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What I’m Working On….

I’ve been showing you quilts as I finish them.  Can you believe that I finished three quilts this week that I’ve shown you…I have another one for tomorrow and two more that I haven’t taken pictures of but are finished.  That’s what happens when I have time.

I even put out a tutorial on making this quilt….

You can find that tutorial HERE.

I’ve been busy on the mask front too….

I made 25 one day…then made 25  another day.  My total is up around 170.  I had made 50 for the nursing home that Kelli works at.  This week my goal is to make another 50 for them.  I’ve had lots of family and friends request them too.  Little by little, I’ll get masks to all the people I know who need them.

Here’s the pile I’ll be working on today.

I’m finding that more people who are working day to day and not in the medical field are wanting some now too.  I really think it’s going to get to the point that they want people wearing them when they go outdoors no matter what your job is….

So, I make more masks.

I don’t do it all day long…a couple hours a day is enough.  There is a real thing I’m calling mask fatigue…and it really is a little depressing making them.  But 2 hours is do-able and helpful most days but today, it’s time for an all day affair of making masks so I can get them to the nursing home.  I want to keep everything there safe but there is a lady there that I’ve loved since the moment I met her.  If she was able, that lady would be making masks like nobody’s business…so I make them for her.

I do have to say that every batch I make goes a little faster.  I learn how to do a step without pinning…I attach the ties a different way.  It just seems more and more fluid.  I can make a mask from start to finish in 15 minutes now.  I think it’s a little faster if I do it more assembly line though.  This is with making the ties.

I shipped some fabric to my great nieces.  They have been making some.   You might remember those are the girls I gifted a sewing machine to a couple years ago.  I’m so proud of them.

I’ve wanted to work on my mystery quilts….here is the next clue from the mystery from Quilted Twins….I’ve sewn nothing on it.

I wanted to Quiltville’s sew along but that hasn’t happened either.  I’m making masks.

Temecula Quilt Company has a sew along too.  I did manage to get two of the blocks done….See? Continue reading

What I’m Reading: The Moonshiner’s Daugher

I  had told you that I got super lucky.  I requested that my online library get three different books that weren’t in their collection and they ended up getting all three immediately.  It was a happy event for me.  I didn’t have to burn up Audible credits to be able to listen to them.  I was so hoping that I requested some good books.

My first book of the three is The Moonshiner’s Daughter by Donna Everhart.

The Moonshiner's Daughter by [Everhart, Donna]

My favorite thing ever is books told in first person and books that are coming of age stories.  This book has both so it had that going for it.  The book was set in the late 50s.  The story deals with bulimia and the angst of growing up without a mom and a dad that won’t talk about her death.

I liked the story but occasionally I would catch some “odd things” that weren’t thought through.  For example:  At one point, a ten-ish year old character of the book loses their arm.  A month later that character jumps into a pickup and drives it.  Well most people wouldn’t catch it but I grew up with my parents late 60’s pickup.  Back then, pickups were mostly stick shift.  It would be virtually impossible for a kid to drive a stick shift pickup with one arm.  There were a few other times that were similar….it’s almost like the author forgot what time her book was set in.  It wasn’t a big deal..just something to note.

Here’s what Amazon had to say: Continue reading

Quilt Finish: Brick House Baby

I was busy this week….I snuck in a quilt start and finish that I didn’t even tell you about.  When I’m not doing childcare, I can do that.  I have so much more time.  I’m afraid I’m getting a little spoiled with the laid back lifestyle of doing some things spur of the moment like making this baby quilt.

I’m sure you all remember the UFO that Roxanna sent me….well, it keeps on giving.  Roxanna had some brown blocks that were reversed and a couple blue and orange ones.  So I decided to grab the 20 blocks she had made and make 50 more.

I ended up with this….

Oh my…I’m loving it!!

Isn’t that a great boy quilt?  I had cut it out the night before while making supper.  It’s amazing how much I can get done with the noodles boil.

I did some “not so straight” straight line quilting.  See? Continue reading

Floss Tube: Jo’s Country Junction Episode 2

What we’re working on…

  • Kelli
    • Farm Life by Little House Needleworks
    • His Eye Is On the Sparrow by Heartstring Samplery
  • Jo
    • Pins and Orts by Heartstring Samplery
    • Seeking Refuge by The Scarlet House
  • Kayla

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