Computer Woes….


I have a seven year old desk top that I have loved…really loved.  Then sadly it started acting up.  It would freeze ALL THE TIME.  I put up with it..restarted the computer and went on with my work.  Sadly, it started happening more often and more often.  Then about a week ago I said something to Hubby and Kalissa about getting a new one.  Both of them said-oh please get a new one.  We don’t want to deal with you if it crashes.

Well I bought one…but I don’t think they want to put up with me now that I have a new one either!!!!!!!!!!!  I should be thankful and feel blessed but those are two emotions that I am not feeling at all.

I am the first one to tell you I hate technology…the hate learning anything new.  I can’t figure out why beloved simple programs have to go away.
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What I’m Reading: The Paris Wife


A couple weeks ago I got a text message from Nell saying-Hey have your read The Paris Wife by Paula McLain?  It’s good.  I think you’ll like it.

Well that is enough of a recommendation for me to run to the computer and see if my online library had it…and they did.

The question now was…would I like it?
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Garage Sale Saturday


There is a garage sale that happens in Fredericksburg twice a year-  Once in February and once July-ish.  I typically try to go.  They family including grandma, three daughters and now even grandchildren are all auction junkies.  For their business they go to auctions and buy up primitive type items and then resell them.  They travel to all the antique shows held throughout the summer in our area.  They always have what I consider good junk. In a recent trip to the grocery store I saw their add and knew that their sale would be coming up soon and I planned to go.

Well on Thursday I ended up finally catching the cold the that has been shared around here.  Hubby got it the day before and me, by Thursday afternoon I knew that the tired I’d been feeling all week finally caught me and yes, I did have a cold.  Friday I muddled through childcare chasing runny noses including mine.  Kalissa stopped over to check on me and said she was going to the garage sale on Saturday morning and did I want to go.  I said I’d see how I felt in the morning.  Well morning rolled around and ugh….I felt yucky so I sent her on her way and told her to send me a picture if I they saw anything Hubby and I might be interested in.


UGH.  I regretted not going immediately.  The buffet was a cool style.  I messaged Kalissa and said how much.  She said $75. [Read more...]

Rug Shopping


I’ve wanted some new rugs upstairs.  I need some for the south spare bedroom.  I hate driving to town (one big enough to find rugs for sale) so I flipped over to Amazon.  They had some that I thought would be great.  The problem…I was so nervous about buying something I couldn’t feel or actually see.

There are rugs and rugs and rugs on Amazon.  How can I tell the quality??  I read reviews.  I looked and looked.  Then I stumbled upon this rug.

Safavieh Heritage Collection HG625A Handmade Red Wool Area Runner, 2 feet 3 inches by 20 feet (2'3" x 20')
Well this wasn’t the bedroom rug I was looking for but it would be great as a rug for my long upstairs hallway….It sure looked nice…but would it be the quality I wanted.  I was so excited as I didn’t know they made runners 20 feet long. I ended up ordering it but decided that I wouldn’t order the bedroom rugs I found instead waiting to see about the quality of this rug.

I was so leery.  It came all wrapped up and the delivery guy left if outside.  It was so heavy.  It was all I could do to get it carried into the house.  But the moment of truth would come when I opened it. [Read more...]