…and then there were none

Remember this picture taken of Kelli and Kalissa?  It was taken February  20th.  Both girls were pregnant.
Five days after that, Gannon Joseph made his way into the world.

Seven days after that Kelli had her baby.  Here’s a picture…..

Have you ever seen a picture of a newborn like that??  It’s like she’s saying, “WOW”…and are they ever bright eyed like that??

Those of you who guessed GIRL you are RIGHT!  Kelli and Jason have a baby girl.

The name….well…For a long time they didn’t know….we’ve all been teasing Kelli.  When they first got Puppycat (their beagle) they couldn’t come up with a name.  They tried a few out but none stuck and then after a week, Jason started calling her Puppycat and it stuck.  We all teased Kelli that she better find a name before Jason calls her “Humanfriend” or “Babycat” and it sticks.  So after 18 hours of no name, her name is….Georgia Grace.

Georgia is Kalissa’s middle name.  She was named after Kramer’s dad George.  Kelli decided to keep the tradition going.  So, Georgia she is.

She has lots of hair…Kelli did too.  She is 19″ long and 7lbs.

Kelli had messaged me on the overnight of her nursing shift between Saturday and Sunday.  She said she was having contractions.  She ended up going over to the OB unit on her break.  They checked her out and confirmed it was contractions.  They checked her and she was at a 4.  They told her go back to work and let them know if something changed.

Kelli finished her work shift then went home to sleep.  She woke several times due to the contractions but they weren’t bad.

Sunday evening she did some things around the house and the contractions continued but never were anything that she couldn’t work through.

Monday she got up early and went to her nursing home job.  The contractions were still there.  She finished her shift then her and her husband Jason went up for a regularly scheduled ultrasound and doctor appointment.  Jason had met her at Kelli’s work and drove together the rest of the way.

The ultrasound looked good…after that it was on to the doctor.  The doctor checked her.  She was ready to go and was at a 5.

Kelli wasn’t due until March 21st so although this is early, it’s not SUPER early.  The doctor said that they would make a plan.  Kelli would drive Jason back to his car.  He’d go home and do chores.  Kelli would go back to the hospital and they would hook her up to the monitor to see how the contractions were.

Kelli got back to the hospital.  They hooked her up and she was having good contractions.  They told her to walk and they’d hooked her up again.  That’s how it went for a bit.  Then the doctor came and checked her….6!!   At that point the doctor said she really couldn’t let her go home like that.  Kelli suggested she break the water and the doctor agreed.  So that happened and then Kelli called Jason and told him to get there fast.  Jason got back to the hospital at 9ish and the little baby was born at 10:20pm.

Some might say it was a long labor as it really started in the middle of the night between Saturday and Sunday but in the end Kelli says it wasn’t bad at all.  It only got “serious” after her water broke.

I got a phone call at about 11:30pm to tell us the news.  There were no pictures yet…just the news that she was okay and the baby was okay.  That’s all that mattered to me.  Names, pictures and details can all come later.

As my day went on, pictures started coming in….

She scratched herself already…that’s why she has mittens.

So as you are reading this….I’m off to see my newest tiny baby grand daughter.  I’m working today but as soon as the last one leaves, I’ve got visiting to do.

What a huge blessing and relief that both girls delivered safely.  I know that nowadays infant mortality is lower than in the past and that most of the times mothers make it through.  I still had all of that on my mind though…Prayers were answered and I am so thankful.  Our girls and their babies are all doing good.

..and then there were no pregnant daughters.  Now I can’t wait for a picture of the girls with the babies!!