Ask Jo: The Antique Booth

Every so often a question or comment comes from a blog reader that I think other readers might like the answer to.  When that happens I answer the questions here on the blog for all to see.  Today is one of those days.

A bit ago I got a comment from “The Joyful Quilter” it said:  “I’m a little confused by all of YOUR work at the Harmony booth. I thought that was Kayla’s new business. Change of plans or a family affair?”

First off let me say…most everything around here is a family affair.  We’re all super supportive of the adventures of others.  Let me also say we are all “thrifters”, “pickers” or whatever word you want to use for it.

This started out as an adventure for Hubby and Kalissa, our youngest.  Kalissa loves auctions…she loves sales…but has to be a nurse to make the money and provide insurance.

They started out in booth 32 as vendor 305 at New Generations Antique Mall in Harmony, MN.  It’s about a 50 minute drive from our house.  At the time Kalissa was into the Vintage Farmhouse things and was doing quite well with it.  Hubby had lots of stuff he had bought at auctions with the hope that he could resell it.

They thought they’d have no problem filling the space…and they didn’t.

Well Kalissa wanted to do more of the vintage farmhouse stuff…Hubby really wasn’t a fan…he likes real antiques no manufactured things so in the best interest of them both, they decided to split and have two booths….

Well for Hubby’s booth….he works 60 hour weeks year round…more in the spring.  Still more in the fall.  Spring and fall there is usually about a month and a half that he works 90-100 hour weeks.  So…who deals with his booth…who runs up and organizes it….who buys the stuff for the booth….ME.  That’s okay as I love doing it.  I really love doing it.

The whole thing has been a learning process….at first Hubby wanted to bring lots of old rustic stuff…

We’ve found that that stuff sells okay but what has sold better for us is collectibles rather than antiques.

Kalissa and I recently went up and reorganzied.  Kalissa had this cabinet in our booth.  See?She sold it privately to someone and we offered to deliver it.

That left me with space to fill.  That’s not a problem as even though we had the garage sale a bit ago that cleaned us out, I’ve been buying anticipating that winter is coming and then there will be no sales to go to…yet the booth will still need to be stocked.

Here’s what I had after the cupboard got taken out…..

Everything was a piled up unorganized mess.

Four hours later, it was back together.

We sold a big “Cargill” sign that we had so the wall to the right had to be completely redone too.  Happily I brought with some other signs that could hang in the same place.

I got in a new collection of cigar boxes.  I’m hoping someone collects those…and a bunch of kitchen things too.

This table and bookshelf took the spot of the cabinet.

My secret wish is that the table and bookshelf don’t sell so that I don’t have to come up with something to replace them.

The mall was super busy and we felt like we were in the way of shoppers.  A friend of mine who also has a booth said, “Do during the week when it’s slower so you aren’t in people’s way?”  Well with me working full time, that’s impossible.  It’s weekends or nothing.

While I was busy on my booth, Kalissa was working on hers.

She got an awesome shoe collection….

Some great old wooden organizing units.  I’ve almost bought both of them from her.

She sells lots of tins and is attracted to them.

What a fun pink collection….

She got the bird collection too.

We all enjoy collecting and re-selling.  Kalissa has things she’s super attracted to…we do too.

So I guess the real answer to the question is FAMILY AFFAIR.  Honestly, most everything we do around here is a family affair.  If someone in the family wants or needs or collects or enjoys anything, we all jump on board.  It’s a lot more fun that way..and we all love feeling supported!!