The Right Decision


You might remember back about a year ago when I was debating on how to lay out the kitchen that I was insistent on having a tall window in the kitchen.  I had so many people tell me that it was a wrong choice.  A close friend of mine told me I would regret it.  Blog readers told me I would regret it.

Hubby and I talked and talked about it but in the end we went with what we thought was right and opted for the tall window.

People thought that I would want that extra counter space in the corner where the window is.  People suggested to just have an above the counter window with cupboards below rather than to have that tall window.

I understood the point…but for me I wanted the window.  Here is why.

No amount of counter space can replace the joy I feel when I see Ruby or the childcare kids getting a chance to look outdoors.   In fact, seeing this is one of my favorite things about my kitchen.  It’s so functional for me because for me having the kids close yet not at me feet is wonderful.

To be honest, I hardly use the counter space I do have.  I do most everything on the island.  I can look out and see what the kids are doing.  Rarely does my back ever have to be turned to them.  It makes childcare and my life in general much more pleasant.

As far as the kitchen goes..and really the whole house for that matter, I wouldn’t change a thing.

The Front of the House


Hubby and I have been wanting to get a flag up and Friday night, he made it happen.

I thought it looked nice.

The grass is gradually coming at the front of the house where he seeded it down.  It’s truly making me happy to see it grow.  Of course it’s very patchy yet but it’s progress and I’ll take it.


If you scroll back to the picture at the top, you can see the kids’ ride on toys there on the front porch.  I hate them there.  I love providing childcare but I hate that my home screams childcare.  I’d like the toys hidden.  Hubby and I were talking about getting some patio cement squares and putting the blocks behind the air conditioner unit.  Then the kids could park the toys there but that has to wait until the grass is more hardy and able to handle some kid traffic. Our house is fairly close to the neighboring house to the south so I really don’t think the toys will easily be seen.

The plan is to move my big old fashion rose bush from the farm and transplant it here at the house in front of the air conditioner unit.  That will help camouflage the toys too.

We are really having a big debate on what to do for landscaping a the front of the house.  We don’t want anything modern looking…no landscaping brick, hosta, day lilies or anything that are the go to modern landscaping options.  We want the house to look like it’s actually old in the outside landscaping too.

On the north side we are planting old fashion plants….bleeding hearts, ferns and a plant my parents always had at their farm.

We aren’t putting a railing around the porch and that makes decisions for plants harder.  Do we want low profile plants?  Do we just want grass right up to the porch?  I have perrenials at the farm I could dig up and transplant but would shrubs or just plain grass look better?

We are starting to lean towards grass right up to the front and just have hanging baskets…then the new debate starts.  How many hanging baskets and where to position them?

I’d love for you to chime in and help with all of this…We want to do it once and want to do it right!

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