All About Jo


Hello and WELCOME to Jo’s Country Junction.   I am glad you found your way to my blog.  If you want to reach me personally send an email to

I am not very good at talking about myself but here’s a bit.

I am married to self proclaimed redneck…and I love him like crazy.  When we got married, I quickly realized that our life would revolve around farming…and 25 years later it still revoloves around farming.

God has blessed us with five great kids who keep our life busy in a good way.  They can really make me smile…what more can a mom ask for?  Three of them are out of college.  One is off at college and one is still home with us.  My husband has many of the same values that I do, so we work together to keep me home with the kids as much as we can…and I love that.   I work part time teaching continuing education classes for Childcare Resource and Referral and I work on my website  I have a passion for children and believe the best way I can help them is by helping the people who care for them.

If you have read the blog you know that I love my family, quilting, reading, gardening and cooking.  I am not into housecleaning or decorating.  A while ago, the house started to feel a little empty so I begged my husband to let me get a house dog…so we have our beagle Gracie to keep my company when the kids are at school.

I am a real simple girl with a real simple life and I hope it always stays that way.