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Stash Report

Oh my…Remember when I went to Lacrosse back on February 10th to start my doctor saga again?  Well when I went I met up with Sally from Denim Quilts.  (Read more about Denim Quilts HERE)  Sally is so sweet and came upon fabric and was happy to share.

When she called, I never imagined she’d be bringing so much fabric.  Seriously, it was a lot.  I love it.  Sally said if there were a few pieces I wanted to keep to feel free but also feel free to donate it on.  That’s exactly what I did.

I did some sorting color wise and fabric style wise.

I’m setting a few of these aside to go with some of the UFO projects of Roxanna’s in case I need a little more fabric to finish them.  I really want to make another of this quilt…

Carver was helping me sort.  He was doing some folding.  It was so cute.  I love when he “helps” me.
He laid this piece out on the floor then asked for my camera.  It was his favorite piece and wanted to take a picture of it like I was taking pictures of fabric….how cute, sorry about the blurry picture.

I sorted these to keep and work with…. Continue reading

Recipes from Kelli

Kelli has been on a cooking binge.  It’s so hard for her getting home after a long shift and needing to make a supper.  She’s been crock potting meals.  She’s been prepping food the days before.  She’s been doing what she can so she doesn’t end up picking up take out.

I told her I’d love it if she would share some of the recipes and she has.  Here is Crack Chicken.

You can find the recipe HERE.

She also made these Hawaiian Ham Sliders.

You can find that recipe HERE.

With both of these recipes, Kelli made extra and then had leftovers the next day for Jason for lunch and for her to pack with and take to work.

The last recipe she is sharing comes from this book…. Continue reading

Cinnamon Sugar Crackers

Remember I told you that I’ve been working on cleaning out my freezers?  Well I’ve been quietly working on the cupboards too.  They are FULL and just don’t need to be that full.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a well stocked pantry but some of those “odd” things I don’t often use, I would be happy to get them used up.

Well over Christmas oyster crackers were on sale.  I bought two bags thinking I would make the ranch oyster crackers.  Find my recipe for them HERE.  Well I got home and didn’t have any dry ranch packets…so then the crackers sat.  I forget to put the mix on my grocery list and using them up would be easy if I would just remember to put it on my list.  Well a couple days ago I was on Facebook and a recipe came up in my feed from the group
Hillbillies Down Home Cooking.  It a great food Facebook group.  They have lots of recipes that tempt me.  The food typically uses more basic ingredients which I appreciate.

Well a recipe came up called Cinnamon Sugar Crackers.  It used oyster crackers and ingredients I had.  It looked fast and I had to try it ASAP.

Here’s what they look like….

…and here’s the recipe: Continue reading

Ignoring and Embracing

For the most part, since Kramer passed away, I’ve been doing pretty good.  Sure, like all widows, I have good days and not so good days.  For me, the days most people think would be hard, I manage…the days like Christmas and Thanksgiving…then there are days when things creep up on me and catch me unaware.

I was at a reception a bit ago and chatting away with the table of people I was sitting with.  There was music and actually well selected background music.  On came the song, Last Kiss by The Cavaliers.  It’s an old song.  I think most people remember it more as “Where oh where can my baby be”.

There was a couple at the table.  The guy learned over and put his arm around his wife.  He started singing and swaying with his wife.

It was a completely normal thing.  Most people wouldn’t have thought a thing about it.  The song is a great one to sing to.  It’s the perfect song to snuggle up to and sway…but the song takes on such a whole different meaning once you’re a widow.  You feel the pain of the song…not the sweet swaying that I used to relate to the song.  Not what the couple with me felt.

I felt the pain. I felt the grief of losing “my baby”.

When things like this happen and “catch me”…it so hard to know what to do.  I didn’t start crying…I didn’t even get teary.  I didn’t get up and go the bathroom.  I just tried all I could not to concentrate on the music.  I kept telling myself over and over in my head…”concentrate on the conversation”…”concentrate on the conversation”.

By the way…I got home from the party I was at.  I went to Youtube and found “Last Kiss”…and played it and played it and played it until I was over it.

I made it through okay…but that’s what it’s like to be a widow.  Innocent moments become challenges.  Things sneak up a the most normal times.

I had another moment this week….I was scrolling through Instagram.

I saw a post from Buck… Continue reading