Cancer UPDATE and A Little Fixer Upper

First news First:
Roger’s brain scan in CLEAR.  Praise be!!  I am so thrilled!!  It’s been the best news.

Onto the evening post….
Hubby and I went to town…It’s a sad state that I’ve gotten old enough that I end up going to town simply to get a prescription filled.  At 20 years old I never imagined that would be my life, but here I am.

But you all know me better than that.  I went to town to go thrifting and just “happened” to need medicine too…at least that’s the way I’m selling it to myself.

So thrifting I found this…

It’s a super cute picnic basket.  I love the plaid bottom.

I immediately went to buy it but second guessed myself when I saw this….

Ah.  The owner had written her name in permanent marker across the top.  For $2 (yes that as the price), I decided to gamble.

I got out some 100 grit sandpaper and just like that, I sanded off her name.  It didn’t even take me a minute to sand the name off.

Then I got out my trusty Old English Scratch Cover.  (Amazon Link HERE) and applied it over the top.  I used the LIGHT version this time.  For most other scratch cover ups, I use the dark version (Amazon Link HERE)  The stuff is amazing!!

Check this out…it is now in tip top condition.  It looks SO-SO nice now.  No one would ever believe it if I didn’t take pictures.

Here’s a close up….
The whole project took about 4 minutes…no joke.

Oh, I’m so happy with this piece.  This one will be in our antique booth in Harmony soon.  I hope someone else loves it as much as I do.