What I’m Working On….


It you’re on Instagram you know that I loaded Bricks and Stepping Stones onto the machine on Friday.


Happily it is done and off the machine. I even have the binding started to be sewn down.


But that’s about where I stopped.

I had more important things to do…. [Read more...]

Stash Report


Goodies in the mail again.

No matter how many times it happens, it’s always fun.  Speaking of fun check out this box.


I looked and looked for a note in the box but didn’t see one.  I’m guessing the note on the front of the package, “Enjoy creating, blog follower” was the note.  So cute.  It really brought a smile to my face.

Check out the contents of the box…Goodies Galore! [Read more...]

Beans, Beans, Beans


Hubby was outside the other day and came in saying that he thought we have the best garden that we’ve every had.  I’d have to agree…we likely do.  Initially I didn’t think we’d have the best garden.  Being it’s our first year with the garden here I figured the soil wouldn’t be the best…but then again, Hubby covered it in manure last fall and again this spring.  He also tilled it quite regularly for a bit to really get the soil in condition.

Here’s a peak at my beans.  I have a row or yellow beans to the left.  I always plant a row of yellow.  They seem to come up better for me and typically I get yellow beans before the green.  The row on the right is green beans.  The climbing beans on the poles, those are a heritage variety that Kayla gave me.


She had some in her garden last year.  She got the seeds from Seed Savers in Decorah.  She grew the beans then saved seeds over the winter and gave some to me.  They make a really long purple bean.  I really like them and plan to save seeds from my plants this fall and grow them next year.


They get a really pretty pink flower on them as blossoms…then the pretty purple beans.

Funny this is, when these beans are cooked, they look like this… [Read more...]

The Great Iowa Treasure Hunt


This all started several months ago.  Our son Buck was watching the news.  They were telling about the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt.  He called me to tell me about it and that he had looked up Hubby’s name and that there was money there for him.  I said-”Wait..I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Well I ended up going on their website and found this…
“Welcome to the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt! Each year millions of dollars are turned over to my office as lost or abandoned. The property can be from dormant accounts in financial institutions, insurance companies, trust holdings, utility companies, money and securities, and holdings from safe deposit boxes with such things as watches, jewelry, stamps, and coins.”


I plugged Hubby’s name into the search engine and yes…there was money there for him.  There were three different entries coming to a total of almost $500.  COOL!!

The money was from a utility company dividends from back in 1990.  WOW!  We had no idea.

Then I started trying to figure out how we claimed the money.  With a little reading I figured out that we needed to do.  We had to find documents that showed our address from that time.  WHAT??  Who keeps a document with the address from that time.  It was 26 years ago!!  We lived in Chester, Iowa back then.

I talk Hubby….he was at a loss of where to find an address.  I talked with most of kids to see if they could think of something.  I even offered a 10% finders fee of any of the kids could come up with a place that we’d have the address.  Long ago we’d thrown out those taxes.  UGH.

Then I said something to Kelli.  She thought for a bit and said I think I have it.  The church directory.

I was sure we didn’t have a church directory from back then but Kelli thought we did and she thought she knew where it was, so off we went hunting and YES, we found it.  There was a picture of our family at the time.  There were only three kids back then.  In the back, our address was listed.

I thought it was a lame proof of residency.  Most of things they listed as accepting were pay stubs, bank statements, utility bills and taxes.  We had none of that.

That’s when I remembered…WAIT!  We signed up for life insurance at the time.  There on the statement of the life insurance was our old address.  Between the church directory and the life insurance form with our address on it, one of them had to work…at least I hoped it would.

Kelli ended up calling in to the number listed and asked if those documents work.  The lady said- you can try it but there’s no guarentee.  She didn’t sound promising at all.

We sent in half forgetting about it..then last week there was an envelope in the mailbox from the State of Iowa.  I remembered the treasure hunt.  I opened it expecting a rejection notice [Read more...]