A Post from Kalissa:

My two boys have had their fair share of doctors visits and hospital stays in their lifetime. Carver struggled with croup from the time he was 4 months old until he turned about 2. There would be 2 am ER visits and even an overnight stay when he was 7 months old. We’ve visited with a specialist who misdiagnosed and treated him with allergies and asthma. Carver has had a total of three sets of tubes in his ears. The last three ear infections have resulted in a ruptured eardrum with moderate hearing loss noted and residual fluid behind his ear drum even after rounds of strong antibiotics. He is well known at our clinic’s ENT practice.

We are wondering if Carver was having sinus pain and headaches. He would tell us his head hurts and his balance was off, he would cough throughout the night, constantly had a runny nose, and he was so whiny and just acted like he was overtired before the most recent surgery. He would cry and cry over the silliest things.

I had read up on sleep apnea in children and had a hunch maybe Carver was struggling with that. Most recently, our ENT suggested he get a third set of tubes with possible removal of his adenoids. I figured – it’s just adenoids – might as well take them out! And they did.

When they took them out they put him on ANOTHER two weeks of antibiotics because it appeared that carver has chronic sinus infections as well. After the surgery Carver had a really hard time waking up from anesthesia – he was crying and crying, he threw up on the way home, he wouldn’t swallow his spit, he ended up with horrible horrible smelling breath and was in the ER one morning with a fever and vomiting up drainage. Not to mention he was HORRIBLY cranky for about 10 days after surgery.

That was also right around the time dad’s cancer was progressing as well. However…

I am happy to report that we are seeing excellent results from the surgery now. He is talking more, his words are clearer, he’s sleeping better at night, his attitude has improved so so much! His nose stopped running all the time and he listens better too! Overall he is like a new kid.  The tell tale sign that this was the right thing to do was Carver regularly telling us, “Me no ears hurt.”

That’s the Carver update!