Recouping and Cross Stitch


I spent the weekend with my foot up.  I am so bad at sitting, but I did it.  Ruby was super happy to hang out with me.


One of the best things for me to do when I have to have my leg up is cross stitch.

That’s what I did.  I finished one up and started another.  I love the selection process and picking out the next one to work on…next up a mini ABC sampler…as of writing this, I don’t have a single stitch in place.  I just know that one is up next.

One of the last times I wrote about cross stitching I asked for some advice on framing.  Well I got lots including some suggestions to buy some thrifted frames and have Hubby cut them down for me.  Well after watching a few youtube videos, here is our first joint effort on cutting the frame down, framing and mounting my cross stitch piece. [Read more...]

A Blog Reader’s Version: Points of Interest


You might remember a bit ago we had a quilt featured in April edition of American Patchwork and Quilting.


Our quilt looked like this…

Well I got a note from a blog reader, Jill Klopp.  She writes, “Hi Jo!  I just finished a version of your Points of Interest quilt and wanted to share it with you. I’ve been wanting a patriotic wall hanging for the house for a while. I was given some red, cream and blue fabrics last fall. When you posted your quilt, I knew right away that was my project. I ran out and bought the magazine and got this done. Thanks so much for another great project!”

I opened the attached pictures and WOW!!  I was so impressed…take a look. [Read more...]

What I’m Working On…


I have today off.  I’m recouping after my minor foot surgery on Friday.  Tomorrow I am back at my regular job of childcare.  I gotta say, having this day sure is a blessing.  I’m getting around fine in my boot and am not worried about caring for the kids but I’m still suppose to have my foot elevated when possible and that’s hard with kiddos here.

Anyway…onto what I’m working on.  This….


We have a graduation coming up and I thought this might be a good quilt to make for it.  I am changing things up color wise.  The colored “stars” are going to be red.  The white is still white and the little triangles are going to be black.  I don’t have the border worked out in my head yet…I’ll see when I get that far.  All I know is that I want a quilt that is red, white and black when I’m finished.

This has a been a great project to work on.  Last week in my early morning sewing sessions I pulled white and red 2″ strips from my 2″ scrap bucket and sewed them up.  I ironed them and took them downstairs.  I cut them up into segments over naptime.  I also pulled the black and white from my 3 1/2″ bucket and cut the squares that are needed.  In a short bit I was happily cruising along on this project.

Today I’m chilling watching some Z: The Beginning of Everything from Amazon Prime and doing a little cross stitch.  Thankfully cross stitch can keep me sitting for a bit.  I’ve enjoyed Z: The Beginning of Everything.  I love the costuming, and being an F Scott Fitzgerald fan it’s perfect for me.  Here’s what I’m stitching on…. [Read more...]



I had forgotten to pick a winner of the Wonky Wishes pattern.  The winner is….Phyllis who said, “I just finished piecing the Chunky Churndash from the free patterns Bonnie shows in her blog.  Thought I would use up scraps but barely made a dent.  I love the way the quilt top went together.  The borders will go on this weekend.  Scrappy quilts are fun to make.  Have a great day.”

I contacted Phyllis.  Hopefully she’ll get back to me and I can ship the pattern tomorrow.

Here’s my version.


If the winner wasn’t you and you’re interested in the pattern,  You can get the pattern here.