Blast from the Past: Quilt of December 2009

I’m starting up a little series of posts that feature old blog posts.  Kalissa and I have been going back and looking at them.  It’s been fun.  I started blogging in June of 2009…WOW.  Ten years.  I’m so glad I’ve kept the blog as a diary of sorts. 

I had a busy December quilting in 2019.  I finished this quilt.  I think it was a 3 part mystery with Quiltmaker.  It’s a Bonnie Hunter design.  I think I went on gifted this to my brother.

I was WAY into Civil War fabrics at the time…
When I do these blasts for the past, I’m always a little sad as I only took about two or maybe three pictures of my quilts.  Now I take LOTS!!

I also finished this quilt.  It was a benefit quilt for the Fire Department.  It was made using Terry Atkinson’s pattern Slideshow.  You can read more about it HERE.

FiremanQuilt-1It used all fireman fabric that I got off the clearance rack.
This was my backing.FiremanQuilt-back
I later went on and made another of these for my great nephew only baby sized.  Connie gifted some of the same fabric a couple years ago.  I’m now thinking that I should make another..the benefit is coming in March.  Hmm.

I finished this UFO…. …

My Year of Schnibbles

Over the last year I participated in A Year of Schnibbles.  Each month we would make a Schnibble pattern designed by Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company.   I made all of the quilts and a couple extra….If you click the link above the photos it will give you more information about the quilt.

Plan C

Joy Luck Schnibble

Hot Cross Schnibble

Schnibble Winter White

State Fair Schnibble

Lincoln Schnibble Enlarged

X-rated Schnibble

Short Story Schnibble

Tag a long Schnibble-For Grandma

March Schnibble Roundabout

Cindy Lou Who Schnibble Donated to Relay for Life

Madeline Schnibble

February Schnibble-donated for benefit


And don’t forget the Tuffets!

My December Year of Schnibbles

I finished my tuffets in time for the Year of Schnibbles….

…No the little snowman isn’t a Tuffet…it’s just a little something I made years ago.
I used scraps from my scrap bucket  for my Tuffets, saving all my charm packs for the upcoming Schnibble quilts.

My favorite is the star Tuffet.  I hope to get some time to make about five more stars…add a wider finishing border and turn them in to pot holders.  I just LOVE anything with stars….My Tuffets were all made from Miss Rosies newest Tuffet pattern, Sweet Liberty.  Check out A Quilting Life and Pink Pinchusion on the 1st of the year to see the parade of Tuffets.

I’ve Been Schnibbled

The mail carrier brought me the best present today….

It’s a package of goodies from Carrie of Miss Rosies Quilt Company.  I am so excited!  I got the first and second editions of the Tuffets patterns and a layer cake which Carrie had told me she was sending…imagine my surprise when she included all her newly published Schnibble patterns and a French General Charm pack.  I am dancing with myself over this deal.  Thanks so much Carrie…I am definately going to be sewing over Christmas break (like that wasn’t a given already).

Tuffets….here I come!

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