I’m in the middle of a BIG PUSH.  I’ve told you all in the past that Christmas is a little bit hard for me.  Over the years it’s gotten better but every once in a while a bad year sneaks in and I never really know when that might be so…I’m trying to be proactive.

Last year at about this time I started TWO Zuckerwatte quilt thinking I might give them to my two oldest childcare kiddos.  Crazily I thought I might be able to get them done….that was so foolish and things like that are what causes me to be a little stressed.  Well I continued working on the tops but once the tops were finished I set them aside.

Well once again the clock is ticking towards Christmas but I am bound and determined to get them done BEFORE Thanksgiving.  Hubby is still in the field with harvest and I have time in the evening to really dedicate to them.

Here’s quilt #1 with the chevron backing…..


Here it is finished and off the frame.


One day over nap time I got brave and cut the scalloped edge.  I was so nervous about it but it was easy-peasy…like WAY easy.  We’ll see how applying the binding goes but I’ve done a scallop type binding on two double wedding ring quilts so I’m not nervous about that.

Here is the first one all trimmed.


The second one went on the frame.  It has the arrow backing.


This one is since off the frame but not trimmed yet.  I’m saving the trimming to do over nap time.  It’s the perfect project to do then.  It will likely take 20 minutes and it’s something very quiet that I can do.

Now the debate is on…what color do I bind in?  Of course pink but what shade?


Originally I bought enough of the same inner border fabric to bind them both but then I got to second guessing.  Will that box the quilt in?  I talked to two friends of mine and asked.  They both said go with your first instinct.  So I am going to cut enough binding strips for one and see if I like it.  It’s okay if the quilts aren’t exactly alike.

Is that what you would have done?  I’m hoping to have one quilt finished on Friday so stop and see what you think!