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Ask Jo: Fudge Puddles

Check out our auction post:  We have goodies for you to bid on HERE.

I recently told you all about the baking day I had with our girls.  One of the things we were busy baking was Fudge Puddles.  Several people commented on them asking about the recipe.They are fun to make and easy.  After mixing up the dough we roll it into walnut sized balls and place them in greased mini cupcake tins.

After they come out of the oven, then take a melon baller and push down the centers.  Then fill them with chocolate goodness.

In the photo below Kayla was using the melon baller. Continue reading

Auction Time: Your Turn to Bid

When the girls were home, Kelli and Kayla helped me process some shirts.  These have been in the hallway of my upstairs waiting for me to give them some attention.  Well the day finally came.

I am a little lazy when it come to shirt distruction.  I take the backs off and keep them for myself…then I sell the rest of the shirts.  I’m lucky.  In my area I can find shirts reasonably priced.  I know others have trouble finding shirts so I have periodically offered them for sale here on the blog.  Today is one of those days.  I’m doing ONLY shirts for this sale.  I will be having another sale soon and that will feature antique quilts.

Here’s the guidelines:
Bids must be entered in the comment section.  PLEASE  WRITE THE NAME OF THE ITEM, THE ITEM NUMBER AND THEN THE AMOUNT YOU ARE WILLING TO PAY.  If you are the winner of the bid, the postage amount will be added on to your ending bid price.  You can pay via Paypal.  I will also accept personal check but check will have to clear before merchandise is sent.  Bidding will close at NOON Central Time on Monday.  I will send a confirmation email to the winning bidder later in the day on Monday. Then hopefully bids can be paid and I can package the items up and get them in the mail as soon as possible.  If you do bid please watch your email so we can take care of the correspondence efficiently.

PLEASE NOTE ALL SHIRTS ARE 100% COTTON.  Sometimes a shirt is fronts only but most of the time it’s a shirt with attached sleeves.  If it is only a front, we have tried to make the count fair by adding another shirt.  These are all shirts I would happily put in a quilt.

I apologize that the photos aren’t the best.  I would retake them but the shirts are all already packaged up and I didn’t want to ruin the packaging.

Item #1-  Add $13 for postage.
These are all shirts that are NOT plaid or striped.
14 shirts total.

Item #2-  Add $17 for postage.
These are all shirts that are pastel colors.  Great for girl or baby quilt.
25 shirts total.  

Item #3-  Add $17 for postage.
These are all shirts that are neutral colored.
25 shirts total.

Item #4-
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In My Mail….

My mailbox has been busy again.  I love it.

Carla who is a long time blog reader asked if I could use yarn.  I have a friend who is VERY active making layettes for Lutheran World Relief and puts together shoe boxes for Samaritan’s Purse.  She finds a use for all yarns.

What a treasure trove of yarn Carla sent.

These will be used for stocking hats for Samaritan’s Purse boxes.

This will be used for the layettes.

If you think I get a lot done, you should see this lady.  She is amazing!!  I’ve said it before and truly mean it…I aspire to be her.  I talked to her mom who is 100 years old and is in a nursing home…she said of her daughter.  When she puts her mind to it she really gets stuff done.  That’s the truth!!

I got this bunch of fabric from another blog reader named Connie…this one from Odessa, TX.  She said she has scraps but not sure at this point if scraps is what she wants to use.  She passed some onto me that she thought I might be able to use….  See? Continue reading

What I’m Reading: The Patchwork Bride

I burned an Audible credit and got the book The Patchwork Bride by Sandra Dallas.  She has long been a favorite author of mine so when I saw new book, I had to get it.

The book was good.  Nothing that I would call a “must read” but good.  I think there was suppose to be a “twist” but I caught on pretty much right away.  It still wasn’t a bad book though.  If you’re someone who wants some light reading with a happy book, this one is perfect.

Here’s what Amazon had to say: Continue reading