A Miserable Week

I’d like to be able to report to you that everything went great this week but it didn’t.  We had people set up to drive Kramer to Lacrosse on four of the five days but it didn’t happen.  I drove four of the five days because we had some complications along the way but I’m saving all of that for tonight’s blog post.  I have MUCH more important news.

Our little Gannon, Kalissa and Craig’s month old baby, is in the hospital at St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester.

Since birth Gannon has had a bit of a disfigured lump on his side.  No one seemed bother by it.  Kalissa had inquired about it.  The lump was always explained away.

Then about Wednesday of this week, Gannon looked like the picture above.  His belly had a big lump.  He got fussy.  He was not the baby he was all along.

We talked about it.  Kalissa had a doctor’s appointment for him to be seen on Friday, got very concerned and moved the appointment up to Thursday.

The doctor checked him out, had some tests done and decided he could go home overnight and come back for more tests the next day.

We were all bothered by it.  His stomach looked terrible.  We all thought he should have stayed in the hospital.  The Friday appointment wasn’t until 1pm but when Kalissa sent me the picture above, I stressed that I thought she should go to the ER.

Kelli was here and Kayla was too.  I sent Kelli to help Kalissa get packed up with overnight bags for everyone and told her to bring Carver to me.

Kalissa went to the local ER.  More tests were done.  More speculations were made.  No one had answers for sure but they were suspicious that he had intussusception which is a problem in the large intestine.  It’s a problem that can be fixed but would need surgery.  In our area, that means going to Rochester to the Mayo Clinic St. Marys.  Luckily they let them take him rather than going by ambulance.

Kalissa called to tell us.  At about that time Kramer and I were loading up to take him to radiation.  Kalissa wanted a wagon or stroller to get Gannon around.  As the hospital where she was at is along the way to the hospital that we were going to, I offered to meet them.   I packed the wagon, a bag of cookies and a few gift certificates that were given to Kramer.  To the people who gave us a McDonalds, Shell Gas, and Burger King gift certificate, I hope it’s okay that I passed them on to Kalissa to help them out.

I remember years ago when we had Kelli in the hospital there for a week how expensive it got.  I knew I really couldn’t do anything to help expect take care of Carver and give her the certificates.  What a terrible feeling as a mom!

So we were updated with a new picture.

Poor little guy.

Here’s had more test done…more observation happen…
Right now they think it might possibly be this.

He’s having surgery today.  It’s was termed a diagnostic surgery.  It will be something like a colonoscopy and they will be taking a samples to be tested to determine if it is Hirschsprung’s Disease.

I really don’t know any more than that.  It’s been a week….a heck of a week…and it looks like it’s going to spill into next week too.

I’ll update you on Kramer in tonight’s blog post.  It’s been a rough week for him too.  All I can say is we’re taking things one day at a time.  We’ll get through this… If you’re the praying kind, please say a prayer that we can figure out what is for sure wrong with our little guy…and for his mommy and daddy.  Waiting to know when he’s crying and in obvious pain is hard when there is nothing they can do about it.    I’ll break in and let you know more when I know more.