Try it on Tuesday: Baby Brights

We were contacted by Lark Crafts asking if we’d like to review their book Baby Brights:  30 Colorful Crochet Accessories.  I got the email and looked at the book and said yes.  It’s so cute.

So often we get asked to review knitting books which my daughter Kayla does but crochet is Kelli’s thing so she often feels a little left out.  The only problem, this was a baby crochet book.

Baby Brights_cover
(Photos courtesy of Lark Crafts)

It’s hard sometimes being a mom of twenty something children who don’t have children.  I by no means want to push them into having kids after all I didn’t have children to just to have grand children.  I enjoy my kids just as they are and if they happen to bless me with grandkids-great.  I’m not pushing though.

I worried if I gave this book to Kelli she might be thinking that I was pushing for grandkids when I know her and Jason are waiting until Kelli’s done with nursing school….so I tentatively showed the book to her…

No worries…she squealed.  She loved the book and honestly just from looking at the front cover who wouldn’t think it was cute!

Kelli’s favorite is these little booties.

BB1 (3)
She loves them as they are gender neutral.

She’s hoping to crochet a couple pair and used them as baby gifts.

Honestly there are so many cute projects in the book.  She can’t wait for this semester of nursing classes to be over so she can test a few of these projects.

…as for me, I’m so glad she wasn’t offended.  It’s so hard for her wanting kids and having people always say something about it to her, yet wanting to be a responsible person and only planning for a child once she has more time for one.

She often compares her life to mine.  I was 29 when I had the last of our five kids.  She’ll likely be 30 or more when she has her first.  I keep telling her a baby is a blessing no matter when they come.

Try it on Tuesday: Patchwork, Please!

The good folks over at Interweave were kind enough to send a review copy of Ayumi Takahashi’s book, Patchwork Please!.  I immediately fell in love with the cute little pincushions on the front cover of the book.

Aren’t they cute??

There are 19 projects packed into the book.  The projects range from things to make for kids, projects for the kitchen, projects for your home, and projects for crafting but some oh my favorite of the bunch are the on the go projects.  Oh so cute…I especially love this little bag.


After seeing all these cute projects I know I really want to be on the hunt for some fabric that has words on it.  The fabric makes such cute projects.


There are some really cute, cute projects in the book.  I just look at them and think…total cuteness!


Remember my hot pads holders that were in such terrible shape?  Well here’s a solution.  What a cute pattern..paper pieced and hexies all in one project.  I would love to do these!!

I think the book is a wonderful collection of scrappy projects that I can would be fun to make and fun to have!

Now about those hot pads holders…I really think I’m going to make them.  I’m off to look in my scraps.

Try it on Tuesday:

I got an email from C&T Publishing that they had a new book that was just releasing.  I’ve been so busy lately that most of these emails I just hit delete before I even read them and move on.  But this one had me stopped in my tracks.  I WANTED THIS BOOK and I WANTED IT NOW!!  I contacted the company and they sent me an advanced copy.  The book is scheduled to be released soon.

The book is Step-by-Step Free-Motion Quilting: Turn 9 Simple Shapes into 80+ Distinctive Designs Best-selling author of First Steps to Free-Motion Quilting by Christina Cameli.  You might remember a book I reviewed awhile back, First Steps to Free-Motion Quilting and I love it.  (If you missed the review it’s here)

The author is brilliant in making the book easily usable.   She starts by taking and showing readers 9 simple shapes.  Then she takes a combination of a couple of those shapes and makes a motif.  From there she turns them into edge to edge free motion quilting designs.

I have done enough quilting that I don’t need a lot of words to describe the whole process.  I need someone to draw out the design and give me step by step drawings to make the motif.  From there I want to see the motif in action.  I need to see how to connect the motifs.  I need to see how to travel.  I need to see how to get myself out of corner.  This book does that for me.

I do some more modern quilts.  I do some quilts that are traditional.  I need a variety of motifs.  This book has that.

Can you believe that there are over 80 designs all packed in to one book.  WOW!!  That is bang for your buck.

I apologize that I can’t show you more picture of the book but mine is a Kindle version and it’s hard to take a picture of my screen.  I have something you might like to see though.  It’s a video that shows the cover design on the book.

I loved the book.  If this is something you’re interested in, check out the authors blog and her take on her new book.   I have to say, the book was just what I needed to help me add some variety to my quilting.

Try it on Tuesday: It’s Elementary

Last week I told you about the great book with the puppy quilt in it, Story Time: Picture Quilts to Stir a Child’s Imagination by Kim Gaddy.  Well when Kansas City Star sent that book for me to review they also sent another book by Kim Gaddy, It’s Elementary: Schoolhouse-Inspired Quilts for Home and School.  I was so excited to see it!

I’m a teacher at heart so all things school relate, I love!

I have yet to make a house quilt or a school house quilt but this one sure is tempting….


…and what do you think about this quilt with kids on it?  Kind of cute, right??



I love this big pillow!!  Once I get doing childcare I would love to have this pillow in the reading area.  It’s so cute.


Of course anything dog related always catches my eye and this this little wiener dog pencil case is super cute.


There are more project in the book with a total of 4 quilts and 6 other projects.

I have high hopes of making that pillow….It’s just too tempting to not think about.

You can find the book, It’s Elementary: Schoolhouse-Inspired Quilts for Home and School by following the Amazon link or you can find it here at Kansas City Star.  I think Kim Gabby does a wonderful job at coming up with some fun projects.  You can bet that I’ll be checking out any other books that come out by her..especially if there’s a dog involved!!

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