Day at the Auction


On Saturday Kalissa and I made plans to go to Fredericksburg and Sumner.  We heard there was garages sales and an estate sale.  This little guy was coming along with us.  Carver is sporting a new car seat.  He’s big enough that they don’t need the kind for carrying anymore.


We went to a couple garage sales then I told Kalissa we needed to get to Sumner as the estate sale was starting at nine.  The signs for the estate sale were terrible.  Really terrible.  We ended up driving through town and instead saw an auction sign.  We couldn’t pass that up at all….and I ended up staying.  Kalissa went home and got warmer clothes and umbrellas.  It looked promising for rain.

There was hardly anyone for the auction….I don’t think I’ve seen such a poorly attended auction.  After I got home I looked up the auction company on the internet and saw this comment on their Facebook Page, “Well it’s rumored u r having an auction aug 26&27 in sumner iowa this week! The reason it’s rumoured ? THERE’S NO SALE BILL!!!! Why tell potential CUSTOMERS to check your web sight, when it’s obvious you don’t?”

We hadn’t seen a sale bill for this and we LOOK for sale bills.  Curious.  Anyway…for me that meant good news.


Before long, Kalissa was back with Carver.  I was a little nervous how he’d do at an auction.  It’s load and there’s lot of people.  Silly me though.  He was EXCELLENT.  He drank a couple bottles….


He played with the BIG box of blocks Grandma bought bought for the childcare kiddos.


He guarded Grandma’s stash of goodies….


The auction was over and I bought A LOT OF STUFF.  LOTS.  We needed more vehicles to haul it all.  We ended up calling Hubby who got off work and came…and Craig.  We had a Suburban and a pick up FULL.  While we were waiting for the guys to come we started hauling the stuff to the street.  I had bought an old red wooden wheelbarrow.  We would fill it almost full, throw Carver in on the side and wheel it to the street to unload.  He loved it.  This is the cutest picture ever…. [Read more...]

Monday to Lacrosse


Monday Hubby had a doctor’s appointment in Lacrosse.  I took the day off and decided to ride along.  I had a bag packed and ready for some busy work in the car. I had my spider web quilt things to work on.  There were papers to remove and there was “kites” to glue down.  I love car projects.


I had gotten a quilt machine quilted for my niece Jody so we stopped along the way at the post office in Hoaka, Minnesota.  When I got out of the truck there in the crack along the sidewalk was a petunia growing.  It reminded me of the story of the mustard seed in the bible.  I’ve been running a little thin lately and seeing this was just the pick me up I needed.  Look at what that little seed did by simply not giving up and keeping on trying.


By the time we got to Lacrosse my spider web work was finished and I was on to working on my hexies.


I was the driver on my the trip home so not much hexie got finished but that’s okay.  I’ll take the little time I get here and there and work with it.  There is no deadline on this quilt so it’s all okay.  I did make a couple stops on the way home…being I was driving I opted to be the navigator too.  We made a stop here in Spring Grove….


ICE CREAM!  I’m a hard ice cream girl and Hubby loves it too.  They had lots of different flavors to chose from.

I did have to stop at my favorite thrift store on the way home.  There was LOTS of quilting related things there…..This quilt top was really neat.  It was old and they were asking $35 for it.  All in all it was in good shape.


Even neater was this yo-yo quilt top.  All in all it was in pretty good shape.  It needed a little mending and possibly a few more yo-yos.  The colors were amazing.  They were asking $80 for it which is really a good deal but I don’t have the time to fix it.


I was so tempted to buy both of them and offer them for sale on the blog.  I know there are those of you out there who never get a chance at items like these but I hate to put the money out only to find no one wants them….It’s hard to know what to do.

There were several sewing machines available….here’s a Minnesota.  I’ve always been tempted by Minnesota’s simply because I was born and raised in Minnesota.


There was this one in a nice table….Monday-12

There was this Brother.  It was kind of neat that all types of sewing machines were for sale.


They had old machines, new machines and this completely and totally amazing treadle.  Check it out…. [Read more...]

Stash Report


Last weekend there was a big garage/junk sale in Fredericksburg.  I’ve been going to the sale for years and years.  The lady who started it goes to auctions.  She’ll bid on something and then end up with a bunch of  things she doesn’t want.  She takes the unwanted things, collects them and then has a giant garage sale twice a year.  She had three daughters and now all of the daughters do the same thing and even several of the grand children to too….that’s why the sale gets bigger and bigger.

There is table, upon table, upon table of things….LOTS of things.  There is anything there from primitive pieces to a jar of marbles, to sewing notions, to old windows with panes, to old license plates to pyrex.  If it’s old or primitive, they likely have it.   I can’t even imagine how many truck loads of things come to the garage sale.  It is really, really big.

Years ago this lady did this too.  Back in the early 90′s she would buy cutter quilts for me and I’d make Santas and such out of the rotten quilts.  I’ve know her for quite a time.

This year I thought I wouldn’t go but Hubby wanted me to go.  He likes her sales but couldn’t get off work to go.  I ended up going.  I did snap a few picture of things I wondered if Hubby might be interested in…

Actually I sent the picture of this to Kalissa.  She has been wanting a dressing screen for her LuLaroe stuff.  This one she thought might be a little too small.

They had this one too.  This one she liked better but it had a problem too.  When I opened it there was a crack between the panels that was at least an inch wide.


I snapped a picture of this for Hubby….We thought to put a new top on it.  The idea was good but they wanted $10 for it.  There isn’t a huge profit margin to fix it up and sell it.


I didn’t know if he was looking for spindles so I snapped a picture of them too.


I liked this stool.  I have a stool obsession.  I passed it by though.


This table was cute…again, it need work.


This dresser was only $55.  Cute.garage-sale-6

Here was a bucket of horse equipment….Hubby has a couple projects in mind for some but these were the wrong pieces.


There was a top to a treadle sewing machine.  It was only $5….but we didn’t know what to do with it.

There were tables and tables of other goodies…I forgot to snap picture of that.

So curious minds…are you wondering what I ended up coming home with?   [Read more...]

Sewing Room Tour


So I had a “turn lemons into lemonade” day on Monday.  The previous week it all started with one of the little ones having a temperature.  From there is turned into a high temperature and from there it turned into Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease.  Well it spread.  By Sunday we had two of my families with it and the third and fourth families are out on maternity leave so that left me with an unexpected day off.  I was sad the kiddos were sick but elated for a chance to get the sewing room together.

I started at 8:00 am and worked until 11:30.  Then I went to the chiropractor and did some errands.  I was back to cleaning and organizing by 2:30 pm.  I had called Kalissa to see if she would help me get the television set up.  Over the summer we thought we had been hit by lightening and we thought the television in the kitchen had died because of it.  I went to town and bought a new kitchen television.  We set in up and it wouldn’t work.  After playing around with the cord we realized it was the power strip that had fried, not the television.  The new television was now in place and working and the old one was on the counter.  Hubby ended up plugging in the old one and it worked.  Then we debated.  Take the new one back?  What a pain to package it all when I’ve been wanting a television in the sewing room.  I really don’t watch television but wanted it for the news and to watch Netflix from time to time…so the television went to the sewing room and there it sat.

Part of my mission with cleaning and organizing the sewing room was to get the television working…and we did.

So as you see the first movie I watched was Grease.  It will always be in my top ten of favorite movies.

I snapped some pictures thinking you might want to see the cleaned up version. [Read more...]