block to make.  It culminated with some wonderful finished quilts.  See? Continue reading