A Guessing Game

One of my childcare moms is expecting a little one.  Today was her C-section date.  We’ve been talking about it a lot here.  Everyone has been getting excited.  I haven’t had a baby-baby for a bit so we forgot what having babies is like.

You might remember that I just finished a baby quilt for a neighbor baby…(that was 5 months old)  I was so embarrassed it was so late.  I was determined not to let this baby quilt get away from me.

Well my childcare parents didn’t find out if it was a boy or girl so I couldn’t really start a quilt…or could it??  I’m not a gender neutral fan as whatever I do I feel like it’s either boyish or girlish.  Then Sunday evening I decided I’d just start cutting out both.  Use the same pattern and cut one girl and one boy…now for a pattern.

I ended up picking this….

Something simple but I liked it!!  So as I pulled scraps I decided boy or girl quilt and cut.  I had what I thought was enough and then it was time to start sewing.  Do I sew boy…or girl?  I picked boy.  I sewed on them Tuesday night and this morning and have 19 sewn.

For the boy version I chose more boy colors with cream based neutrals for the backgrounds.  For me, neutral backgrounds look better with these colors and more boyish.

Of course I also did the debate about whether I should make it bigger or not.  As shown it’s 34 1/2″ x 42 1/2″.  I’ll make it bigger…..

I was pretty impressed at how far I got.  In fact I was thrilled!!   I have 19 blocks and only need 25…or 36 if I make it bigger.  I’m adding brown blocks next.  I like the combo of orange, green, teal and brown.

So at childcare today we did a little survey and the kids and I guessed if it would be a boy or girl.  I guessed boy….ALL of the other kids guessed girl.

Well Grandpa picked up the little boy today.  He had news….He said: it was a boy and they named him Lucas.  Grandpa then changed his statement and said, “No really, it’s a girl and they named her Jenna.”  He’s a great big teaser!!  I love him though.  He’s such a fun guy.  It is a girl.

So… That means I am setting the boy blocks aside and will dig into these.  I have to cut more background pieces.

I have lots of these cut as when I was cutting pieces from the scrap piles, I saw this quilt in the same book.  Both quilts needed 2 1/2″ squares so I figured I’d make this with the girl colored blocks if they had a boy.

I’m so excited for a girl to be here at childcare!!  I’ve had 4 boys here all in a row!!  They are all pretty rough and tumble boys too.  This girl will either soften them all up or I’m going to have a hard core tom boy here!  Either way, I can’t wait to love on her!!

..and so, I’ve got a great start on a boy quilt!!